8 March 2003
Our real enemies are those who try to convince us that their enemies are also our enemies. I'll create my own enemies, thank you. You have earned yours without me.
The following piece was sent in by a reader and I thought it something to be shared.

You know, everybody talks about Pearl Harbor as if it were the last word in horrifying aggression – the government now says that Al Qaeda is "targeting" Pearl Harbor.  Sure.  That would really cripple the American spirit.  Do people understand that Hawaii was an overseas possession in 1941, not a State?  We had only taken it over some forty years before.  Attacking an enemy's forward naval base in an occupied colony is not exactly the last word in perfidy.

The nice thing about the USA is that, exactly like the Soviet Union, our borders are constitutionally not defined by anything.  Every part of the Earth could be a United State.  Stalin envisioned a world Union of Soviet Republics.  Our borders and hence purpose are limited only by the bold imagination of our leaders.

The economy is spiraling into total disaster.  Soon every rich lawyer will have ten peon assistants to help him schedule his lunches.  I recently left my job working at a brokerage firm owned by an enormous bank.  I figured out that the pay scale went something like this:

The top 1% of the company made about 2 or 3 million per year.

The next 3% of the company made about 1 million per year.

The next 5% made half a million per year.

The next 7% made about a quarter million per year.

The pay scale dropped rapidly after that.  This was a firm that was not even doing especially well, and the top executives were usually on vacation or "traveling".  They would get very upset about line-items such as a water cooler that cost a thousand dollars a month but which everybody used.  They axed it.  At the same time they would hire consultants to mull over the color scheme of the stationary for millions of dollars.

The idea that finance capitalism is some kind of efficient system for distributing resources is so absurd and far from the truth as to be a fantasy.  If anything it appears only to provide suction to vacuum dollars up the pay ladder.  Just look at marketing and advertising.  Nothing could be less "productive," yet trillions of dollars are spent on this crap (one-sixth of corporate budgets I believe) all of which is tax-deductible as a cost of doing business.  So corporate self-promotion is something that the public essentially pays for.

Another element I like is the current refinancing boom.  Many people do this to lower their monthly mortgage payments, which makes sense.  But many others refinance their mortgages based on inflated valuations in order to "pull cash" out of imaginary equity.  Their monthly payment stays the same or goes up but they get X thousands of dollars to play with.  They don't understand that this money is just a loan based on the inflated value of their equity.  The banks love this scam because they still own the underlying asset and the cash floating around can keep consumer spending buoyant.

Robertsez – With some accounts earning as little as 0.5 %, I cannot understand why people keep their loot in a bank where ZOG, hungry lawyers, and others, can sniff it out as future booty. Banks are making millions scamming the public but they apparently love it. Capitalism is every bit as corrosive as Communism and both areessentially run by jews for the benefit of jews.

Sinus of the Thames –

Dear Robert – "I sent you a picture awhile back of all the mud's I work with in manufacturing.  Last week we had another of several layoffs and I got my walking papers.  Funny thing is the 3 of us who got it were all white and considered by our peers to be the best electro-mechanical repair techs in the company. The muds kept their jobs probably because their pay was much lower then ours but you get what you pay for. These muds are incompetent and gross people.  There's little justice in a system which takes your job away because you're good and get paid for it.  The way the Hi Tech job market is, I'll probably have to take one of those coolie jobs Eric talks about to feed my family for awhile."

Robertsez – If anyone thinks this downslide will reverse itself, then I have a planet I'd like to sell him. There is no such thing as "cheap labor" and with more manufacturing being transferred to China, Whitey's future is bleak although there are still some using system rules to rip each other off. Any people who places personal profit above his own kind, is a people not long able to survive. Hey man, with another blast of drugs, who cares just as long as I die 'high', and copulating?

If 911 were really Pearl Harbor, we would have declared war on the next day and off we'd have gone. But this is no longer a White country filled with 1940s type people and to expect the same response is to engage in fanciful dreams. The soon to be launched attack on Iraq was planned long before 911 and the world "workers' paradise" has been in the works for 100 years. All of the hand-wringing, and yammer, is only part of the immense staged play our masters put on for people too stupid to know the sun from the moon, in order to sacrifice and die so that the masters can live in a world of their design. Iraq is targeted to be a vassal state of the Chosen Empire and it has nothing to do with "freedom" or other hollow words. As in the French Revolution, where many people did not want "to be free", they lopped off thousands of heads in order to install "freedom". That freedom soon arrived in the form of a dictator named Napoleon. As one reviews history, he could easily come to the conclusion that all human disasters came about of their own doing, and therefore, were justly deserved.
It was announced that China is going all-out to produce genetically altered food. This, as with all efforts, is never to increase quality, but to increase resistance to shipping and storage damage, plus increased quantify and profit. My only comment is this  – You eat the crap. There is absolutely no way to increase the nutritional value of an apple, or duck, if that organism is allowed to grow in a healthy environment. However, the unrestricted human population increase, plus the insane emotional need, on the part of palefaces,  to preserve nature's failures, is rendering the planet an unfit place to live. Make no error, science will not bails our stupid White asses out. Mother Nature will level the pile of shit we have created, without any doubt on my part.
This, from a reader – "Reference to blacks having thick skulls and taking a blow better then whites.  My brother, who's a Police Officer, has hit black men over the head with a nightstick and/or large metal flashlight with no effect during a physical struggle.  They are however very vulnerable in the neck and chokes work very well on them.  Blacks don't do well in No Rules type fights because a white man who knows how to apply a good choke will take them out quick.  If you look across the country when Police apply chokes to black men, sometimes they die where other races don't."
Another fellow sent this in –  "When I read the following comment: "One fellow seems to believe that  race-mixing is part of the evolutionary process. He forgets... ",  I recalled a description of an experiment in Freeman Dyson's Origins of Life.You may find it appropriate;  I did.

"Spiegelman’s experiment began with a living Q-beta virus, a creature able to survive and ensure its own replication in nature by means of the information coded in a single RNA molecule composed of 4500 nucleotides. The virus is normally replicated inside a host cell using a replicase enzyme which the viral RNA causes the host’s ribosomes to manufacture. The viral RNA also causes the host to manufacture a coat protein and various other components that are required for the complete viral life-cycle. Now, Spiegelman proceeded to debauch the virus by stripping off its protein coat and providing it with replicase enzyme in a test-tube so that it could replicate without going to the trouble of invading a cell and completing its normal parasitic
life-cycle. The test-tube also contained an ample provision of free nucleotide monomers, with a continuous-flow arrangement to keep the virus from exhausting the supply.

"The results were spectacular. The viral RNA continued for a while to be replicated accurately with the help of the replicase enzyme. But soon a mutant RNA appeared, having lost some of the genes that were no longer required for its survival. The mutant, having fewer than 4500 nucleotides,  was replicated more quickly than the original virus and soon displaced it in the Darwinian struggle for existence. Then another still shorter mutant appeared to displace the first, and so it went on. The virus no longer needed to carry the genes for replicase and coat protein in order to survive. On the contrary, it could only survive by getting rid of all superfluous baggage. The requirement for survival was to be as simple and as small as possible. The virus finally
degenerated into a little piece of RNA with only 220 nucleotides containing the recognition site for the replicase enzyme and not much else. The final state of the virus was called by geneticists the ‘Spiegelman monster’. It provides a good object-lesson demonstrating what happens to you when life is made too easy. The little monsters would continue for ever to replicate at high speed in the artificial environment of Spiegelman’s test-tube but could never hope to survive anywhere else."

Robertsez – One should avoid falling victim to the hot air concerning potions, pills and hocus-pocus concerning "strengthening the immune system." Like muscular activity, the body's strength is increased by having bouts with reality – weights, as in body-building and exposure to everyday dirt and disease, for the immune system. If the weight is too heavy, damage will occur to the body and if the dirt and disease is too great, one also suffers – sometimes to a point where he suffers no more. The power is between your ears, if you choose to use your God-given brains instead of listening to the siren song of every dink out to make a profit. 

Bombs away! It looks like UU will give the go ahead Thursday, March 13. This is a Muslim holy day, similar to the yids' Day of Atonement, but observed on the 10th of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic year.  It's called Ashura. Talmudic hocus-pocus always sets the time table for their workings of magic upon the Goyim – from the ritual during the first atomic bomb explosion to the Nuremberg lynching bee. It's all there, if you have eyes to see and a brain to analyze.

UU, during his March 7 news conference mentioned that there is a lot of speculation as to what will happen after next week. He also mentioned how the American tax-payers will bring peace, happiness and Mac Donald's to the down-trodden people of Iraq. It seems like there's no end to doinggood.

I think it appropriate to mention again, that some religious claim that Planet X will cleanse the earth in the period May 15-31 during its "fly by". Now these are the same people who predicted Armageddon for October 12, 1978 in their of April that year. At the same time they were selling tickets to a Christmas tour also in 1978. Hell mates, when you got the faith what does logic and contradictions have to do with anything? 

Kansas will soon lift its ban on Communist Party electoral activity. Now, if Communism is dead, as our masters claim, then where are all the Communists coming from? Mars?
One thing the peddlers of water treatment systems for your home don't tell you is that "de-ionized" – soft – water shortens the life of your hot water heater by 50%. Most heating tanks contain a large rod of magnesium – yes, naughty things can be made from it – which acts as a line of defense against corrosion. Using an ion exchange unit eats these rods up in a hurry.
One writer to an editor stated that we must kill Saddam before he kills more. That's the argument James Kopp used when he killed Dr. Slepian, the abortionist baby butcher. Slepian, I suppose, used that very same argument to justify his killings, for one of the aborted could have grown up to be a Ted Bundy. Since we are all potential killers, how's a day of mass suicide sound to you? On second thought, that would prove were really were killers afterall. I need a drink.
According to the jewspapers,white female teacher Brandi Smith, 23, was humping a 15 year-old nigeroo student which shows that the call of the crotch overrides the brain. Adding insult to possible AIDS, the poor slut was arrested on 4 charges of rape. The mama of the stud filed the complaint. The young coon was under the age of 18 and so the "rape" was of a legal nature. Brandi taught math and I'd think a reasonable defense could be where she was teaching real world application of mathematics – 5 stokes plus 8 strokes = 13 strokes. If we do this again, it will be 26 strokes. What will be the result if we add 31 more strokes? If she taught physics, think about all of the harmonic motion studies which could be made. What was the average shaft velocity? What's the formula for the first time derivative? Is it related to the density of the parts involved?
It took millions of hours of study, and experiment, to again arrive at the obvious. Remember when the U.S. Army took 17 years to discover what any kid already knew? When burned, a kid would want ice, or ice water, applied as it countered the heat of that burn. Later, he'd be "educated" out of his natural incline and told to apply Turnball's Blue Grease or butter, if "Bl;ue" were not handy. Here's a clip from the jewspaper:

"People's perceptions of pain are tremendously varied. A crushing blow to one person can be trivial to another; likewise pain medication that helps one patient amy do nothing for the next."

Who, pray tell, needs a body of experts to tell you that, and who never believes their own eyes unless it's covered in the news? The fact that there are dozens of "pain killers' on the market certainly would indicate, to those who retain a modicum of thinking ability, that one doesn't fit all. And who hasn't watched a boxing match were it's obvious that a blow to the head hardly bothers the Black fellow? Their skull bones are the thickest of all the races, and their brains the smallest. That must be a racist remark.

I oppose all wars for they do little other than stuff the pockets of those who start them. Others die so they can get rich. I also notice that our pro-war crowd consists exactly of people who will never have to do the fighting. I don't want to live in Iraq and I don't want Iraqis living here. And that goes for the rest of the world. Yes, I am against the death penalty and abortion but I'll never be found in a mob scene of protest where the only thing which is accomplished is battered body parts. The only thing I will do, relative to supporting an exercise of killing and destruction, is saying I don't approve. If you want to hammer it out, be my guest. I'll just watch and keep score.
Poetic justice – Zündel gladly accepted the inheritance for writing The Hitler We Loved and Why, which he didn't write. Eric also wrote The West, War and Islam for which the Zud also took credit but now he's getting the "terrorist" shaft for that.

I was asked by a fellow, who obviously doesn't know the difference between and opinion and a fact, to censor Eric's writing because he doesn't agree with him, and most horribly, he criticizes Saint Ernst. Eric tells lies, he says. Wow! Censor I will not do. How can one champion freedom of speech and press, and also censor material? I wish these bone-headed hypocrites would bother someone else. Instead of offering a simple-minded negation of our statements – any moron can do that – why not supply your reasons for opposition?

Like the man who lost a leg in a war, he cannot ever admit that it might have been lost in vain. People with time and money invested in the Zud's one man circus, necessarily have an emotional need to prove he is/was valuable, for it were shown not to be true, they'd have to admit something about themselves. Ego be protected at all costs! Screw the truth when it interferes. That's the blightwing.

If FAEM is lies, what sort of prune head would read it? Once you start paying the bills for FAEM, then you can tell me what to write and post. Or better yet, get your own site and show me how to kiss ass properly.

After the deluge, when Saddam is in exile and democracy is showered upon Iraq, and people could vote for whom they wanted, what say you if they voted to have Saddam back in the driver's seat? That would be, as the jews said about Weimar where Hitler was voted into power, "That's a case of too much democracy." Don't kid yourselves, folks, this is not a democracy – try flipping the pages in a dictionary if the term is still there. There's democracy in Utah where the condemned could choose between being hanged or being shot. Locking horns with the Godfather is not an exercise in democracy, either.
One fellow seems to believe that race-mixing is part of the evolutionary process. He forgets that evolution is predicated on the survival of the fittest and her in ZOGland, the unfit are fed, doctored, and cared for. Thus, as Dr. Pendell observed, the gene pool is going downhill on a greased sled. What we are seeing via race-mixing is devolution and the future effects will be devastating once Whitey's technology disappears along with him. Mongrels are not a betterment of anything. Most of the loonies running about in this asylum are race-mixed, that is, they are the product of people who didn't care who they screwed. If they were interfertile with goats, imagine what the population would be like.
Pam was the youngest of 3 beautiful, and bright, young girls of a family  knew. Mama was a Bible-banging hypocrite who never tired of telling her daughters that she would have rather been a nun. Dad, a likable college professor had a backbone of Jell-O. The oldest girl ran away from home when she was late 17. The middle daughter had an abortion when she was 14. Pam was 13 when she was my student. I watched her progress through school and often visited her home for small discussions concerning her future. She appeared to not being following in the footsteps of her sisters. When she graduated, she headed for Cornell and I gave her a $2000 present to offset the looming college costs. I considered it an investment, not only in her future, but in the future of coming generations.

The bloodthirsty nature of the Iroquois Indians (New York State) has been well documented. My grandfather had several old handwritten letters from his forebears, which described in gruesome detail what happens to enemies which fell into their hands. (No Nintendo warfare here.)  The Iroquois often made one-way 300 mile marches on foot, through the snow and across the frozen Niagara River, just to attack camps of their enemies living in the Georgian Bay area of Canada. That aside, they did seem to have a wisdom which is sadly lacking in the American paleface and his fascination with everything nigger and degenerate. From their Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy, we have this – "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." They obviously knew who they were, and what they were. Without this, no people can survive and that's why in this country, we are seeing the rise of Mexican and Chinese, and the fading away of the European.

Perhaps you are wondering what became of Pam. A scientist? An engineer? Nope. In the second semester of her freshman year, Pam discovered the joy of spreading her legs for one or two fraternities. She dropped out of school because studies interfered with recreation. Years later, she was a worshipper of alcohol and I was told she spent some time in a booby hatch.  That's the last I heard. My money was a gift and she was free to do as she wanted with it. I do not have strings on things I give to people.

A free, and democratic state of Iraq = a vassal state of USZOG. As in the U.S., "democracy" is just a hot air slogan for the people NEVER vote on any issue of importance, especially "national" policy. Iraq's planned 'new freedom' will be little other than the freedom to agree and the freedom to become degenerate. Big Brother might listen, but he still holds to – my way or the highway.
If your neighbor has fallen on hard times, you help him out with gifts of food, etc. One thing you don't do is invite his family to live with you, as we are doing to the mud crud of the world – refuse, as described on the Statue of Liberty. What in hell do you think we will do with this trash which couldn't support themselves? Integrate them into schools where they'll demand lowering of standards, if they can indeed be any lower, so they'll "fit in"? Do we really need their diseases? Should we let them breed with our children so our grandchildren will be dumber and uglier than their parents?

I suggest that we take the down-trodden of Iraq and bring them all over here, thus leaving Saddam with no one to cruelly govern. How come we didn't import those millions of starving White Germans left in Europe in 1945-1949? They were White, that's why, and the plan is to destroy all White nations. Is that so hard to see, or are you still blinded by brotherly love for those who are not your brothers?

It's as American as Won Ton pie – to read another side –  http://www.arabnews.com/Article.asp?ID=23287
Immediately following the Pearl Harbor attack, FDR ordered all Japanese Americans to be stripped of their property and interned in concentration camps. We are supposedly at war with "terrorists" who are Moslem. Why not lock up all Moslems and seize their mosques?

The radio show mouth wants the borders sealed. Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. What's that about locking the barn door after the horse got away. It's too late, bonehead. The problems are now within the borders.

I was appalled at the sickos who called in suggesting various torture methods for all captured "terrorists", which the radio mouth calls "scumbags". Seattle is one of a hundred cities where Bantus from Somalia will be resettled – 12,000 in Seattle. They'll be on the dole and perhaps someday one of that 60 IQ tribe will become president. It's will be race-mixers heaven for if Dr. Rushton is correct – as the IQ goes down, the penis size goes up – all of those White female yearning to be "be", will be. If it feels good. Do it. AIDS, we all love you here.

USZOG warns other nations that if they don't agree to a war on Iraq, then they can expect to pay a "heavy price". That's as it should be. USZOG uber Alles. Let's take on the world and show 'em who's boss.
R.I.P. After only 6 years of life, Dolly the cloned sheep, was put to death. After only a couple of years, Dolly showed advanced signs of aging including arthritis. Yes friend, your germs cells are the same age as you are and cloning cannot circumvent that. Mother Nature cannot be fooled nor beaten, as the coming decades will demonstrate very well. I think the Dr. Frankensteins who dream up this horseshit should experiment upon themselves for a change. The world would lose nothing if they didn't survive their own inanities.
OK kiddies, remember that if anything you read on FAEM causes you to think, then I am in trouble for being a possible threat to the peace and prosperity of the land, maybe even national security. If you remember, I did get canned from one teaching position for "disrupting the tranquility of the school by teaching the students how to think." I warn you, once you begin to think you'll never see the world the same – ever again.
No, I do not agree with Eric that the old religions of the Norse, etc., peoples were superior to those present day. I have a simple standard for all religions, which are simply a set of notions giving comfort to people who are terrified, and perplexed, by the real world they live in. Any people who SACRIFICE the life and blood of any other living thing, in the name of some creator who really doesn't give two shakes, are a bunch of savages and I do not care how organized, or perfumed, their society is. Here I am, a creation of something far superior to myself. Whatever god I give credit for this is obviously capable of 'snuffing' me at his pleasure. He gave me life and then am I supposed to believe that I must kiss his tail, via homage and sacrifice, in order to continue to be His son? What sort of father is this? A sadist, I'd imagine.

I also note a constant feature about all sacrifice. The person who does the 'sacrificing' never gives OF HIMSELF! It's always some poor sheep, a child, virgin, and so on, which never causes the devoted worshipper one second of pain. It's always the other fellow who dies so that I might retain the favor of my god. Since all priests are closer to, and more favored by, whatever god they claim – they tell us so, over and over – then why in hell don't they OFFER THEMSELVES? Obviously, and due to "grace" and so forth, they are far more valuable than the village's prettiest virgin, or prize lamb. All priests die and can contract diseases, so why are they supposed to be superior?  They offer no proof other than their word and that's about as important to me as the yammering of Tom Brokaw.

I watched a silly fellow, on a religious TV show, trying to prove that the "Reed Sea" really parted to let that mongrel tribe escape from Egypt, all according the the known laws of chemistry and physics. Let's consider this – if all went according to natural law then how could it be called a 'miracle'? The winds came from the east and we've seen the power of hurricanes to move water inland BUT, if the tribe was to walk on the muddy bottom of the parted 'Reed Sea', then the winds would still have to be blowing, eh? The next time you meet Mr. Wind who is pressing water away from where it was, why not take a stroll in that wind. Of course, strolling during a hurricane with your stolen loot would indeed be a miracle if you were upright for more than 6 steps.
I see that Nobel Peace Prize winner, Elie the Weasel, is all for war. Since we're in 1984, that makes sense to me.
Blow it up. Occupy it. Rebuild it. That's what I call good business.
Revisionists are historians.
Once you keep that in mind you should ask yourself how many historians ever won any battle for freedom. Jews generally do not like them but jews don't like  Saddam either. That doesn't mean that we should have breakfast with Saddam. Revisionist minds are cemented to the past, that is, over-the-hill salami. The turmoil we are in is fastened to the present and pointed to the future.

Haven't you noticed that revisionists are always shouting "victory"? When they get great press coverage, they claim they have "won". When the press exercises totally silence, they also claim they have "won". Perhaps they should sell stock and we could all become rich on their never losing.

How come Robert Blake doesn't have the same snake's nest of attorneys that O.J. Simpson had?
Salt hard Christians
will believe the "holocaust" lest they be hypocrites. If you believe in the non-demonstrable tales of the Bible, you will also believe the non demonstrable tales of the "holocaust".
Never get your hopes too high regarding retired ZOGlings sticking their noses out of their burrows lest they fear a review of their pensions. He who takes ZOG pay will sing ZOG's song.
The head comes first. The head of "sword" is the "s". If you move this to the tail, you have "words". Now that's what those who have not the strength to pick up a sword use in their battles. It is precisely they who coined, "The pen is mightier than the sword." When Washington was dodging lead balls and snowflakes, what do your think the "pen" crowd, Jefferson, Frankly, Adams, et al., were doing? Filling their quills of course, so they could write some more words after the battle was won.
It has been stated that the Afro-American has an average IQ of 85. That's up from the usual African level of 60-70 but it's not due to the influence of environment. Afro-Americans include mulattos, octoroons, hexadecaroons, and any other critter with some simian blood. The higher IQ is due to race-mixing, that is, White blood makes Blacks smarter.
Once again, I repeat that the current atmosphere is to establish puppet states all over the world where raw materials, consumers and workers, are abundant. For over 50 years, the idea is to eliminate national sovereignty to a point where it is similar to state governments under a federal government. Those countries who will not voluntarily submit will be bombed into compliance. That's all this stage show is about. That's it. All the "will they or won't they" horse crap is just poop for those who thrive on eating shit. It's little other than a world-wide political soap opera. The choice is up to you – Surrender your country voluntarily or we'll make you wish you had. 
Jews Say New Book "More Dangerous Than Mein Kampf" – Czech Exposé Faces Ban.
I do not know what this book is about and even if I did, I wouldn't read it. The only way a book of opinions is dangerous is when you get smacked in the head with it. Mein Kampf dangerous? Only a jew or braindead honky would believe that. Mein Kampf was not popular until after Hitler assumed power. It had nothing to do with his rise nor, as some blightwingers believe, that sales financed the NSDAP. That the word is mightier than the sword is believed only by those who do little more than write. To paraphrase Dr. Zhivago's step-brother, "I've decapitated better writers than I with only this tiny sword." Stalin never wrote anything but he did sign death warrants for the writers he disapproved of. Without political power, you can scribble until the camels come home.
Patriot-for-profit – Anyone who asks you to send them money so they can tell you what the 'enemy' is doing to us now.
A prediction is when one takes a set of "facts" and then describes a future outcome. It does not mean changing one's opinion each time a new piece of data rolls in. This is situational guessing. That's part of the reason I say little about the changing "facts" as presented by a media I wouldn't trust to give anyone the right time of day. It's amazing, as Eric has seen, that people who say they don't trust the media nonetheless take what they say seriously. O yeah. I know sugar dissolves in water but I'm going to make a boat out of one anyway.

In spite of the hype that Saddam is a blood-thirsty killer of babies and pandas, I have yet to find anyone with "war fever". I've seen only one tired American flag waving and it looked like a relic from 9-11. As typical, it was a little old lady – a Bible banger in the neighborhood. The hawks seem to be confined to the far out christian crowd, the jews and the radio mouths.

OK people, a reader just found the link to STRANGER THAN FICTION, the 911 thingamajig.
Note: The "Pastore" author doesn't exist – a paste-on to lend psuedo authenticity.
How to tell a thinking man from a prune. Someone tells you that 7663 is not a prime number. (Having no divisors except itself and 1.) You think about the problem, and take a pencil and paper. You doodle. You discover that the person is right. "Sam, you were right." You are a thinking person.

On the other hand, you call Charlie and ask him. You trust Charlie. Charlie tells you that 7663 is not a prime number. (This could be complicated for Charlie might be a prune himself.) Or, you could pick up some book on  number theory and check the table of prime numbers. 7663 is not listed. "Sam, you are right." In this case, you are a prune for you relied upon the thinking of someone else. ZOG loves people such as this. So do ministers and others who depend upon the kind approval of their subjects in order to make a living.

I'd estimate that the prunes outnumber the thinking people by 30 to 1.

I was informed that on a chat room and one online poker site, profane words are not allowed. It is interesting that the word "jew" is considered profane. If I were a jew, I might want to complain about these obvious anti-Semites.
I received a little booklet – Stranger Than Fictionan independent investigation of 911. The author remained anonymous out of fear, as he states, and no publisher is revealed. If this work appears on the 'net, I'd like to know. I'd hate to spend all of that scanning time doing what was already accomplished. The book is mostly quotes and the author's opinions. No one  is indicted and no threats made, so I cannot understand his timidity unless he believes "freedom U.S.A." is actually a death camp for people with opinions. Personally, I view 911 as history and whether it was the work of fat purple men from Venus, or not,  will not change what has been cast. The shot was fired and the cattle stampeded. What difference does it now make who fired or with what? Post knowledge cannot change what was done and has never changed the tides, to my knowledge.
Happy dysfunctional family!

Here's an ad by a paint company which indicates who runs the household. Of course, this little pisspot could have been given permission to commit what amounts to vandalism. It's the American way and accounts for more than one might realize. A child is part of the family but does not share equal rights with the parents. That should be made quite clear before he can walk, and subtly emphasized periodically. Children are not toys to be enjoyed by parents along with a new video camera. You brought this being into the world, whether accidentally or not is beside the point, and it's your total responsibility to make sure that by the time they are 20, they can stand on their own two feet as responsible adults. With each adding year, responsibilities are increased relative to the child and liberties extended. Even at age 18, my daughter was limited to a 12:00 PM at home deadline which she never broke. Her friends were admitted to my home only with my approval. Once she had a home of her own, she could do as she pleased in this regard. When she was given a bicycle, it was hers to do as she pleased – paint it, cut the wheels off or give it away. There would be no replacement out of my pocket except in very unusual circumstances. Gifts, that is property, are not yo-yo devices to manipulate behavior. Horseshit such as "grounding" never was used. If I said she could go to the moves on Saturday, and she burned the house down on Wednesday, she still went to the movies on Saturday – because I said she could! Her behavior was not allowed to change my word. The house burning would be a separate issue and dealt with in another manner. Her room was private. I never read her diary, mail, or peeked into the dresser drawers. I didn't eavesdrop on phone conversations nor question her after a date. I never broke my word – ever! Above all, there were never arguments. We'd discuss things briefly but there was no "democracy" where she had equal say. As a result, she never "fit in" with the pregnant, sex-obsessed, drug-soaked, and criminally minded wastrels in her class. To keep her out of nigger schools, I drove a junk of a car so I could afford private school tuition. I thought it quite humorous when I parked between the Lexus' and BMWs during school events. At the time, I fully realized that she viewed me as a little restrictive as she had nothing to compare other than the brats from permissive, and affluent, parents who cared more about their stock portfolio than they did their children. I knew the day would come when I'd be thanked. It did – when she was 25. She knew corporal punishment – just once when daddy's big hand swatted her tiny bare ass for violating a "no". No anger was involved. From that day on, she knew 2 things for sure: dad kept his word and he would not refrain from using his hand again. I never did. In some respects, particularly if it were a learning exercise, I was quite lenient. On one Christmas, upon receiving ice skates, she mentioned that the highly-polished hardwood floor spanning the sun room, living room and dining room, appeared as ice and she wondered if one might skate on such a floor. I knew the answer, and wanted her to experience that – a word lost today as all mom's want to 'protect' for "experience" involves risk and heaven forbid that kids ever learn about reality. I moved furniture and let her "have a go" at it. She learned what I knew and that was the end of it. It made a little work project for me as one can understand.
A FAEM reader wants a hard copy of  Rockwell's This Time the World. Anyone out there who can help, please reply.
Being lovably ornery, I usually do not get many visitors but people do stop by. I welcomed a young lady of acquaintance, about 28 years old,  with a biochemistry, nutrition and epidemiology background. I understand that she was the author of some brilliant papers on trans-fatty acids. She talked on about the nutrition advertising which appears on TV. "... geared towards profits, and not health. It's nearly 100% out of phase with the facts," was her remark. (This woman has had her quasi political battles against established practice.) "TV is the idiots idol," my mind said silently to me. First she discussed people's concern about mites, bacteria and all of the invisible stuff which they live in apparent fear. I pass this on because I believe it is sound information. Let's hope I remembered it accurately.

Mites, whether dust, skin, and so on, are essential "garbage disposers" of which life would not continue for long. Don't worry about mites – forget them.

Do not use any anti-bacterial soaps for cleaning your face or body – or anything. Do not use high-powered "germ" zappers such as Clorox, to clean your kitchen counters and so on. Get rid of the notion to "kill germs" around the house. This is generally an attack against bacteria.

A kitchen counter, in good "health" is covered with what she described as "happy bacteria", those which are either harmless or helpful. The "bad" bacteria are out-numbered and are held in check by the abundance of good guys. The good are easier to kill than the bad but they also multiply more rapidly. What happens when you blast the counter with Clorox spray is that all of the good are killed but not all of the bad. The bad multiply and you are worse off than before.

Good bacteria like a mildly acid environment (Clorox is quite alkaline) and sweet. That's the basis for fighting infections by applying sugar. Lacking recommended products, a 50% solution of vinegar sprayed on your counter will do what you want although it is a bit smelly. The same for taking showers. Use slightly acid soaps as the usual soaps are alkaline and kill the beneficial bacteria which need to be present on the skin. A "wipe down" with diluted vinegar is good practice in lieu of using the proper soap.

The ever-increasing problem of diabetes is related to genetic makeup and diet. Type I is an immuno disorder where the pancreas is affected. The most likely recipients will be those with northern European blood such as Norwegians. Not much can be done here except the use of insulin. The cause is unknown.

Type II, the most common, is somehow connected to overweight people where the presence of excess body fat somehow interferes with the the insulin/sugar pathway to the cells. A loss of only 5% of one's fat, through diet and exercise, usually significantly reduces the problem. The usual treatment is by the use of chemicals (drugs) but these have a list of side effects enough to ward off Dracula. Insulin, from outside body sources, is the most effective procedure but often this causes additional fat storage. No one knows why the insulin from a "shot" will cause a change whereby that produced internally does not. Again the heredity factor might explain it.

Type III and IV are so rare that the young lady spent little time discussing them. As she is in contact with nutritionists world-wide, there appears to be a consensus that America is piled high with very poor quality food eaten in excess quantities by people with no self-dicipline. She added some other interesting items.

The "veggie" crowd are not as removed from animal products as they think. Ground animal waste from slaughter houses is often used as fertilizer and this works its way into the vegetable part of the food chain. Recently, tons of diseased cattle remains were used in a lettuce field. The disease organisms ended up in the lettuce and there was a nation-wide recall of that vegetable follwing masses of people getting sick.

The "Norwalk disease", that many people contracted on "pleasure cruises", is simply diseased feces getting into the food. This happens where unsanitary people prepare your food. They use the bathroom and then without washing their hands, prepare your food. You eat their excrement. You get their disease and if you are of the same type, you pass it on. It appears to be a problem where cheap labor is employed. My lady guest once did a survey on the assumption that women were cleaner than men. She went into a busy ladies' washroom and observed who washed their hands and who didn't. She reported that only about 1 in 3 ever washed their hands after using the toilet and/or applying makeup and such.

I felt like saying "Ah. Diversity," but the lady was apolitical but did allude to the fact that race-mixing was creating a problem in the understanding of the bio-chemistry related to humans. (The voice in my head said, "Do it if it feels good and to hell with the problems you dump upon any future children."

The year 1945 came up, to my surprise for I maintain that 1945 not only was the death year of National Socialism for the most part, but was the beginning of the end of Western civilization. We entered the phase of collapse.

Of course, Hitler was evil; Germany was evil; and the Third Reich was Satan on the throne, therefore anything Nazi was to be countered. If Nazis said smoking was bad for your health, then one had to smoke to show his anti-Nazi stance. All nutritional guidelines of the Third reich were to be reversed. When this was coupled with American greed – Judaism as king – American agricultural practices took on the look of Quasimodo. Pig parts were fed to cattle. Cattle and chickens were confined to cages where they were fed anything from newspaper to waste animal parts laced with anti-biotics. It became a very sick practice but the profits were great.

In the year 1900, infectious diseases were quite high but chronic diseases were quite low. Through the increased use of sanitation and medical discoveries, infectious diseases dropped dramatically so that in 1945, we had the lowest rate of those diseases in our history. Since then, it has been on the rise due to the mud factor.

Chronic diseases, such as circulatory and heart problems, heretofore nearly unknown, rose dramatically starting in 1945 when agri-business was introduced as a mass production way where food manufacture was equated to TV sets – the more the better – the cheaper the better. It all spelled profit and each and every avenue of production was against Nazi policy. No longer were the simple fats such as olive oil, lard and butter, sold and consumed, but the concocted nightmares of Crisco, margarine, and silly combinations of every sort of oil one could squeeze from some inedible plant, gained the upper hand. The profit margin was much greater and they were sold using disinformation to an extreme.

Today chronic diseases are massive in their occurrence and nothing will change that until people change their ways – quite unlikely, as I observe. I'll finish by saying that, as with any "news" on TV, the ads telling you about the advantages of product A are probably false. The current "terrorist" threat of eating fat, where fat is equated to potassium cyanide, is contrary to fact. Fat, biochemically, does not cause fat. The greatest fat producers are the starches. Fats are used for energy and the assimilation of protein but, as with everything you put in your mouth, excessive amounts will turn you into a moose. The fortified cereals, consumed by the ton, are better replaced by a breakfast of ham and eggs, that is if you can find a pig which wasn't subject to an adverse environment.

I'd start reading those package labels more closely. If it looks like a drugstore inventory, then let the next fellow eat it.

I was informed that "Carol" is back with their titillating comments.   http://www.carolontheweb.com
A problem with the tunnel-vision types, who see jews as the instruments of everything which has gone foul, is that they are oblivious to things far more threatening, relative to our survival. As Eric and I have repeatedly pointed out – if the jews suddenly vanished overnight, we'd still be in shit up to our noses. Millions of goyim would be stampeding to fill those vacant jew shoes while the turd word and Asian invasions continued. White sluts would still be screwing niggerballers and people would still be suing each other until the cat meows. Lying, cheating, stealing, drug and sex obsession, and other valued activities of the Western world would still be going strong. Down-breeding would continue and diseases will out-pace cures. Starvation will continue and the ozone hole will take the shape of a bagel. Removing the jews is not much more than taking one turd out of an over-stuffed toilet bowl. 
'Twas time for eggs and potatoes so off to the greasy spoon I went. Behind the counter were 2 waitresses and 1 customer was seated, each trying to out bid the other as to who was the most mongrelized. "I'm part Portuguese; part Irish; part Mohican; part llama; part unknown." This female obviously was into "parting". I'll let you figure out what I might mean. I thought it a sad thing for people to take foolish pride in being a racial garbage dump produced by parents who cared not whom they fornicated with. In this age of degeneracy, I am looking forward to a TV show, Can You Top This, where contestants prove their diversity by reciting their various venereal diseases.

One waitress, obviously having a strong strain of White in her genes, was holding onto her cute blonde, blue-eyed daughter. Her husband took a walk about 1 year ago and her current juice swapping companion is some sort of Asian Sambo – uglier than the Hillside Strangler on a bad night out. The idea that this broad, so in need of regular reaming, would choose this sort of humanoid thus subjecting her daughter to calling him "daddy", is appalling to me. I've seen this over and over, White females imposing crud mud on their children just because they couldn't go two days with getting beef  hammered.