8 May 2003
While enjoying the benefits of pot, a drug rock star couldn't remember if he killed his equally degenerate herpes bed companion. While the authorities were trying to unravel the murder, this piece of ugly crap OD'd on heroin. What a saving for the taxpayer. I hope it's a fad that catches on soon.

This country has a lot of hard-working, and substantial, young people which you'll never hear about, much less see on TV. The media masters only show the sickening "spring break" garbage, MTV and Stern, in an attempt to legitimize depravity.

Whooz a joo? Like the "holocaust", whenever someone wants to find the scoop – the Jewish Lists, perhaps – he uses a reference compiled by jews. What sort of deal is that? In Judeo-America, as with the other Judeo-puppet states of Europe, most resources are jewish resources. All education is kosherized and debates generally concern two jew points of view. No matter what the issue, jews are directing both sides. Amazingly so, millions still haven't caught on to the "two-party system" racket yet. As long as you play on a jewish field, using jewish rules, then you will lose, as we see happening on an accelerating basis. If playing with matches got your barn burned down, then why do you wish to continue playing with matches?

The jews have successfully kosherized all major Christian religions in this country and the day is planned where Christianity will merge with Judaism, Judaism remaining unaltered. Already, on kosher Christian TV channels – if they weren't kosher, they wouldn't be on the air – you can see hexagrams in the background which will increase in size while the stupid goyim continue to send money. I asked a priest once that if he were interested in the welfare of his congregation, then it should be he who gives them money, and not the other way around.

OK. Let's suppose we have agreed and could definitely have a group known as "White", as per rigid definition. Then what? Do you really think that would cause more cooperation and concern for other Whites? Or do you think self-serving greed would still be as prevalent as it is without ever defining White? At this point in the game of Balkanizing America, I say it makes no difference whatsoever whether anyone knows what "White" means racially. Just observe what your fellow beings are complaining about. What's the difference between lily-white John Smith demanding more federal assistance and Rastus Jones doing the same thing? Both want something for nothing. And that's the problem. Everyone wants MORE – a bigger house, greater income, longer vacations, etc. Right now, millions of affluent Americans have more junk on their property than they can consume. And for what? To satisfy some warped mental need, that's what. Kids don't need better bicycles. They need better parents.

In NYS, a new tax bill will add another $2000 – $3400 burden to the working resident. The radio is alive with name calling, accusations, and venom directed towards the politicians whom THEY elected! Since most voters cannot remember anything for more than 10 days, the odds have it that the scoundrels will be re-elected using the same lies that got them elected in the first place. Yes, we want more freebies and fewer taxes. Yet no one ever seems to catch on to this contradictory moronic demand.

Senator Robert Kerry in not a Jew. Senator Robert Kerry is a jew.
Madelaine Albright is not a Jew. Madelaine Albright is a jew.
Dr. James Hursh is not a Jew. Dr. James Hursh is a jew.
Prof. Lewis Kossuth is not a Jew. Prof. Lewis Kossuth is a jew.
Father Mondo is not a Jew. Father Mondo is a jew.
Bill Gates is not a Jew. Bill Gates is a jew.
The TV evangelist Benny Hinn is not a Jew, but he is a jew.

Eleanor Parker is a Jew. Eleanor Parker is not a jew.
Elizabeth Taylor is a Jew. Elizabeth Taylor is not a jew.
Carroll Baker is a Jew. Carroll Baker is not a jew.
Marilyn Monroe was a Jew. Marilyn Monroe was not a jew.

Walter Mathau is a Jew. Walter Mathau is a jew.
Ariel Sharon is a Jew. Ariel Sharon is a jew.

In my high school graduating class, there were 12 jews but only 4 Jews.

A jew doesn't change his genetics by changing his religion.
Nearly 40% of American jews are atheists.
Is this starting to make sense to you? This Jew-jew thing?

Greed always consumes itself. Big business, and in particular American big business, is the enemy of all peoples world wide. They will rape the planet, start wars, and let people starve as long as the profits roll in. Big business relocates in China, with full approval of our alien ZOG government, so they can get cheap labor. Whatever is produced, the Chinese worker will never be paid enough to buy his own products. That's the object of cheap labor in the first place. Who will they then sell their products to? The American worker is having his standard of living reduced by loss of jobs, increased taxes, and the ever-growing parasite class feasting off his labor. Many Americans thus will not be able to even buy Chinese manufactured goods. By then, the corporate rip-off artists will have scammed their way free with millions of ill gotten gains leaving the worker to wonder how it all came about.
Slight changes in genetic structure often make a great difference in outward appearance. These changes obviously can come from the mixing which occurs during fertilization. Another factor is mutation which is not as rare as we might suppose. It's very often that we hear of some virus mutating rapidly so as to produce another variety. Fruit flies have also been known to have such alterations beyond heredity. I cannot now remember the substance we used in high school biology to produce gene alteration in peanuts thus producing, at times, very strange results. The fact that one's eyes are not blue, for example, does not prove there was some woodpile mischief in his family tree. A mutation centuries ago could still continue.

Stating that blue eyes is a White attribute is not the same thing as saying those without that color are not White, nor does it mean there's non-White blood in their family tree. Genetics has a huge historical content and when it comes to the past WE ARE NEVER CERTAIN. A theory is just an opinion supported by a fact or two, and no one should get upset if some theory states things we do not like to hear. We often are subject to outright lies which upset us, and it's a shame we couldn't frequently remind ourselves that "sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never harm me."

Most Whites, deep inside, do not like Black people and that has nothing to do with their appearance, contrary to ZOG propaganda. We stay clear because we are not comfortable in their company. If we could relax our analytical approach to race, and let our racial feelings do the talking, we'd all be better off. I often converse with Blacks but after a minute or two, I quickly realize that we are no more brothers than are the tiger and the lion. I cannot relax in the loud, jungle racket they choose to call music. Their humor is always guttural. Topics of discussion very shallow. That dislike comes from contact and I would feel the same towards any "white" person exhibiting the same characteristics.

One thing we should all keep in mind is that if we intend to preserve those inherited characteristics which make White people the superior creators, then we have no business race-mixing with people who throughout history have shown no such capacity.

Many email servers have introduced their versions of filters, and other devices, so you can feel safe from naughty messages or repeated ads on how to get rich by doing nothing. This allows them to determine what's good for you and I discovered that the problem I had was with such a server was due to this. Some stuff wouldn't load and others simply froze the system. I went back to cheap and simple – no holds barred. That's the way hate should be.
The jew Bill Gates claims Microsoft's computer of the future will make people smarter. I've got news for him. The only thing which will make people smarter is a time machine so they can travel backwards and select different parents.

Gene therapy reminds me of the fellow who put the same make spark plugs as used in a Ferrari, into his Ford Escort, thinking it would turn into one.

Why are there so many niggers in European cities when most of the population doesn't want them there? Obviously, these countries are not democracies, for if they were, they'd have been allowed to vote on what happens to their country. The fact of the matter is that the jews want them there and knowing that most people will screw anything one shade this side of ugly, it's a way to pollute the genetic base and destroy White people.

The final securing of jew rule over the American population came about under the jew Roosevelt regime. That's why the Great Depression was engineered. Germany, rapidly emerging as a powerful racial, and economic state, was a threat to the mongrel jews who dreamed of world rule and exploitation through the twin sisters Capitalism and Communism. WWII was concocted to destroy Germany. As a result, the Zionist regime then occupied Germany with military troops and they are still there with Germany's puppet government being the lap dog of Judeo-America. Through threats, bribes and subterfuge – particularly though the jew-invented UN, control of other governments continued. The USSR has been jew controlled since 1919 and is the kissing cousin of Judeo-America. They are all out to "get Whitey" as some are now beginning to sense.

If Europeans are complaining about "mongrelization", then I'd ask if this is not desirable to them, then why are they screwing niggers? Do they find their own kind repulsive?

Jews threaten all peoples and without White people, all other branches of mankind will fall prey to the kike. Stay true. Breed true. The Day of the Big Bullets will arrive.

One thing which marks hooman beans is their tendency to copulate with anything available. This is particularly true when an invading army sweeps into a foreign area. Human history has been a sequence of race-mixing from day 1, it seems. What we now call White people, were not the White people of 4000 years ago. The Celts, for example were blue-eyed blond people as were many other tribes in western Europe. They moved east, conquered, and "amalgamated" – a fancy word for race mixing – with the indigenous peoples. The Homeric heroes were fair-haired Celts, called Archaeans.

The area known as Greece contained dozens of city-states with populations not much beyond 20,000. The astounding thing is that with predominant White blood, they produced genius by the score, and all without computers. Who hasn't heard of Pythagoras, Aristotle or Heroes? Who hasn't heard of their gods Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter – all fair haired? Today, when we look at any typical modern city of 20,000, it is extremely unlikely we'd come up with a single person with ability approaching 10% of those ancient Greeks. As I clearly demonstrated in my 1984 essay on the Olympics, large populations such as Russia and the United States, are only mediocre in their performance, always dominated on a per capita basis by the more White countries of western Europe.

Those ancients certainly were no angels for they warred upon each other with enthusiasm – the Spartans exterminated the Plataeans and the Athenians, the Melians. Now we can add another favorite sport of humans to that of screwing anything available and that's killing anything one is capable of. What a wonderful legacy.

Blue eyes and yellow hair, plus peach colored skin, are White attributes exclusively. Since we choose to call many people with brown hair and brown eyes, White, it doesn't detract one iota. A wart can appear on a White man's nose but only a silly person would say that it was a White attribute. The presence of millions of such "White" people only serves to indicate that White has not changed, but that which we choose to apply the label. Black, wool-like, kinky hair is a Black attribute even though we see straight black hair on some we choose to call Black. All of these notices show evidence of race-mixing and not some sophomoric notion that "White people come in a variety of types," as Zündel often remarked, thus demonstrating his abysmal ignorance of the topic. He couldn't even define race, yet the jews labeled him as a racist.

If we study this photo of the sculpture of Discobolus, created about 2300 years ago, we could well ask what our simian "brothers" in Africa were producing at that time without the hindrance of White racism. Even today, with massive assistance from White people, they still cannot produce one item worthy of being on the same shelf as those statues of old. You could wait 5000 more years and the story would still be the same. That which prevents Black people from performing on a White level is one of biology – you cannot teach penguins how to fly.

The history of WWII, as is now taught, appears to be that war was declared upon Germany in order to put an end to their national program of jew gassing. It's pure rot and the reason it is accepted probably follows from mental laziness when it isn't a result of stupidity. The truth is available to anyone who seeks it. Unfortunately, people of this sort are rare indeed.

A part of the National Socialist program was based upon its awareness that creativity was part and parcel of White people and from the German stock, a greater people could be formed by restricting the genetic continuance of lesser creative elements through controlled breeding. This is accomplished more harshy in Nature's real crucible by life forces insuring their demise before they can breed. If the remaining, highly contaminated, remains of the Great Race are allowed to waste what's left of their genes in the pursuit of happiness,  a new Dark Age will certainly result. If we prove not desirous of such a goal, then Mother Nature will surely make it all happen. As long as we are ruled by mental cripples who let their Big Sky Jew direct traffic, we will suffer in this kettle of fish.

Presentation is everything. Yeah, only if you are a fish. Fish do not get interested unless it's flashy, clearly demonstrating that the internet attracts a whole lot of fish. Many web sites are using the latest HTML so they can attract more fish. This meant that my browser often froze when I visited such sites, which didn't have anything worth reading on them anyway. I decided to try the ballyhooed Netscape 7.02. It was pretty and had only one new feature of value. This was at a cost of not having some older, and very useful, features. After having several sessions of freeze-ups, inactive buttons and a torpedoing of out-going mail, I gave up and erased the whole mess down to the last registry entry and Windows .ini and data files. I dislike IE as it is the main target for internet vandals and meat beaters.

If one is looking for information, then all of that space and time consuming graphics – spinning globes, whistles, dancing bears, etc. – only hampers the quest. BTW, I never met a fish with a brain worth mentioning. FAEM will continue to keep it simple.

Earlier I mentioned that the city of Buffalo NY is broke and that goes for nearly all large cities. The Mayor of Boston is having difficulty finding money to pay for the demands of the bottom-feeding welfare class. White people seem to love their dregs for a Chinese government would put an end to the Problem-Makers in short order. One Senator objected to proposals to increase the hours of work for welfare recipients as it would interfere with "quality time" spent mother to kiddies. How "quality time" relates to simians I do not know.

I mentioned that Buffalo would find funds necessary to pay its teachers, police, etc. That happened. They are going to rob Peter to pay Paul. The net effect will be to oil the gears of inflation. It cannot be avoided. The muds demand that we feed them, as their 'right', and the palefaces appear to feel they have an obligation to do so. That's how disasters come about.

As one surveys our increasing domestic mess, which is far more interesting than blowing up poor countries on the other side of the globe, I am amazed that so many are blind to its obvious racial aspect. But perhaps they do know, but to mention the real problem might invite the hangman's noose. People steeped in fear have already forfeited their right to exist.

With Zionist jews controlling the "right" and Marxist jews controlling the "left", all I can say is that again the "forged" Protocols have it dead on.
Friday, May 9, on the AMC channel at 8:55 PM Central time, you will be able to see "They Live". Will you be able to spot the alien jew? I think the presentation will be edited as the last scene in the video has a blonde 'feminist humping' a Black alien. (Feminist humping is where the female is in the top side driver's seat. That this only happens in the perverted human groups, cleanly demonstrates the unnaturalness of it.)
Don't forget that Nature is Nazi, and She won't be fooled. Time is on our side. The parasites seem to know this, for their behavior is more frenzied and desperate.
The great Chinese philosopher, Fu King, has defined "un-American". It's anyone who tells FAEM they have no right to express opinions or views which they don't like.

Anyone who denies the First Amendment should leave the U.S.A. for places like Canada where he can feel safe from the thoughts of others, and be kosher at the same time.

Why visit Mexico so you can enjoy the Cinco de Mayo celebrations? Many former American cities have their own, like Eric's Yakima. If your city is left out, be patient, Mexicans are on the way.
Eric told me of a penis enlargement method used by some Blacks in Rhodesia. They fasten a heavy rock on the end and leave it there. He saw one fellow whose knees were raw from the rock slapping against them as he walked.
I saw an odd new waitress at the local mestizo greasy spoon. If asked where her roots were, she'd probably say "Everywhere." From black beady eyes to hooked nose and one lip fatter than the other, she resembled a character out of Star Wars. Her skin was gray-brown while her hair was straight and brown. Her shoulders were wider than her hips, as an added attraction.

As race-mixing continues, we are seeing more and more disharmonic blondes – those with brown eyes. In a few more years of this, most people will resemble one of Picasso's nightmares. He was another sick jew, BTW, hailed as a genius – by other jews, of course.

A city of 100,000 might have 100 police officers. Out of the 100,000 there are probably 40,000 stout hearted men. If one day these 40,000 decided they had enough of their "police protection", they could change things in about an hour. The numbers illustrates one thing. Government exists by sufferance – the consent of the people. It is not some entity dropped from the clouds to direct our lives. If the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, mean little to you, then why do you call yourself American?

Police officers are mercenaries. They do what they do for money, pensions and a feeling of power. Cut off their pay and you'll see how dedicated they really are.

Our niggerball players are also mercenaries. They play, not for your city, but for money and pussy. In fact, it would be rare for one of them to be from your city. "Your team" is yours only as long as you pay them more than the next city. They have no allegiance to you or your city. That's what mercenaries are.

When I look at the several photos of "our troops", why do I see so many Mexicans and Chinese? Are these Americans? You say that giving someone the label "American", and then handing him a paper that says he's naturalized, changes him from a bad guy to a good guy? If that is so, then why did "good guy" Americans seem to have been involved in the Trade Towers disaster?

The only time the lion will lie down with the lamb, is when the lamb is inside the lion's stomach. God set this order in motion and supplied the actors. To seek a world where lions eat ivy and little lambs eat ivy too, is to tell God He didn't know what he was doing – wouldn't you say?

The highest Darwin Awards are always given posthumously.

I see that many web sites are championing Ernst Zündel but I'd like to note that he personally will never see any money from a "defense fund". That will go into other pockets and the way this nonsense is playing out, I'd bet that many blighters will soon have cream cheese all over their faces. It's beginning to look like an ADL operation. I'd love to be wrong. We'll see.

A scoundrel serving a righteous cause makes him no less a scoundrel. The blightwing fails to recognize this.
I suspected the below was a form letter and an alert FAEM reader clued me in —

 "13 year old American" my ass,  (please forgive me for the less than polite greeting! ;o) Since "Wiesenthal" is about to retire, some ambitious kikester is looking to replace him and he or her is out on a fishing expedition, or just the usual ADL busybody. See letter to David Irving! http://www.fpp.co.uk/Letters/Auschwitz/Melanie040503.html I tremendously enjoy your site and honest commentary. Visit many times daily to learn and confirm my own perception of the goings on in our tiny world and what every straight thinking white should be very, very aware of by now. Best regards, and please keep it up"
I know that many schools are getting their kiddies to poke computer keys and gawk at 'hate' sites. They are then directed to give a talk on hate in America. I guess reading, writing and arithmetic are too fascist for them. Here's a letter I just received –

<> What proof for the gas chambers? I AM a thirteen-year-old American. I'm doing a report about you and was wondering if you could answer this question for me.

The question is, "What is one of the reasons that you say that the Jews are making up that the Gas Chambers ever were used?"

I would greatly appreciate if you could answer me by May 6th. Thank you very much for your time. <>
Now, most students can be expected to view a site, gasp for air, and then write some unresearched diatribe condemning "hate", "anti-Semitism", and little green men from UFOs. But, there are always a few who actually like to think for themselves, thus demonstrating the failure of Marxist education.  My response to this, I hope serious, query is found at – http://www.faem.com/links/melody.htm

It's Orwell time. A "hero" is defined as (1) a blighter in jail, (2) one with AIDS or (3) someone who surrenders to an enemy.
Although it is still not very widely taught, the truth about Pearl Harbor is available 60 years after the fact. One might wonder what the American people would have done if this were broadcast instead of that barrage of lies. Would the truth have really made a difference or are people mostly sheep following the sheep in front of them? The internet allows us access to the truth of matters as they unfold but truth or lies, it appears that no one does much other than view it all as entertainment – a break from the usual games and porno fare. 
I wonder if the honkey has noticed how "American" is being redefined. The term is getting more non-White by the year. 
What sort of female critter would drop her six week old infant in a day-care center? As I was driving through Fayetteville, I noticed on the outskirts a sign saying that the "Pleasant Child" disease commune accepts children as young as that. 
It appears that we might not be on the Titanic. It seems to be shaping up more like the USS Maine. 
Although now a collectors' item, the "wanted" poster the Zud had printed up with Eric's face on it, does serve to reflect on those whoopee days of the 1980s at 206 Carlton Strasse in SARSland north of Lake Ontario. Eric was accused of non-violently appropriating $10,000 of the Zud's monthly donations. As it turned out, his married jewish mistress "accidentally" discovered the missing money, but Eric had already left leaving a note that it was a "parting of the ways". If Eric really wanted to steal unaccounted for money, he was often given that chance on his routine journeys to the bank sometimes with $20,000 in cash. Eric was an American citizen and could have easily kept going one way across the border. The warming bit of irony is the Zud is now being partially axed for a book he didn't write – The Hitler We Loved and Why. This became court evidence after one of those court circuses we came to love and expect. The Zud received $100,000 as the author of that book from a will left by a wealthy Boston attorney.  He never even gave one thank-you to the man who really wrote it – Eric Thomson. As I often repeat – character is everything. As it stands, the Zud is now being punished for things he did not do. Perhaps it's the way of the gods to even the score after years of unsavory behavior. 
When one subjects himself to the speech of a simian, he should try and imitate those sounds when he departs. You'll see that the pronunciation always follows the path of the least muscle work. Consonants are often changed when they appear at the end of a word, such as 'start' which comes out as 'star'. 'They are' and 'there is' end up sounding as 'theys'. "Theys no mussard on da table," and , "Theys only us." Pay attention to your tongue's behavior when you say "the" followed by "da". You'll see what I mean.

One sound is often used for different nouns. 'Hole', 'whore', and 'hoe' all have the same sound so a comment such as, "Theys a 'ho' in da 'ho'", could mean several unrelated things. Apparently the people who talk this way aren't sure of what they are saying because every third sentence is "'No' wha' ah'm sayin'?"

As the honkey becomes more simian in his behavior, we can expect a continuation in the lack of understanding between "can" and "may", and "less" and "fewer". How often do we hear "I have less marbles than does Diana."?

A distinguishing mark of life forms is the complexity of their communication. The more intricate, and sophisticated it is, the more intelligent the animal. Yes, Helen, we are indeed on a down slide in the direction of the grunting savage. The Vedda of India only have 3 numbers in their marvelous system. One, two, and more. That surely simplifies things. 

It's ladies' night! Circles have been around ever since the sun was invented. Way back in 400-200 BC, give or take a week, the Greeks (not to be confused with present day inhabitants of that area) started doodling with the mathematical properties of nearly everything they could sketch. Archimedes was a prime figure at that time. Since Egypt was just across the pond, some of those ideas were used there in a practical manner. The Egyptians (also not to be confused with present day inhabitants of that area) never got interested in the theoretical aspects as did the Greeks. It is quite likely that these extraordinary people could have developed more if they had a better system of handling calculations. This reminds me of the fact that in 1910, enough was known about internal combustion engines to develop very high speed designs if there were in existence metals capable of withstanding the stress and strain. At the time, 2000 RPM was considered "high". Be that as it may, the Greeks went into a slump; took a hike from thinking or perhaps were hampered by affirmative action. Their ideas didn't take a slow boat but were picked up by the Arabs and Hindus, then on into China, thus giving rise to their small contributions. Egypt took readily to race-mixing and eventually produced the do-nothing mulatto state which it is today.

About 200 BC, Apollonius was busy with the problem of finding circles simultaneously tangent circles to 3 given, and separate, other circles. A little doodling will show there are 8 such circles for any set of 3 others. Mathematicians have been working on this problem since the day of its dawning and I understand that there are, so far, about 20 solutions. Please note that there are about 400 proofs of the Pythagorean theorem. This comes about because of mathematicians and their one-upmanship mind set. Reinventing the wheel seems to be a major part of their work.

Euclid and Newton wrote on what is now called the Apollonius Problem. This was during the heyday of European thinking, 16-17th centuries AD. The Black Death managed to rid Europe of most of its bottom feeders and jews were told to scat. In such a better environment, great things were accomplished. Anyway,  Descartes had a pupil named Elizabeth Casey whose father was Professor Frederick V. John Casey of Dublin. This woman was the first person to offer an analytical solution to the problem of Apollonius, thus proving how women were being "held down" even then. (As Instauration clearly established, all societies, except White, never accepted women as the equal of men. That's why  the women's 'lib' groups are saturated with jewesses and muds.)

Recent research now indicates that many of the ancient Greek ideas may have drifted east from the land of the Kelts.

Sorry folks! My ISP called and said there was a slight problem with my out-going email. He said he'd fix it. Later he called and said that probably 27 out-going email vanished. I don't know what he meant but one woman wrote back to say she never received what I had assumed I had sent. Who knows?

The twaddle about Zündel having another go around with "justice" is just that. The hand was dealt long before he was picked up at his palatial estate in Tennessee. Money sent to a "defense fund" won't change things and neither will 'protests' and other gatherings of people with silly notions in their heads. Get real. Justice is only a variety of wishful thinking. This is pure, corrupt, power politics.

The insanity marches on. In Buffalo NY, where the finances just went thud, they are having a baked goods sale for the purpose of bailing the city out. How many cakes must you sell to come up with $30,000,000? The sheeple are scurrying about making their bleating sounds but I can safely say the problem will be solved by turning on the spigot of inflation. 
When you take a dimwit and educate him in Marxist ways, you get a dangerous dimwit. He then becomes a rabid follower of anyone who gives the order to kill. A patriot is one who stands BY THE COUNTRY and not merely OBEDIENT TO THE GOVERNMENT. Patriots oppose corrupt governments. It appears quite popular today to accuse others, with whom you do not agree, of being traitors and scum bags, and so on. Perhaps such name-callers should think a bit about the Declaration of Independence, if they are indeed capable of rational thought, for it clearly distinguishes between a people, country and the government. Here's a revealing sentence.

"That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

In response to the prune-brains who never have an intelligent thing to say other than "... if you don't like America, leave it..." I could remind that "...the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it..." implies that those who love America, remain in America, and clean out the crap. Our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson, recommended a revolution every 20 years. Was he a "traitor"? Did anyone tell him to "..love it or leave it..."? Here's Eric's slogan:

If you love America, don't leave it.

Zud news. Zündel has been officially tarred as being a security threat to Canada and will soon be seeing his fatherland, as Eric predicted long ago. Ingrid, Angrid, Sarah, Ina, or whaterever, is asking donors to place her name on the $5000 checks which are supposed to be for Ernst's benefit. Are you catching on yet? EZ is NOT a White supremacist, Nazi, or danger to anything, as the jackals of the news love to repeat. HE NEVER WAS! His downfall came because he chose to tweak the jews' noses without having an organization supporting him, even after he was given a warning to stop.. That naughty ego trashes people all of the time. His glands propelled him into beds where she shouldn't have been. It's an old story.

Speaking of White supremacists, the only criteria necessary is to be a paleface. A National Socialist says that this isn't enough. Previously, Rhodesia was ruled by inferior White people. Inferior to many superior Blacks in that land. A 'supremacist', if he wishes to stick to accepted definition, believes his group should be in the driver's seat. Supreme is not the same as being of better quality. NS wants to build better people and that's a distinction one should keep in mind. (There are many "supreme" rock stars but they are all low lifes.)

Of all the goofs running for prez elect in 2004, it appears that Lyndon LaRouche is #1, so far, in the number of contributions and #3 in the amount of money collected. Perhaps Americans are getting tired of the past scams where both major candidates were Zionists who agreed. Alas, Lyn is a democrat and even if elected, I'd suspect all of the non-White programs would still be in place. Jews control the LaRouche steamship, in case you wanted to ask. 
PAY THOSE TAXES!! Be patriotic. Spend your money on everything except America. Our ZOG is dumping $15 BILLION of YOUR money fighting AIDS in Africa.

As more people lose their jobs, and more facilities being moved to Asia, we are told the economy is improving. Sis just called me and said the teachers, police, etc., and so forth, in Buffalo NY, were told they received their last paychecks – the larder is empty. Also, it was announced that property taxes will probably go up 10%.

Of course, people will receive more paychecks but the pay will come from taxes for ZOG doesn't have one dime which they haven't previously snatched from the boobs. When it becomes dangerous to raise taxes, the $$ printing presses will start to roll and that's spells inflation which is now becoming apparent even to the most brain-washed.

Patience has its rewards and character is everything.

About 8 years ago, I was at a local gathering of politicos who were throwing their support to a Mz. P. She was about 28, blonde and rather good-looking. The men drooled and the women were glad "they" were going to be represented by this feminist straight from warming motel bed sheets. She was nominated, and later elected. As I left the meeting, one prominent fellow asked me what I thought of their selection. Being a very polite, and shy person, I replied, "She's a piece of shit." That wasn't what Dale Carnegie would have done but I never did like having a brown nose.

Today, the papers are full of the "disappointment" concerning this frump and how she's managed to shaft the voters who elected her. As gramps used to say, "A jackass doesn't have to give a speech so you can decide what sort of critter it is."

Eric and I predicted years ago that, as the crunch deepens, look for more and more jews to move to "our" side and claim they were always with us. They'll even try to convince that they are White, that is, "good jews". Do not be deceived for when the wind was blowing in the other direction, they were not "one of us." See the video The Sweet Jew if you want a historical refresher on this two-edged chameleon. When Rhodesia was White governed, the jews were "White". After the Black take-over, they were no longer that color. Observe and LEARN. 
Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation has announced layoffs and movement of some operations to India. New York State has all ready moved some of its computer related activity there. I was in a restaurant where a few honkies were bitching out loud. One irate middle-aged woman yelled, "F--- the government!" A few others grumbled about this latest ZOG-approved move. As I was leaving, I paused and said, "This new screw is not surprising. You White folks voted to give your country away. What did you expect?" 
NEWSFLUSH: Mestizo advocacy groups are happy because Washington's Chinese Governor Locke has approved in-state subsidized tuition for "undocumented immigrants" who have lived for 3 years illegally in the U.S.A. Out-of-state tuition is around $10,000 higher than subsidized in-state tuition for state residents. No space nor money for you, Whitey.

Obviously, we are getting the government we pay for. If "diversity" is so great, why can't it pay its own way? No, we are paying to have "diversity" IMPOSED upon us, by ZOG!

The team = Insane Zionist Christians.
The cheerleaders = Insane Zionist Jews.
The opponents = Any poor nation incapable of defending itself.
The spectators = Anyone tired of watching niggerball and Howard Stern.
My youngest sister reports that the city of Buffalo NY will run out of funds within the week. They no longer have money to pay teachers, police, etc. The city appealed for a $30,000,000 loan from the state, which is also broke, and was turned down. It will be interesting to see what all becomes of this. Is it time to turn on the printing presses and make $1000 bills instead of $1 bills? After all, the cost of ink, paper and labor remains the same. Why not have Greenspan issue $1,000,000 to each citizen? Then we could lay claim to being the only country where everyone is a millionaire.

The country is over-taxed with welfare parasites who vote. Get it? THEY VOTE! And guess what they vote for? Cutbacks? Austerity budgets? Ho, ho, ho and a bottle. Even the working dodo wants lower taxes and more Medicare plus "better" schools. Talk about idiots burning the bridges they are standing on.

The Iraqi people are apparently not interested in being ruled by a foreign occupation government. This is difficult for the American boob to understand. The reason being they live under a Zionist Occupation Government and appear to love it.
Enough jabber.
Why wear it to death as would some gossiping harpy?

Ernst Zündel is a German nationalist who prefers not to live in the country he claims to love. He is neither a racist, White supremacist or a criminal. He left Germany because he did not want to be drafted into the military. That's why he emigrated to Canada because the US had a draft at that time. With an uncle named Isadore Meyer, he can hardly be expected to be behaviorally anti-jewish. He housed Black people in his home and found no difficulty in physically embracing the females. He championed homosexuals and allowed AIDS carriers to wander about his house. He was a pacifist looking for an easy way to obtain shekels. He had a jewish mistress and the odds are that his present "Mennonite" wife is also a jewess. After WWII, hundreds of jews in the Ukraine found it useful to become Mennonites, as many do when they become Catholic, or whatever. A good share of these so-called Mennonites ended up in Paraguay and later on, in Israel where they "discovered", like Sen. Kerry and Madalaine Albright, that they were jews after all. It is also highly likely that wife #3 lied on her application for American citizenship. Her background, beyond the silly tear-jerking fiction contained in her books, is very sketchy where she apparently has enjoyed being known under several names.

The Zud made it very plain that he headed no organization, intended to head no organization, and his main effort concerned only that which he frequently defined with the statements, "I am the cause!", "Send ME money.", "Leave ME in your will." If you jumped on his bandwagon believing something different, then that was your problem. He made it quite plain what he was doing with your money. In this respect, he certainly was not dishonest. Anyway – "enjoy!" as the jews say – it's your money.

You might find this worthwhile ==>  http://www.sendemback.org 
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As US mercenary troops begin shooting unarmed protesters, it sho' do look likes weez all jews now.
Just as there are many Catholics who are jews, so are there Mennonites who are jews. Right Sarah?
Usher's disease
is a hereditary disease which renders the victims blind and deaf eventually, but usually at birth. People so afflicted are willingly having children where the outcome is predictable. One would certainly not call such people problem-solvers. They are problem-makers who must be supported by society as a whole. Millions are now being spent upon such creatures whose hearts are so cold and full of selfishness, that they knowingly pass their affliction upon their next generation. We are creating through misguided charity, and insane 'tolerance', a growing class of useless eaters. I believe we are at a point where the problem-solvers can no longer support such parasites many of whom are enjoying a standard of living exceeding that of the working man. China does not have such a problem for they tolerate no useless eaters. 
Suppose Germans were invading the country as the Mexicans now are. Suppose our texts books used Hans and Helmut where they are now using Julio and Juan. Suppose labels and other material were being written in German and street corner conversations were increasingly in German. Would the American dodo object or just stand and gawk as they are now doing relative to the hispanics? 
The Zud was extremely useful to the jews. Well-heeled poor judges of character sent him bushels of money but more important where those rare books and other information detailing the enormity of anti-German propaganda, and lies, directed towards the German people during WWI and WWII. Zudhaus was a repository of some of the most unique information available relative to the holohoax and attempted extermination of the German people. He was bequeathed Dr. Lindsey's valuable computer disk records with the direction to copy them and distribute them far and wide. A severe character flaw prevented the Zud from honoring promises or allowing anything beyond picayune amounts of information to be shared. He was no friend of White people. He simply sat on some of the most worthwhile material known, save what the jews have stockpiled, and much dealing with Allied war crimes. All of this, or nearly so, went up in smoke and what wasn't burned was destroyed by water. This ended his usefulness and the chapter had ended. What follows from this day on will be revealed at the end of the current side show. It appears that the delay serves to allow Zudess #3 time to secure her hold on the loot. The web site will disappear and Germany will have a new guest whose health will be reported as being very poor. It's the same old story with different characters. The day in the sun is meeting the night. 
El Presidente wants to see that our taxes are reduced. Perhaps we should give up this "cashless society" way of doing things and go back to cash. In this way, if people fudged on reported income, wouldn't this be a way of reducing income taxes?

As more and more criminal citizens write useless checks, and credit card fraud mounting, I doubt if cash will ever disappear. In fact, it has been my experience that more and more people are demanding cash, except, of course, those who depend upon fraud as a means of living.

As AZA is catching on in places not inhabited by the American blightwing, we are in need of a symbol better than the "just say no" Start of David. Each time one uses this symbol, he has to explain its meaning. This is not to anyone's benefit. Since the hexagram usually means 'jew' to everyone, it doesn't convey the idea that Zionism is far more than a slew of jews. We're waiting for you bright young men to help out here. 
Ain't communication wunnerful? Connection to the Internet was first through the home utility called telephone lines. Later, another utility connection, TV cable, was used. Now I understand that the electrical power lines might be used as a connection. After that, I guess the next to be used would be the gas lines. In this case it could be called the "kosher connection". 
A group of people, sporting weapons, shouting "White Power", and crawling through the trees near Outback ID, is realistically described as being irrelevant. If they did the same thing on the outskirts of Bulawayo Zimbabwe, they would be relevant and then met with hostile guns.

I have mentioned before, that if elections really changed things, they would be made illegal. The amazing thing I find is that people continue to vote for scoundrels who have no intention of filling anything except their own pockets. Other than repairing a few potholes in the streets, what really significant change has any of our elections ever brought about? Everything we complain about was put into place beyond the reach of an election so what makes anyone think that an election will change things?

Rockwell was more than the people really deserved and when he became too much of a nuisance, he was shot. MLK was far more useful as a martyr, to those interested in destroying the White race and their society, than he was as a loud mouth, child seducer and superficial Communist.

If the exercise of the First Amendment ever became relevant, it would soon vanish along with those who seemed to think it had value. The F.A. exists only with the permission of ZOG's guns. So far, all of our Internet whooping and cussing, is irrelevant since it has changed none of ZOG's planned direction. This fact ZOG uses to "prove" that the F.A. is still a feature of our society. Political correctness is simply peer pressure to stifle what ZOG does not approve of, but if that is shown to be ineffective, then the F.A. will vanish as did the dodo bird.