25 April 2003
Every once in a while I read my junk (snail) mail instead of recycling it by tossing it on my neighbor's porch. He loves to read all of that. There was a book advertised, "10 Ways to Drive Any Woman Wild in Bed." I would think one way would be enough. Apparently the math craze has caught on. Although the Pythagorean theorem was proved many centuries ago, math buffs just cannot resist trying to prove it another way. So far, there are about 400 proofs, to my knowledge, but back to the bed. I only have one way and it has never failed. Since I am close to 98 years old, according to one critic, I'll pass on this gem of knowledge.

First, and when no one is looking, kidnap some female about 30-35. Younger than that, they are mostly idiots playing games. Older than that, the rust is starting to show and Sahara starts making its debut. After arriving at the bedroom, threaten her by showing her your voodoo doll and a box of pins. If you wear a devil's mask at that time, she will be compliant and almost corpse-like. That's OK, since my method will get get blood rushing violently. Ask her to undress, take a shower and climb into bed using only one sheet as covering. This is a very important step. While she in on her back, faking a smile, help her along by smiling also. Now, peel the sheet towards the foot of the bed, slowly revealing her components, until her navel is exposed. The next step must be executed flawlessly. Ready? Quickly drop a live tarantula on her navel and instantly return the sheet to cover her body. If she isn't wild in bed at that time then let her run down the street naked and screaming. That just might drive another woman wild. Be sure to take your bed along in this event.

Objectivity is only a part-time activity for most of the time we judge things relative to our views, abilities, likes, and so on. It could not be otherwise. We always see intelligence as a reflection rather than genuine substance. Often it is something sensed while at others, feeble attempts have been made to measure it. Tests along this line were not originally devised to secure a batch of grades used primary as ego-enhancers. A real world test is one where one attempts something and is then tested on it. "Yes, I am a good skater." "OK. Then let's see how well you perform on one foot going backwards."

The so-called IQ tests were initially a way of lending some predictive accuracy relative to whatever was being considered, usually college entrance. They have degenerated into being a measurement of intelligence, of which they are not. IQ tests measure one's ability to take IQ tests. If you can understand this, then you can also understand why "meat beater" Johnny, the school genius, has a hard time finding his way home after dark. He got his stature not from his ability to do well at things, but only as a result of some number calculated from the data obtained from some written test.

I suggest, therefore, that if one is intelligent, in a real world sense, that he can do well at most everything he attempts. If he can only do well at one thing, then the word "talent" is more appropriate. "He has musical talent." He does not have musical intelligence.

In the dark ages, when I attended high school, the individual was still regarded as an element of society and his behavior must suit the welfare of his community. We had no tailor made programs to satisfy the fleeting whims of adolescents. There was a menu and it varied not. We were separated into 3 groups based upon past grades and the likelihood of being a good butcher, professional, or whatever. In the freshman year, we were handed a menu which described what you were taking for the next 4 years, providing you passed everything. The group I was in, was assigned a math sequence and a science sequence of General Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. G.S. and biology remained more or less memory subjects and no one got excited over grades for they usually measured your laziness quotient more than anything else. The other "standards" did also. I was a straight 56 student in English but I was fortunately quite a lovable little darling where none of the teachers had the heart to flunk me – which I really deserved, by the way. School, to me, was a gigantic playground where I could goof around not worrying about whether my father's big foot would find it's mark, if I strayed from his directions. I did stop short with my nonsense when I thought school authorities might inform that wonderful man I loved so much.

Chemistry was my favorite and I had permission to remain in the lab until 5:00 PM each school day. What a wonderful world of odors, flames and explosions it was! A boy's delight and dream come true.

If one was to do well in chemistry, he also had to be decently competent in math. If one was to do well in physics, he had to really do well in math. In order to do well in math, you needed to do well in nothing else. This, I thought, was quite interesting.

Another interesting observation was that in our class numbering 248, there were 10 students who were exceptional in mathematics but only 1 in physics, even though all had taken the same set of courses. There were only 2 chemistry students of merit, I might add.

Why is it then, that we believed those 10 math people were of genius category while the solitary physics student was hardly mentioned? If we fall back on my assumption that intelligence is related to the ability to do well on most things, and talent relates to doing well in one thing, we might conclude that our physics student was the intelligent one while the math students were merely blessed with a singular talent, as is the seal who can balance a ball on its nose.

I believe the ga-ga hype about math talent indicating intelligence could possibly follow from the fact it is abstract symbol manipulation – a language in its own right. Since most people appear not to understand the jargon and scribbling, then they deceive themselves into believing something which is not true. That is, if someone yammers on about things you don't understand then you succumb and take an inferior place in the world of unsalted academia nuts. It has been stated that Einstein's mental aberrations were understood by only 6 others in the world. Thus, Einstein's genius stood on the agreement of 6 others. That's a rather flimsy barn, I think.

Thus, of we accept this logic, then the fewer the number of people who profess an understanding of what you are saying, the greater your genius. The reductio ad absurdum is where only you understand what you are talking about. This is the mark of the ultimate genius, which is of course, me. Nov shmoz ka pop ind drollip mors mirj, mirj sen phlogisto polyum esr tween! No one but myself understands this monumental, profound. and earthshaking statement. Therefore I am the ultimate genius.

Bullshit baffles brains and it seems that White folks are those most baffled. You can con honkys into supporting their enemies, but not others. That makes one wonder who really is intelligent, doesn't it?

Robert – "I don't watch TV that often, but when I do it is late at night as I work late nights and even on days off I like to maintain the sleep cycle.  Anyway, I came across an ad for GIRLS GONE WILD!..... It would be more aptly called White Sluts Gone Ape Shit with mommy and daddy's college funds. After seeing footage of hundreds, if not thousands of white girls in one place alone cavorting with niggers, and having sex with each other, I am convinced that there is not a single woman left in the US who is fit for marriage.  Keep in mind that these videos are filmed in one spot at a time and there are hundreds of these spring break parties going on all over the place at different times.  Therefore, I think I shall become a monk and worship the dead jew on a stick known as Jebus Rice."

Robertsez – Don't despair. I hope you don't feel that the jewtube will show you shots of virgins studying hard for their degrees, do you? ZOG is about degeneracy and destruction, and what is on TV is only WHAT THEY WANT AMERICA TO BECOME. I've taught in an all girls school and I'll say that the vast majority of the students were hard working and a credit to their sex. I've met them 15 years after they left high school and they certainly were never a "gone wild" type, then or now. The problem is the same as with everything. An ounce of degeneracy spoils a ton of pie. Good air is ruined by one foul fart and we always notice that. The "party type" are generally the affluent and they are rarely seen in high quality schools teaching engineering, for example. If you checked, most would be pursuing degrees in telephone booth management or tea leaf arranging – "blow off" stuff. If my daughters even once flickered in this direction, they'd receive not one more dime from hateful dad. Education is a hard grind. It's rarely "fun". They also never went to a "party school". Dad pays. Dad calls the shots. That's very simple to understand. 

This is great stuff  ==> http://www.horizonmag.com/4/jane-elliott.asp

It shows that PMS is actually fatal to the brain. I could suggest an appropriate cure for this hag who is trying to impose more self-guilt on defenseless White kids. Please note the ordeal she imposes on the blue-eyed kids in her charge. What in hell happened to reading, writing and arithmetic? Her classroom is nothing more than a Marxist indoctrination chamber and who gets most of the "special treatment". They can't read but they are taught PC behavior according to ZOG. They can't write, but females like this take pleasure in having adolescents practice rolling condoms on bananas. It's sick and the horrible part is that most parents simply do not care what happens to their kids while in school just as long as they are "bothered" with them. Day care centers and elementary schools are full of warped broads like this – I've worked with them. They are there, but like jews, people just do not want to see them.

One hen was teaching her students the joys of circumcision. A female student of mine asked my opinion. I told her and then said that female circumcision was also widespread and in the name of equality, perhaps it should be adopted here. She was somewhat surprised and I later gave her copies of graphics, and text, so she could make up her own mind. To her credit, this forthright girl presented the information to the other teacher who shot back indignantly, "So what? Men should be made to feel pain!" The best part if that this Barbara is married with 2 sons and one daughter. How would you like to have such a hate-filled twat as your mother or wife? Maybe you do. If so, you know what I mean.

This friends, it a prime example of the hideous bitches which saturate our Marxist system of education. At the proper time, they should be remembered, and properly rewarded, for their contribution as an enemy of White people. This crazy broad's "experiment" is so full of silliness that to refute each and every item would be useless because it would never change her demented mind nor those of her feminist disciples... and THEY ARE FEMINISTS and just as perverted as any sodomite. Why do you allow them to get their talons into your children? Don't you love your kids?

White people who believe White people are superior, are not taught that. If their brain works, they can observe that. Racism is not about some indoctrinated belief, but the result of keeping score over the centuries. All they have to do is look around and see that our entire technical world is the product of the White race. What sort of person could truly believe that if there never were White folks, that today they'd be using computers and sending men to the moon? If all non-Whites evaporated tomorrow, would this stifle progress? To the contrary, if we ever got the parasites off our backs, we'd soon be living like the gods we descended from, but sadly devolved from, through the criminal practice of race-mixing. If you ever find some non-White capable of a little thought, look for the honky in his family tree. Whatever Colin Powell might be worth, it's not the Black part which contributes.

I'd suggest to this degenerate hag that we perform an experiment where her beloved muds and nogs be segregated from White kids and placed in a school of their own where they can be taught their own brand of supremacy. The segregated White kids are to be allowed the same privilege and let them do their thing for a period of 10 years, learning whatever. Then, name your test and we'll see who wins.

For 50 years, our parasitic simians have been given all educational advantages afforded Whites, and then some, and the only reason their miserable performance can be explained is by an exaggerated "White racism". All they offer in the light of failure is excuses, excuses, excuses. If it wasn't segregation, it was diet. If not that, then poverty, and on and on. That's all these lard brains can come up with – place the blame on White people where the real fault lies in the simian and race-mixed genes. You cannot teach penguins how to fly. Not in another 10,000 years. Apes 'R' not us.

I cannot stand lace drawered and perfumed "men" – or people who cannot say "shit" even when their mouths are full of it. Our enemies are continually hitting us below the belt and to assume a more saintly position is to invite, and insure, defeat. This cosmic battle is not a parlor chess game. How soon people forget the butchery of the "Russian" revolution or the horrors performed by the commies in Spain, during their civil war.

The next time you see an ostensible White female dragging about a mongrel mud or mulatto, ask her why she prefers her offspring to the angel pictured here.

ZOG's searching efforts to find something which isn't there takes me down memory lane where fellow students of mine were trying to find things which weren't stolen.

One time I found myself alone in my room on floor 3 of Snell Hall at U. Chicago. In those ancient times the men's dormitories had a maid which came through once per week to dust and change the bedding. It was obvious to me that she had a master key and so I went to a local shop, and purchased a key blank and a small file. With techniques I learned while watching my uncle in his locksmith business, I removed the cylinder and tumblers of the lock on my door and fabricated a master key. When I was sure no one was in the rooms, I quickly unlocked all of the doors on the floor and left them slightly ajar.

I left my door open and waited for them to return from classes. Soon, confusion arose with assorted groans, cuss words and accusations, all within the framework of the belief that things were stolen. The hullabaloo went on for a long time where all were trying to discover what was stolen. Since they found nothing missing, I assumed from the talk that whatever was "stolen" was assumed to be something which they probably forgot.

Yes friends, the nitwits searching Iraq did remind me of my wayward days but since I have never been to Iraq, I don't think I could be blamed, at least, I don't think so.

Don't worry folks. ZOG WILL FIND whippings of mass distraction in Iraq even if they have to import them.
The "divide and rule"
which the Zionists are trying to impose on the world only works as long as the divisions remain the same size. When one minority, such as our mexicans and/or Chinese start increasing in number, the "divide and rule" business goes out the window. Stay tuned for more exciting events.
Dear Robert – "POWs are people who surrendered. Heroes are people who do not surrender. So how can POWs become heroes as they claim on TV?"

Robertsez – Read Orwell's 1984 and it will all become clear.

I received a letter from a very frustrated teacher who, from all I gather, is very conscientious regarding her profession. I told her that if she had the very best pie manufacturing plant in existence what sort of pies would she be able to make if the raw materials were sand and mud. There's something about silk purses and sows' ears which I remember.
While many people are enjoying the diversity of Chinese SARS with their Won Ton, it will do to remember the Chinese "invention" of gunpowder. "They were thought", as old textbooks noted,  to have been the originators of this schoolboy's favorite. About 20 years ago, researchers began to believe that gunpowder arose with the Arabs far to the west – along the trade route.

The Chinese were using gunpowder in the 13th century A.D. but the Arab promoters drop that back a century or two. In full keeping with Eric's "White people invent and forget," it appears that the Druids, the top brass of the Celts, knew about the manufacture of gunpowder in the 3rd century B.C.

One egg roll or two?  SARS for Open-Border SAPS.

First up is this report from the World Health Organization...


"WHO Issues Travel Warning Due to SARS"

By EMMA ROSS, AP Medical Writer

"LONDON – People should postpone unnecessary travel to Toronto, Beijing and China's Shanxi province because of the danger of SARS, the World Health Organization (newsweb sites) said Wednesday."

Intrigued, I followed some links to read more about the virulency and regions afflicted by SARS.  This WHO table of SARS cases is especially informative:  http://www.who.int/csr/sarscountry/en/  Here are the top four areas for SARS incidence:

1.  China proper.  2001 cases.

2.  China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:  1,434

3.  Singapore. 186

These areas are 99.9% inhabited by Chinese and SARS incidence is unexceptional.  Now who is number 4?  Normal logic as exercised by a very well educated but ZOG correct person says Taiwan might be next since it has over 22 millions of Chinese and is right next to mainland China.  The typical less educated ZOGling might guess Japan is fourth because it's very close to China and has a huge population.  But this is not so.  Taiwan only has 29 cases.  Japan is reporting just two.  So who exactly is in fourth?  Envelope please...

4.  CANADA!  139 cases.  Just behind Sinapore and slightly ahead of Vietnam.

Since SARS has been spread by traveling Chinese, what does this say about the traffic between Asiatic China and what we can deservedly call North American China (i.e. Canada)?  It has been the traffic of traveling Chinese going to and from their abodes that has spread SARS.

You can present the above results of wez awl ekwals no-borders immigration to Judeo-Republican open borders fans.  They'll either return you a glassy-eyed stare or they'll report you to Jew Michael Chertoff of the DoJ Anti-terrorism task force for ThoughtCrime.  Now if they make their report by email, here's what these Judeo-cons will do.  They'll power up their PC PC, the one with the ADL approved website filter.  It will load a number of the following applications:

1.  Anti-viral program to guard against malicious computer bugs.

2.  Personal firewall to keep out online vandals.

3.  Ad-Aware or comparable program to get rid of commercial spyware and cookies.

4.  Perhaps open a web browser with the "block all cookies" option enabled.

They do all that to protect their computer and cyberworld living space from pernicious outside influences.  Yet the suggestion they implement comparable physical defenses for their real world living spaces, this leaves them in cold sweats for having had the thought.

We live in extraordinary times.  Or we live in a mad-house.    As old Uncle Chin Lee's curse went, "may you live in interesting times."


"What is a WOMD?"
"That's anything which makes the sound WOMD! when it hits."
"Do you think Mr. Sandman has a WOMD?"
''Certainly. Well maybe not, almost. But he certainly has some of the necessary materials."
"Such as what?"
"Yes. And you know what water contains, don't you?"
"It contains tritium oxide and deuterium oxide."
"What's that?"
"It's sometimes called 'heavy water' and heavy water is used to..."
"... to make lithium hydride."
"Lithium what?"
"It's stuff which goes into the H-bomb, that's what."
"O, I see. With all of that water he did have some of the material necessary to prepare an H-bomb."
"And that's not all. Our inspectors also found salt."
"Salt? As in salt shakers?"
"Yes. He also had the necessary electrical supply to make chlorine from that salt."
"Chlorine? Is that bad?"
"Yes. It was a poison gas used during WWI. What's more, we found lots of air."
"It is well known that air is necessary for all terrorists. If they didn't get it, they wouldn't be able to terrorize. All of the terrorists we put in cages have had access to air."
"That's scary. I hope the problem is solved."
"It will be a while but we are confident we shall overcome. Once they start eating Big Macs, get hooked on drugs, and vibrating to MTV, they'll be no more problem to anyone except themselves. That is, if they don't die of bad water first."
"Bad Water? You mean they might kill themselves by drinking the 'heavy' part?"
"No. Bad water. This means typhus and cholera. We ruined their sanitation facilities. The same thing happened to Germany at the end of WWII. Everyone, including jews, were dying of those diseases. The big difference was the Germans were called war criminals while the jews were called survivors. I was never sure of why that was so."
"Are there any trains going to Mars? I think I am in the 3rd universe parallel to the synergy of Sirius."
Read this and pay attention to the last 3 paragraphs. http://www.theaha.org/perspectives/issues/2003/0304/0304pre1.cfm

The man is a whore, as is most of academia. I wrote and told him so. He's one of the reasons God invented rope.

Thomas Wilson's book The Swastika, is online ==> http://www.midhnottsol.org/lore/swastika/index.html

The kiddies who run this site claim they want to reclaim the swastika. For what purpose, they don't mention. As least I couldn't find one. Moreover, they want to reclaim it from whom? I thought you'd never gas. It's an open secret that Herr Hitler, and those terrible jew roasting Natzees had perverted the swastika's meaning. Here again, the kiddies fail to tell you what this was or how it was accomplished. Hitler adopted the symbol because it appeared to be the one constant which paralleled the migrations of the White people around the planet. The "sun symbol" apparently became the symbol for Zyklon B, for some unknown reason. I guess it is anti-Semitic to claim that the swastika is a symbol of White people.

What's wrong with – The swastika symbolizes the White people for whom that symbol MAY HAVE BEEN the sun. Couldn't the Christian cross indicate those people who are Christians and who also worship that symbol?

The swastika thus means White people – the people of the sun – and for non-Whites to adopt that symbol only shows that it is they who perverted the meaning of the symbol, and not Hitler or any Nazi. Let's get the shoe on the right foot, kiddies.

Logic 69½ – From all that is known or surmised, the swastika originated in Europe at a time when that area was inhabited by White people. The swastika was not discovered unless some UFO landed leaving its odd marks in the dust. The swastika was invented by White people. To guess what they had in their minds while displaying it, remains only guesswork. GUESSWORK! Got it? The only thing we can ever attach, with certainty, to the swastika is that it meant White people just like rockets to the moon MEAN WHITE PEOPLE. Whether the swastika was a symbol for the sun, as a Chinese empress declared; a good luck symbol; the footprint of Buddha; a Dakota lodge; a good corn crop; or a Greek cross which got caught in a blender, is of NO CONSEQUENCE. The revolver is a symbol of the White man and it makes no difference if it is a wall ornament or a paper weight. The revolver means one thing to the fellow who pulls the trigger and quite another to the fellow who cannot duck in time. What different peoples ascribe to the swastika IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE anymore that having a simian ride the space shuttle detracts from the Whiteness of that shuttle. Good grief Greta, heads of stone.

Ph.D. dissertation topic – Is the Greek cross really a cross of 2 sticks or did someone symmetrically arrange 4 sticks? Perhaps is was copied from farmer Guadeloupe who decided to straighten out the outer toes of a chicken's foot.

Upon reading a bit from this site, the stalwarts make it quite clear that they are jew-lovers to the last toe nail. I have noticed this trend even among historians, and scholars, who are relatively honest in everything UNTIL it has to deal with the Hitler era. Then they grab the approved jewish script and babble on with absurdities, lies and just plain shit. Maybe that's the case here also, so let's not be too hard on those lacking of spiritual, or moral, strength. Their livelihood just might depend upon hiding some truth. Can't be too honest, you know?

Things are collapsing worldwide wherever there are White people. Whites, sensing that all's not well, are grasping for straws and pissing into the wind, but until they EMBRACE THEIR KIND, they will continue to be shit on, and erased. No matter what the success of some ideology was in the past, the people involved ARE NO LONGER AMONG US. That's why the Third Reich will NEVER OCCUR AGAIN and farting around with Norse gods and trying to dangle them around your neck will not work, except to keep your mind off the muggers, dope dealers and rapists. The Norse, Vikings and kindred Anglo-Saxons ARE NO MORE! You cannot change a people by giving them a new umbrella, whether religion, economics or welfare hand-outs, as UU and his collection of Zionist criminals will discover to OUR dismay. I hope you didn't think they were going to suffer with us.

As for myself, I must have another look at the tea leaves in my bowl. So far, all I could divine was the message, "Tomorrow is another day."

The elimination of "anti-Semitism", a condition created whenever jews infest a land, has taken a new turn here in the asylum of the freebie. Suppression of anti-Semites cannot take the form of dragging a fellow out of his bed and shooting him on the spot, although I'd assume that this would be the preferred method. "Public opinion" has been manipulated so successfully for decades that it is the present faddish solution for nearly everything which does not benefit White people. For decades, anti-Semitic folks are portrayed as poor souls in need of psychiatric help. This hasn't helped very much.

There are large numbers of non-jews who are rabidly pro-Israel. All "Christian" TVangeleists fall into this category. They'd gladly nuke the whole planet to save the "chosen". They are the kosher goyim and make dandy cannon fodder for the cause of Israel – except their leaders who will be safe in their bomb shelters.

The hordes of colonizing Chinese and Mexicans mainly don't give an egg roll or taco, whether jews live or die. I suspect that most Blacks and a nice portion of Whites fall into this category. It's this great mass which is worrisome for out of their ranks the A-S crowd came. What to do? What to do? People simply cannot be allowed to remain neutral.

There has been some success in peddling the line that to be anti-war is to be anti-American.  A corollary follows whereby being anti-Semite is equated with being anti-American.

Heck Marvin, let's get it all out in the open. Teach the kiddies how to be pro-Israel. Make school curriculums revolve about it. After all, the holohoax was successfully installed as "history" instead of the religion it really is complete with martyrs and miracles. And, as with holohoax studies, the refusal of schools to teach pro-Israel things means ZOG funds will not be forthcoming. The American goy cares about nothing other than shekels anyway, so this should be effective. Accepting ZOGbucks means you just lost control of something.

Teaching a pro Israel line would remove that questionable group in the middle – those who really don't give a damn. The anti-Semites will thus be opposed by a larger number of Israel-firsters and it is they who will make life for any anti-Semite very miserable indeed. As with the young beauty desirous of a film career, they will soon learn that spreading their knees is the only way to have the American Dream. anti-Semitism will phase out as did the Dodo bird.

Instead of having our few minutes of public hate, as Orwell described, we could all start the day with a public proclamation of support thus replacing the dying Pledge of Allegiance. Let's have our time of solidarity and love.

SFC Red Thomas (Ret), Armor Master Gunner, Mesa, AZ writes –

Since the media has decided to scare everyone with predictions of chemical, biological, or nuclear warfare on our turf, I decided to write a paper and keep things in their proper perspective. I am a retired military weapons, munitions, and training expert.

Forget everything you've ever seen on TV, in the movies, or read in a novel about this stuff, it was all a lie (read this sentence again out loud!). These weapons are about terror, and if you remain calm, you will probably not die. This is far less scary than the media and their "Experts", make it sound.

Chemical weapons, contrary to the hype of reporters and politicians, are not weapons of mass destruction. When you leave the area you almost always leave the risk.

A chemical attack will have its best effect an hour or so either side of sunrise/sunset. Also, being vapors and airborne particles, they are heavier than air so they will seek low places like ditches, basements and underground garages. This stuff won't work when it's freezing, it doesn't last when it's hot, and wind spreads it too thin too fast.

What I hope you've gathered by this point is that a chemical weapons attack that kills a lot of people is incredibly hard to do.

Your best protection is fresh air and staying calm. Listed below are the symptoms for nerve agent poisoning:

Sudden headache, dimness of vision, runny nose, excessive saliva or drooling, difficulty breathing, tightness in chest, nausea, and stomach cramps.

Bottom line on chemical weapons: they are intended to make you panic, to terrorize you, to herd you like sheep to the wolves. If there is an attack, leave the area and go upwind, or to the sides of the wind stream.

Nuclear bombs. These are the only weapons of mass destruction on earth. The effects of a nuclear bomb are heat, blast, EMP, and radiation. If you see a bright flash of light like the sun, where the sun isn't, fall to the ground! The heat will be over in a second. Then there will be two blast waves, one out going, and one on its way back. Don't stand up to see what happened after the first wave; anything that's going to happen will have happened in two full minutes.

Your defense is, as always, to not panic. All canned or frozen food is safe to eat. The radiation poisoning will not affect plants, so fruits and vegetables are OK if there's no dust on them (rinse them off if there is). If you don't have running water and you need to collect rain water, just let it sit for thirty minutes and skim off the water gently from the top. The dust with the bad stuff in it will settle.

Finally there's biological warfare. There's not much to cover here. Basic personal hygiene and sanitation will take you further than a million doctors. Wash your hands often. Keep your garbage can with a tight lid on it, and don't have standing water (like old buckets, ditches, or kiddie pools) laying around to allow mosquitoes breeding room. If biological warfare is so easy as the TV makes it sound, why has Saddam Hussein spent 20 years and millions and millions of dollars trying to get it right?

The government is going nuts over this stuff because they have to protect every inch of America. You've only got to protect yourself, and by doing that, you help the country.

The difference between Whites and Blacks is far greater than the difference between Blacks and Apes – Thomas Huxley. If 'racist' Tom met Condoleeza Rice, would he change his mind?
an ape might "turn you on", honey, you might like to think about something before you let him "get up into you." You might like a simian "in you" but will your children appreciate his genes in them?
It looks like John Travolta has stopped using hair straightener. A recent newspaper photo shows him with his natural head of velcro. It looks like his family picked up more than "culture" while living in a rastus neighborhood. These are the sort of non-Whites the jews like to portray as Whites in their films. If he lost a bit of weight, and got a melanin boost, he'd resemble Smokey Robinson, but Smokey would still think John was a Teuton.
Now the Iraq has been "set free", the Communist party is back! Saddam's regime banned Communism. For nearly a whole century, America has been the prime protector of Communism and has always furthered it's advances. That's a fact. On the other hand, ZOG states we are fighting Communism so it's up to you my friends to determine where the truth really lies – in words or in deeds. Bullshit baffles brains. Keep paying and keep dying. It's all so worthwhile, heppin' da joos.

Remember that Osama came down hard on drugs, particularly opium. Now that Afghanistan has been "liberated", the poppies are in bloom again. Why is it that whenever some area gets "Americanized", degeneracy always follows?

Dear Robert –

"Your observations in today's comments are right on target, and display great insight into the behavior of women, and the makeup of family members. I would even go a step further, and say those supposed whites who have a love affair with negro culture and music, including the discordant noise called jazz, could well be carrying negro genes as Eric has stated.

"After W.W. 2, many German women quickly forgot the men who were wounded, and the many that died for their Fatherland, for they coroused, and copulated, with anything that came along, including negroes. They displayed little honor or discretion. The boys with no fathers grew up sissified, and rootless, and taught to believe that their male relatives were villains. The men that survived the holocaust of that war used to say that they fought for six years, and the women lost it in five minutes. Maybe that's why the Allies decided to starve over one million German prisoners of war to death after W.W. 2. The intent was to destroy a people who only tried to protect their Germanic kinsmen and correct the injustice of Versailles.

"Now the hypocrites go into agony about seven prisoners the Iraqis captured, and released unharmed. As you know, I fought the Germans for many months, and found them to be a brave and honorable adversary. When I was wounded, as well as many others, they could have killed us all but refrained from doing so, Many servicemen of that time now do know why so many lives were lost, and such intense suffering inflicted on our European kinsmen for in truth it was done to save Communism, and the Jewish masters of both the East and West of the so-called Allies.

"I well remember the German soldiers who asked, " Why have you Americans done this to us." The indiscriminate bombing was disgusting then as it is now, and in conclusion every American should ask what group will benefit from the wars now being conducted in the middle east, and where will it ultimately lead ?"


"My family was invited to attend an Easter egg hunt for kids sponsored by the Children's hospital. I couldn't help but notice the number of mixed race children with cancer. Of course a few were white kids, but I'm observing more and more that race mixing is a crime against Nature.  A lot of fit attractive white females married to hispanics seem to think that they are a race and it doesn't occur to them that their offspring are incredibly mixed with asian, negro and white and prone to major health problems."

Robertsez – Mulattos can never find donors for bone marrow transplants. In our loony bins, most of the inmates are mixed race, which does include jews by the score. Once again we see that females move to satisfy an itch to procreate and give little heed to the quality of the stud who knocks them up. If he's got a jammer and a checkbook, that's all which is required. "He turns me on," is an admission that it's springtime in the kennels. When it comes to the future of any race, allowing women to "do their thing" always results in disaster as it does when kids are allowed "equality" within the home. It is extremely difficult for any serious man to now find a woman fit to be the mother of any children. As long as women can find a huge pool of studs willing to cork them at any cost, the downslide will continue. Look at all of the single parent (meaning females) non-families around. They are a disaster for any child. The sorriest cases of all are where some young man is brought up by a ranting feminist. This sort of "mother" hates men which usually has its start with her having a jackass for a father. She will assuredly psychologically assault the young man at every opportunity for he is a captive victim. Women have no taste and often pick the most outrageous specimens to spread for. Many seem to think that if a woman likes screwing, she also likes men. That's often false as they use that act to manipulate their men. Sometimes, a man suffers frustration, week after week, where his wife is undermining the family structure on a daily basis. In some cases, he loses his temper and then the "abuse" card is used against him thus demonstrating the basic premise of man hating.

An ounce of prevention is needed here. None of us knows what lies over the next hill but we can be a little more judicious in whom we place trust, especially if it involves long term. Check out the girl's family before you ever reach for your zipper. If the family is dysfunctional – bickering, alcoholism, multi-married, etc. – smile and wave good-bye for you'll live to regret any involvement. While you are observing, note whether brothers and sisters resemble each other and if they look like the United Nations. Any wide variation shows mixed blood to a high degree. I know of more than one case where some "beauty" was actually an anomaly hiding ugly genes far beneath. Beauty is skin deep but genes permeate everything.

Great stuff! ZOG gets PMS and goes bonkers. It blows up Iraq. That took a whole wad of $$$$. Where did ZOG get this $$$$? The stupid tax-payer, that's where. Instead of buying a new septic tank, he waves the flag and shouts "Kill the unbeliever! Burn his house down. Kill his wife and kids, and especially their canary."

After the smoke clears, Bechtel needs a few more contracts. After playing "drop the soap" in some Congressman's shower, the contract is secured. Who is paying Bechtel to put Humpty Dumpty back together again? ZOG is, of course. Where does ZOG get the $$$$ from? The stupid tax-payer, that's where. And to add injury to injury, Bechtel will employ Iraqis! How does that grab you, Americano? 

Each time some ZOG news pops into the atmosphere, I certainly do not ask myself what it all means. Most of what passes for news are lies anyway and I dislike wasting time trying to cull whatever items are present. As for what I do believe, I believe that American troops were sent to Iraq. I believe people have been killed and others went about looting. As for the real mystery as to what's going on, it's hard to accept the "oil" theory since Iraq was willing to sell oil to the US. For that, an embargo was placed and later on, the country bombed.  Iraq is an Arab country as is Syria and Saudi Arabia. These countries are on Israel's hit list and it's the only common denominator I can see. Every reason for our assault has been proved to be a lie and so I'll continue my life as if nothing in happening in my back yard, which is today very peaceful. I'll leave the effusive, and not useful, tea leaf reading to others who make their living this way and let the hysterical have their incoherent fits.
Jesse Jackson appears annoyed that there are very few simians driving racing cars. It looks like he's promoting another extortion. What the heck, if jews can extort people for all sorts of wild notions, why can't Blacks? Isn't that what Equal Opportunity is all about?

Years ago, my life-long friend Bob, who still is a big name in the sports car racing business, took me along to a race held at Santa Barbara CA. James Garner was there and we had a "pit lunch" with him. Conversation ensued and I was mainly quiet since I really had little to say when it came to the racing event in progress. There was one Black driver and John was asked his opinion. He said, "He won't last long. Blacks do not have the mental resolve to persist when the going gets really hairy."

At that point, another fellow offered, "I read an article in some medical journal where elapsed times of nerve impulses were measured. It appeared that the time for a message to go from the brain to the foot is about the same for Blacks as for Whites. The downside is that it takes Blacks a lot longer to process the input in their heads before it results in bodily action." Essentially, this means that their thinking is mostly movement through molasses. If you watch them closely, you can discover this for yourself without ever needing to read a "study".

ZOG has rendered our system of education a basket case based upon their forced insistence that we are all equal. If the ZOG hammer descends upon the auto racing business, look for it to turn to shit also.

If one becomes seduced by jew television, he's likely to end up believing that White folks couldn't exist more than a week without the assistance of simian genius.

When it comes to thinking about all of the wonderful energy devices our experts dream up, such as the hydrogen powered SUV, certain basic thought is required. Even if the vehicle was practical, which it isn't, ask "How much does it cost to get the essential hydrogen?" When the lunatic "wind farms" are promoted wonder what the cost of all those beany blades cost and how it relates to the minuscule watts produced. Could the land be utilized for a better purpose than to provide a lot of silly people with ZOG grants?

When we come to nigger genius, the same sort of inquiry must be made. How much garbage must one sort in order to find an edible orange? Moreover, why bother when clean oranges are found already growing on trees?

Assume that by some miracle, and indeed it would be a miracle, that a freaky mutation produced a simian, chimpanzee, nigeroo, whatever, of the caliber of Isaac Newton. Among his own kind, what would that accomplish? Nothing, for he'd be no more appreciated than would be a Mozart among the Zulu or pigmy. It would be as if he never were. Also consider that he had children. What would happen to his genius genes? They would vanish in a black sea of uselessness. Black society thus inhibits itself and that's why any Black "genius" could only arise in a White society using previously invented, and developed, White tools and devices. The next time some super simian genius is presented, look for the White props. They won't be hard to find. Even the niggerball players use a White man's game with Whiteman's buildings, courts and clothing. NONE is of African origin.

The mediocre Colin Powell would never have been promoted to general if he weren't Jamaican jew. Affirmative Action, and all of those Black "scholarship" funds are living proof that simians cannot hack it without ZOG behind them threatening all who object with sanctions and such. Each and every White man squeezed from promotion or denied something in favor of a "minority" should recognize this. A White society has NO NEED of any Black man, now or ever. When National Geographic, or any other race-mixing organization, shows you scenes of Africa and so on, where people have radios, T-shirts, etc., has it ever occurred to anyone to ask where all of those wonderful pots and pans came from. They are NOT products of the African!

All of the "great" Blacks we see are the creation of another race – the White race, now under the control of the jew. The common milk cow is also another creation which could not survive as such, like the Afro-American, if left on its own. Afro-Americans, even with the massive hand-outs and special legal privileges, are still having a hard time eking it out here in our lunatic Planet of the Apes. Once a people takes on the responsibility of helping a people who cannot help themselves, they place themselves in a position of trying to swim with an anchor tied to their neck. Sooner, or later, they will tire and all will go down as did ancient Egypt when they decided to hump the simian, as if they were cheer leaders for the Dallas Cowboys.

Blacks consume. They do not create.

As the worm turns, methinks more and more jews will claim to be on "our side". See the video The Sweet Jew to understand what I mean. Here's some stuff on the desirability of jews changing their ways – http://www.wernercohn.com/Shahak.html  –. How does a leopard change it's spots anyway?
Dr. Elaine Drihole discovered an item rectangular in shape which resembled another such form discovered by her mentor, and colleague, Dr. Archie Wartdik. Dr. Wartdik catalogued all of his discovery's attributes from the size of the porosity cavities to DNA and carbon-14 content. There was no doubt that his was a new form and the Academy named the discovery Canceroneum breadus.

Dr. Drihole thought she had also discovered a new form, but alas, the porosity, DNA and carbon-14 levels closely approximated that of Canceroneum breadus and so she was told to name her discovery the same. She thought Canceroneum cakeus would have been more appropriate.

As the purple puns of fate would have it, the records showed the previous discovery of Canceroneum tortillus during those past days when men could walk on water and satiate their hunger with 1/4 teaspoon of rotted fish. It was apparent that Canceroneum breadus evolved from Canceroneum tortillus. Didn't they both have the same ingredients except for the porosity of Canceroneum breadus? It was obvious that the porosity was a beneficial mutation since Canceroneum breadus was now so common.

Thus the scientific community settled down to a group buggering party fully convinced that their latest words supported their previous batch of words called Theory of Evolution. So the next time you are foolish enough to say that cake, bread, tortillas, and bagels, feel, taste, smell and look different to you, then I should remind you that the experts have labeled such things as 'equal', or nearly so, and everyone knows that a label is far more important than what something really is. In such a case, it's clear that your senses are lying to you.