19 March 2003
Dear Robert –

Thanks for FAEM. I appreciate your approach: tell the truth as you see it without charging for the privilege. I am sick to death of the "paytriots for profit" Eric has aptly named. I was interested in the organization "Ranch Rescue" as I live in Texas and get to see the benefits of the mestizo invasion every day, firsthand. The organization mentioned claims to be for the defense of our borders by executing "missions" to apprehend invaders and clean up the damage done by them to private property. All of the previous sounds fine, but a closer look at the website reveals a call for volunteers, who must PAY (buy a membership) for the privilege of volunteering to help these people. You'd think Ranch Rescue would take all the help they could get, so long as the people helping were of quality, but alas! The sole determinant of "quality" seems to be the proffering of a wad of cash. I can understand how an organization needs funds to survive, so I was willing to overlook a membership requirement to a certain degree, but the final straw came when I saw that they were offering "mission patches" FOR SALE to those who volunteered. I guess it is, after all, a blightwing organization that offers people the chance to buy a patch to show they've "done something."

Below is the text of a letter I sent to VNN regarding their exploitation of the death of Rachel Corrie. I'm curious as to your take on that situation. On the one hand, I see VNN's point in using the event to their advantage, but I think they've gone and tried to "polish a turd" (as my grandfather used to say) by making a hero out of someone who, by all indications, favored the White cause about as much as Nelson Mandela. I always thought propaganda should be obvious, but not too obvious. Choose your heroes wisely, I suppose.


"While I think the death of Rachel Corrie is a grotesque, murderous act on the part of the IDF, people who insert themselves into the middle of others' disputes had better be prepared for some blowback. Not that I agree with the repulsive gloating going on over at "Free" Republic. I think VNN is making a mistake by elevating this woman to near-martyr status, as you can see on both the front page and the letters section. From the pictures posted, it's clear that Corrie had 'gone native' so to speak, right down to the burkha and burning of what looks like a U.S. flag. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Does anyone really believe that the Arabs give a rat's ass about the interests of Whites? Corrie, while no friend of jews, was certainly not the poster child for the advancement of her race or culture. The photographs make that very plain and you'd think VNN would be more hesitant to promote a 'culture mixer' if not an outright race mixer. Instead, it seems that you are exploiting this
for maximum propaganda value using someone who, while anti-Zionist, would otherwise be the polar opposite of everything VNN purports to stand for. Perhaps VNN is trying to forge links with the new anti-Zionist left, but I have doubts that this is the event upon which to hang their hat. In addition, the actions of Corrie, while no doubt more courageous than a lot of White so-called 'males' were the classic example of misplaced (or outgroup) White altruism, a phenomenon that VNN has noted is one of the very things plowing our race under. Can you really see Palestinian students standing in front of bulldozers ready to demolish White homes should the situations ever somehow become reversed? That being said, I don't think the poor girl deserved to be crushed by a bulldozer. A lot of kids have left-to-far-left mindsets at that age. Who knows? If she had lived, maybe she would have had the chance to see that she could fight Zionism on behalf of her own race and culture instead of an
alien one." – (submitted by J.C.)

Robertsez – I had a cousin who loved associating with simians. One finally killed her because she wouldn't "give head" to his brother. I had no more sympathy for this female than I would for Jane Fonda getting gang raped by 69 cannibals, and then eaten. As we have said over, and over, WHITE SKIN IS NOT ENOUGH! Even Eric, who often appears very antiseptic about whom he chooses to call white, places far more value on behavior. Snow White, championing non-white causes to the detriment of her own kind, is not one of us. I don't give two turds what happens to anyone who places their kind on a waiting list for consideration. When they do that, they automatically remove themselves from the white nation. Every white broad some ape permanently removes from the planet, represents a plus. White sluts dropping mulattos into the population is an enemy of all whites. They never were of the white race and the jungle-bunny humping proves that. I have no problem with race-mixing as long as the parties involved are sterilized.

Great stuff – Dear Robert,

"Today I was in Midtown Manhattan chasing after one of those good, high paying jobs that are about as easy to locate as Saddam's fictitious WOMD's. I used to think that you and Eric, especially, were given to wild flights of hyperbole in your estimation of mud demographics. But looking about me today in the midst of the Grand Central area, the presumed epicenter of the much bruited  WASP governing hegemon, it dawned on me that John Rocker had understated the situation somewhat. About the closest I've come to an honest to Odin WASP in the last 30 years has been the rare unmiscegenated Irishman one occasionally stumbles upon stumbling home from some Queens tavern.

"After basking in a rainbow of toilet bowl hues – yellow, brown and black – as far as the eye could see, with no immediate prospect of relief, I quickly ducked into the office tower housing the proud equal opportunity employer that would unerringly find some reason to deny me the job rightfully reserved for some thoroughly incompetent but yet oh so deserving Mudman. Now, even though my standards of what is 'white' are less exacting than those of the wandering Maguire, to say nothing of Eric's stringent requirements, which make the Nuremberg racial laws look like an MTV recruitment drive, it appears to me that unless someone is hiding tens of millions of unadulterated German farmers in the hamlets of the Midwest, this country is already less than 50% white. No need to wait for 2050 (or is it 2060?).

"I have found that whenever I doubt some assertion of yours (or Eric's), all I have to do to be persuaded otherwise is to sally forth into the bowels of the great Satan, being careful to give free reign to my senses and God given reasoning ability." (submitted by G.K.)

Another reader, another opinion –

I wonder.  Will an Iraqi woman gladly accept the gruesome death of her toddler as "conducive to the freedom, peace, and safety of the Iraqi people and the international community?"  Does the military have any psyop tricks that can make that come to pass?

Someone asked me if I thought the US would use chemical weapons on its own troops.  I replied "What's to hold them back, ethics?!"  I expanded, "not likely unless there was a very surprising development and they desperately needed the leverage that an Iraqi WMD attack would afford."  Someone then asked me why I was so unAmerican.

I notice that the $$$/barrel oil has almost no relation to the price at the pump.  Actually, I call it a semi-proportional relationship.  When the barrel price goes up, the pump price goes up.  When the barrel price goes down, the pump price stays the same.  Makes me glad to not own a car.

This war must be good for China.  The US goes and spends time, influence, and funny money, making enemies while the Chinese sit back making babies and business deals.

Would be interesting for Baghdad to become another Stalingrad, or at least a Grozny.  Perverse isn't it?  On the one hand I reject this war as a mistake and triumph of stupidity, and on the other I want to see it become a bloodbath that costs ZOG dearly.

I was talking to a Mexican engineer the other day.  He's worried that his family in Mexico might be sent to aid the invasion of Iraq.  I said "nonsense, Mexico is too busy invading the US."

I imagined what it would be like for this war to happen with the population of the US being like it was 150 years ago.  When asked if they support the war, would they have something a bit more intelligent to say than "uh..., yeah, I uh... support the President and the uh... decisions he makes and I, yeah, think we all have to um... come together and face this thing head on."

Where was it written that Americans have to support their president or his decisions?  For that matter, where is it written that the president can send the troops off to war?  Not that it matters I suppose.  If the other 2 bodies of government aren't doing their jobs checking and balancing, then what's the citizen to do?  But it does matter and now it's completely up to the citizen, and the citizen will fail again.  Tyranny is in the minds of the tyrannized. (submitted by J.S.)

It's anyone's guess –

Well Robert, lets see how this Zionist led Iraqi war plays out for the gullibles.

1) ZOG mercs go for the Iraqi jugular and march to Bagdad. Prefaced by lots of aerial destruction first, of course.

2) Saddam responds by launching a scud missle at Tel Aviv loaded with Anthrax. 2 hours later he sends another scud full of Uranium over Haifa, (dirty bomb I think they call it). Heavy Chosen casulties!

3) Sharon gets mad, (1 Jewish fingernail is not worth 1000 Gentile lives) and drops a low yield nuke on Bagdad before US troops arrive. Hooray!!! Iraq is liberated!!!

4) Al Qaeda elements rise up in Saudi Arabia, pro Islamic forces riot in Egypt. Hamas leads a revolt in the West Bank and Hezbollah turns Lebanon into Dodge City.

5) Hardline Iranian clerics declare martial law; the Taliban resurfaces in Afghanistan and attacks US bases. Anti-US protests draw millions.

6) Kurds move south to attack Iraqi's and Turks move to crush Kurd rebellion, much bloodshed.  ZOG mercs "liberate" Basra but not before Saddam lights up the Persian Gulf with the best oil fireworks display the world has ever seen.

7) Al Qaeda wacks some ZOG diplomats in Saudi Arabia and violence spreads in that country. Huge demonstrations in Pakistan and our boy Musharaff declares martial law. Riots in Cairo, Amman, Beirut and Damascus.

8) Iran invades Iraq to support shias in the south. Iran moves missles within range of USZOG fleet. USZOG launches a "pre-emptive" strike. Iran's Pasdaran and Basij suicide battalions repeat human wave attack from Iran-Iraq war. Shias hate new Iraq regime. USZOG rearms Iraqi army and uses Saddam's army to crush Shias.

9) Suicide bombers go ape in Israel. Coup in Pakistan, Muslim extremists take over,  Musharraf flees. Pakistan expels all foreigners... guess who has the bomb now? India and Pakistan clash in Kashmir.

10) Muslim rebels in control of Saudi Arabia, royals flee. After taking over, the Islamists declare war on USZOG. Pakistan sells nuke to "Arabia". Arabia and Iran negotiate peace.

11) Huge protests in Egypt, Mubarak can't hold on. Iran, Arabia and Pakistan at war with USZOG. Pakistan nukes India. All hell breaks loose.

12) USZOG wins says jews media. (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) Saddam is dead and we've done great! Oh and by the way..... 1 billion Arabs hate our guts!

THANKS JEWS! —(submitted by S.A.)

Back to basics. Some of the firebrands reading this need to develop a little more tolerance for the daily barrage of shit which spews from radio and TV. If often rattles me to a point where, under proper conditions, I might get carried away. I know it is all very, very frustrating but remember that the present conditions will not last.

The local radio mouth, an "unfit for military service" ignoramus hawk – you fight, I'll cheer – has paralleled WWII with Iraq. It seems that madman Hitler captured the German people and oppressed them. USZOG advised the German people to rise up against their oppressor or, in the name of liberation, we'd have to remove Hitler by military force, if necessary. So WWII was all about the liberation of the poor German Volk. If so, our brand of liberation had a strange pattern for over 1 million surrendering Germans were deliberately starved to death and Germans are still forced to pay into the reparations racket. Millions were shipped off to die in Soviet gulags. Vive la liberación.

Jews, and their stooges, TOTALLY control the air-waves and you'll only receive kosher krap if you are masochistic enough to get addicted to listening. ALL personalities which are featured on them, are in the pockets of their Zionist masters, and that includes all of Congress – the wonderful result of "free" elections. MOST white Americans want to be jews or niggers and so trying to argue your point is a waste of breath. We, as you should understand by now, are a minority even within our own race. There is absolutely no way any election will change things. The best we can do AT THIS TIME is to remain in contact and be informed. Stop sucking up ZOG's lies as if your brain were a sponge. Seek out the truth and question. Look at the bright side – all that we despise is collapsing. Why should that make us sad?

It's time to read again – Must We Despair?

'Tis a comforting thought, massa. During that jew-benefiting carnage to kill as many white people as possible, called WWII, 3% of "our" causalities were caused by "friendly fire". 'Friendly fire' is just a sugared way to say, "Oops, we taught dose guys was krauts," or, "Oops, I dinna mean to pusha da button jes den."

With the arrival of maxi-Bushy's assault on a very much weaker "enemy", with sophisticated "smart" gadgets and the best trained troops in the whole wide worl', 26% of "our boys" logged out as causalities due to "friendly fire". This leaves us in a quandary. Why is this so? What changed?

(1) The weapons got more accurate. (2) Our soldiers, previously all male and predominately white, are now a pottage of females, apes, muds, dwarfs with enough palefaces to give the appearance that we are fighting for the American way. I find it rather ironic that the "American way" was the means to the end of the American way. Our wunnerful elections managed to elect the end of America. Enjoy mini-Bushy's war.

Disaster = high-tech equipment in the hands of low-tech people.

A reader asked my opinion of the letter, and photo, 3/3/2003 White Beauty, which appeared on VNN. First, I am assuming that VNN, like FAEM, publishes material which may, or may not, parallel their philosophy. Thus, one cannot hold a site responsible for exercising freedom of the whatever.

I have never been a fan of nudity in print. To me, such stuff makes about as much sense as gawking at a picture of roast turkey when one is hungry. Porno is especially loathsome as nearly all of it denigrates women but I console myself believing that the women so photographed are doing it voluntarily and thereby qualify as career sluts.

The photo is obviously one of a mestiza. This girl is no more white than is Colin Powell although his nigger part is more pronounced than is the asian part of this girl. To call this female white is to admit (1) your dick does your thinking or (2) you are racially ignorant and need to go back to haet school.

I am afraid that most eyeball this woman's knobs without hardly a glance at the facial characteristics. After it's determined that one wants to jump her, then he declares that she is white. The longer one is at sea, the more white those island "beauties" appear. It's a very old story.

As we say – The darker a population gets, the more people will consider themselves white.

I cannot tell you how many beans there are in a can of Grandma Brown's, but if I heard someone say there were 4, I'd feel justified in telling him his ass sucks wind.

I've listened, and read, several "enlightened" opinions of the coming square dance in Iraq, which I said was in the works way back in 1994. (A letters to the editor thingie.) One thing is certain, the more sophisticated the "expert" opinion, the further it will be from the mark. When the Afghan mess got going, I read all about how super-smart crotch-sniffing devices would end that shindig in short order, but Eric called it right – it will be rifle against rifle and ZOG will eventually go home, tail between the bowed legs dragging his laser toys behind him.

Now, the boys pushing their cardboard tanks across the table, carefully comparing division against squad, wire-guided missholes against spears, have it all fingered out – they think. The show will not be as they project and as I described in the first sentence, I don't know either. I do know that they have so much shit in their brains, posing as data, to think straight. If you follow one into a men's' room you'll find they usually miss the urinal.

The really big show will not be in Iraq. It will be right here in happy go lucky ZOGland. You watch CNN. I'll watch my ass, here at home. It only takes a bottle of Coke to put any crumputer out of action.

When young, Gil, Charlie and I built a snow fort. It was a time of gang wars and I still have the branding iron scar on my left shoulder. It didn't pay to get caught. Well, the muds from William's Park decided to smash our fort. Six of the more husky charged us. Charlie must have remembered that his mommy wanted him, because he took off in one great hurry yelling at Gil and I to run lest we be clubbed silly. Any expert would have told you that 6 against 2 was a sure way to get clobbered but all those who rely on quantity as a means of concluding, simply cannot understand that 100 cripples do not make 1 gladiator.

Gil had an excellent throwing arm and his aim was deadly. While I packed snowballs laced with a good piece of broken ice in the middle, he flung them. The first "shot" corked one fellow square in the nose causing blood to splatter 360° over his face. Another shot nailed a fellow in the nuts dropping him to the ground screaming. The other 4 slowed down their initially enthusiastic charge as if in doubt. One turned are started to run away only to get knocked cold by a 1 pound piece of ice to the rear of his head. We then charged them. They fled shouting that they'd get even.

The next day I was told that our beautiful blond "block leader", Richard, caught one of the "enemy" lurking in "our park". He managed to break 2 of that fellow's fingers warning him that he, and his kind, would be better off playing baseball in their own park. Of the several gangs, most liked to come into our area since we had the prettiest girls and best diamond. As I reflect, I think I then witnessed a future glimpse of the America which will soon be upon us all.

No people, as we see in the decades-old Palestinian/jew conflict, appreciates having their homeland invaded. Americans don't give one damn who invades their land, but this is not true of everyone.

One radio mouth declared that a "good Iraqi" was one who sold out his country. Self-righteous yammering like that doesn't make me feel proud to be an American. BTW, I haven't noticed many Chinese, Native Red Niggers, Blacks, Mexicans, or Muslim-Americans, waving flags in support of the "nuke Iraq" campaign. Are they anti-government? Are the only people supporting the war air-headed honkies? 

Robert – "Today a co-worker gave me a demographics wheel representing the 2000 census. Spin the wheel to the state of choice and you get the info. I've seen the classifications before and you've mentioned them yourself, and we know they are wacky at best, mixing apples and oranges and pork chops and... etc.

"Here is the breakdown: White alone, Black or African American alone, American Indian and Alaska Native alone, Asian alone, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, Some other race alone, Two or more races, Hispanic or Latino (of any race). Caps copied exactly. Is this a riot or what? Now get this, Puerto Rico and D.C. are the only non-states listed. For Puerto Rico it is listed "White alone" as 80.5%, But also "Hispanic or Latino (of any race)" 98.8%. We are living in insane times for sure.

"The 80.5% for "White alone" supports what you've said, that as the population gets darker that more consider themselves white. I asked my co-worker how many White Puerto Ricans does he know of? I got a confused look!

"You can also let Eric know that the "Hispanic or Latino (of any race)" population for the state of Washington is 7.5%! They must all live on his block." – P.M.

Robertsez – This only verifies what "negative" Robert – Eric too! – has been telling people all along. The census doesn't mean diddlysquat. How can such data have any value if each person decides for himself what race he belongs to? This country is no more 70% White than is Bill Cosby. If you believe that the juice are only 2% of the population, then you've overstayed your welcome in Antarctica.

Under the cover of the Iraq war, look for God's Chosen peace-loving kikes to step up their campaign of genocide against the Semitic Palestinians – anti-Semitism to an extreme! The Khazar Stalin, before he became "kindly Uncle Joe", would set a bomb in a crowded area. When it went off, police, firemen, etc. rushed to the scene to put out fires and collect body parts. In the meantime, Uncle Joe would rob a bank on the other side of town. 
Saddam, recognizing that he doesn't know how to run his country, packs up and leaves for Umgowa Timba, a settlement of dwarf monks near the Dimenfu River. Iraq, now without leadership, falls into anarchy with competing bands vying for power. The turmoil necessitates an invasion by ZOG forces to stabilize the country. After 11,045,001 dissidents are executed, an occupation government is installed, under the wise leadership of Izzy Pilebaum, a 6 times holo-something survivor. Once the Iraqis are settled in their Playboy degeneracy cesspool, complete with coronary Big Macs, Saddam is declared a "war criminal", and 666,000 troops are sent to Umgowa Timba to bring Saddam to justice, with the additional of benefits of peace, niggerball, and apple pie for the underprivileged natives.
Yes, the damned house is burning down! Is that being negative? Hell no, Moe. You have apparently forgotten that it is a shit house which will only be remembered by the worms and the flies.

Many moons ago, I could walk in the restaurant and notice the many handsome young men there. I was just a plain Bill whom few bothered to notice. Now, with palefaces on the numerical decline, I walk into the restaurant beaming. Long gone is that array of handsome young men which left me a wallflower. I am now the best looking guy in the place! I hide from myself the fact that in a sea of mud, even an agate appears to be opal. Please do not rate your value by the extent that some female may, or may, not appreciate you. Remember Ludovici – women have no taste. Otherwise, we wouldn't see so many of them licking the faces of apes... and popping out hideous half-breeds which look like something out of Star Wars.

The jews have deliberately trained a couple of our generations to be undciplined rabble. They are destroyers but they will not be able to govern their creation, as we shall see in the near future.

Many write to me expressing their frustration with the way our society is going. We are living in a gigantic jew bowel movement and nothing can be down until it is complete. Only then, as we know from personal hygiene, will it be the appropriate time to clean up the doo-doo.

It's hard to tellif our Potomac Caligula (Gaius Caesar) is mad beyond redemption since his speeches are all written by a jew. I doubt if "squint" could write a single coherent sentence by himself. But, 'make no mistake', this coming noisy circus was planned a long time ago as was the war against Hitler which took 6 years before budding ZOG could arrange a reason to start it. I think Saddam is smart enough to ascertain that if he left Iraq, as ordered, he'd be hunted down and shot anyway.

What I find especially disgusting is the threat to others, loyal to their country, that if they "obey orders" – which some hypocrite doesn't like – he will be tried for "war crimes". This is the same brand of "justice" which allowed the murder of decent German military at Nuremberg. Although the gods often take a long time to act, America will not escape their judgement. We are living in the "last days" of the failed American experiment.

The U.N. was the creation of American Zionists, mostly jews, given power by the gullible Americans who supply the money and the blood for the bound-to-fail Zionist global empire. Other nations were invited to participate but if any of them were foolish to believe in universal justice, they were soon jolted back into their seats by recent events.

Blood runs deep and we see this readily whenever any people comes out on the short end of ZOG mischief. The American is kept deliberately ignorant by way of media control and ZOG control of education.

It's hard to predict what will come next since we are accustomed to the media shouting "wolf" every time some gopher belches. We are again on "orange" alert but my faith in them is so low that I shall not worry until I see a mushroom cloud in my neighbour's back yard.

Some idiots, beyond those in Congress, are renaming deep fried potato sticks, freedom fries. I think it's about time to rename those sorry doughnut looking things, boiled hate bakenuts. Bag holes?

Let's really do a job. A freedom kiss, maybe? What about the French words, aileron, fuselage and empennage? Not to mention garage. Can we look forward to General Motors renaming their Pontiac Grand Prix? French Canadians are now to be called Freedom Canadians. Then we can add freedom toast, freedom pastry and freedom dressing. Also add the freedom curve that draftsmen use. Why pick on potatoes and wine? Are you some sort of bigot?

Friends – this is one gigantic madhouse!

Missile anus – Hideous Henry Kissinger (S.O.S. under Nixon and Ford), the only jew I ever witnessed eating his own nose dirt on TV, emigrated to the U.S. in 1938 during a period when "jews were being shot on sight." Lucky for Hank that Germans were lousy marksmen.

Didja ever hear of the Hooton Plan? It's right out of minority, jew, commie, loving Harvard 1943. Germany was to be partitioned and the birth-rate drastically reduced. This was to be followed by genetic admixture (American nigger occupiers and later Turks.) so as to eliminate the "German" component. This bit of business comes out of the same mouths who also tell us that there is no such thing as race and we are all "equal". You see, THEY KNOW THE FACTS and want us to believe the contrary because it is the sure path to White extinction.

I am in the middle of reading opposing viewpoints. The kike Coren, in his Saturday Sun column, states that since Hitler was a vegetarian and animal abuse was a crime in Nazi Germany, that "veggies" just might be closet Nazis. (Hitler ate a lot of animal protein but very little meat.) On the other side, another author claims that steak lovers actually cause starvation among the po' peoples. (De cow eat da grain pipples could eat.) The whole conflict could be solved if the steak eaters ate the vegetarians.
It was in Oklahoma, I gas, that a bridge on Interstate 40 collapsed. Gas what? Artist Shahla Rahimi completed a clay model for the sculpture which will be used as a memorial. Bridges have souls too. If this keeps up, no one will be able to go anywhere due to memorial congestion even though the highways are well lit from all of those vigil candles.

Another sculptor, Rich Muno, has dedicated his "Peace" rendering to people who served in the military. It is based on the Biblical "beating swords into plowshares." It would be a bit more modern if he made one on the theme, "beating A-bombs into ashtrays".

I hope you are lining up for your terrorist smallpox vaccine shot. While you are at it, why not take two? Yours and mine. Double the pleasure... double the fun.
We love to have other people tell us what to do.
We do this when we seek the advice of 'experts'. We do this when we elect someone to office. It has great advantages. If you take the advice and it goes sour, then the other fellow can be blamed. If it pans out OK, then we can praise ourselves for having such fine judgement relative to the fellow we picked to make up our minds for us. No matter what happens, we can all feel good about ourselves. That's necessary if we are to feel superior to the next guy.
KOSHER = Taxed by jews and/or cruelly slaughtered by jews.
I drove to the post office in the big city today
to purchase stamps. In front of me was a 30sih blonde leaning over the counter sobbing about "our poor boys going the Iraq". She was thankful her son was safe and wanted to do something for "the boys" overseas. She was sending out small packages. Gas what she was sending to the troops? "Bubble blows" and "magic string", whatever they are. I am old enough to remember when this country had adults.
"The Germans have an apt saying: Mehr schein als sein: To appear to be more than one is. It is ironic that The Zud is punished, not for what he was, but for what he pretended to be! He fooled his supporters and the ZOG into believing he was a "red hot Nazi", who wanted to build a pro-White, anti-Zionist movement. But what he really wanted was publicity for profit. A jew could have got away with it, but not Ernst! Now, watch Ingrid and The Zud's former property do a "Matt Koehl" and quietly steal away." – Eric Thomson.
A while back FAEM posted – "It looks like www.racerealist.com vanished down the ZOG hole."
                                          Now we can report – http://www.racerealist.com  is back. 
You just have to read this, thanks to a reader – http://www.observer.co.uk/international/story/0,6903,915125,00.html
A reader sent this inThe Marching Song most favored by jews:  "Onward, Christian Soldiers"
Blighters hate it when we are right about what we write.
"Matt Hale is in jail. We have prevailed."
Will someone explain this victory to me?
Several "peace" rallies resulted in arrests since mobs descended upon cities without first obtaining proper authorization. People appear to be paying less attention to the law these days. Anyway, I hope you watched C-Span and learned something. The "peace" crowd dropped its mask and became a "hate Whitey" fest. A female beaner described Bushy's coming assault on Iraq as just another take-over of land similar to the chunk of Mexico which was 'stolen" – Aztlan. In no uncertain terms, she said they were going to retake it. A Black man mounted the podium using his time to demand "reparations" for slavery. An Arab supported Palestine and demanded the abolition of tax-payer support for Israel. An enthusiastic Asian, Winnie Kao, demanded enforcing Affirmative Action country wide and in all areas, so Asians will get their proper "rights". She said the Blacks, Asians, Indians, Mexicans, and what all are going to band together to remove "racism". That means "Down with Whitey." All of these coveting anti-White people were American citizens. Granting citizenship to people who hate you apparently doesn't make them love you. It just gives them "an edge".

The honkey, more interested in his SUV and DVD player, probably thinks these people are whistling Dixie and since his credit card still works, things are OK. The country is rapidly approaching a crisis from which it might not survive. The money demand for the planned idiotic war will in itself be a huge problem. The "rapture bunnies" – loony Christians – want war no matter the cost. It's their ticket to heaven and I would suggest they keep others out of harm's way by performing a mass suicide, perhaps shown on CNN.

What I saw was simply a demonstration of Brown Bolshevism – Mud Marxism. The hate was not hidden. It's 1984 more extreme than written by Orwell.

FAEM is happy to announce that our readership has increased 60% since we've been under attack by the blightwing. From 15 to 24 ain't bad for an ignored haet siet, wouldn't you say?
Jews don't like Zündel but does that mean he is on our side? Jews don't like Osama either, but I doubt if Osama is on our side. Get a life. Maybe in the next world, OK?
Whitey's nuts are being hammered again
but don't worry, keep watching niggerball so you won't notice it.

The web site – http://www.wintersonnenwende.com – USED TO have links to various sites including those which questioned the jews' religion – the Holohoax. All links have been removed so as to keep the rest of the site online. You'll never gas who is putting this site under the gun. Yes, you gassed it. Those champions of freedom, the Canadian Jewish Congress – the owners, it seems, of the entire Canadian government. That's why Eric calls it CANZOG.

Once the yids have de facto banned all contrary Holohoax material from the web, gas what they'll be doing next? If you gassed that they'll leave Whitey alone, then you flunked the course. Remember that the Mossad are the hitmen for the ADL.

About 16% of our population can be considered "bright". They are a minority. The other 84% is called the majority. Doesn't it seem odd, in the light of intelligence, that the majority is always right?
I have a small tolerance for bullcrap.
I will no more debate the existence of "black holes" or "time warps", than I would the possibility of icebergs flying. I have had over 20 years of formal academic nonsense (college = hard sciences) and I think that is all I need. It appears that most Americans think all problems can be solved by spending money and incessant, and seemingly infinite, discussion of hooey which matters not at all. I don't.

In regard to the earlier topic (I add new comments at the top of this column) regarding new discoveries of nigger inventions – blacked out by white racism, no doubt – one must clearly know the difference between a discovery, an invention and an innovation. Discoveries are accidental and really not connected to the person making the discovery. If Rastus slipped and fell into a tar pit, he can hardly be creditied with inventing, or discovering, oil deposits. I understand that saber-toothed tigers did that a long time ago. Inventions are the INTENTIONAL product of some desire, thought, notion, sought after outcome, etc.. A development is a sort of evolution of a device by use of innovations and effort.

"There's a part of black history in every automobile," reads a Toyota advertisement geared towards the pimp and drug dealer car market. It states that Edmond Berger, (an odd name for a black man) in 1839, invented the automobile spark plug.

The days of steam power were long, and long ago. Reciprocating piston engines have been around for centuries albeit of the external combustion type. The question arose: "The necessary gas expansion, via heat energy, moved the piston so is it possible to have the gas heated within the cylinder instead of outside?"  The Stirling engine resulted although still of the external type. The cylinder was heated. Gasoline was known and when you torched it, the resultant gas expanded. Thus was born the idea of burning fuel inside the cylinder. This was not an invention, strictly, but a development. (The cannon was a crude 'piston' engine where the piston – the ball – made only one stroke and then left the cylinder.)

In 1862, a Frenchman named Alphonse Eugène Beau de Rochas, originated the idea of a four-stroke internal combustion engine. Note that this is 23 YEARS AFTER the black man Berger supposedly invented the necessary spark plug. That's what I call anticipating the future. (Hey man, wanna buy a spark plug? It'll come in handy when the engine is invented. Right now I am selling sky hooks for the lucky 144,000 who will be whisked into the welkin if the Iraqi massacre gets out of control.) Alphonse was not a builder and the actual construction of such an engine was left to Nikolaus A. Otto, a German, after whom the Otto-cycle was named. In parallel, another Frenchman, Étienne Lenoir, built a prototype.

The 'sparkless" engine was invented by Felix Diesel in1892 and the rotary engine by Rudolf Christian Karl Wankel in 1954. Again, both Germans!

If you think the spark plug is black history baloney, then continue reading.

Another simian genius, Frederick M. Jones, is said to have invented the "TWO-CYCLE" ENGINE IN 1950! This is 20 YEARS AFTER my uncle Karl had been driving a 2-cycle Indian motorcycle. The 2-stroke cycle engine was not an invention either. It was a development.... well, maybe an invention. Let's have a debate. :o)

(The Otto cycle has 4 strokes. The engine mentioned above has a cycle of 2 strokes. The use of an inappropriate term is typical of the slop in Toyoto's advertisement.)

The Brit, Sir Douglas Clerk, developed the 2-stroke idea in 1878 and left it to another countryman, Joseph Day, to build and introduce the engine. This again, is 72 YEARS BEFORE  the simian Jones was said to have invented it!

Now, I am at the limit of my tolerance concerning this material and will certainly spend no more time looking into the other 3 claims. I'll leave that for the "discussion groups" and the do-good people who think you can teach penguins how to fly.

The reason so much crap is generally believed is that ZOG, and its puppets, fully understand that no one bothers to check on their lies. We elect others to do our thinking for us. That's pro-government. Thinking is anti-government.

According to the latest "discoveries", niggers invented the following automotive devices: (1) turn signal, (2) spark plug, (3) two-cycle internal combustion engine , (4) exhaust purification device and (5) automatic transmission gear shift.

(Note – "two-cycle" is inappropraite. It's a 2-stroke cycle engine.)

It is clear that with all such claims, nothing ever came out of Africa. Nigger "genius" appears to need a White environment for it to do its thing, if it ever does – which I doubt. Apes inventing? I am currently researching orangutan inventions since I was influenced by the antics of Clyde, in the movie Every Which Way But Loose. White man! They're trying to wear your ass down. It's time you woke up.

The fellow who wrote the article obviously was the inventor of the hot air balloon. He didn't mention whether he was Black or not. (I was asked to do some research on this and I shall. At the first grain of shit, I will discontinue since I see no purpose in shooting a dead horse or in finding another turd in my soup. RF)

The good that Christianity brought the Aryan was not new, and the new was not good, for it led to jewish domination and Aryan degeneration.  Eric Thomson.
Stephen Rose, of Harvard's Olin Institute, had this to say : "The USA have no rivals, we dominate military worldwide ... it is our business now, to dislodge unfriendly governments and to replace them with governments which do our bidding ... Imperial strategy is concentrated on blocking strong, unfriendly adversaries, by war if necessary, by imperial assimilation, if possible." (FAZ Oct. 16, 2002). I didn't know that. It must be true if it comes from a jew.
Eric's latest is a little more in the revelation department. We will be accused of helping the jews by such disclosures but cleaning up the blightwing is the LAST thing the jews want. Taking the sand out of our gunpowder does not make that substance inferior, and our enemies know that. For 50 years, we have suffered under the influence of creeps and it's about time it came to a halt. But if you need, dream on, and send your money.

Just think. If the real truth about Duke was known decades ago, no one would have sent him money and today he'd not be going to jail for his shenanigans.

I understand that 72% of Americans favor war with Iraq. I wonder if the poll would have the same result if the questioned were the ones who would do the fighting, or if it were their cities which would be bombed. "We" must fight Iraq , means that YOU fight and I'LL watch.
Whoopee for the pyramids of Egyptolia. According to one expert, they were built with a precision which cannot be duplicated even today. They were aligned "perfectly" north and south. 'Perfectly" exists only in the foggiest corners of the brain so I do not know what this narrator had in mind. "North" is forever changing although too slow for a crow to notice, it nonetheless is a fluid thing. If one takes a look at any of those piles of rocks, and considering the great intellects which fashioned them, he could ask why they used rocks instead of chrome steel as silly modern White man does. If we suppose that north is exact as we believe an atom of ytterbium to be, and the pyramid folks had devices superior to laser, then which two of the several bulging stone blocks did they use to align the whole?

If block "A" at one edge, was off by 1 inch from block "B" at the other (1/8 degree), and Titmose VI used this as a sighting line he missed the north pole by over 13 miles. Is that precision? If he aimed at a star, then what part, since what we see is a blur and not a precise point?

Since the ancient Egyptians didn't have access to super potent calcium tablets, they certainly were small men, say 5 feet in height. Thus, they constructed a mound about 90 body lengths high. Ye olde African termite has been building mounds usually 200 times its length for aeons and all without benefit of modern engineering schools. Sooner or later, some egghead will discover such a mound which points directing at the Dog star at midnight on February 12, 2007. This will give him material to describe the fabulous achievements of termites. I actually had one nitwit jewish professor who equated Chaka Zulu's spear to the German V2 rockets. He failed to mention, however, that they were both phallic symbols! Some jews are just not on top of things, it appears.

As an aside, I have another book popularized by the Bible in Stone nitwits which claims that by pyramid measurements, it was obvious the ancient Egyptians knew that the "precise" value of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (Pi) was 3.149606299. There was no mention of how using Egyptian mathematics of the time (decimals were the sums of what we now call reciprocals, or additive inverses) revealed such a number or how measurements this precise were obtained.

My collection of "pyramidology" books reads like the gaseous delusions of the jew creep, Spielberg.

Dear Robert,

"A reader recently wrote to you contrasting the rates of abortion amongst different groups in the US. I have occasionally come across ostensible white nationalists, especially of the National Feminist variety ("A white racially aware woman can do anything a man can do! Now get out of the car and change that tire, Robert!"), expressing unqualified approval of the defacto abortion on demand policy of the Jew Ass Oy veh on the specious grounds that it keeps the numbers of muds in check! Huh? Every latrina I come across has a litter that would make Lassie envious, and every she ape a troop of chimps that would make cheeta hoot an' holler with amazement.

"The truth of the matter is that, despite the prevalence of inane twats in the ranks of white womanhood, the typical white woman uses birth control (more or less)  responsibly. Even a single abortion impacts her fecundity with, well, disparate impact in ZogSpeak. The typical shegress/mestiza bandida, on the other hand, uses semen like a douching agent and regards birth control like we regard those officious FBI "Copying of Videocassettes is a Federal offense" admonishments. It's unusual for such a creature to not be pregnant. Two or three puppy/chimp acid scaldings cum evacuation hardly put a dent in the population of the planet of the apes.

"Here's a metaphor which I'm sure I borrowed from you (or Eric). Let's say that you and a battalion of 10,000 are charged with defending a strategic mountain passage from the minions of the Zog and that you are outnumbered 20 to 1. During the ensuing assault you manage to garner a commendable 5 to 1 kill ratio. Which is to say, they wipe you out, but by golly, you take 50,000 of them with you.

"Question: who won the battle, and more importantly, who's going to win the war?

"Bottom line, if the Zog is solidly behind the baby killing business, it must be bad for white people. Here's the contrapositive formulation for those who cranial contents  haven't been ossified by pubic edjumacation: If it was good for white people, they'd make it illegal (now I certainly stole that one from you. Or that 'Send me all your money white man, so that I can give Kool Mo Dees and dishonest Abe Foxman their 90% cut' Tom Metzger fella)."

Best Regards to both you and Eric, George M.

Here's a message to the Piercites who still believe in a Juden frei Russia – http://abbc.com/pamyat/opinions.html
West Seneca NY offers this for the Darwin Awards – A fellow had the misfortune of being married to a female with an itch for a wide variety of salami. The fellow got a little tired of paying, via room, board and a car, for stuff everyone else was getting free. He decided to get rid of her, permanently. (The more rational thought of being a pimp for his wife probably never occurred to him.) Anyway, he used his roll of 'terrorist' duct tape and secured her to a chair. Being a holohoax non-denier, he turned on the gas using the kitchen range. While he checked about to see if there were any loose ends, he lit a cigarette, or I should say, he tried to light a cigarette. The house detonated. The woman ended up in hospital where she'll be able to add names to her date book. The fellow in in jail. 
FAEM – "What does L.S.M.F.T. mean?"

During the dark ages, there was a cigarette called Lucky Strike (Luckys.). The radio commercials had a musical ditty with the words "Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco." The L.S.M.F.T. was also turned into a catchy jingle. Since young men at the time were quite naughty, this was bowdlerized to "Let's screw. My finger's tired." This same tobacco company was in the forefront of inducing women to smoke.

During the phony cold war, my continual, unanswered question, remained the same – Why would they want to bomb their breadbasket? The same question now holds for China.
"I used to be very much opposed to abortion on general principle but recently I read in a jews-media factoid that negroes were having 4 times as many abortions as whites and that hispanics were having 2.5 times as many.

"Assuming that this is true, I'd like to suggest, in a proper spirit of white guilt of course, that minorities and other "persons of color" should be given free abortions at taxpayer expense, while whites be required to pay $1000 per abortion, except in the cases where the sperm donor was non-white." G.W.

Robertsez – I'll drink to that.

It appears that the pigmy rabbit, of the Yakima valley, and the giant rabbit can exist in the same terrain. 6,000,000 years ago there was only one rabbit species, Medius hopitus. When the climate changed for the worse, they decided to evolve but some wanted to get larger so they could eat from the taller plants. Others wanted to get smaller so they could eat closer to the ground. After reading the Declaration of Independence, the dispute was settled by one group seceding from the other. Thus evolved the two sizes.

Now the foxes,  seeing that the rabbits were getting both larger and smaller in the same evolving valley, became perplexed. Foxes never liked each other's company and so refused to hunt in packs which was necessary if they were to eat the giant rabbits. Some decided to evolve smaller so they could eat the pigmy rabbits. The others evolved larger and chased the giant rabbits.

So comrades, the next time you are out with a fox remember that evolution made some of them smaller, thus tighter, than others.

Since most think that when a name is append enough, his words are thereby increased in value, I'll do a Mark Twain with mine —

Robert Frenz,  K.M., S.O.B., C.S., W.M., B.J., Ph.P., S.B., S.M., L.S.M.F.T., F.U., I.W.T.F.I., F.E., F.I., F.O., F.U.M. says,  "The time for pussy footing around and trying not to make waves, is over."

Rock and roll is nigger, pure and simple. Adding a drug-soaked white face to a guitar and bellowing "kill da juice", doesn't change things one bit. Behavior tells all and that will always be the main test.
Nearly all of the females in the White Power non-movement are feminists. Even though they make noise, they are rarely on the side of the White male as many can attest. If you can weld your zipper shut for a week, watch them in action. Methinks your over-estimation of their importance is directly related to how often you can jump one of them.
In a local market owned by jews, there is a sign on the bakery counter asking people to celebrate Purim. Whitey, that odd critter from another planet, just might join in to celebrate the jew victory over the goyim – a regular slaughter, if I recall. Idiots like this must make the jews laugh their heads off.
If we disagree, are we therefore enemies?
Whitey's nuts are getting hammered again.
The Ontario Canada courts are now getting more lenient towards Blacks who are on the short end of dealing with Whites. Their over-representation in the jails obviously is from unjust treatment. As with the aboriginal offenders, Blacks are now becoming a protected species but certainly not an endangered one.

Who's responsible for this anti-White thrust? Obviously Eskimos with names such as Rosenberg, Weiler and Tanovich. It's the same gang, folks and you don't see a problem?

The reason dwarfs cannot leap over tall buildings is obviously due to discrimination and all of that. When Whitey is no longer around to blame, who will they burden with their obvious inferiority? The Chinese" The Mexicans" That'll be the day. When Whitey goes, the muds with prehensile lips capable of peeling grapefruit, will also be gone.