7 April 2003
The Irish are a zany bunch. They fought to have an independent nation without Brits. Now they are letting the wogs, nogs and nigs in. I suppose a good chant for the IRA would be: Brits out. Wogs in. That's how we intend to win.
School systems in many states
are now using more than one language for their tests. I was told that NY uses English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. The problem with the Arabs is that their religious beliefs prohibit girls from attending school. I wonder if ZOG will bomb them too.
During the Third Reich,German mothers would be awarded a Gold Cross for bearing 5 children. In the US, a mother gets a Gold Star if her son is killed in war. Americans sure do have odd priorities.

If I were a young man, I'd worry about the strong possibility of a draft. It's very possible we will soon be on the verge of social chaos. The chickens will come home to roost. It's only a matter of time. This is indeed an asylum run by the criminally insane.

As a kid, I was perplexed when I saw a dog rolling in horse manure. I also could not understand why a cat would eat grass until it vomited. I've seen horses, cleaned to a "T" by their owners, take the first chance to roll in the dust. Since there was no coercion in these acts, I let it be, fully appreciating that those animals knew more about how to run their lives than I did.

If you are truly desirous of helping your friend, then you offer suggestions when needed and help when asked for. Under no circumstance do you presume to know what's best for him as that is his domain – his freedom of choice. Whenever one entity imposes, or forces, certain behaviors and responses upon others, when not asked for, then only a hypocrite would declare that they were "helping" him. What they are really after is control and domination. That's what ZOG vs. Iraq is all about. The 'humanitarian' yammer is pure bullshit as befitting the world's greatest manure spreader – the jewtube.

From Marx on, these sorts never had the welfare of the working man in mind for none ever raised one blister in honest work. The Christian church – Marxists with a god – was also about power over others. Even a close look at your local do-gooder will reveal the same power lust for not one ever uses THEIR money to "do good".

Over the centuries, jews with brains as screwed up as their biology, desired to embrace the world as they believed their god granted them. Their god may have promised this, but one thing is certain – their god wanted no part in the bloody mischief which would be needed for realization.

In modern times, the first big attempt at seizing control of Russia was in 1905 and originated in jew-central Odessa Ukraine. The attempt failed but jew craziness drives them to assault the world. In 1919, the attempt was successful and aided by the United States which, from that date on, continued to supply the brains and the money for expansion. WWII was a jew war for jew interests.

Both the League of Nations and the United Nations were the American jew-tools to interlock the world. Several countries are not interested in being part of the ZOG empire and so they are marked for obliteration, as was Iraq. Note that UU ignored the UN when it served USZOG interests and now states that a government approved by the UN will be installed. This spells that the UN is subservient to the US and that's why the UN buildings are on US soil in Jew York Shitty.

We can call this present turmoil "war" but not in the sense of the Constitution which states: Article I, Section 8. Congress shall have the power To ... declare war. Since they didn't, we are not formally at war and that's why the jew-owner of the Trade Towers collected his insurance money and why people cannot get refunds on plane tickets because of "war" conditions. If Osama, a long forgotten man, was guilty of blowing up your chicken coop, you would be able to collect insurance even if the policy states that damage due to acts of war or God, are not reimbursed.

The original timetable, established in the 1960s, for total world domination was by the year 2000. They are a little behind schedule but fully expect continued assaults upon other nations especially in the Mideast. If you need employment, the Army will have plenty of spots available.

The crotch-brain living next door moaned to me while I was watching the grass grow, "O, but the Iraqis I work with fully support Saddam's removal." What did she think these people were going to say given the loony war hysteria which prevails in this land, "Hurrah for Saddam! I hope he wins"? I'll bet my last bagel that those who complained about Saddam WILL NEVER return to Iraq even if Mohammed came back to rule in a Santa Claus outfit.

I am not sure of the other White people on this polluted planet, but I think I am accurate in stating that the majority of Americans are not interested in defending something tangible like their property, borders or lives, but love to rush into a fray when it involves abstracts such as "freedom", "happiness", and "democracy". These are insane times, comrade. Watch your back or better yet, get a comrade to watch yours while you watch his.

If this global excursion was truly AMERICAN empire building, then we'd have secure borders and Americans would not end up in foreign courts, and jails. America is merely the SEAT of global ZOG where it remains relatively safe and in the midst of those who supply nearly all of the money and blood. Few in our government, at the top, are Americans in spirit for it is they who are destroying our nation by betraying our national interests. They are American in a superficial legal way only. I am sure that President Adams would have them all hung for treason.

Israel is a special location with special privilege since, after America is turned into a basket case, the power center will be there in that shit hole called The Promised Land. If God promises you a plate of excrement, then I'd think that is how he values the recipient.

The congenital insanity of the jews is easily shown by their drive to eliminate, via wars and race-mixing, the only people on the planet dumb enough to sacrifice and die for them – the nitwit honky.

People will be people and they will dance on the sinking Titanic as long as the music plays.

For some odd reason, I've been getting mucho email expressing frustration at the "great White race" for not noticing the obvious,and if you try to point it out, they become shitless and appear afraid to whisper anything which might be critical of the ZOG massacres. Keep in mind that the cud-chewing herd is also scared shitless of dust mites, "germs", and of getting older. Reality is not something they handle very well.

Fifty years ago, about 1/2 of the White population was marginally capable of rational thought. Today my high estimate is about 15%. I gather this from observation at large and particularly within the classroom where I have been for 25 years. If you can find one other White person within 1/2 mile of your home whose head is not full of contradictions laced with hypocrisy, then you are fortunate indeed. You cannot teach a penguin how to fly, a simian how to design an electronic network, nor any White bonehead how to save his own kind, much less himself. One should no more concern himself with "the truth shall make you free" lectures to them than you would shouting Shakespeare to a flock of crows. Those who listened would not understand and the rest would simply fly away. This might appear "negative" to those who want their country saved without effort on their part, but it is not. "Here's $100. Save my pension. Save the White race. Save the country. I've done my part. The rest is not my concern."

In their common frustration, many White people write off most of their own kind, and for good reason. Remember that the crème de la crème of our race was dusted off in the fratricidal wars now called the Civil War, WWI and WWII. We no longer have the White stock we had in 1940 and even then, most fell for the ZOG line, hook and sinker, even though it cost them dearly in blood and tears. Our numbers are decreasing but that has an advantage. The parasites which we now tolerate in the millions, cannot sustain themselves without White support. If we can manage to stay clear of their reach, they will waste themselves through lack of food and medical supplies. That thought does not appear "hopeless" to me.

We focus on the wrong damned things. Only a fool would believe that "the masses" can be saved from themselves. As Hitler recognized, the masses have genetic potential and given a program and time, the population can be culled in a fashion to produce better people. This can be accomplished painlessly as mental slugs are more concerned with fornication as entertainment, than they are in having superior children. If Hitler actually did what he was accused of doing, there'd have been a very small German population left with which to work. We know what to do but there is little point in discussing an ocean voyage when one does not yet have access to a ship. That's why most blightwing noise is useless although it does give some people the idea that something is being accomplished, especially if you send in large donations as proof, or some silly nitwit ends up in jail. A man's burning house, whose basement is full of gold, cannot do one damned thing until the ashes become cool. This ZOG house is on fire and the flames will get larger.

Eric once mentioned that he'd continue to do what he does even if he were the only person who listened to him. He continues because it IS RIGHT that he do so. This is very hard for any dunderhead to understand since they have been conditioned to do nothing except for profit of one kind or the other. "If I cannot succeed, then why bother?" many say to themselves. Others view every action in life on a "What's in it for me?" basis. People of such cast are incapable of love – for anything. Much of what we do is out of love and that is characterized usually by a lack of reciprocity. Eric loves White people not for what they are, but for what they could become – a return to the god-like stature from which they devolved.

In the movie The Time Machine, the Eloi marched to the siren of the Morlock. It took struggle from an outsider to wake them up, so to speak. We few are actually outsiders relative to our race and therefore must exercise caution in what we say and do. ZOG in conjunction with Christian churches is warring against us. The lunacy of the White religious is that they appear to feel that our racial enemies will not see them as White and will therefore be spared. There is no more to be gained by joining the ranks of non-Whites than there would be by swimming with sharks.

By their behavior, a goody lot of White people have demonstrated that they are not worth saving – from anything. When Eric and I speak of White people, we do not mean each and every one. Not by a long shot. Exercise your diminished freedom of expression. Stay away from crowds. Maintain your principles. Seek comrades in your local area. Always remember that a solitary gladiator in a world of cowards still makes the world a better place than if all were cowards. Each stalwart fighter for what's right is of immense value. Negativity is a state of mind. Truth is never negative. Make sure your glands don't control your thinking.

Although we fight TO WIN, we do not fight because we are assured of winning. That's what cowards and bullies do. That's in the ZOG's domain and I am content to let them have it all.

What is all of this "male enhancement" nonsense? Is that what defines the character and value of a man? The ability to make a female elephant take notice? Then there's the female counterpart where they are supposed to wear Michelin steel belted brassieres in order to support two watermelons. It all reminds me of some funny lines –

She: "My, but what a small organ."
He: "I didn't expect to play in a cathedral."

A man and woman peeked through the keyhole of the hotel room where they heard a lot of laughter. A man was lying on the bed and a woman was tossing hoops onto his post. They then switched positions and the man began flicking marbles into a certain orifice.

The peekers decided to duplicate that game in their own room and so the fellow went out and purchased a roll of LifeSavers and a bowling ball.

A woman, wearing no panties, was standing over an open manhole. Down below, she heard a voice saying "It's a miracle. It's a miracle." She yelled down the hole and asked what the man meant. Looking up, he said, "It's a miracle your insides don't fall out."

(Who says I am miserable all of the time? Frenz, clean up your act, you sexist pig!)

A lie may be more believable coming from a Ph.D. than from a truck driver, but it's still a lie.
I noticed
a TV clip where someone who appeared to be Prez Bush, was talking about the Chinese biological warfare disease for which they have now apologized. Americans love apologies. It's a way of life. I apologize for burning your house down. Now everything is even Steven, as they say. Another automatic cop-out is "I'm sorry." I'm sorry I stole your car and ran over your mistress. The tears in my eyes prove it.

I caught the later part of the movie which appeared to be "Space Cowboys". It had an actor who appeared to be Clint Eastwood and another who appeared to be James Garner. I noticed one actor who appeared to be Tommy Lee Jones. The happiest of the crew was an actor who appeared to be Donald Sutherland. Following the movie was the news where they showed a fellow who appeared to be Saddam Hussein. He appeared to be saying something to which appeared to be people. They appeared to be applauding him. 

Robert – "Your little note about Eric losing his job is real bad but at least he doesn't have a wife and 3 kids to support.  I lost my very good paying job a few months ago and its been real tuff.  I've applied for every job I can find that pays 10.00 dollar an hour or more with no call back.  A few employers told me they never seen so many people apply for low paying jobs.  Very, very competitive job market.  I applied at the city but blacks and hispanics get extra points when applying, so not much hope there.  You and Eric have been so correct about events unfolding.  The lighted path you've help create has helped me know what's going on and keep my anger in check till the correct time!

Robertsez – Whitey is on the way out, all over the world, unless he gets his act together. Stop playing the jew game of money-grubbing, feel-gooding, and getting "groupy" with your racial enemies.

Robert – "I read Eric Margolis and I swear he's copying material formerly written by Eric Thomson on FAEM. How come Margolis is getting paid and Thomson is not?"

Robertsez – Not all Erics are equal. Margolis is a jew which means exposure, applause, and shekels.

China told North Korea to "cool it". After all, it is China which supplies Korea with all sorts of things. China is not much of a warring country although its has been in many wars. From Genghis the Merciless on, China has been attacked and invaded. She was never conquered because the enemy always carried with him a peculiar human characteristic – the desire to screw anything. Thus the "enemy" disappeared into the gene pool and for all practical purposes, became Chinese. China will not attack North America because she is getting everything now without a fight. Why bite the hand which feeds you? When Americans forces are spread thin all over a hostile world, China could be expected to demand certain things – such as North America being a new Provence. With few White people left to say "no",  it will be egg roll Cantonese.
To the silly people who worry about the possibility of U.N. troops being stationed here on our shores, I suggest they look at the faces of those wearing American uniforms, and then read the Genocide Convention along with the Constitution. They are already here!
To demonstrate their devotion to freedom of expression, the mostly honky callers-in responding to the latest in trivial twiddle-twaddle brought up by the radio mouth, were set to lynch a wayward principal of a local school. His crime was to suggest that the "Free doze Iraqis" money might be better spent on education here at home. What an unpatriotic s.o.b.! How dare he suggest that we take care of our own first!
Chief Trying-To-Be-A-Tree Bush, of the Ikrushayernuts tribe, wants the American idiots to shell out $87 extra billion for overtime war and $17 billion more for supplies the Israelis need in order to kill more Palestinians. I am not sure how much each dead Moslem costs the American taxpayer not to mention all of those leveled homes.

Meanwhile, back in Yakima, Eric notes that White people, instead of the usual fare of mestizos, injuns and blacks, are showing up at the food stamp, and other goodies lines. How would he know? His place of employment just took the dive into the waters of bankruptcy and Eric is back to the 'filling out job applications' business. He noted that he always felt confident about employment since he would do manual labor. But alas, as diversity drowns the country, most service jobs are now being held by Mexicans.

How in hell does a female get 2 broken legs and 1 broken arm in a "fire fight"? I suppose if it were hand to hand with ball bats, she would have received bullet wounds.
It seems to me that "diversity" means getting darker.
Americans reveal their jewish aura
when they dismiss the mangled bodies of Iraqi women and children as "necessary collateral damage" while at the same time erecting memorials, having candlelight vigils complete with wailing wall blubbering, all over some kid they never met, who succumbed to misfortune on the other side of the country. Americans thus hold themselves special for they will quickly tell you that you cannot run your own country and they, the chosen, will do it for you. They will teach others the benefits of a democracy they never experienced even if it means leveling the cities and killing the population. After all, the more you kill the fewer you'll have to feed to demonstrate what decent, caring individuals we all are. There is only one way, the Judeo-American way, because Jesus told us so. Perhaps one reason people seek to land upon our shores is that it is a means of avoiding devastating air destruction which is certain if Israel finds their country somewhat irritating. I also have wondered how many American Moslems are serving "our" country by fighting in Iraq. White air heads take pride that they are fighting to preserve their right to give their country away, as is now happening at a rapidly increasing rate. Never, in my recollection, has any people desired suicide so fervently. Whether White people die at an enemy's hand or breed with their enemies, is unimportant for in either case, it's bye-bye Whitey. As long as there are jews, and unprincipled honkeys, there will be a ZOG – the world's foremost terrorist organization.
Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin of WWII renown, were all kikes of some variety or the other. Except for Stalin's former career as a bank robber, none ever did an honest day's work in their lives. They all enjoyed seeing White people die.

"Thought this would be of interest. P.M. Churchill's homosexuality is also alluded to in the book, ' Loss of Empire'. The man was a degenerate pig, who caused the loss of  millions of lives including those at Dresden, and this is the hero of so many numb skull semi morons of this world." J.M.
"Thanks.  I've got both books of David Irving's Churchill bio.  It's also available for free download as a pdf at his website.  You can add exhibitionism to alcoholism, compulsive gambling, petty vindictiveness and a tendency not to pay his bills.  This latter led him into economic bondage to Zionists like Henry Strakosch and "The Focus".  Plus a definite manic-depression disorder. "His Jewess mother,  Jenny Churchill nee Jacobson, was one of the leading whores of her time.  No one seems to openly wonder whether Winston's distant relationship with his legal father, Lord Randolph Churchill, stemmed from being a literal bastard." M.

Hello Robert,

"This is a ridiculous jew communist equality wet dream.  We are to believe that she was fighting to the death until running out of ammo, only to be nursed back to health by the comrades of those she shot?  How many doctors, nurses, hospital staff, etc., were gunned down to get her out of the country and on the White House lawn for her coming Medal of Honor ceremony?


"All the best."

Robertsez – I'll bet my nuts (Jordon almonds, that is) that this Joan of Arc is a race-mixer big time. No female ever joins the forces knowing its constituents, unless she has a desire to be abused by simians and get diversity corked. Our navy appears to be a whore house on the waves. I'm looking for the day when ALL of "our" troops get decorated with ZOG's Hero of the Week medals just as all young students, one time or the other, are "Honor Students" of the month, day, or hour. Here in occupied America, we are all winners. Now it's time for me to shine my collection of medals.

Medal of Honor my ass! It's a god-damned insult to the memory of people like Colin Kelly, Audie Murphy and Roger Young. This country has sunk to new lows but the bottom is not yet – by a long shot!

Mr. Frenz – "Contrary to Ingrid's hogwash, Mr. Zündel actually has it pretty good:

"He is given access to a doctor, who prescribed him high blood pressure medicine to prevent a stroke.
"He gets 3 squares a day, showers, and a cell to himself, guaranteeing he isn't beaten or raped by other inmates.
"He is allowed human contact with loved ones via mail and daily 10 minute phone calls.
"His hearings are open to the public where he can see supporters gathered on his behalf.
"He is offered safe transportation and physical protection when traveling to and from court appearances.
"He is allowed legal counsel if he so desires, even Paul Fromm, if he is desperate enough!

"No, he isn't given unlimited paper and pencils so he can wail for profit, or propagandize himself and his viewpoints – but no country I know of allows prisoners such a platform.  As far as I know, other inmates are just as paper deprived as he is.

"True, he has no TV, but jail is not a place of entertainment and amusement.

"His hearings are covered by the media, which he agreed to, and he has been fairly represented as to the gist of his testimony.  He  can't claim this hearing is a "hick tribunal" a "kangaroo court" or "a star chamber CSIS operation" like he has alluded to in past scrapes with the law.

"Contrary to her lies and hyperbole, he was not kidnapped or illegally arrested.  He did indeed miss a hearing and was legally deported for overstaying his visa.

"He was allowed to file a refugee claim, and he is being given several court dates to present his case. He is getting due process afforded to every other refugee claimant.

"He is not being housed in a country that lets its prisoners languish for weeks or months without knowing the charges against them.

"He is not held for years without a court date.  He is not denied a lawyer.  He hasn't been beaten for a confession, tortured, starved or assigned to forced labor.

"If I were Mrs. Zündel, I would be RELIEVED he was in Canadian custody and headed to Germany – not Russia, China, or a banana republic."

Dear FAEM – "I heard there was something like 15 jews serving amongst 65,000 British troops.  Official jew ratio in Britain is 600,000 out of 60 million.  So instead of 650 jews in the British forces, we find 15.  A slight undercount, no?"

Robertsez -- Let's look at it from another perspective. Why should the jews suffer, bleed and die when then can get the stupid goyim to do it for them?

Yes friends, thanks for answering my questions. The following submitted picture sums up the race-mixing issue as far as White people are concerned.

A FAEM reader overheard this –

"You never hear about what they did to the Germans – rapes, crucifixions and Stalin killed like 50-60 million people."

From the female:  "Yeah, but the thing about Stalin is that he wasn't a racist."

Laugh or cry I don't know.

What is the root of most female's fascination with ugly males?

I sat munching the poor roast beef sandwich in some restaurant I never ate in before, and will not eat in again. In one booth was a family of 2 sweet blond kids , their blonde mother and the light haired father. In the adjacent booth was another set with 2 ugly race-mixed kids, a blonde mother and the ugliest Asian sambo I have seen as of this date. The jew proprietor waltzed around; nodded at me; ignored the White family; and congratulated the menagerie of uglies on being a "nice American family." That jew was signaling his vision of the future America.

Affirmative Action works! It proves that Blacks cannot hack it if the playing field is level.
From what I have read,
3% of our casualties during WWII were "accidents" or "friendly fire". This grew to 26% during the Gulf War. Now I understand that it is over 50%. I can see a future whereby Americans can declare war upon Casper the Friendly Ghost, and lose by wiping themselves out. Yassah, stuff the diversity ranks with broads, muds and more non-missing links. 
"Lau, who leaves the post Wednesday, told editors and reporters at The Jerusalem Post, America would have had 36 million Jews today, not the current five to six million, if they had stayed closer to traditions."

I would recommend that all "news" coming from the jews, be printed on toilet paper, as would be appropriate for the content. According to the hebes, "assimilation" has played havoc with the jewish head count. Assimilation is not a dissolving away but simply race-mixing which increases the number of jews. When a jew procreates with a non-jew, all of the kids are jews, biologically. They are still race-mixed with the same components. Simians can disappear with the production of mulattos, but the tar still remains in the gene pool. Since jews are race-mixed, "assimilation" is just more race-mixing which changes very little.

Jews are "only 2%" of the population. Whites are 70% of the population. Don't bother me with your delusions, please.

If the Island of Humponia had batches of Yellow, White and Black people, a little race-mixing would produce sambos, mulattos, mestizos and jews. Continued race-mixing would produce unclassifiable uglies, as we are starting to notice more and more. Commensurate with all of this mixed blood comes mixed brains which can no longer think in a straight line.

With this in the news – http://www.canoe.ca/Columnists/margolis_mar30.html
one can be assured that ZOGmedia will be pumping out more lies – holohoax style. When the newsreels showed thousands of young German girls laying a rose petal path for their beloved Hitler, we were told that all of those happy people were putting on an act, for behind them were SS men with machine guns ready to mow them down if they didn't comply by being jubilant. We hear the same about the Iraqi troops who are fighting ferociously because the Republican Guard is behind them ready to shoot if they don't fight. Give me a break. These are not Bashi Bazuk. This makes about as much sense as the holohoax tales where Germans used jews as slave labor and also starved them. Horseshit: work = energy = food. The extremely honorable Japanese Kamikaze pilots of WWII were called "insane" by our American leaders who valued nothing unless a dollar bill was attached. As a people, we are truly the boobs described by Henry Louis Mencken. Whatever the gods choose to dump on us, we truly deserve.

There must be something invigorating about jewish lies for the goyim take to them with more fervor than they do vitamin supplements. They never seem to get enough of the usual act staged as are the script wrestling exhibitions. If UU decides to read one of his jew-written messages to the American people, the act appears thus: Three jews tell what he is going to say. UU then says it. This is followed by 3 more jews telling you what UU just said. This is followed by 3 jews 'analyzing' what he said with a translation of what he really meant.

Please note that the top people running the unfolding Iraqi debacle have never been in the military and when they say "WE will sacrifice... blah... blah...", they really mean YOU for these dead asses will be in their concrete bunkers at the first sign of rain.

Good morning from the Haetel site. It appears that Mr. Zündel will be defending himself at the Canadian immigration hearings in Niagara Falls, ON. This brings a question to my mind. If he is not paying attorneys (barristers, lawyers, whatever), then what is the "defense fund" for? Maybe Ingie is looking at another piece of prime real estate. Eh? 
Good news for those awonderin' —

Dear Mr.Frenz,  Some animal-rights organizations have documented the cruelty of Jewish religious ritual slaughter.Here are some links to them:
 (Anon.) – I have a video of sort of thing and it's quite revolting, especially with the smirking hebes apparently enjoying the animal's misery. RF.

Names are not very reliable when it comes to jew-spotting, but if you'd like a go at it, try – http://www.hoozajew.org.
This appeared in the 03/31 Toronto Globe and Mail – "Niagara Falls, Ont. – Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is a risk to Canadian security and if released would be a lightning rod for the white supremacist movement, a CSIS agent told an immigration hearing on Monday."

That CSIS agent must be high on pot for he's wrong on both counts. The "lightning rod" fizzled 15 years ago.

Thanks to readers, new items continually arrive. One fellow mentions that Liz Taylor is jewish by race, and not a convert as I earlier described. I tend to agree since she does have that typical old cow look of an affluent jewish princess. Her behavior also fits. Thanks to the euronet.dl fellow who sent this in.
Joe writes – "Well it looks like dolphins are pretty smart after all. When our military released them to locate mines in the Gulf, the smart little mammals took off, and haven't been seen since. I suppose the nits we have in this country could come up with some cock and bull story that the Iraqi bribed them with a better fish meal, but as of now the dolphins are officially listed as  A.W.O.L."

Robertsez – During the bloodbath called WWII, the U.S. nearly put into effect a plan whereby bats, by the thousands, would have tiny incendiary devices attached to their legs and then released off shore near Tokyo, and such. Once released, the bats would fly to all of the nooks and crannies of the Japanese city where the homes were predominately made of wood. Once hanging, the bats would become annoyed at the attachments to their legs. They would start nibbling on them which would cause an ignition of the device. Tokyo would then be burned to the ground. This, like the fire-bombing of Dresden and Hamburg, and the vaporization of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, was a way to kill civilians which has been the focus of all post 1918 wars. Death and destruction. What other theme does any military really have? The Brits, and their Anglo cousins, usually prefer to wage war against women and children as a means of getting the annoying men to surrender. In more recent times, this has been refined with an added propaganda twist. We encourage "enemies" to commit treason, relative to their governments, as a means of demonstrating their humanness. If Saddam really had our power, and won this debacle called a war, he could apply the same "laws" and hang every American Republican, plus others, who did not oppose UU. Being a full fledged hypocrisy, rules only apply to the other guy so we are safe from the rules we impose on others.

A fellow noticed that the "natural" foods section of his shennie supermarket is now including "kosher" items. The only label difference being the addition of sodium benzoate. His query concerned the sodium benzoate. S.B. is a salt used to retard the growth of microorganisms, principally yeast. It has nothing to do with providing healthier foods but all about profit, as is 100% of everything we captives of the supermarket, eat. Like most substances, small amounts apparently do little harm if you are a healthy specimen. Benzoic acid is manufactured from petroleum as are plastics and hundreds of drugs.

"Kosher" has been pawned off to the stupid goyim as indicating something clean and wholesome whereas it is all religious gobbledegook. 'Kasher', meaning fit to eat, concerns a set of religious dietary laws set down on stolen stone by the Big Sky Jew for his chosen people. Kosher wine, for example, must be made entirely by kikes no matter how slovenly the preparation is. Kosher meat means that the animal was slaughtered in a very painful way (shehitah). This method of ritual killing is a legitimate target for the animal rights groups, but alas, since jews are involved, everyone looks the other way. The big "K" found on such things as aluminum foil are perplexing unless one assumes that jews eat aluminum, which is certainly possible when you are dealing with the mentally bizarre.

When one researches all of this kosher food nonsense, he cannot help but conclude he is dealing with a group of screwballs, first class. Some rules even pertain to what sort of tablecloth and utensils are to be used. Food not fit to be eaten (terefah) is interpreted by the gullible goyim to mean unclean, whereas the term applies to the violation of the mumbo jumbo which accompanies the way the food was handled. Clean, jews aren't. Gullible, goyim are.

Kosher also means that the product has an added religious tax and one will have a hellova time getting any company from General Foods on, to tell you exactly how much that tax amounts to. Securing nothing definitive, many years ago, I added to my income tax schedule A, an estimated religious tax of $666. It was never questioned. I wish it were because that would have made for something very interesting.

Religious palaver concerning foods is not confined to the jews. The Catholics have their own variety where fish muscle meat is not meat and therefore can be eaten on Friday. God did not invent the calendar and so it took the arrogance of the priests to choose "Friday", and "Sunday" for that matter, as significant days of the week. God probably laughs his tail off every time some religious sheep mentions the "Lord's Day". I feel confident that if the Pope ate a good steak on a Friday, he'd not drop dead. One time, I witnessed a joker smear bacon fat all over ortho-jew Gervitz's plate, without his knowledge. Gervitz thus had a 'terefah' meal and he didn't seem to suffer in any way.

Since most Americans are perfectly willing to die for jewish causes, I am sure that they'll let the jews tell them what, and how, to eat. That insipid tough bread known as bagels, are becoming a mandatory snack here in our jew-dazed land of the freebie. I have noticed that some bagels are cut as one would a donut but others resemble a lens shape where the ends are pressed together before boiling and baking. One fellow conjectured that this lens-shaped piece of dough also resembled the shape of a circumcised foreskin. In the zany world of the jew, anything is possible.

The woman at the checkout asked if I would like to donate to helping kids get off drugs. I told her I have no money to waste on losers but if she wanted to collect money in order to help those smart enough not to get on drugs in the first place, I'd gladly fork over my last $20 bill. My father would share what he had with any man down on his luck, but he'd not give one cent to an alcoholic. You put shit into you mouth voluntarily. No one forces you to and you want me to bail your sick ass out when the effects catch up with you? Dream on!
One fellow used the argument of race-mixing, between Homo nigerus and Homo sapiens, to demonstrate that mulattos were biologically superior to either White or Black. This was a means of evolution, he claimed. Actually, it is devolution and it's been going on as long as any band of people placed a higher value upon retards and cripples than they do upon the mentally and physically sound. It's one effect of the male losing (actually he gave it away!) authority in the family. Watch any woman around young kids. It's the useless which earn her love and attention while the fit are excused as being able "to take care of themselves" – even if they are only 2 years old! A woman heading a family is a disaster first-rate and that always leads to a collapse of the community as we are now experiencing on a rapidly increasing rate.
Colombia, with it's massive drug traffic into the Jew-S, is by far a greater threat than would be a dozen Iraqs. If ZOG were interested in defending America, it would seal the borders and nuke Colombia. But alas, this war is for an entirely different purpose, the greatest of which is the expansion of Israel. I would think that the public would have learned from WWII where their money and blood went to save communism and the jews economic rip-off system. Each generation never learns from the previous and so Johnny goes marching off again fighting, and dying, for Israel.

The war means many things to many different people. It's an event where mothers can martyr themselves using the death of their sons as proof of their sacrifice. One respondent, apparently held in a fixation of Black male – White female fellatio exercises, claims that the war proves the superiority of Arabs over White folks. If Iraq were branded as an enemy such as was Hitler's Germany, there would have been a dozen nukes dropped in that area. End of war. 

As FAEM has been saying for 12 years – we are living in a god-damned hypocrisy.

View this for example – http://www.marchforjustice.com/id191_m.htm

The American boob will see this and STILL will not get the point, so brain dead is he. Yes friends, I had to murder your family and destroy your home, but look at the benefit – You are free!

Both Robert and Eric are getting somewhat disgusted, if that's the proper word, with what passes for thinking these days, and our words will become more and more infrequent. Until you get ZOG off your back, you'll lose, and lose and lose, but be assured that you can smile not knowing why you are in such misery.
Some people have asked why authors' names do not appear often on FAEM. The reason is simple. If you are on the internet, chances are that you are using a phony name anyway, so what's the big deal in omitting something false? I know of one web site where the author includes a photo of himself. An old timer spotted it as a "lift" from Air Trails magazine, April 1942, yet the author claims he is 41.
The local radio mouth condemned an Arabic TV outlet for showing a picture of an Iraqi child with its head blown off. "This shows you what sort of evil people they are. They have no taste."

A caller-in stated that if it were necessary for 100,000 Iraqis to die, it would be worth it because that would prevent the slaughter of millions of us down the line. I'd like to ask my readers, "Where in hell do such assholes get the crystal ball which allows them to see the future?" Moreover, this piece of shit labeled it "a necessary sacrifice." You die but it's "my" sacrifice.

The old Dick Tracy comic strip had Fearless Fosdick running around shooting people so they wouldn't die from eating poisoned beans. We are living a comic strip. 

"Omar, stop weeping and listen. It was necessary for us to blow your entire family to smithereens in order to demonstrate our loving benevolence of offering you this package of foodstuffs – free!"
Dear FAEM –
"Regarding Joe's answer to Rienzi, the stuff at the tail end on the French Ambassador to London, one Bernard, I have seen his photo, precisely on the occasion of that purported incident and what I saw was a Jew, who of course might have been a tad impatient with the toy of a little shitty state, who knows, although he denied it.

"The family name Bernard (but not necessarily the first or Christian name, by far, for St. Bernard of Clairvaux founded the Trappist order and preached the second crusade while managing to be also some kind of pagan in many ways) is usually a Jew's name, rather like Rosenberg for the German world (but then I know some goy Rosenbergs, not to mention the Reichsminister of that name).

I am also under the impression that English speaking Jews readily adopt Bernard as a "moniker" as they say.

"Hamel is another name most likely to be jewborne in the French speaking world." Anon.

It's encouraging when more and more are coming into possession of jew-spotting "glasses". (See the video They Live.) There's nothing like practice to make one better at it. Of course, if people think that race has nothing to do with anything, then we could expect that they'd care less if one was a mulatto of a mestizo. Thus, they willingly accept blindness. For those who rightly see that life is biology and it behooves all to know one form of life from another. The wise man knows how to tell the coral from the king snake and choke cherries from the sweet, using sight alone.

I first suggest that people pay close attention to the countenance of known jews such as Greenspan. You'll see this variety all over the place. Notice his resemblance to Dershowitz and Kissinger. The jewess Joan Rivers is another type who looks like her head was flattened horizontally by a vise. Many female jews have a large proportion of white genes to the effect that they are pleasant to look at. The actresses Jill St. John (Oppenheimer) and Lee Grant (Rosenthal) come to mind. With the females, one must be careful since many are not biological jews but who converted in order to enhance their careers – Liz Taylor, Eleanor Parker, Carolyn Jones, Marilyn Monroe, and others.

The greatest concentration of well known jews is Hollywood – the jews' empire. Here one can study faces searching for those lizard eyes, flattened back skull, kinky hair, potato noses, Howdy Doody ears, and so on. Above all, closely watch their behavior and listen to their words. Jews believe themselves to be superior to all mankind and sooner or later, they'll shove that belief into your face. It's happening right now as more and more "discover" their "jewish roots". Madelaine Albright and Senator Kerry, for example – all good "christians".

If you refuse to pay attention to the absolute importance of biology, then you'll never, ever, catch on to the flow of things in this insane world. Biology is life. Life is not the silliness which zips around, posing as thought, in your noggin. Bring your thinking into line with the real world and you'll be better for it.

Support OUR boys! ????  What do you mean "our"? The ranks are filled with nigeroos, sambos, muds, mestizos, feminists, etc. none of which are of MY kind. When I think "our", I think "my", and that means White people.

A White person who enlists – volunteers – knows full well that s/he will be penned with non-Whites, so I ask, "What sort of White person is this – to desire not to be with their own kind, as does every normal critter on earth? Therefore it is difficult to understand why I should consider any one of them, "our boys".

What do we mean by "support"? Wave the flag and sing Yankee Doodle Dandy? Enlist? Send CARE packages? What? My taxes support, in part, this idiotic march to chaos. I will do nothing to prevent people from fulfilling their wishes to kill each other and so that alone could be considered a variety of "support".

As for all of those engaged in this lunacy on behalf of the jews, whether friend or foe, I wish none harm and if it were in my power I'd put an end to this crap and make sure all went back home safe and healthy.

Out of the mouth of UU."If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier... just as long as I'm the dictator..."
–Washington, DC, Dec 18, 2000, during his first trip to Washington as President-Elect
If Mr. Zud loved Germany so much, why did he leave it?   People who love America don't leave it.
"France has one thing the U.S. doesn't have: a president who speaks fluent English."

                                                                  – Joseph Sobran