28 February 2003
Tired of USZOG jewnews? Read this, pop the links, and then see wha's happ'nin' over there –


Coming to your neighborhood, soon –

A woman leader of the Women for Aryan Unity in California was arrested and her copy of Did 6 Million Really Die? seized. The D.A. thinks this is proof of Islamic sympathies and she might get stomped by the new boon to freedom, the wonderful Patriots Act. Question: Do the Islamic people residing in the U.S. also have Islamic sympathies?

Joyce Greenspan, the Nordic beauty who is regional director of the angelic ADL, wants to nail anyone connected with the National Aryan Baby Drive, which raises money for poor White families. Jews can give to jews because they are the army of ZOG but Whites cannot give to Whites because it is 'racist'. It is heresy for any White to believe he is superior because that's the crown jews have placed on their own heads. Whites are now playing the part of the Indians whom the French used in their battles against the British on this continent. When the battles were over, the Indians again became "useless savages". Allies and cannon fodder one day, and of no value on the next.

Get it? Got it? What is the common thread? Honkies must go! Like the fellow who married a diseased whore, we elected criminals to office and now the chickens are coming home to roost. No Rita, hiding under the bed muttering "I love ZOG" will not save your buns. Your White puss is the target. The White youth today are the prey and I can understand a little why they take drugs, are sex obsessed and act like niggers BUT they shouldn't be doing this because that only insures their demise. It kills all hope and we need every thread we can gather.

If ZOG really exterminated the world's greatest terrorist network, it would be called suicide.
If you are not politically incorrect, then what good are you?

Read this – http://www.nypress.com/16/9/nyc/nyc2.cfm

Now here's the sort of fellow we love having power over us —

We do elect draft-dodgers to become Commander in Chief of the armed forces, don't we? It makes sense to me. People do get the government they deserve. After all, we do elect those who "are one of us". What would you like to steal today?

I don't think we shall be hearing from Eric for some days as he is translating what he considers a very valuable first-hand account about the Third Reich. FAEM is only one recipient of Eric's writings, so it is not an exclusive. FAEM does print everything Eric sends, whereas others pick and choose – and edit, which especially annoys Eric but he sends the stuff out anyway. He sent the original to Hans Schmidt and I understand that the Zud was not interested in it – no $$ to be made.. 
Honor involves sticking to one's principles no matter what. It does not mean remaining silent while the foxes raid the chicken coop. Lying and stealing are wrong if it happens to me but it's OK when I do it. This seems to be the guiding light for most people. Years ago, I lived next door to a fellow whose wife entertained the son of a nearby businessman, whenever Henry went off to work. I never said one thing as it wasn't my business, but if Hank ever ran for political office, or lead anything where people would place trust in him, there's no way I'd be silent. A faggot writing great music is one thing but a faggot running a daycare center is quite another.

I told a young lady who was engaged, that the fellow was humping another in a town about 15 miles away. I did this because if I were in her place, I would have wanted someone to tell me. I knew the details since the fellow was a cousin who loved to brag about his conquests. The girl was "in love" and therefore was in no mental state to believe me. She learned the hard way. My father was always opposed to this sort of helping other people. He said that making mistakes was a way of life and that people were bound to repeat them for learning by mistakes was something very rare. True enough for Dean left Barbara, and she later married another far worse. To combat her "stress" she took to the bottle and today I can say that she looks marvelously pickled, but not well preserved..

The radio mouth – his broadcasting station owned ny a jew – is beating the war drums again this morning. He suggested that all people opposing the "war" be jailed as being un-American yet this barrel of shit still believes that school classes exists to discuss both sides of the story. That's so "American". I've been around for 84 years, according to one "source" and 102 according to another, and I have never been in a single classroom where both sides of anything was discussed. In college, I heard about the wonders of envy Marxism, and greed Capitalism, but not a peep about National Socialism. Students are deluged with holohoax hooey but not one peep about those who believe the contrary. All education is geared towards making people useful citizens of the state and since the state religion is holocaustianity, all is easy to understand.
Why is it that whenever ZOG wants to help the oppressed and "do good", it always seems to take the form of destruction and death for those it claims it wants to help? Soon, we shall be "helping" Iraq. Moreover, UU has stated that his vision is to establish love, peace and prosperity, all over the world. It will be good for the funeral business. Maybe ZOGlings have stock in the Pleasant Dreams Funeral Parlor franchise.
The "collapse" of the Soviet Union meant not much more than the bosses changing their costumes. From that though, most Americans are convinced "Communism is dead" and will laugh if anyone suggests that so and so is a Communist. How can that be? Communism is no more. By that moldy logic, no one should be accused of being a Nazi since the Third Reich collapsed in 1945. But making sense has never been popular and besides, it's probably un-American.
Have you ever bothered to count the number of bumper stickers reading "Buy American" which are on Toyotos, BMWs, Volvos, and so on? With a country loaded with such types, I wouldn't expect too much.
I watched a bit of niggervision which showed recently excavated Roman ruins. One find was intricate glass work while another was fine gold strands twisted with wool as fabric for a robe. My thoughts immediately went to the land of the apes, Africa, and wondering why, as equals, they weren't doing the same. A shock came when I switched channels to C-Span where they were discussing NASA appropriations. There, on the board, was an obese female ape passing judgment upon White people in the space program. What manner of White society would let jungle bunnies dictate to them? Whitey has truly gone mad and having a Caligula for Emperor fits. Thank heaven for the mestizos and Chinese for it looks like it will be up to them to relieve simians of their responsibilities to a society of which they could never arrive at in 50,000 years of evolution. To add to the madness, in this country are hundreds of Arabs being trained in sophisticated computer programming. They're one of us. Oh yeah, baby, keep smoking those funny weeds.
Americans hate communism but gladly practice it. It's the politics of envy. From each according to their ability. To each according to their need. You can't bring the bottom up but your sure can bring the top down. Look around. It's niggerville big time.
Patriots for profit aka Mercenary Mental Midgets – MMM
JARR. Are you with it? The Judeo-American Rat Race.
I find it very interesting that people who don't trust Bus believe what Bush says about Saddam. It's nut city.
Some Whites
look upon jews as one of them. Jews do not look upon Whites as one of them. In the book on the Mossad, it is revealed that American agents view Mossad agents as friends but the Mossad doesn't look upon the American agents as friends – just sources of information. It's two different words my friend, and to ignore it means your demise.
Before you set fire to my chicken coop and poison my well water, think about this: What do you really know about Saddam? Have you ever met the man? Have you had lunch with him? Is he your neighbor? Were you ever on a fishing trip with him? Have you gone bowling with him? I'll bet you said no 5 times. In other words, the real world truth is that you know absolutely nothing – except for what others tell you. And how about those others? How would they answer those 5 questions? The fact is that what you think you know is little other than hot air issued by people you TRUST. In other words, you have a belief and from that you might modify them to become opinions.

How fragile be trust! It is in the nature of man to believe that he never makes mistakes when it comes to believing or to what he holds as true. What man can say, "Everything I know is a lie. Everything I believe is false."?

If we can be truly honest with ourselves, it would serve a worthwhile purpose to back off a bit before we start screaming, "Kill. Kill. Kill." As for myself, my life experience has demonstrated that few are worthy of my trust and especially strangers like Brokaw, Hefner and Bush, just to mention 3 out of millions. A label, such as a uniform, public office, or even college degree, does not automatically paint the object with unadulterated trust. Trust is something which is earned – not granted simply because you like a person or some poll indicates he's a jolly good fellow. Rattlesnakes are far more trustworthy than nearly all men in power for we know what rattlesnakes will do given knowledge of circumstances. A charging rhino is not talking out of both sides of his face nor is a snarling, leaping lion putting on an act.

It's very easy for one to give advice, or dispense "truth" to another. When it's your ass which is on the line, and not his, I'd certainly want to think more than 10 seconds about my trust in him. Of course, if he's willing to go the way with you, then that's a whole bunch on your side. It's your ass. You can waste it if you choose but a wee bit of thinking is a small price to pay for raising the odds in your favor.

Snake oil salesmen, religious and government leaders really aren't too interested in people who endeavor to think. Perhaps some day, in this land of liberty, thinking, which is generally now de facto forbidden, will become de jure crime.

Mr. Robert F. – "I like you debate with KAS. He can't look down his nose at me. Thanks." B.B.

Robertsez – There was no debate. Just a few back and forths – a one shot deal. Kevin is quit talented and his Dr. Oliver web site is excellent.  http://www.revilo-oliver.com/   I have no personal feelings toward the man since I have never met him. He does have the earmarks of a mommy's boy who was taught that he had more value than actually is the case. That's not unusual, for mothers often screw up their sons, especially if dad doesn't choose to be in the driver's seat, or has taken a hike to the happy land of better beaver.

One problem with the NA, is its Pierce seasoning. Pierce never liked people. He'd never associate with those whom he felt were inferior, which was nearly everyone. Rockwell knew this of him and I am sure that Bill would never have invited me to his home without Rockwell's insistence. Bill had no sports prowess nor even the ability to race cars. To my knowledge, he didn't play a musical instrument nor produce pencil drawings. He invented nothing, never ran a business, and probably never had a hobby. His superiority was purely academic which is a very, very weak position in the dirty business of reality.

The NA was formed as an elitist group, which was stated over and over. Thus, anyone who became a member automatically assumed that he was the cat's meow. This is just a social function generally having little to do with real world competition. I came from a poor family and associated only with the poor, not out of preference but default, since the snobs would not have much to do with me. It had nothing to do with talent, intelligence, or anything except daddy's money and the neighborhood you lived in. We, of the lower class, repeatedly beat the snobs in academics, sports, good looks and hell raising but that changed nothing – we had only thin wallets and our fathers worked for their fathers. Is was a shit system and it is still in place. Merit be damned. My aversion to this was naturally National Socialist and, like Eric, it took years for me to realize what I was – a horrible mouth-foaming Nazi!

Jews took a liking to me as most of them appreciate anyone who appears to be able to think. (I put on a good act sometimes.) We lived in what today would be called a ghetto, and during my entire first 12 years of school, none of "the hill" crowd ever came to my house – except one. Jim was a jew and his father a doctor. Jim made beautiful airplane models and I also made some, but although quite good, they were inferior to his. Jim was accepted by "the hill" because of his father's income whereas other jews such as Lou, Stan, Leo, and Bob, were looked down upon as was I. The funny thing about all of this is that both Lou and Bob went on to obtain wealth far beyond that enjoyed by those on "the hill". Lou died recently and made a fortune on the phony oil shortage of 1973. Bob is a nationally known figure and I will not reveal his name. He often invited me to gatherings at Marina del Rey where his yacht was parked next to that of Frank Sinatra. Through him, I met people such as the movie stars James Garner and Dan Blocker, both active in sports car racing.

Bob left our hometown with about $20 in his pocket and hitch-hiked to Illinois where he started his own small business. He often has invited me to Sebring, Watkins Glen, and Indianapolis where his race cars were in competition. He mentioned that my name would appear in his book which will soon be released. It is a reflection on the past where we were both entered in model airplane competition and stole watermelon's together. Bob is a personal friend of the fellow who owns Earthlink so perhaps someone who likes to snoop could use this as a clue.

This snob factor has always irritated me since it is a wall preventing association. While in a Culver City restaurant rest room, where millionaire Ed Iskenderian took me to dinner, I mentioned to Ed that for all of his money his shit still did not smell like roses. He laughed at that one. Ed remarked to me on one of his business excursions into Mexico, "I can out-jew any jew." I only sat and observed. He appeared to be right.

It's a great life – as long as you don't take it too seriously.

Here's a well-written review of a movie I didn't see – http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/vnn/showEssay.asp?essayID=1035

I see that VNN has a new face but it appears that my grazer (a grazer eats closer to the ground than does a browser) is very slow in loading it. That's one reason I shy from graphics-laden pages. I am interested in being informed, not entertained with poster paint images and spinning doodads. Reading is apparently getting too old-fashioned.

The author has ventured to the forbidden planet because he's in the arena where many non-Whites consider themselves White. This accounts for the silly notion that American is still 70% White. Even Rockwell had a hard time telling who was White and who wasn't. He often had around him very swarthy types and most of them were unreliable. In the end, behavior should not be taken lightly. A non-dog certainly can champion the welfare of dogs. Animal lovers do this all of the time. I would certainly support the right for women to have their exclusive clubs even though I'd never be admitted. When one gets subjective in an asinine way, he supports only those things by which he personally benefits. The other fellow has a right to eat and be merry, but not on my territory. The problem is selfishness – the muscle man of greed.

I worked with Max Rieger, a jew, for a number of years. He lived a quiet existence in the Third Reich, near the Swiss border,  as an aircraft engineer and supported Hitler's policies. He did a beautiful binding of my copy of The Swastika, with gold-embossed letters on black leather. I was invited to his home once where he showed me his one-man helicopter which was close to being test flown. He built it from scratch. Like Hitler's vision of a 'people's car', Max dreamed of a 'people's helicopter'.

Most Americans appear to be a "live and let live" sort, the kind I knew growing up. The problem is that thay are being directed by a small self-righteous bunch of gargoyles who manage to create enemies faster than any other nation in history. That's because they cannot seem to get their noses out of the business of others. They covet! Big time. I support the right of Arabs to live in their country, but not mine. Some things never work well when mixed. But then again, I no longer have a country and neither do you, Whitey.

No I didn't listen to Dan and Saddam. The whole sideshow is run along the lines of jewish science – start with the conclusion and then fill in "facts" which will lead to that conclusion. Conclusion: Saddam is very evil. Very, very. So why bother with so-called evidence? It will only affirm what was said in the beginning. Even Atilla was more honest. I don't like you. I will kill you. No fuss nor bother. No dreary rationalization. No bullshit. Just a clean cut, easy to understand, message.

Don't worry about France screwing things up. The delay is good for troop build-up and weapons stockpiling. France has about as much sovereignty as does Iraq. If France were truly sovereign, we'd bomb them. NATO is not to protect Europe but to control it. Wake up and smell the burning hemp.

Americans like to believe that they are the world's most generous people, but a recent report indicates that of all industrialized nations, Americans donate the smallest percentage of their income. This parallels their academic achievement – on the bottom. The only explanation I can offer as to why Americans think they are the mostest, is that many of them are standing on their heads. Is this an "anti-government" statement? Is there a cage being reserved for me at Guantánamo? 
I was told I have no sense of honor because I revealed things about people I shouldn't have. Remember that Hitler said he would never lie to the German people but he would lie to protect them.

You can describe my actions in any way which pleases you, but anyone who accepts money from the public ostensibly for some cause to benefit them, has no right to privacy. If people had known years ago that David Duke was spending their money on wine, women and gambling, would they have continued supporting him? If you want to support a wife-swapper then I think you have a right to that "private" information. If, after you know the truth, you still feel an itch to part with your money, then go ahead – it's not my money. Millions, knowing the base character of our last president, still showed their support and would probably have elected him again. (Degeneracy and ugly are 'in'. Being drug-soaked, amoral and stupid, is often the path to fame and fortune these days.) I have no argument with those who ask for money while revealing the piece of real estate they are yearning to buy. I have no argument with a book writer who spends his money so he can lounge on a warm beach with a young woman not his wife. In this case, he merely sells books, as a baker sells bread, and his privacy should be observed. A person putting some essay on the internet gratis, certainly has a right to privacy. This person gives while the baker exchanges but anyone claiming to be working for YOU is required to be up front with each and every act. The trust you extend to the baker need not go beyond the quality of the bread. If he wants you to trust him, then he should be worthy of that trust. Otherwise you are gambling while day dreaming.

All patriots-for-profit should have available a record book of accounting showing where each and every cent of their supporters' money went, and it should be made available at any time.

As Robert dear avoids all people who come across as a little too religious – Aztecs were quite religious, you know – he has to rely upon what others tell him. I was informed by one person concerning the physical attributes of Mennonites, or Bebbonites as the money-grubber called them. Here is another comment which places me in error. That's OK, being shown where I am wrong indicates that people are paying attention. re Mennonites –

"At most 5% are blond. The rest have brown hair. Brown eyes are 30 to 50%, with the rest being blue. Have never seen a Mennonite with green eyes.

"The Mennonites I see in Germany and the U.S. are not very tall.  The women tend to be quite short.

"The next time you describe Mennonites as tall and fair, think of this.

"However, Mennonites do not hunt "Nazis", and do work honestly to support their large families.  Mennonites are not involved in political matters on grounds of their religion.  On those grounds alone, Sarah is definitely not a Mennonite."

Robertsez – Behavior is very often a better indicator of one's genes than is physical appearance. In Eric's words, "I am not absolutely sure if Ingrid is a jewess or not, but her behavior certainly indicates that she is one."

Dear Robert: I saw that Hitler Channel show about the planes too. Fascinating stuff indeed. Uncle Wolf did, however, make a big blunder by misusing the Messerschmit 262s as bombers. They could've and should've eaten the Allied bomber formations alive. As an American, I hate the idea of being against my own people in any war, even when they've been duped by traitors into fighting for the jews and against their own interests, but I can't help wishing the Germans had won, or forced a negotiated peace which would've left them in power to do what needed to be done. If only they could've held on until those jets became operational, we wouldn't be kissing kike ass now. Just imagine: no Abie Foxman, no Morris Seligman Dees, no Potok running their f--king liver-lipped mouths about the need to suppress "haters", lest we have another Hollowcost. I just pray that God gives us another chance to pull ourselves out of this cesspool. If He doesn't, all is lost. Regards, Michael

Robertsez – Adolf also made a large blunder by letting the Brits leave Dunkirk. As Savitri Devi pointed out, Herr Hitler was too mild and misunderstood the real Satanic natuire of his enemies.

Another German-American, a Zud associate, out to save the world with your money. It seems that Hans Schmidt has a hard time staying in one place. Here is a list of SOME of the mail-drop money machines which he used, but with different names.

P.O. Box 27362, Washington, DC, 20005
P.O. Box 28058, Washington, DC, 20038
P.O. Box 57020, Washington, DC, 20037
P.O. Box 27566, Washington, DC, 20038
P.O. Box 28058, Washington, DC, 20039
P.O. Box 23169, Washington, DC, 20026
P.O. Box 44367, Washington, DC, 20026
1411 K Street NW, Room 900, Washington, DC, 20005
1747 Pennsylvania Ave., Ste. 810, Washington, DC, 20006
P.O. Box 65, Huntsville, AL, 35804
8628 Orion Ave., Ste. 34, Sepulveda, CA, 91343
P.O. Box 1137, Santa Monica, CA, 90401
3806 Beverly Blvd., Ste. 212, Los Angeles, CA, 90004
15125 Burbank Blvd., Room 1132, Los Angeles, CA, 91411

Addressee names: Tricentennial Foundation – GANPAC – Hans Schmidt – Amerika Brief – German ADL – Tricentennial Committee – Roger Von Stein – German American Culture Society – Wernher von Braun University Foundation – German-American Day Committee – The German American – Vorsitzender Hans Schmidt – German-American Information Center.

No matter what the label, or address, it's the same pocket.

With blightwing rip-off artists numbering in the dozens, from Duke on, one wonders why so much time is spent complaining about the jews. As before, I told you so. It's your money and your faith. Blow it if you choose. If some jew told you this, you wouldn't believe him. You probably won't believe me either but that doesn't make me a jew.

The jews know all of this and the reason they don't reveal it is because they have so much fun watching the blightwing rob each other. They recognize boneheads when they see them.

I beg everyone's pardon. I assumed that KAS sent email to some about his marvelous criticism of ye olde frustrated sex-deprived devil, yours truly. It was brought to my attention that it is some part of a forum on Stormfront. That's OK, as long as it's open. I've said enough as this poor soul is becoming unglued parallel to the ungluing of the NA as a whole. Perhaps he should take another picture of himself in flowered undershorts while wearing a lampshade on his head. I would suggest that everyone dump what didn't work and put all of your heads together. I would assume that with all of those super-charged brains out there, a solution is only moments away. I am convinced that there are indeed some members of the NA which are superior to Pierce but that would be wasted if they cannot get the Pierce ghost off their backs.

In order to put your trouibled minds at ease, perhaps you'd like to believe this – Robert Frenz is a phony name for Debra Silberman. Debra is an A.D.L. agent whose job is to ruin the blightwing and deprive them of donations. Most of them would starve if they had to secure a real job. Debra lives in a trailer which constantly moves about the country so she cannot be located. Those laptops are a great thing. Once a year, she meets with Morris Dees to exchange information and precious bodily fluids. Everything Robert, I mean Debra says, is an outright lie. The P.O. box in Yakima has nothing to do with Eric Thomson, another fictions person. It is actually a mail drop for Jesse Jackson who passes the mail to Bernie Farber and copies to Saddam. All pictures on FAEM, whether of "Eric", "Robert", etc., were copied from someone's photo album found in the Potsdam city dump. The accompanying stories are the product of a devious mind growing increasingly deranged.

We are free to believe whatever we may, but do not ever make the mistake of thinking about what is said. Believe. Don't think. Believe. Send money. Enjoy.

In Morris Dee's Intelligence Report, Issue 108, there is an article, Am I Blue? There is a picture of a fellow with a blue cast to his face. The caption being "Thanks to the dubious benefits of colloidal silver, Libertarian Stan Jones has the blues – forever." Being a true Libertarian, Stan believes that drinking colloidal silver is the key to health, but in his case, he claims to have prepared it incorrectly, that's why he turned blue. One sees this mentality all over – the country is dying from it. In the schools, integration is the way to brilliance. The fact that it has failed for over 40 years, is met with the response, "The idea is sound. We just have not been applying it correctly." When Stan drilled a hole in the bottom of the boat in order to let the water out, Ollie observed that it didn't seem to be working. Stan replied that perhaps the hole was the wrong size. Some people apparently are not curable. In regard to colloidal silver, I'll ditto Chief Dan George's remarks to the snake oil peddler in The Outlaw Josey Wales – You drink it.
I always viewed the automobile as something to give your tail a ride, especially if it were fast. I bought a four-wheeled toy many years ago. It is pictured here, sitting on the farm dirt driveway next to our well-used and tired house. You cannot see its red interior but believe me, it was very bright. The top was the same color as the body – white. It was obviously a Chevrolet and the engine was a 4.6 liter V8 delivering 230 HP. There was a 270 HP version, but for drivability reasons, I did not want it. This cute vehicle had a close-ratio 3-speed transmission which allowed me to complete a 1/4 mile drag race in second gear obtaining recorded speeds of 108 MPH – plus a few trophies. It was a fun house to drive but my strong desire to travel north into the Canadian boonies with canoe and such, barred me from being overly fond of it – like one's feelings for a beautiful air-headed woman. As luck would have it, I was barreling down a dark road about 2:00 AM, after giving Jeannie a ride home, when a drunken fellow driving a wreck of a truck pulled out in front of me. The truck had no lights and when I saw him  – far too late – I applied the brakes severely only to slide upon loose gravel. In one brief moment I witnessed a balloon of shattered fiberglass fill the darkened sky like so much confetti. The driver fell out of the truck and remarked that he never saw so much traffic at that time of night. I guess one car per hour was "heavy traffic" to him. I hopped on his running board, in case I had to leave the vehicle in a hurry, and asked to be driven to a telephone where I could call a tow truck. After phoning, I bid him farewell and told him to go directly home, and sober up. No law suits, no police, no nothing. Months later – I don't know how he found me – he mailed a large check with a small "I'm sorry" note. He was fine and so was I – my car was beyond complaining. The Corvette lived only about 3000 miles but, as the gods promised when I was 14, I was to live into the next century. Even then, I was shown what I was going to look like. That's why I always took my time when it came to growing old. I was in no hurry to look like that. Interestingly enough, I also was shown scenes of me walking hand in hand with my seven-year old daughter, yet to be born in the distant future. Even before she conceived, I told my wife that our first child would be a girl. In hospital, before delivery, I told the doctor the same thing. He said nothing. Perhaps he thought it was wishful thinking or a lucky 50/50 guess.
The Holocaust channel surprised me last night. They did a very accurate revealing of the astounding aircraft produced by Germany in the years 1944-45. Heavens to Betsy, they even gave credit – rightly so – to the Nazi regime for laying the foundation of our present day stealth aircraft technology and space programs. They were at least 20 years ahead of the rest of the world. I believe it was the Heinkel company which produced a jet aircraft from drawing board to test flight in 72 days. In May 1945, 800 of them were produced and it was admitted that Germany could have produced 1000 per month had the war lasted. This aircraft – I cannot remember its German name, Volks-something – was so small that it was very hard to hit when aimed at. Also, it had two deadly guns of which a short burst would knock out any heavy bomber. A few flew in combat only once but its amazing deadliness did not go unnoticed. America's economy boomed in the 1950s due mostly to "liberated" German technology. The Third Reich was the most amazing period in the history of White people and all we have been taught is "gas chambers" and the poor persecuted jews. But that too, like the fetid air it's manufactured from, will pass. Let's hope there will be enough White people alive then to appreciate what Nazi Germany was all about. When I think about what the world could have been sends shivers through my spine. When I think about what we destroyed, brings tears to my eyes.
Dear Robert,  "N.S. are awakened from their sleep sometimes.  I never knew much about N.S. until reading you and Eric's writings.  It stirred my interest so much that I've obtained a few books about it and continue my education.  The more I read about it the more there's no other system that can compete with it. Its the best system for preserving and protecting Western culture and the people who produce it for the long term.  I wish you would relate to us younger readers the life long spiritual connection you had to N.S.  I don't think the serious readers of FAEM would find you to be crazy, since your writing's are so grounded in the reality we experience everyday.  Maybe it would be inspiring." Regards, S. M.

Robertsez – Frankly, I am often in inner debate as what to reveal at any moment. I certainly mention things without regard to whether I am believed or not.  It's not an easy matter to knock another's delusions which he holds dear. I observed one of the jew/christian Benny Hinn's ardent followers who firmly believed his hocus pocus cured her of cancer – for a price of course. She refused all medical treatment believing her cancer was gone, and was happy until the day she died – of cancer. One doctor told her she was not free of cancer and that ended his responsibility. People should be free to hasten their own demise.

I'll not surrender what I believe to be right. I once stood at a principal's desk where he ordered me to elevate the grades I gave out. The reason being that the student's parents would not be happy with what I had entered. "Mr. Wilcox, I believe you know how to write and there's a fresh pen on your desk. It's my grade book but I give it to you to decorate as you please." Needless to say, my employment was terminated within the hour. I left the building with a great smile for I loved myself for holding to what was right. The day was beautifully sunny, and I went to the pond for a swim. There I met Marge for the first time. It sure was another lucky day.

As the enigmatic female Ingrid Rimland gradually assumes the persona of Ernst Zündel, and later his property, many in the blightwing appear to possess an itch to make her a Viking Hrönn. That may have prompted Kevin Alfred Strom's short outbursts which appear below. Note the format. He apparently has a need to believe that Ingrid is not a jew, but offers little to support that. Instead, he places me in the position of proving that she is a jewess. Kevin never outlined exactly what he would require to order to be convinced but I'll offer my guess – nothing will do! His mind is made up and as is true with all bigots, he considers himself right and those in opposition are wrong by definition. End of discussion.

I have often prefaced what I say with IN MY OPINION, and that is all it is. None of us hold much real truth in our heads, contrary to our inflated opinion of ourselves. I have no "proof" that Ingrid ever came from Russia or whether she is married to anyone. Has anyone seen a marriage license? Yes, you assume so and that's "proof" in your book but when I assume something, that becomes a "lie" or whatever. Some who have seen Ingrid in the flesh state that she is not a jew. That reminds me of the degenerate Injun John Ross Taylor, who frequently was found on the Zündel premises, who once said of a jew, "He cannot be a jew. He bought me lunch." On the occasion of one NA conference in Chicago, Pierce had as main speaker the jew Fritz Berg – another "White" man, I suppose. One time, Berg invited Doug Christie to a sports spa in NYC where Doug discovered that the place was filled with jews. It hard for me to believe that although Ph.D. Bill yammered about jews, that he ever had the ability to spot one.

I remember years ago mentioning that my graduate thesis probably was in the university archive. I don't care if it is or if it isn't, but Harold Covington wrote and almost demanded that I give him a precise map to the location so he could personally verify my statement. He was to judge me, powered by some sort of assumed privilege. Pompous ass! I may have told him to save the effort and believe I was lying, and that might make him happy enough to stop falling from barstools.

As long as the F.A. is not abolished, I'll render my opinion without fear or favor. If some statement makes some jews happy, that that's OK with me. If someone gets pissed off, then that's their problem. One thing lies underneath – I'll say what I believe to be true and the world can stick it up their ass. I might say that I believe there is shit on your plate. It's up to you whether you want to eat it or not. I did what I felt obliged to do – speak out! Anyway, here's the item: (blue is FAEM, black is Strom)

"To muds, anyone who doesn't have black hair is a blond. This is like  Dr. Pierce's definition: He who isn't negro or Chinese must be White."

First of all, that claim about William Pierce is a lie.

"The blightwing is loaded with people of mixed blood. In fact, a  newcomer to the bye-bye Zud's revisionist circle is married to a  "Russian", bottle blonde female – read 'jewess'!"

It is disgusting to me that this man can blithely refer to Mr. Zundel in his current situation as "bye-bye Zud." It is disgusting to me that he can dismiss an activist's wife, whom he has undoubtedly never met, as a Jewess without the slightest shred of evidence.

It is even more disgusting that this man is accepted by some in our circles.

"If you are from Odessa, you are a kike."


" There are 3 races – WYB – (species, if the definition is to remain consistent)"

A ridiculous over-simplification.

"... and all of the Caucasoid types – Dinaric, Slavic, etc., are mixtures of White with Yellow and/or Black. Do not become
befuddled with all of the expert nonsense about types and so on."

There is no evidence to back Frenz's insane theory. Such statements are very harmful to the cause of the survival of our race.

Honor bright, Kevin Alfred Strom.

Robertsez generously – since he has taken valuable time otherwise profitably spent dusting furniture or eating doughnuts, to respond. It seems that Honor Bright – may I call him HB? – saw fit to take what essentially is his personal dislike for me, and post it on Stormfront. Has anyone asked how enlightened KAS earns a living?

(1) "...unfortunate Web site." Since I have observed no physical calamity here at hate central, I can only assume that HB refers to the presence of FAEM as regrettable. For whom, I might ask? I beg for no money as a means of earning a living and people are under no obligation to read anything which appears on FAEM. Computers do have 'off' switches, I have observed and web sites rarely pop upon a screen unannounced.

(2) My statement about Pierce is interpreted as a lie, the inference being I am a liar. To lie is to intentionally deceive people by stating the opposite of what one believes to be true. I met Bill Pierce's first wife in 1966, I believe. She was marginally "white". I also have email, true or not of which I shall not conjecture nor reveal, where people smugly tell me of their NA membership coupled with the fact that they are not European by any stretch. Wasn't the non-White Martinez admitted to the NA, personally, by just plain Bill? All I can conclude from this is that the top level NA doesn't know rice from race. Strom's wife, as well as he, placed pictures of non-Whites on their web sites as examples of "Aryan" beauty. I was happy when they pulled most of them off. The NA membership, and definitions, are of course their business but I have received many sad comments about the snob factor which permeates most groups. If this is their way to build community, then I want no part of it. To me, a truck driver and a college graduate are judged by their character and service to their kind. I don't give a shit how many diplomas you can wave in people's faces or what one might imagine his worth to be. I have 3 university degrees plus 4 hard-earned certificates of proficiency, but I consider myself no better than Louie the mechanic when viewed in the light of racial value. Eric fell a hair short of his Ph.D. due to political problems. I hate no one because of their race, background, or whatever, but do have a strong dislike for pretentious asses, of which the blightwing has no shortage.

(3) The Zud's first wife was an Injun and his second was only a brief interlude. I met her once. She was a blonde, green-eyed woman of pleasant proportion and exhilarating intelligence. During most of his Carlton Street sojourn, Ernst was dominated by a jewess, married to another man, going under the name Ann Burton. I think she subsequently died from taking her own health advice. Although Ann was an expert on nutritional ways to prevent cancer, her son obviously did not take her advice for he did die of cancer. Wife #3 admits – perhaps she is lying and in that case I am wrong – that her "German" family came from Odessa Ukraine, an area always noted for its huge jewish population. (Germans did not leave the Soviet Union in those days. Most were shot or ended up in Siberia!) In her book, The Furies and The Flame, she remarks that "rumors" indicated that her husband came from "an ancient Jewish family". She never mentions her maiden name – ever! – but reveals that she was born "Sarah", a jewish name. She changed this to "Ingrid" at age 8 or so, even though the name "Ina" came up. While living in California, she used the spelling "Angrid". One person actually sent me pictures of her home which was up for sale in Carlsbad 92009. The resettlement in Paraguay, about 1948, consisted of jews and Mennonites. Mennonites are a sort of 'racial' group being tall, fair and blue-eyed, of which Ingrid is not. A fellow in Canada, well placed in Mennonite circles, informed me that she was not listed as a Mennonite during that period. Perhaps he too, was in error – or lying, as HB might enthusiastically describe. The book, Demon Doctor, was so pathetic that Eric refused to read past chapter 3. In it, she describes her continual association with jews during her obsessive hunt for Dr. Mengele in the boonies of South America. No Mennonite would do this, nor would any Mennonite take advantage of their son's severe medical problem, as she did in her tear-jerking tours of speaking engagements involving flocks of emotional hens. There is such a thing as circumstantial evidence and it is enough to convince both Eric and myself. Eric's prediction on the fate of Mr. Zud will more than likely prove to be true. As for Ernst, I personally like the man but relative to whatever people perceive to be "the cause", he was a traitor to it. He used people like one uses toilet paper. He boasted that he "sold hope"; bragged that he was "the cause"; and I was often sickened by the way he treated older women, and the less intelligent, who often came across the whole continent to assist him. He insulted Fred Leuchter's wife in public, making reference to the hilarity of watching her "stuff her fat ass into a Volkswagen."  He habitually denigrated Eric in public while making use of Eric's ghost writing ability. Although Eric wrote the book, The Hitler We Loved and Why, Eric never saw one cent of the money willed for that purpose to Ernst. He once accused Eric of stealing $10,000 of his donations – yes, donations were in the 10's of thousands, people often giving $1000 per month. (Don't piss me off. I have this shit in handwriting – author undeniable!) After the hubbub was over, the jewess Ann mysteriously "found" the missing money. Eric of course left a note stating "We have come to a parting of the way." Thereupon he moved to the U.S. where he was promptly shafted by a deceitful money-hungry woman Ernst undoubtedly had an affair with. She showed me a monster diamond which Ernst gave her and hoped I wouldn't tell anyone. (A tribute to Eric's character is that he has never uttered one word of condemation relative to this female.) In regard to wife #2, Ernst clearly demonstrated his "Indian giver" mentality on several occasions, as I was told on good authority. Moreover, Ernst violated a death bed wish from a doctor Lindsey who handed him dozens of 5.25" diskettes of his revisionist research which he wanted Ernst to duplicate and widely distribute. Ernst did nothing concerning this promise, and that, dear friends, doesn't spell 'character' to me.

(4) Ingrid became active in revisionist circles only after her Nazi hunting, and wailing wall concern for her handicapped son, enterprises proved unprofitable. Ernst was high profile and the recipient of a great cash inflow. Her attraction to "the cause" was probably 100% motivated by the enticing color of green. The self-serving holier-than-thou attitude of this hen was amply revealed by her comments concerning the breakdown of her car on the Pacific Coast Highway, many years ago. She observed the passing traffic and was correct is assuming that some were in possession of cell phones. What inconsiderate whelps she thought, they knew she was in trouble and they should have called it in. I remember writing her to the effect that she should buy her own f---ing cell phone and stop believing that the world should rotate about her useless frame. One of her first jobs at Zündelhaus was to remove my name from Ernst's mailing list. On a further note, I was sickened by this broad's attempt to capitalize on the misfortune of her own son. People who know me, are not surprised when I view such females as pieces of shit, for I make no bones as to the importance I place on motherhood.

(5) Yes, there are 3 primary colors, red, blue and yellow of which we can describe all colors. 50/50 red/blue we often refer to as purple but 50r-50b certainly leads no one astray, but giving different names to combinations, just as in race, is for convenience only and "purple" certainly doesn't disprove that the primary colors are r/b/y. Perhaps you prefer yellow, cyan and magenta, or red, blue and green depending upon how they are used. In any event, that surely is an "over-simplification" since there exists plum, cranberry, chartreuse, gray, brown, tan, umber, turquoise, aqua, violet, olive, and on and on. There are also 3 basic hair structures. All have cuticle and cortex, of different composition by the way, but the medulla can be (1) absent – Black people, (2) air – White people, or (3) fat – Yellow people. It's a shame that simple – if you don't agree with me you are wrong – people like HB seem to disdain simplicity and relish complication to the point of hindrance. (Having complicated thoughts obviously is a sign of intelligence :o)) I also realize that "night and day" is also an "over-simplification" since there exists dusk, dawn, high noon, midnight, A.M., P.M., coffee break and tea time. The fact that there are a multitude of shades of gray cannot be reason to claim "black and white" as an "over-simplification" when it comes to basics. Much is dichotomy – up and down, true and false, right and wrong. In electronics, there is on and off, plus and minus, and when represented by the symbols 1 and 0, we can indicate all discrete numbers within a specified range. Computer buffs, and switching circuit engineers, know this as "binary". Yes, "over-simplification" is indeed for the birds.

(6) My statements are "very harmful to the cause of the survival of our race." In what way? There is no united "White cause". There was none before I opened my big mouth and certainly none now, so what's the freaking problem? By criticizing the questionable character of certain blightwing patriots-for-profit certainly is a boon to the jews, but I will not be a purveyor of disinformation because it would "stiff the jews". Nor shall I remain silent because some jews would thereby suffer loss. I'll remain true to my beliefs and whether jews benefit or not; whether some people get upset stomach or not, is irrelevant. If we as White people cannot stand on truth, and truth alone, and apply it to EVERYONE, then we deserve to perish. If you are screwing goats in the privacy of your telephone booth, and I know it, there is no purpose in saying so, for I am not out to nail people on a personal level. (I'll leave that for barroom brawls.) If I were, the sky would be brown from the revealed shit. It's when you shaft an honest person – someone who trusts you – is when my hackles get ruffled. I did not mind rescuing that older woman whom Zündel left in a lurch, with tears in her eyes. The fact that he shafted her was what really pissed me off, for she deserved it not. I have often had it stuffed up my rear. Maybe I deserved it, maybe I didn't, but what always frosts me is when another person gets the purple shaft – intentionally. That's when I get a little disturbed.

The river is full of piranha. You can believe me or not. You are free to choose it as a place to swim. As for FAEM, you can take it or leave it, but I shall not bury what I hold to be truth for the sake of another's idea of "helping the cause." Yes, I'll even feed a hungry jew. If I had the power, I'd pull Mr. Zündel out of harm's way and ship him back to tree farm Sevierville under the condition that he was never to accept another dime from anyone. Let him plant a garden where he can enjoy fresh black raspberries again, even though they are not native to Germany.

We can criticize the jews until heaven turns sour but what makes us so g.d. immune from the same criticism? "Hurting the cause" your ass! It's time to stop being hypocrites.