27 March 2003
Another reader sends in his comment to a neighbor –

"I believe you have been taken in by the media hype about the people of Iraq. Even if they didn't like President Hussein they will fight for Iraq. A lot of Russians did not like Premier Stalin in W.W.2, but fought  because they were defending mother Russia. I know a lot of folk look down on the Arabs but they are quite willing to die for what they believe in which is more than a lot of ring in the ear, pot smoking, nigger loving, American youth are willing to do.

"Iraq, and it's resources belong to the Iraqi people, not the Hebrews, Americans, British or assortment of oil companies. In the final analysis the stupidity our country in the middle east will most certainly be a factor in the coming world war which will determine the survival of western man."

This is from Joe, a WWII combat veteran –

"Aside from the Communist, most French people were not all that thrilled about a liberation that tore their towns to pieces with bombing runs. From what I have later read, there were more rapes in France in one year  of Allied presence than all four years of German occupation. I think they were relieved that there would be no more Allied  bombing raids. Some told me they clapped their hands when the Germans shot down a raiding Allied aircraft. Many French men worked for the Germans; some even went to Germany to work in German factories. I don't believe the French cared about the British because the British had sunk their warships in North Africa

"The French undoubtedly would have made some accommodation with the Germans because they thought National Socialism was better than the crack pot quasi Communist Governments that had gotten them into the war. As you know, France had fought many wars with England over the centuries including wars in North America, and Canada. Admiral Darlan, the French North African Commander, was very anti British and resisted the invasion of North Africa much to the surprise of the Allies. He was later ordered assassinated by P.M. Churchill.

"If the war had not been continued by the British, the French would have settled their problems with the Germans, and worked for a United Europe, which was one of Herr Hitler's objective. There might not even have been a war with Russia because the French might have been influential in the matter. Marshall Petain, that grand old Marshall of the battle of Verdun, never deserved the treatment he received after the war by the insubordinate General De Gaul, and his Communist entourage.

"After the war some some 60 thousand Frenchmen were executed – many were educated professional men who were anti Communist, and had collaborated with the Germans. This does not include the many thousands of Frenchmen that served in the Charlemagne S.S. Division. Nor does it include the many thousands of  former French from Alsace Lorraine that were subject to service in the German Army after 1941 when the provinces were reincorporated back into Germany. These were in fact German lands that went back, and forth over many years. the racial stock was Germanic, and most spoke the German language.

"France is a continental nation, and aside from the influx of North Africans after W.W.I., they have strong ties to their German cousins, and if left to their own devices without English meddling would have long ago made some accommodation with Germany. Europe is now drifting away from American and British control, and that will become more evident as time moves on. The future of Europe rests with France, Germany, and Russia."

From the "there's no such thing as race" corner we have this comment which appeared on one of the forensic type detective/court TV shows:

"We found pubic hair on the left thigh of the victim. The lab reported that it was Asian, probably Japanese."

My, o my. What they won't say next. There are 3 types of hair, as there are races (species, actually), in that ugly agglomerate known as hoomen beans. Due to race-mixing, there are strange varieties of mongrels – all ugly and mentally volatile.

Some people make me feel ashamed to be an American. Here's a note on one of them. Support our morons? Indeed!

Most honorable RobertSan,

Here's a sampling of what we have over in Iraq, liberating the hapless inhabitants, many of whom apparently don't appreciate the sort of liberation an eternal dirt nap brings.

"Sgt. Sprague, from White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia, passed it [the ruins of the ancient city of Ur, founded 8,000 years ago] on his way north, but he never knew it was there.

"I've been all the way through this desert from Basra to here and I ain't seen one shopping mall or fast food restaurant," he said. "These people got nothing. Even in a little town like ours of twenty five hundred people you got a McDonald's at one end and a Hardee's at the other."

Thanks a lot for making us proud, Sergeant Rockhead. Semper Fi, Bro. (submitted by a reader)

Remember that pair of tits with a head which appeared on some web site as an example of White beauty. I think the claim to beauty was not found in her face. (A head with two eyes always sees more detail than the head with one eye.) Anyway, Eric said there were distinct Mongolian traces in her face, as I also noticed. He guessed that she was of eastern European extraction. Sounds good to me. It's too bad that showing of pubic hair is labeled porno for the 3 species of talking apes have distinct patterns of growth in that region, not forgetting hair texture.
The desire to have children is so strong in most women that they will copulate with anything or adopt anything, just to satisfy that drive. 
I say people who go to the other side of the planet to look for trouble certainly deserve whatever they find there. (Venik.)
We, here at haet sintral, are pleased that some of the blightwing are discovering the truth of what Eric Thomson wrote 25 years ago, and what I wrote 35 years ago. Well, better late than never but it's a little time-wasting to continually reinvent the wheel.
Somebody loves us —
"Hello Mr. Frenz, glad FAEM is around. Even though http://www.overthrow.com has lots of great news, they can't put things into perspective with as much finesse as FAEM can as a commentary site.

"So, it seems while your criticism of Zündel, which caused untold attacks on you, had quite a bit of merit. Of course, I must add that neither you, nor I, wishes him harm. He just seems not to be the saintly martyr we all thought him to be. Anyway, one more piece to show Frenz is more than just a crotchety old geezer!"
Robertsez – I clipped most of this letter as it contained information of a personal nature which led this person to say what he did. Other questions arose which I will address here since I am not in the deception business as some seem to think.

The front page is straight from the hip, even the punctuation marks, misspelling and often bad grammar. My intent was never to write some essay which would gain me an "A". I may be a bastard but I am not a pretentious one, for I dislike ostentation of all flavors. I have often wished Eric were my proof reader, and editor, but alas, he's busy supporting himself in Aztlan of the northwest. Every once in a while, after a night's sleep, some things I have written appear to me to be of very poor taste. I often have poor taste but try to avoid very poor taste. (In this age, there is no longer a place for the gentleman. Being nice to those whom wish to secure your demise, is the path to doom. The good old days of talking our problems away is gone with the wind.) In the morning, if such a case appears to me, I delete passages, change fuck to screw, cunt to beaver, etc., and so one could find that some archive is not identical to the original. I often found that I erred in some name or data. I change that too. This is not a policy but an attempt to mitigate words of criticism towards target people. I view no man as a total piece of crap and very often the poor slob deserves several ounces of pity. I don't see this as a big deal except for those who love to waste time over whether a semi-colon should be a comma or not. Basically, that's the backbone of revisionism.

I would like my critics to write to me instead of steaming in some closet venting only to a small group. As for "offering evidence", don't hold your breath. I am not out to win converts to my views or relieve you of your excess money. I say what I say for one purpose, and one purpose alone. To get you to think about the events around you instead of allowing rigor mortis of the noggin to be a way of life. Proof of anything lies in your acceptance. No one can prove anything to you if you refuse to objectively examine the facts. Often, this involves pain. I have received many letters where the person confessed that my words pissed him off to an extreme. After his emotions abated and he started to think, his views were altered but not necessarily the same as mine.

I do not require that people believe me. I only ask that they remember my words for time will be the final judge.

Get with it, Irene — read this – http://www.aeronautics.ru/
On March 31, Ernst Zündel will have another immigration hearing in Canada. I fault the man for dropping the organization ball in favor of a me-me-me one-man show. He disappointed hundreds who were looking for a focal point to rally. If he had continued as he originally claimed, it is doubtful if he would be in this current fix. ZOG loves lone targets. On the personal side, he does not belong in jail. If I had the power, I'd release him and ship him back to Tennessee to watch the grass grow. White people refuse to organize and thus will be picked off one by one, if they don't toe the kosher line. We are living in a time where 70% of our White group will gladly sacrifice themselves, and you, in order to gain favor with the jews. They mislead themselves for all they will accomplish is to make the executioner's job easier.
Has anyone ever bothered to count the noses in the top levels of the "American" military? It appears that a certain desert tribe of cutthroats is over represented. That's OK since they will be heading the coming occupation of Iraq.
I believe that Iraq will be incorporated into the Israel Reich, as the Bible-bangers and jew nitwits claim God ordained. Remember those 2 blue stripes on the 666 flag? From the Nile to the Euphrates.

Christians are amazing. They claim to be doing the Lord's work, but when their ass is in a sling, they ask the Lord to do His own work and save them from the calamity they created by doing His. Such a deal.

Confused, bewitched and befuddled over the American masses? Henry Louis Mencken, founder and editor of the American Mercury, said it best – "No one ever lost a dime underestimating the intelligence of the American people."
The dirty s.o.b. Iraqis.
We are blowing up their country, killing their people and they have the audacity to AMBUSH some of our gallant fighting diversity representatives. The word ambush is derived from a standard method of hiding in the bush, waiting to pounce upon the target. This is S.O.P. for many predators. A land mine is a type of ambush. Submarines remain concealed waiting for some target to wander into its range. Snipers are also ambushers. I guess our Nintendo generals expect the enemy to fully announce themselves before the fray begins. Hasn't Big Brother called Afghans "cowards" if they sought shelter in a cave? A brave man is one who makes himself an easy target? Dawh... UU sucked on his silver spoon for so long that the metal has damaged his brain – both being molecular in size.
In spite of the hate mail, many people actually like me. Hard to believe, eh? Well, some like me so much they tell me things which are not public information such as the very, very high percent of Black AIDS infected pupils in the public schools. Don't worry Sam, the simian who is porking your daughter is not one of them – you hope. I just received another tidbit concerning the budget of a large city school in NY. It's bad! Short of funds by about $140 million and ZOG is broke so no fed handoputs this time. (After UU's monkey business, there will be even less. Inflation, here we come!) Teachers will be dismissed and class hours cut. No worries though. There will be enough money for niggerball and free lunches for the muds.
It can't happen here? Give me a foo king break! http://www.rense.com/general36/pce.htm

The sponsor of this Orwellian piece of shit is none other than the Bible-banging Senator Minnis. As I have reminded, these Christian types are the jews' best allies and warriors. All are hardened race-mixers. All are enemies of the White race.

ZOG is true when it says it only wants to remove the "head" of the Iraqi beast. This is not because they are squeamish about killing people – they love it! Blood has a way of brightening up any landscape and giving a meaning to destruction as no rearranged stack of bricks ever could. If the idea was to flatten Iraq, as they did Germany, every water source, factory, food depot, transportation system, and power plant would be blown to hell. What they want is to preserve as much of physical Iraq as possible plus a goody supply of democratic (slave) labor. The jews do not want to rule over rubble and corpses. Somebody has to do their work.  As for their needed cannon-fodder, there are still many White dead heads left to serve.
I estimate that 60%, or more, of this country's denizens have marginal brain capacity, at best. Under conditions of no stress, they come across as daffy, silly or "far out". Generally, they are harmless unless one seeks them as friends. Now, with the war hysteria mounting and money problems advancing rapidly, it would pay to keep a safe distance for many will become unglued and ready to place the blame of their folly somewhere else – which might turn out to be you. Don't discuss and never argue. You'd have better luck trying to convince a hungry crocodile that if he spared you, you'd supply double the meat from somewhere else. If you don't like the way the country is going, then sit back and enjoy the redirection which lies ahead.
Watching the events of this "war" makes about as much sense to me as watching the antics of a fellow who just fell into the Royal Gorge (Colorado). What he does before he goes splat, is of no consequence.  The bottom is where Iraq is another ZOG ruled land where de-Saddamization programs will be put into effect in order for the inhabitants to appreciate the benefits of democratic degeneracy.
New, but not new.

Aboriginal applicants for the Canadian Royal Mounted Police can't seem to hack it on entrance exams. No problemo. CANZOG will tweak the scores so all will be made equal. The Globe and Mail uses the term "visible minorities" which means non-Whites. Whites are an invisible minority.

Kikes indicted for fraud in their kosher foods racket. It's in the blood. They even mess up their own stew.

The Polish Sklarzyk family – blonde and White – are being deported back to Poland for overstaying the time limit on their visitor visa. Don't worry. The vacancies will be filled by non-Whites.

There goes Japan. In Tokyo's Roppongi prostitution and drug district – yas! democracy has come to Japan – the local Yakuza gang used to control things. The blessings of diversity have changed the scene. Now, the Israeli, Nigerian and Iranian gangs are warring with each other for their share of this wonderful cultural market. When it comes to society destroying shit, why is it that there is so little Teutonic input?

Mexico is taking more than it's legal share of the water from the Rio Grande. Only a racist would believe that.

The NAFTA jobs and companies which went to Mexico, discovered what any true White racist knew all along. Mexicans produce shit. Ask anyone who bought a German Jetta manufactured in Mexico. Of course, putting things back to where they worked well is a no-no. All of the failed Mexican experiment is being shipped to the land of opportunity – China. 

A reader supplies this comment – "Many are wondering where ZOG's global war on humanity will end. The answer is really quite simple.  When white boys stop fighting ZOG's wars, the game is over.

"So, in this Iraq game, there are really two wars.  One is a very brutal, bloody war "over there".  The other is the information war.  Conditioning.  The themes are as follows:

"(1) The enemy is quite powerless.  His missiles are fired, but they never hit a target.  Helicopters do crash regularly, but the cause is maintenance problems, or patriot missiles.  Whatever, but not the enemy.

"(2) Causalities are very few.  When the "first American casualty" occurred, the radio mouth reported it.  And the second.  But very few casualties.  Naturally, no reports of ZOG troopers being captured.  Until these prisoners showed up on Iraqi television.

"(3) The war is a technical thing.  The conditioning here starts with video games, cartoons, etc.  You press the button; the enemy is destroyed.

"(4) War is fun.  You win, and nobody really gets hurt. The jew has put out any number of television shows with this theme.  The best example being the "A-team".  They're a little crazy.  They laugh a lot.  And they get the job done.  Naturally a nig thrown in for color.

"If too many white boys got word that war is a nasty kill-or-be-killed matter, not really a game, rather a matter of life and death, they wouldn't join the ZOG legions. The Vietnam "conflict" got started the same way. Specific reports of very limited casualties.  But after a while, word got around.  And then it was tough to motivate the white boys to fight the empire's wars.

"But now there's a new generation.  They haven't known serious wars.  But know all about jew movies and video games. The white boys, few in number, but still there, apparently haven't gotten the word yet.  And ZOG wants to keep it that way.  Carefully controlled media.  And plenty of arrests at the anti-war demonstrations. Fasten the cuffs too tight, a kick here and there. People get the message from ZOG.

"But ZOG can't keep the lid on things forever.  And then the game is over."

There is no such thing as "the best news coverage" either on TV, radio or the nutty net. The fact is that YOU AREN'T THERE and so know NOTHING other than WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE from other sources. I've been around too long, stabbed too many times, and been shot at too many times for me to get serious about ANY bullshit coming from ANYONE. Until some Arab blows up my shit-house, I will not be convinced of any "terror" threat from Osama.

While the nitwits focus upon who's shot and who's captured, and whether smart bombs are really that smart, I view this ALL as DISTRACTIONS – entertainment. This whole rigged affair, bloody as it might be, is nothing other than a land grab by USZOG so as to favor its 666 state, Israel. Religious nuts, whether Jew or Christian, are insane people claiming Israel is to be all of the land between the Nile and the Euphrates. That's what the 2 stripes on the 666 flag represent, and one should also note that the other jew structure, the UN, has the same shade of blue on its flag.

Oil is not the main reason why Iraq will soon be a de facto chunk of Israel. Israel, with its idiotic environmentally unfriendly desalinization plants, simply does not have enough water. Iraq has water, and lots of it.

Why don't the jews march in and seize Iraq? First, they do nothing without USZOG's approval. Israel is no more a sovereign state than is Vermont. (The U.S.S. Liberty affair was nothing more than an in-house action perpetrated by people with special privileges, as are all non-Whites here in ZOGland.) Papa ZOG supplies the money to keep it afloat and the cannon-fodder to do the dirty work. 

A chemical plant "discovered" in Iraq by the US military? Wow! I find it so very odd in this age for countries to have plants for making chemicals. It's almost like science fiction. What's more amazing is that the UN inspection team didn't spot it. It must have been a very tiny plant. I've heard that this Saddam fellow is great at hiding things. Here today, invisible tomorrow. Truly a remarkable thing, this war on terriers.
How's this grab your ass? A female friend of mine planned a trip, with her daughter, to an area bordering on the Mideast. She shelled out about $6000 for tickets and accommodations. She read the fine print and asked for her money back, since she was canceling due to the war conditions. Her request was turned down. The reason being that Congress hasn't declared war yet. Maybe she should send her request to warlord UU. I am sure he'll understand.
Some seem to believe that a feminist is somehow a lesbian. Many are, but all feminists I have observed are into hetero screwing in a big way. It's not a matter of love but one of pleasure combined with manipulation of men who are addicted to pussy. When you manipulate a man, you establish in your mind your superiority. All of the "famous" female faces we see are non-White,  have non-White husbands, or are screwing non-Whites. Most lesbians, as Eric has observed, shy from White males but will dive into the sack with apes, muds, and such. A sad sack is the fellow who has a feminist for a "mother". I envy no such man.
I never believed that any Muslim hated America because of its freedom. What twaddle! The hate is there because of US support for the vampires of Israel. If we'd let the jews and the Muslims settle their own problems without assistance from ZOG, we'd be far better off. It might be a little rough on the jews, but that'd be their problem. Thus, one could probably say that "the enemy" would be satisfied with USZOG out of the Mideast.

Although the fate of some captured American soldiers might seem barbaric, we should all remember that the stage for barbarism was set down by ZOG during, and after, WWII. Now, if there are absolutely no incidents on American soil, as we are made to believe – poisoned water supplies; biowarfare, gas, bombs, etc. – then the Americans could see that only those in the Mideast were really in harm's way. Maybe the idea would occur to pull out.

A butchering of captured American soldiers shows to any doubtful "enemies" that America is not invincible, thus raising their morale. If the US responds in kind, with brutal prisoner treatment, then there'd be a strong reluctance for their opponents to surrender. In either case, it bodes not well for the over-confident American soldier trained with computer games.

The notion that Saddam somehow holds the Iraqi people captive is just as ludicrous as the past popular jew nonsense about Hitler "capturing" the German people. This was useful propaganda before the fall of Germany but afterward, the whole German nation was indicted. Typical jew deceit.Left alone, people determine the government which suits them as we now observe when the "liberated" Blacks in Africa are going back to one-man despotic rule. Cannibalism will return, there is no doubt, and liberal fathers should remember this when he allows his daughter to date members of this other species. In this event, "Baby, I'd like to eat you," would take on a whole new meaning.

There is no question that ZOG will destroy itself. I think it's too early to say that this present bloodletting on behalf of the jews, the excuse being oil,  will be the only factor.

In wartime, truth is always the first casualty. That's why I don't go ape over what is spewed by the jewsmedia – which lies even in peacetime.

"Just a quick line to say what I feel. I was in the first Gulf war and the difference between it and this current one is night and day. I noted several days ago that the planning, logistics and preparations all seem nigger rigged. I had my problems with Stormin' Norman but at least he could plan a major campaign. Tommy Franks is spooky and seems stupid. I'm glad I've got about two-thirds of my life lived and won't have to be in the fucked up world that will result from this insanity." (submitted by a reader)

(Franks is a jew and it appears that Iraq is destined to be ruled, under ZOG, by jews. I wish people would learn what those two blue horizontal bars on the Israeli flag represent. Once you know the answer, this Mideast waltz will become more clear to you. RF)

Whatever happened to the "neutron bomb"? It was supposed to be the end-all as far as dusting off people was concerned. Was it only fiction, or what?
Dear FAEM –
The anti war protesters are also anti-White and thus pro-mud.. If ZOG were bombing France, Germany or some other ostensibly White country, Do you really believe they'd be out protesting it, or cheering it on?  There were no major protests in Britain when the RAF was bombing in the Balkans and none in the U.S. either. The cheap stunts by the patriots-for-profit crowd don't really count. No, Iraq is a mud country and that's the only point of contention in this whole protest business. Not "morality" or "justice." Any real protest that also happened to be pro-White and pro-Western would be shouted down in an instant. Not tolerated and mildly slapped by the jewsmedia. The anti-war protests are just another agit-prop blog to distract Whites from the real issues at hand.

Robertsez – The enemy is within. 'Twas a uniformed "Arab-American" who tossed that grenade into the command tent. What sort of shit-head believes that the granting of American citizenship changes someone's biology, or way of thinking? What makes anyone think, as Whitey loses his grip, that our domestic nigeroos will still try to act like White people? Dream on jackass. Might we call the coming period, Hitler's revenge?

Dear Mr. Maguire and Mr. Thomson,

I came across FAEM a few months ago and have been checking in every day for some good, common-sense, down-to-earth, commentary on the besotted state of what is left of the USA. I'd like to thank you both for your good work. I thought it best not to put off thanking you any longer in case the government shuts down the net in some bullshit emergency they may concoct. Reading your web site has given me some good arguments to counter those people I meet (almost everyone) who sprout off the propaganda they hear on CNN. Funny thing is: Everyone knows the government is lying, yet the great majority are going along with the program nonetheless. The ones who are speaking up against the government are the leftists. Unfortunately, the left is very tightly controlled by zog jew communists. The jews got lots of "useless idiots" here in Sacramento, CA working for 'em.

I went to an antiwar rally last night here in the capital of sunny california wearing a self-made T-shirt which reads: "If This War Is About Protecting USA, Why Do We Have Open Borders?" The woman who ran the whole show came over to me with hatred and venom in her eyes. To her mind, I guess that she saw me as some kind of nazi. {She was very presumptious, though, as I myself am an immigrant. I was born in Italy, was adopted by Americans of Italian descent. It was a great gift: A family and a great country, land of the GI-JOE heroes and the land of honesty and decency. I grew up in XXXX, NY. It was at the time, a very decent, safe, clean place. XXXX, NY is now shot to hell too}. It was quite a putrid experience having this communist women glaring at me (it was just like being back in college at XXXX.) and I saw clearly that this group – Sacramentopeace.org – is not interested in the well-being of this country. It seems to me that they are working to destroy it, albeit in an underhanded way as the left loves to do. Likewise, all the prowar people I came across were not moved at all by my argument concerning open borders. Open borders during war time! And – hardly anyone, either pro-or antiwar, cares the least bit. Lots of traitors and cowards.

My grandparents and my parents have passed away and I am happy that they are not here to see the complete destruction of the USA. Thank you for your web site. I had never heard of Revilo Oliver before finding your web site. Boy – this country needs a lot more men like him, and men such as yourselves who speak up for the decent Americans: Americans such as myself who are brokenhearted about the whole situation. I don't have words to fully articulate how broken I feel as I go about my life here in California – land of the American dream turned nightmare.

Sincerely, J.S.

All TV and radio mouths who are female, are feminist career twats. Their motto is Ego Uber Alles. The "Iranian" Christiane Amanpour, married to a kike, has a small child "at home" while she peddles her butt about the hills and dales. Connie Chung is married to a kike. You don't think no-talent broads get where they are without having some kosher connection, do you? Career twatting and motherhood cannot exist concurrently and so I suggest mandatory sterilization as a requirement for all of those feminist types who want to be men, that is, unable to bear children. That's what NASA requires for their female astronauts – no menstrual cycles allowed on board.
It is Eric's contention, and also mine, that the Zud betrayed the cause he espoused. Therefore, we feel no obligation to not "let it all hang out". The following was written in 1998 and I buried it. Since the "send me money" operation is still active, I feel our younger readers need to know a little more than they do at present about those who claim to be on our side. Whatever we might believe the 'White cause' to be, individual welfare takes a back seat to the collective. One cannot get mileage out of creeps.

Now, after 23 years, the old fraud, Ingrid Rimland, admits that she didn't write this:

Just when I thought I'd end all comments concerning this female, something new pops up!

It came as no surprise that she is now trying to pass herself off as a "German" BUT ... she now denies ever writing one of the books which she was credited as the author: Psyching Out Sex. She recently wrote a comment concerning this book and stated:
                   (Reviews by)
                   The author, Ingrid Rimland, Ed.D., irimland@cts.com , May 12, 1998
           Original author of this book was Dr. Edward Pohlman.
                   I was given a manuscript to edit as part of my master's program at the
                   University of the Pacific and agreed to have it published under my own
                   name, even though I did not write it. There were reasons for this having to
                   do with campus politics and academic credit. I do not consider this work to
                   be mine, even though it was published by a highly reputable publishing house,
                   Westminster Press. – This text refers to an out of print or unavailable
                   edition of this title.

(Read this asinine comment over very carefully making sure that your brain is fully engaged. Notice the sentence "I do not consider..." and then the "even though..." bit. She obviously wants her name connected to "...a highly reputable..." publisher, in any event. Again, "I do not consider..." is an odd remark. Why not "I did not write..." or, "I did not author..."? Also, ask yourself "why?" to each and every point. Perhaps you'll conclude, as I did, that this woman has been, and still is, a fraud since day one. When the foolish Ernst Zündel decided to employ, bankroll, and promote, this denizen of the world of falsehoods, he did irreparable harm to the whole of revisionism. Take it from me: Ernst will live to regret this idiotic decision of his.)

Chameleon Ingrid used to shed crocodile tears over leaving her "beloved Paraguay." After giving the Mennonites a bad rap, she claimed when it was useful, that she was one of them. And so it was when she claimed to be a "Russian" and later, a "Ukrainian." What astounds me is not that she is still running loose without a straight-jacket, but that outfits like the noisy JDL and the unemployed Revisionists, take her seriously. Good gawd, Greta, we're surrounded!

Psyching Out Sex was published in 1975 and Ingrid took all of the credit for this work which was helpful in getting her many speaking engagements. (Who collected the royalties on the book and what other pieces of hanky-panky did she engage in to secure "academic credit?") NOW, after 23 years, she confesses that it was just a fraud – a foul piece of deception! And, pray tell, what sort of "campus politics" would interfere with the publishing of yet another batch of stale Freudian drivel? What other lies have you been telling, Ingrid? 

Stupid goyim –

"The President is responsible for keeping the United States. It is the province and duty of the executive to preserve to the nation the blessings of peace. The legislature alone can interrupt those blessings, by placing the nation in a state of war."   Alexander Hamilton.

In the name of freedom, peace, and universal brotherhood, we might have to lay waste to your cities, kill some of your citizens, but always keep in mind that we love you as a people. What you will suffer will be a small cost for having us bring you the benefits of having a ZOG with benevolent jews telling you what to do. Soon, you will be able to vote for any Zionist candidate of our choice, as is done in the U.S.A. where freedom knows no bounds. One is free to choose the level of degeneracy which pleases him most and to screw anything which will hold still long enough. As for your sacrifice, no one ever said that freedom was cheap. May bagels be upon you. Praise Hymie.
"I am anti-war but I support our troops." What sort of Orwellian double-speak is this? I am anti-abortion but I support the doctors who do it. Dawh......
Thanks for all of those links which only show that I knew the score years ago. I am glad that some of the professional writers are catching up to the obvious.
Even though over 20% of the armed forces are nigeroos – muds are counted as white – this is the breakdown according to what I snipped from an article:

* Of the Army's 45,586 enlisted combat infantryman, 10.6% are black.

* Of the Air Force's 12,000 pilots, 245, or about 2%, are black.

* In the Navy, 2.5% of the pilots are black.

Senior Air Force officials say they are troubled by the number of black pilots and plan to do better.

* The Army's enlisted Green Berets are among the least diverse groups in the military. Only 196 of the Army's 4,278 enlisted Green Berets – fewer than 5% – are black.

The reasons for the racial divide are unclear, but several theories have emerged, including lingering racism in some quarters of the military and a tendency among black recruits to choose jobs that help them find work in the civilian sector.

Robertsez – "...the reasons for the racial divide are unclear..."? What sort of ass would ask such a question anyway? "Lingering racism..."? Your ass inhales farts that's why all of your thoughts are brown. Here's the simple inequality as set down by Mother Nature: Apes are not humans. If orangutans could enlist to the extent they'd be 50% of the group, I am sure they'd be under-represented as pilots. As for the 2% niggers which are called pilots, I have my doubts if this would be possible without "special consideration", as in Affirmative Action.

For those with short memories, this is from a taped interview in November 1997 –

Ernst Zündel:
"I have really..... if you are fishing for any political information, my father was a Social Democrat, my mother was a simple Christian woman. Her father had been union organizer in Bavaria and ah, of the garment workers' union. His ah....., name got him into trouble..... because it was ah....., Isadore Meyer and, of course, he was called Izzy Meyer by his people and the people thought since he....."

"Was jewish?"

Ernst Zündel:
"No, No, I don't..... I don't think so."

Robertsez – Notice the typcal jewish response of the form: My mother was Italian but my father was a carpenter. The subjects are of the same class but the objects are not.

If a person starts at a river's mouth and attempts to follow a course to the headwaters, tributaries often make the search impossible. If he, however, starts from the beginning it's a easily discovered path to the mouth.

The political headwaters of this, and the last, century has been Communist world domination. This jew structure, going under several names and varieties depending upon current situations, is as nutty as the mongrel brains which dreamed it up. To secure the advance, 2 things were needed: (1) a supply of useful idiots  and (2) money. When it comes to supplying both there has never been a better place on earth that the good old home of the freebie, the U.S.A. When one follows the entire history of the 20th century, this constant direction is as plain as the sun, from support for the "Russian" revolution of 1919, to the food bailouts under President Hoover to the massive credit and aid supplied to their beachhead in Russia by the jew FDR. WWII was all about saving jews and their communism. It is no coincidence that Max and Felix Warburg, brothers, supplied money to the Bolsheviks in the WWI period. One brother being "German" and the other "American". The "Cold War" was bullshit from day one and so is any, and all, supposed "disagreements" with Israel. Israel operates as a special state of USZOG – part of the governing body – and to believe that Israel wags the American tail is simply deceiving one's self. Israeli policy IS USZOG's policy and not the other way around. USZOG feeds, supplies, and will defend, Israel. If your father feeds, supplies, and defends you, does that make him your servant? Get real and think. After being dis-educated in our Marxist sewers, I know that is a hard thing to do, but work at it..

The UN is a jew scheme totally under the power of USZOG. It allows the morons of the world, serving as representatives, to delude themselves that they have a vote in things of consequence. If any batch of clowns serving in that body manages to oppose USZOG, then that vote is ignored, as we have seen.

Israel is USZOG's first major outpost and the Iraq circus is all about expanding that region. The whole silly "war" with Iraq will be managed so as to occupy the country with as little bloodshed and destruction as possible. When that is secured, who will be next? There will be a next, and a next, and a next, until the entire planet is one gigantic Judeo-American empire. If that is achieved then the Constitution will be dead  – it's at best a cripple now – and you can forget all about freedom of this and that because it will no longer be necessary. Today, our freedom of speech and so on, is still necessary to play the part of crumbs tossed to the honking geese supplying the blood and money. In the world planned, they will only be room for masters and serfs.

You cannot fight Communism with Christianity, for both are Marxist to the core. Organized Bible-bangers are applauding this expansion for they too, are interested in expanding their power over people too brain starved to think for themselves.

This was very plain to me in 1964 since I took the time to research everything from the first Menshevik belch in 1905. This led me backwards in time to Marx and forward to the "Cold War". The presumed death of my (missing) grandfather during the Hamburg firestorms was instrumental in my drive to seek truth.

Not all feel that Iraq is our major problem. Here's a letter –

I'm up late at night, and flipping through channels.... so I come across MTV and catch this part of a rap song.   Its supposed to be an "uplifting" message to kids.... but turned obviously anti white, and pro nig nog.... no surprise instantly.  In it the rapper was saying how blacks weren't always porch monkies...  that they were kings and queens... referring to Egypt and that they taught the Romans and Europeans, and that we stole their wealth... yaddah yah and that because we didn't like seeing black faces on "mountains" that we defaced the sphynx... was it not caused by erosion?.... That angered me so much I had to get out my aggression on my drums rather than a person's face.   Maybe I need anger management... NAH!

Robertsez – One should feel no more animosity toward simians than one does skunks spraying your bedroom mattress. They are just doing what comes naturally. Your anger should be directed towards those people who made it legal, and compulsory, for the skunk to roam free in your home.

Dear Robert –

For kicks I listened in on Hal Turner last night.  "I advocate" – his exact words – the removal of all jews from local, state and federal offices by all means necessary.  If they can't be "convinced" to step down, then assasination would be an appropriate option.

If "Hal" is on the air tonight, HE IS A JEW!  I wish his groupies could put two and two together.

I don't know if you heard on your local jews news, but here in NJ if the feds raise the terror index up to "red" our state will be in a lockdown situation, with no one allowed to leave their homes until the "all clear" is given out.  It is obvious that because we are the most densely populated state, and without question one of the most "diverse", this will be a great bit of geography to practice the nuts and bolts of martial law.  I fully expect that we'll go through this within a month.  After a few of these dry runs, I guess ZOG will feel confident that it can handle the fallout of any terrorist attack that they – oops – I mean "Al Qaeda" may launch.

This, from a reader –

The empire has a lot of wars going on these days.  So often, one hears of "special forces".

Well, what makes them special?  Take a casual look at the pictures, and you see right away.  They're white.

Not the Chings, Chows, and Martinez types.  Just real white men.

Of course, with white men in the minority, they are exceedingly special.

Of the 250,000 american soldiers waiting to kill the people of Iraq, 150,000 are "combat" soldiers.  So, at least 100,000 are mud.  And of the active 150,000, little mention is made of them being special.

In a mud/mud mixup, anything can happen.

This is the dawning of the Age of Hilarious.

On this eve of the big wazoo, I'd like to pass on my opinion which is based not on firepower, right, wrong, analyusis of useless statistics, or even wishful thinking, but on race. I am not a Monday morning quarterback with a cart full of reasons why the past was the past.

This is not WWIII, a worldwide Viet Nam, or even close. The whole middle east is infested with mongrel peoples even though most think God blessed the earth with the ugly products of their miscegenation. Unity of purpose, over the long haul, they don't have. The only "brave" jews I have learned about are those in a battle-ready tank where their enemies have slingshots and I am sure the same bravery would exist if roles were reversed. USZOG mud forces are not much different. The "warriors" in the circus now approaching the main attraction, are not white Germans of 1940 nor racially sound Japanese of the same period. If the Iraqis were of the same stock as Shaka Zulu, then we might have a bit of a problem. Yes, there will be world-wide pops and bangs but it will be not much more than gang criminality as seen as daily occurrence in all cities of America.

The real war is where Chinese are occupying key positions all over American in direct competition with the jews. The Mexicans are occupying our territory and our main concern will not be some "terrorist" nor Osama clones. It will be the economy. At bottom, the whole big show is a product of race. Life is biology. "They breed and we feed" will be our undoing. The lust for screwing has always provided more than enough cannon fodder.

While everyone is chewing their fingernails watching the blather on CNN, I will try to get a night's sleep. If I awake, then I'll know the world didn't end. In the meantime, those who choose to lose sleep over this should count the yapping jews on TV. They will be far more numerous than any dream load of sheep.