12 March 2003
This photo of a common street display was sent to me. The barely visible Ein Gebet Braucht Zwei Hände means ' a prayer needs two hands'. A protestant church is responsible. The hands are obviously those of a Black male, thumb on top, dominating a White female. It has nothing to do with prayer. It's all about encouraging Germans to commit racial suicide by breeding with apes. The blockade following WWI; the civilian slaughter of WWII; plus the further starvation following that war, was part of the overall plan to exterminate the Germans as a people. The Soviets, USZOG's left hand, also helped in the process with their one-way trips to gulags. If world opinion had been approving, there would not be a German left alive today. The so-called jew genocide is horseshit. The real genocide was, and still, is against White people and it's being done through race-mixing – a disgusting practice at best. The White male has been stripped of authority and the targets are the women, who apparently lack any sense of taste, or desire for a better future for their kind. Like children, women without proper men appear to run berserk without purpose or aim beyond silly attempts to prove they are male with different parts.

The Christian church, directed today by the jews, is every much an enemy of White people as are the jews. It is far more deadly, and disgusting, than any racial enemy because they are mostly of our kind. There is no way we are at an advantage when we allow such people, group or singular, to be included as comrades in this increasing struggle. No one should remain beyond criticism because he can be considered White.

Suppose I printed a book of blank pages with the only print being "The Book of Jewish Ethics". Would this be an anti-Semitic book? Which words would be especially offensive?
Suppose I printed up some fliers with a swastika on one side and only the words "Nazi Propaganda" on the other. Would this be considered "hate literature"?

The White Cause: (A comment to Sam's "A reader speaks out")

Dear Sam:

I do agree wholeheartedly with most you wrote. Yes; we White people are our own worst enemy; and, as a whole we richly deserve  what we get. That means the daily torrent of filth about our culture, great ancestors and their achievments and so on. it is like getting kicked in the teeth over and over again. When I look at this situation and the placid acceptance of it by the great majority of pale-faced bipeds that surrounds me, I canno't help to feel like you. In fact I do it several times a week (I wonder why I have not developed a bleeding ulcer!)

Now. Why do get so mad about it? Why don't we say: "to the hell with all this useless struggle and suffering, we shall never reverse this situation" ? I think because, deep down, we known that there is nothing better or worthwhile than this, apparently, lost cause "the White cause". It is precisely because we know what we are and what our ancestors did, that we care; that we get mad with our own kind, when we see them behaving in such abominable, shameful way. The White cause exists in spite of you, me and all the disgruntled, frustrated, bitter and resentful White men and women that are racially and culturally aware of their heritage and see it desecrated everyday by the repulsive Jews and their even more obnoxious Goym puppets.

An Italian comrade told me once: "In 1942 our parents had an option, to enlist in the Waffen-SS and to fight for a new Europe, for a new, racially-concious, united Europe. Today we don't have any option but to suffer the brutality and the arrogance of the victors. It is a shitty life we got, but we musn't give up. We owe it to all those who remain faithful and paid the ultimate sacrifice"  . Those, more or less, were his words. It may be a bit of a cliche; but it is essentially true. I don't know you but I was born in 1960, the second generation of Italian migrants in South America. Within my family there were no political arguments neither strong or radical opinions. I became aware of the tragedy that represented for the White race the destruction of the Third Reich through some inexplicable process that took place in my late teens. I say inexplicable because it wasn't just the  reading; in fact I would say that the few books  I read provided only a confirmation of it; because, somehow I have always been a national-socialist (without the ridiculous fascination for German uniforms or medals that many so-called national-socialists have). Now I'am 42 years old and the world is a far more disgusting place than 25 years ago. But, somehow, I cannot say "there is no such a thing as the White cause". Because that would mean deluding myself. In fact, I am more fanatical about mi ideals that when I was 17. The world has not done anything but to proved them right over and over again! The White cause exist because the enemies of the White race are in charge. The only problem is: most of the White men are not aware of it; and many of those who are don't care.

We cannot escape of ourselves. As Eric rightly said: "Our skin is our uniform" We have to honour it with our lives. I'm sure you must feel as sad or disgusted as I am when I see White youngsters walking around dressed like niggers and behaving as such. But, precisely is that behaviour that reminds me that I'm on the right track. I can't help it. I would not trade my place with any wigger that drives past me in a Porsche or a Ferrari with a fantastic blonde at his side. I don't want their "paradise". I want a better world for my kind. I don't think I'll see it, but that is not important, what is important is not to give up. As Germany's most highly decorated soldier, colonel Hans Ulrich Rudel, said: "One has only been beaten, when one has given up"

Sam: Maybe I misread your last paragraph and you're are not as disillusioned as it seems. Anyway, we all feel that way from time to time (it comes with the job...).  Your letter was great and I look forward to others. By the way I do agree with you: I wouldn't shed a tear if I could see the "chosen people" wiped out. But first we must put the house in order: a thorough cleansing of our own kind. There would be no room for wiggers or Bible bashers (another sick branch of the Jewish tree).

Regards – RIENZI

Robert – "When I read what you were writing about Rimland, I interpreted it as saying that she was basically a fraud. I did not believe it. That is NOT to say I claimed you were wrong. (After all, as I have said, you and Eric seem pretty competent and up front.) The only 'evidence' I would have been able to give is that the stuff in her Z-grams seemed not useful to the H Industry, the jews' religion.
 "However, I realize that even if she did put 'damning' stuff on her site, that does not necessarily imply she was at all sincere about the things one (such as myself) may find really important. "Now, after reading about Demon Doctor, it gave me an entirely new perspective on her. At this point, I don't trust her at all."  H.S.

Robertsez – I never intended for people to believe she was a fraud. I view her no differently than most other Americans who would do nearly anything to enrich themselves at the expense of others. In this regard, I know nothing other than what I read, and if what I read is false, then my deductions are perhaps false also. I've had my say, Eric had his, and only time will demonstrate the degree to which either may have strayed. Let's leave it at that.

Rules for discussion: (1) Read Psyching Out Sex. (2) Read Demon Doctor. (3) Tell me which points of my comments you don't agree with and give your reasons. (4) Wait until the Zündel mess is resolved for all things will be clear after the clouds have passed.

I hold a woman's position in high regard and that's why any one of them who wanders from being the "cradle of our race", invites my immediate scorn. When I make this known, I get accused of being a woman hater. I hate no one – even those who pummeled me; lied to me; or have stolen from me. I despise feminists and keep that no secret. I dispute the common notion that it is the female who defines motherhood. It's the man's prerogative.

It's time more of us started to be "up front" for this sick society is decaying because people refuse to point out where real problems lie. The whole society either covers up or glorifies in degeneracy. It is at war with reality and I sometimes even wonder if they will recognize the reason for the tears which will be plentiful in the not too distant future.

A good portion of "professional ethics" actually works against the public interest by protecting incompetents. I know of not one dentist, for example, who would tell anyone his opinion of the work of another dentist. His "professional ethics" prevents him from telling the truth to the public's gain. If I know of a dentist who does terrible work, I'll not be bashful about telling anyone. It's the same with the blightwing where the "good guys" never "rat" on each other. This is called "helping the cause". This is not my way of doing things. Hell, I am wrong many times but I never say things I do not believe. If I spot a fellow up to no good, deceiving the public, then he should be exposed, especially  if he is supposedly on the side of White people. When this happens, people often think that this is "helping the jews" but if they thought a bit, they'd believe the opposite. When the patriots-for-profit are rooted out, "the cause" thereby becomes much stronger – the same as cleaning out parasites makes the host stronger. I'd certainly like to hear from people who think that the elimination of sand from the vaseline is detrimental to the vaseline.

I have no problem with anyone being a mischievous bastard as long as he is not seeking a following, for such people are barred from catalyzing unity by their very character. We are not united because there are many grains of salt in our sugar. When I point out what I believe to be a grain of salt, then how does this make the sugar worse?

A person who leaps off a building has no right to complain about the hardness of the sidewalk below. Often we blame something before we consider that it takes two to tango. James Kopp was logically sound in believing that dusting off Dr. Slepian would stop Dr. Slepian from performing further abortions, thus saving lives. I am opposed to such clinics with their scalpels, suction pumps and garbage disposal units, which show absolute callousness towards life. Butchers like Slepian – most abortionists are jews – are not the basic problem for they do operate within the law and would never perform an abortion unless some silly twat wanted one. What far too many women apparently desire is the introduction to the reproduction process without its following scenes. I do suggest to such women that they have their ovaries removed so they can copulate in complete abandon without having to legally murder the innocent in the name of pleasure. If I were king, I'd have some simple rules. Abortions would be legal but any abortion of convenience would mandate a hysterectomy. The involved male would also be neutered. Abortions outside certified clinics would be a capital offense for all parties involved. In the case of pregnancy involving race-mixed couples, both parties would be sterilized and the fetus aborted. This should satisfy the irresponsible and those with an itch to screw anything within sight and hearing. I doubt if any race would suffer from this.
Here's one fellow – me – who is a little tired of jews telling me about Germans, or how to think in general. Personally, I'd rather have a German tell me about Germans. 
Eric reports very suspicious activity in his area of Yakima WA. He hasn't heard the sound of automatic gunfire in over 2 days. I told him to be patient and things would return to normal shortly.
"'Our governments', in the half-century that has elapsed, have become such "willing slaves" of the Judaic master-sect that they are in fact the bailiffs or agents of a new, international ruling-class, and not true governors at all." —
Douglas Reed, The Controversy of Zion (1956),  p. 134
"We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own."  – Maurice Samuel 
I submit my beliefs and the reasons why I believe certain things. It's not a matter of right and wrong, for we are not dealing with facts. You may disagree with my opinion and if you chose to disagree, and wish to tell me so, then I'd appreciate you also revealing your reasons for having your belief. I think that equitable and I just might learn something.

I've received much email in regard to the current Zud situation and my beliefs about Sarah, Ina, Ingrid or Angrid. Many do not agree but as of today, not one has submitted their reasons for claiming I am "wrong", which is not an appropriate response. It's very easy to tell someone that he is "full of it" without ever countering one of his positions.

Eric believes that both she, Mark Weber, and others, are trying to further themselves by feeding on the unfortunate situation of Ernst. Eric further predicts that Ingrid will end up with all of Ernst's property and there exists a possibility that she will reunite with her previous husband.

Saddam is really in a fix. He has to prove that he doesn't have the things the inspectors couldn't find. If you think this is all insane, then congratulations on being able to think.
"Your Honor, I admit that I smashed Charlie in the face with a brick. It was a preemptive strike because if I hadn't done that he might have taken out his nail file and stabbed me. He also might have been concealing a hatchet in  his shorts. I could not afford to take that chance."
Classics –

The book must be true. It made me cry.
It was a just war. I lost my leg.
He can't be a jew. He bought me breakfast.
He must be intelligent. I don't understand anything he says.
It has to be great bread. I paid $8 for the loaf.
He has tears in his eyes. He must be telling the truth.
I know he's on our side. He said he was.
He can't be a jew. He's an Irish Catholic.
He lies to his parents but he tells me the truth.
I know it's true. I saw it on TV.
How can his words be of value? He doesn't have a diploma.
He's no friend of mine. He told me whom my wife was sleeping with on her bowling night.
He must be Chinese. His last name is Lee.
I'm an 'A' student. I get 'F's because the teacher doesn't like me.
You don't get jealous and go into a rage when I sleep around. That's how I know you don't love me.
Why is it that I am always underpaid?
I am beautiful and brilliant. My mother told me so.
She's a virgin. Her son told me so.

From the mouth of Rush Limbaugh – "I think the vast differences in compensation between the victims of the September 11th casualty, and those who die serving the country in uniform, are profound. No one is really talking about it either because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11th.

"Well, I just can't let the numbers pass by because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country.

"If you lost a family member in the September 11th attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million.

"If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for each child under 18. When the child hits 18, those payments come to a screeching halt.

"Keep in mind that some of the people that are getting an average of $1.185 million up to $4.7 million are complaining that it's not enough.

"We also learned over the weekend that some of the victims from the Oklahoma City bombing have started an organization asking for the same deal that the September 11th families are getting. In addition to that, some of the families of those bombed in the embassies are now asking for compensation as well.

"You see where this is going, don't you?

"Folks, this is part and parcel of over fifty years of entitlement politics in this country. It's just really sad.

"Every time when a pay raise comes up for the military they usually receive next to nothing of a raise. Now the green machine is in combat in the Middle East while their families have to survive on food stamps and live in low rent housing.

"However our own U.S. Congress just voted themselves a raise, and many of you don't know that they only have to be in Congress one-time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month and most are now equal to be millionaires plus. They also do not receive Social Security on retirement because they didn't have to pay into the system. If some of the military people stay in for 20 years and get out as an E-7 you may receive a pension of $1,000 per month, and the very people who placed you in harms way receive a pension of $15,000 per month.

"I would like to see our elected officials pick up a weapon and join ranks before they start cutting out benefits and lowering pay for our sons and daughters who are now fighting.

"When do we finally do something about this ??"

Robertsez – Nothing will be done for Greed 'R' Us. Weez all jews now. America's once feet of iron are now feet of clay and rapidly turning to feet of sand. Enjoy the down hill ride but be careful of the abrupt halt at the end.

It's nice that draft-dodging, millionaire, jewess wife, Rush has so much concern for we peasants. I wonder about what he meant by "we".

The purpose of school integration has nothing to do with education or equality. It's all about getting white kids to mix blood with blacks and muds. That's why sex education is always in accompaniment. Drugs, which destroy will power and reason, are also part of the scene. For the last 75 years, general hatred of white people has led to massive, and planned, exterminations of millions. Stalin's deliberate starvation programs were also part of it. The jew holohoax being another example of reversing the real truth. WWII, from the intentional bombing of civilian concentrations, to the millions intentionally starved to death after that war, serves to indicate this. Once the Jew-N, a political creation of  Judeo-America financed mostly by the American boob, seized control, hordes of human refuse was allowed to flood all white countries. The target of the propaganda was the female with her short-sightedness and focus uponfeelings rather than long-term racial benefit. Nearly all females will tolerate an ape impregnating their daughter, whereas dad, before he surrendered his authority, would not. Dad today is little more than a kept stud who deludes himself into believing he is still in the driver's seat. The kids tell mom what to do and she, in turn, twists dad in the proper direction. For what basically is a craving for steady nooky, dad surrendered his soul. With him, the nation falls.
North Korea threatens to bomb New York City if attacked? What's the matter with Los Angeles? It's a hell of a lot closer and easier to hit. Hey Linda, where does all of this shit come from anyway?
The head kazoo at St. Bonaventure University
was booted because they discovered he was falsifying grades so that another deprived simian (IQ 62) could be on their niggerball team and be able to service their cheerleaders. He wasn't too smart because all administrators should know it's the teacher's job to falsify grades.
Chinese colonies are springing up faster than Howard Stern can humiliate air-headed broads seeking a few minutes of TV exposure. This continent is becoming the recipient of China's growing population. They are taking over posts in all universities and getting elected with growing frequency. Since their take over of "America" is progressing well, why in hell would they want to bomb it? That's like shooting a compliant subject of extortion. We are shipping our industry to them and there will be more to come. The companies which moved to Mexico are now relocating in China. I cannot understand any reason for them to assault this dying land. All they have to do is wait until it falls into their hands. Chinese are very patient people who think in terms of centuries, not from niggerball game to niggerball game as do Americans.

Hitler's predictions are coming to pass.

The NYS Erie County executive mentioned during a press conference that he took his daughters out of an urban grammar school because they feared the black students. That started a ruckus and the predicted horsecrap about 'racism'. In order to thwart this accusation, he enrolled the children in a private school with a simian principal.

I think truth should be outlawed as most people simply cannot handle it well.

Being truthful and being anti-government are very often the same thing.
If one can construct a square equal in area to a given circle, it's called "squaring the circle". In the abstract cave of the mind, this is not possible but in the real world, it is.

In the abstract cave of the mind, it is possible to turn a chimpanzee into an Aryan, but in the real world, it isn't.

It's an old battle, real vs. abstract. The purpose of education is to insure that your brain never gets to think about the real world because that often makes people unhappy. That cannot be allowed.

Eric is a great contributor to the White Cause, of that there is no question. Before you send your $$ to the Zud's "defense fund", keep in mind that Mr. Zud actually suppressed Eric, while in his employ, keeping him busy taking out the garbage and wrapping books, but did manage to capitalize on Eric's writing more than once. It was all about $$$ including the revisionist effort which would never have been save for the action of the jewess Sabina Citron. Sheep, it appears, live to get fleeced. The Zud used to spend hours observing the technique of the religiou$ barf-head Pat Robert$on. That should have been a good clue.
It's like Robert says, if ZOG has you fingered as anti-government, you'd better not get a parking ticket. They'll cream your ass – legally, of course. You clowns wanted a police state, so you'd "be safe", and you are getting it.

From Prof. Elizabeth Brandt, University of Idaho, 3-8-3

"Well, yesterday was an exciting day in my small town. The FBI flew in 120 agents, fully-armed in riot gear, on two C-17 military aircraft (I think – they were BIG planes) to Moscow Idaho (population 17,000 +/-) to arrest one Saudi graduate student for visa fraud."

Robertsez – It's interesting that this adademic twit found the event "exciting". As the chains are built, link by link, I suppose it will also be exciting when the sheep are finally shackled.

Dear Robert,

"Back when Ingrid was young and hot, the Mennonites were a conservative lot. Even today, about 30% are conservative (women wear dresses, obedient, no makeup).

"Mennonite women marry men in the same religion. The reason? The women dress in a very conservative manner. Your imagination is your guide as to what is under those cape dresses. Rather, the women are married for their excellent character and morality. Needless to say, divorce in conservative circles is extremely uncommon.

"It seems that Ingrid married a jew in a time when 99% of Mennonites were in the conservative camp. Obviously she’s no Mennonite.

"Jews don't show up in the Mennonite churches and listen to 15 sermons in 3 hours about Christian virtue.  Really, no non-Mennonite can hold out that long.

"On another note, the Eduardo material is excellent.  Lots of well-researched quotes.  No calls to violence (ala Maguire's militia and weapons material).

"Very enjoyable material for the student of jew studies."  A.M.

Robert – "My dad always used to say that the nigger overrides the White in any Mulatto. I learned the hard way that he was right and the liberals are wrong. If nogs had never been slaves, they'd still be hostile and anti-White. African bushmen who never experienced colonialism or American slavery hate Whites as much as their kinsmen in Chicago, Cincinnati and Johannesburg do. Bolshevik lies will never change this. I have a slogan I repeat to myself on occasion;

"Not a Racist? It doesn't matter; THEY hate YOU anyway".


"I see where Quadroon Powell today is announcing a formal March 17 deadline for Iraq.  More shadow language. March 17, 2003 is Jewish Purim this year, the holiday for celebrating the killing of goyim by Jews.  The Jews understand it immediately.  The Muslims will understand it too.  So will Chinese, who do not suffer from a Jewish controlled mass media.

"The non-Jews in the west will be kept dumb by their Jewspapers, their televitz and their Judeo-Rapture cult preachermen."


Dear Eric, Maguire & Robert:

After nearly four months of isolation, as a consequence of the untimely death of my computer, its a great pleasure to be in touch with you again; in times such as these sites like FAEM are as rare and precious as an oasis in the Sahara.

I have spent a month in Italy (late September and early October). The effects of the globalization (or mongrelization) are quite clear at an ethnic level. The presence of blacks from central Africa was a total shock; I talked to a couple of them in one of the  Sunday markets where everybody that has something to sell goes to Porta Portese ( one of the ancient gates of the Rome) and sets up a stall. They were selling replicas of famous brands in the form of leather goods, sun glasses and watches. An Italian friend of mine explained to me that most of this products come from dozens of tiny workshops concentrated around Naples, many of them controlled by the Mafia.  A week later, visiting Florence, I found nearly 20 Africans seated on the steps of the church of St. Lawrence; they were selling leather bags and, by the look on their faces, they were not doing very well.  I asked to several Italians if they have problems with the blacks and all of them say no, but they were not very happy with them. "They are all refugees" they told me "... and our government believes that we must take care of them". Most of Italians, like all brainwashed, or braindead, Whites cannot see that this is a problem that will never go away, but it would also become worse as the years go by. I know that the situation is much worse in Spain where hundreds of Africans of all shades cross the Mediterranean every month. In some Spanish cities there are already "no go" areas for Whites.

I mentioned this at least once in FAEM: The problem of the "refugees" is not the so-called refugees in themselves, but the White traitors in the government that opened the gates for them and those in the media who cry rivers for these "poor victims of war and famine". We must to put our house in order, and that means, one day, to settle the score with these treacherous  pale face bleeding hearts who spite on their race and nation in the name of "universal love and tolerance". To target foreign refugees or illegal migrants is both moraly and politically wrong, and gives ammunition to the Jewish media.

Regards – RIENZI

Some species have a remarkable power of crossing with other species; other species of the same genus have a remarkable power of impressing their likeness on their hybrid offspring.  – Charles Darwin.

Material lifted from Simon Sheppard's excellent web site http://www.heretical.com

I think these authors are right, who maintain that the nigger has a prepotent  power over the honky, so that both the meta mulatto and the para mulatto more resemble the nigger than the honky; but that the prepotency runs more strongly in the male nigger than in the female nigger, so that the meta mulatto, which is the offspring of the male nigger and female honky, is more like a nigger, than is the para mulatto, which is the offspring of the female nigger and male honky.  (Noun substitutions made by Robert.)

In those days, we must have been very poor Americans for we didn't tolerate those who disrupted things. In our platoon, we had a replacement named Keating. Keating abhorred soap and water. He usually smelled like a cross between a garbage pail and an outhouse. He was a friendly fellow who tolerated our usually clean smell. However, we didn't want to tolerate his. Our Sgt. once ordered him to take a shower before morning roll call. He didn't. At 2:00 A.M. the platoon was called out, after dressing and securing bunks, to march for an hour in the rain. The next morning the Sgt. said this was to be usual procedure until Keating took a shower. If we were tolerant, as Dees would have us be, we'd have been on permanent sleep disruption. Yes, we were different Americans then. A fellow such as Dees would have been given an offer he couldn't refuse.

I was awakened one early morning by a muffled voices and much scuffling. In the morning I found out what the noise was all about. Four of the more husky fellows yanked Keating out of his bunk, took him to the shower where they applied laundry soap and shaved every hair from his body. Yes, Helen, every hair. Then they dried him and covered him with Kiwi shoe polish. Back to the shower where they used laundry brushes and lye soap to remove the shoe polish. Horror of horrors. There was no such thing as "civil rights" then and no lawyers to file lawsuits. Did this change anything? You bet! Keating was thereafter the cleanest soldier in the barracks. He'd shower at least 4 times a day because he was informed that the exercise would be repeated if the Sgt. ever made another remark about his contribution to the aroma of the company area.

A society always gets what it tolerates.

"Teaching tolerance" is nothing more than advice on how to short-circuit one's survival instincts. Jews, nigs, muds, and cruds certainly are not tolerant of Western civilization because they continually try to change it. Their success is our demise. 

".....civil-war theorist Tom Chittum predicted in his 1996 book foretelling racial balkanization of the U.S." Too bad the fellow who wrote this wasn't a reader of Eric Thomson who said this over 15 years ago. Many of the latest "discoveries" of the blightwing were in print 30 years ago, "ZOG" is an old Thomson term but it is now just being discovered.
Dear FAEM = "I have noticed some things over the years regarding Black behavior.  While eating at restaurants, I've noticed that when they eat certain foods, hamburgers, etc., That they grab the food with their lips and make great use of their lips in eating. The more White admixture they have, the less pronounced this is. It's interesting that chimps and other great apes eat in much the same way. Another thing I noticed is that their children seem to have an overwhelming need to touch and handle everything in a way that is excessive compared to other races. Again this behavior has its analog in apes. Much of their behavior seems to me like the actions of a mindless animal. In fact the behavior of cats, dogs, horses, cows etc. seems rational, even logical by comparison. The most astonishing thing to me is that they seem less civilized in some respects than certain species of great apes.  Integration has failed because Blacks are not much interested in our civilization nor do they desire it, or even want to understand it. I don't hate them, They hate me and that's enough hate for both of us. I just regard them as I would a lion, bear or tornado; Just another natural peril to avoid or escape from."

Robertsez – Great observation. Now there are 2 of us. Niggers ain't us. They're another species.

Al Capone was a criminal and few disputed that. The government wanted him in the can but he managed to ward off their efforts using bribes, threats, intimidation, whatever. Big Al was nailed on income tax charges as we well know. Now, if Al were just Harvey Limpwrist, they'd have tried to get the unpaid tax money. Al was legally nailed. Do not forget that and keep it in mind the next time you champion a criminal and gloss is over as political, which may have been the motive, but not the method to convict and jail. If you are on ZOG's shit-list, I'd even worry about parking tickets. Someone out to terminate you really doesn't care whether he does it with an ax, spear, machine-gun or running you over with a stolen car.
According to people who write me, the Zud is busy sending out information about leg irons, borderline starvation, lack of toilet paper, (shades of the holohoax!) and other bad treatment while in Canadian confine. Since when does any jail, penitentiary or prison, allow such uncensored material to freely float about? It all sounds very peculiar to me and before I'd believe one word of it, I'd like to see one of those letters properly post-marked and stamped with the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. If he is indeed prevented from talking to the media, then why are they allowing letters, and phone contact, to people who are able to contact the media? A jail is not a g.d. motel, as many have told me.
It's always great to criticize one's enemies but if we criticize those ostensibly on "our side", then that is viewed disruptive and "hurting the cause". I don't agree since an incompetent within is more dangerous than an enemy without. One has to be FAR MORE SCRUTINIZING of his comrades than he does anyone else, for your health someday might depend upon the quality of your comrades. Whether an enemy is of honorable character or not, makes him no less an enemy. We simply cannot tolerate low-lifes in this struggle no matter what little bit they might contribute in some rare moment of lucidity. You cannot get mileage out of creeps, as so many delude themselves into believing. Let the creeps do their thing but make no comrade of them.
I am not fond of panhandlers. (Get a job like I did when I was broke, hungry and living in the back seat of an old Hudson.) When someone asks that others send him money for some purpose or the other, I feel the public has a right to know who that person is, what they will do with the money, and anything about their character which might contradict what they say their purpose is. If David Duke told people he was going to gamble, and chase women, with the money he received as donations, than that would have been OK with me for YOU would have known. While hitch-hiking back to Fort Monmouth, I was stopped by a panhandler in Williamsport PA who asked for money to buy food. I told him I would take him to a restaurant and buy him anything he chose to eat. He refused. I then told him that if he initially asked for money to get wine, I'd have given it to him. I dislike intently people who take advantage of the good nature of people when it comes to helping others. This always involves deceit in one form or the other. I'd make one piss-poor spy.

I was once criticized because I negatively commented on a lecturer's collective of false information. I was told, that for the sake of diplomacy, I should have done it in private. Your ass, sez  I. His crap needed public airing and I care not who might be offended, poor babies. Since when does truth have to be discussed privately in order to protect the reputation of a wolf in sheep's clothing?

You cannot separate a person's character from what he does. A faggot grammar school teacher cannot be expected to shelf his desire for perversion because he is in a classroom. Michele, a sweet naive young lady, once confessed to me that she knew her current love lied to his parents and stole things from his grandmother, "... but, he tells me the truth and is honest with me because we are in love." Yeah honey, and chickens can whistle.

Perhaps I can make life a little easier for those who are tormenting themselves with the Ingrid issue. I have no first hand information and probably you do not either. We might both agree that there are penguins in Antarctica, but I doubt if many people have experienced the truth of this. Thus we operate on belief. Useful beliefs cannot ever be the result of simply accepting someone's word on something. That's what ZOG wants us to do, relative to their mouthpieces, and out of mental laziness, that's what most people do – it's the foundation of all herd mentality gossip. It certainly appears quite logical for penguins to live in the Antarctic. If we were told turkeys lived in the Antarctic, we still would not have direct factual information. However, what we can experience concerning turkeys is very easy to discover here in USZOGland. We also have good reason to believe that Antarctica doesn't have the climate of Sun Valley California, and so the turkey story simply does not make sense. This is how we must operate since it is impossible for any of us to experience everything we might choose to question. Ask: Does it make sense?

While still gainfully employed, I never accepted as a student of geometry (I understand that today teachers no longer have a say in the matter.) anyone who was not well versed in elementary algebra. Thus, it would do the student well if he were to read Ingrid's first book – rehashed psycho babble – Psyching Out Sex, Westminster Press, 1975. This would be your first step into understanding this broad's batty brain. The next assignment is reading her 1988 book, Demon Doctor, where she alludes to the fact that Dr. Mengele "butchered" her son Irwin in the jungle of Paraguay. Ingrid also describes her Nazi-hunting days working for Weisenthal. This particular book is incoherent rubbish although based upon real events in her life. In one chapter she describes a doctor riding into an operating room on a white horse, gun belt and all. Then there was a heavy bearded "Nazi" who used a false mustache to disguise himself while he used two fingers to make SS thunderbolt signs in the dust of cars parked on the main street of a jungle encampment. Other than myself, a known masochist, I know of no one who could finish Demon Doctor. Eric got as far as chapter 3 before he gave up. He could not tolerate one character losing 5" in height over the span of one chapter. Demon Doctor has all the earmarks of those idiotic tales of the Holohoax, which we have come to love so well.

In 1945-1949 Germans did not leave Europe, especially those in areas controlled by the Soviet. Both hands of ZOG were trying to kill as many as possible. Jews were permitted to leave, as well as Mennonites, because Mennonites are apolitical, according to their religion. Thus, we are left with this: Ingrid was a Mennonite or Ingrid was a jew, as they were the only types which were resettled in Paraguay. She married a jew named Rimland, a rather odd thing for a Mennonite to do. (Their wedding cake was baked in a vacant anthill, in case that is of interest.) No Mennonite would engage in Nazi-hunting; writing psycho babble books; trying to capitalize on a son's birth defects ( via lecture tours); attending IHR conventions; or having a web site which involves quasi political matters. Her comments about her web site are contradicted by the court testimony of Ernst's second wife.

You have your assignment and only after that will I listen to any argument as to whether I am right concerning what I have said. (Eric agrees but still insists, "What is her maiden name?") If Ingrid has been lying all along, then what I believe just might be false. I'll leave that to you. Believe anything which keeps your gonads charged. It's your dime and my opinion. I do not care one way or the other. She could be Cinderella for all I care. Queen Mambi might also be nice.

I have repeatedly said that ALL so-called christians who have TV programs, are jew-bun kissers and would not be on TV unless they were 100% kosher. I've mentioned the many jews who pose as christians, such as the con-man Benny Hinn who can summon up the power of Jesus to replace your amputated leg. Last night Jay Sekulow, Robertson's side-kick attorney for the saving of this and that, announced that he was a Jew-Christian, whatever that is supposed to mean. I am a Catholic-Baptist. Dawh.  I am a Moslem-Mormon. Double dawh. Jay means that "jew" has a racial designation whereas "christian" pertains to his present belief which could change depending upon cash flow. If there were a pogrom against christians, I'll bet Jay would soon discover his jewish roots.
A new prediction for the coming rackiraq event is March 27. It will be a new moon and we can operate in the dark as befitting open-handedness. In view of the public disagreement over murder, mayhem and destruction, I suggest giving both sides of the non-combatant civilian dispute, all the pitchforks, cleavers and axes, they could carry. Then announce full street demonstration battle so the issue could be settled here, on the streets of peace-loving America, in true democratic fashion. This would have the added benefit of seeing blood spilled LIVE and not some cold batch of silly images on CNN, which could be faked using current digital imaging technology. On CNN, one cannot hear the screams of those whose arms and legs were blown from their bodies by "smart" bombs designed only to target the zipper on Saddam's fly. Realism is always better than TV shots. I'll drink to that.

Never fear, all the experts agree that it will be a 10 day event not including time out for prayer. After that, the Iraqi people will welcome their liberators in much the same fashion as did the French after we destroyed many of their cities following D-day. If enough "dumb" weapons are used, the entire country of Iraq will be filled with people who could claim refugee status and thereby relocated to Hemp Wisconsin where they would enrich the gene pool and provide another source of "cheap labor." Israel would be given the territory to allow Palestinians somewhere to flee thus enlarging the size of their hunting preserve.

OK boys. Let me know what you think of Eduardo's articles. Don't ask questions about the author. Like our Maguire, he could be anyone from Santa to UU Bushez – I wouldn't guess Saddam. He doesn't have much time these days.
I know nothing of this beyond what was printed on a sheet. The ball is in your hands.

Dump Israel Rally!  June 8, 2003 at Buffalo NY. Sponsored by the Racial Nationalist Party of America.
Information – RNPA, POB 1281, Lockport NY 14095. Phone/FAX (716) 438-0689

There are far too many look-at-what-the-jews-are-doing-to-us-now web sites. I suggest that someone introduce a new topic — look-at-what-we-are-doing-to-ourselves-now.
They are rewriting history faster than jews collect reparation payments. In fact, several corporations are now offering sums of money for people who "discover" past negro genius – suppressed by the honky, no doubt. As many try to indicate that the Third Reich was run by jews, maybe a discovery will be made showing that they were not jews at all – but Nubians, whom we now recognize as originating Mohammedism, Judaism, Christianity, and responsible for Egypt's pyramids, if you choose to believe a recent TV doc(tered)umentary on the topic.

The commentator, after he was through gushing about the brilliant mathematics of the Mayas and their "world's most accurate calendar" – a replica of that used in Egypt, by the way – announced that the Mayas invented the zero. Heavens to Betsy, Greta, I didn't know that. I guess all of those honky history books have been falsifying truth.

The exact origin of the symbol for "nothing" is not known but was used extensively by Bothius, a Roman living about 500 A.D. Since Rome produced little in the way of mathematics, whatever was attributed to the Romans was copied from the Aryan Greeks. There is no zero in Roman numerals. Bothius rubbed authorities the wrong way and was executed at the ripe old age of 49. Nonetheless, 'zero', as well as the complete number system, was introduced to Baghdad about 820 A.D. where it assumed the form of Arabic numerals. It would appear that the Hindus, also Aryan at the time, with a religion which includes contemplation of an absolute void, or nothingness, may have been the root for the use of such a symbol outside the religious domain. In any case, The Mayans never invented the symbol although they used it.

Heck, Bessie the Borden cow, in her many trips about the stake where she was tethered with a rope, obviously had some knowledge of the "zero' her path displayed.

As White folks are being phased out, it seems quite practical that their accomplishments be assigned to non-Whites. There's no profit in letting the muds think White folks were some sort of gods, wouldn't you say?

Sure, you are as free to believe that Stalin was not a jew; Sen. Kerry is not a jew; Hugh Hefner is not as jew; as you are in believing that apples are not fruits. Why not ask yourself how you came by those beliefs? Have you really done your homework? When a person who claims to be a Mennonite acts in a distinct non-Mennonite way, what say you?
How come all of our jews aren't moving to the land they support – Israel? There they could find peace and prosperity without all of that anti-Semitism poisoning their water.

Why aren't all of those haters of White people migrating to lands where there are no White people? That would appear logical to me.

As I have said, Israel is just a privileged outpost for Greater Israel – Usrael. "Dual-citizen" means the same as it does for those living in Illinois – a US citizen as well as an Illinois citizen. Passports are used to obtain special first-class accommodations for jews and also as a screening device to block undesirables.

Now that White "racism" has been eliminated in Zimbabwe, I fully expect millions of hyphenated nigeroos, here in the land of good and plenty, to be buying one-way boat tickets to that new promised land where they can be all they want to be, without the burden of discrimination and honky oppression.
No Wiggers – Just Right.
Why is it
whenever some blightwinger lands in jail, his peers claim political persecution and "illegal arrest"? That there is biased, and selective treatment, there is no doubt, but a  man could be an accomplice to murder and it'd still be ballyhooed as political by the blightwing simpletons who feign support. That they'll run for cover once they are fingered, is almost axiomatic – I've been there! And so has Eric.

There is no such thing as an "illegal arrest". Officers of the law, and citizens in the case of a SUSPECTED felony, also have this power of arrest. If fact, there's an interesting variety called "resisting arrest", which nails your ass for sure. All people are innocent until proved guilty. This means that LEGALLY innocent people are arrested LEGALLY as a matter of course.

There was a nifty little brawl at Ray's Dinette many, many years ago. Chairs were flying and ice cream splattered against the walls. One particular arrangement of strawberry sauce and cashew nuts, on the mirror, appeared to me to be worthy of jewish art, if properly framed. A price of $10,000 came to mind. Ray called for police assistance and it promptly arrived. Neither Bill nor I were involved in the ruckus. At the time, the police really had no idea of who was who, or who did what. All inside were young males except for the trollop Ann, who started the brawl by arranging a "let's you and him fight". Loose girls often get a kick out of such competition. Anyway, Bill shouted that he did nothing and objected to the point of swinging at an arresting officer. Off he went, in cuffs, being held off the ground by two officers. I went along with the group without the need for handcuffs. It was a free ride to the local station which was within a couple of blocks of home, thus shortening my planned walk.

We were in the slammer for a short period. The word was out and my friends coughed up the necessary cash to secure bail for both Bill and I. Two days later, we appeared in court where the owner of the dinette testified that Bill and I had nothing to do with the damage. Those charges were dropped. The judge told me I was free to go and had the right to bring a counter charge against the officer who arrested me. It was not an "illegal arrest", by the way. The charge was false but the arrest legal. I declined because I sincerely felt that the officer was simply doing his duty based upon what he knew at the time. Bill, however, was reprimanded to the county jail for committing the crime of "resisting arrest".

The big wazoo will be March 17? Suppose Saddam has a revelation and announces on March 16, "Everything I have is yours, you're a part of me..."? Will he be given another 10 days? Stay tuned for the next episode of the The Strung and the Helpless.