13 May 2003 – This was the last page.
Since the Ashkenazi jews don't look Semitic, because they aren't – for turd's sake! – blightwingers refuse to believe they are jews. Jews control the idiot – let's blow off steam and we'll feel better – talk shows and anyone spending time criticizing Hal Turner, for example, is probably another jew making noise. This leads the blightwing to assume that the critic is not a jew. To the defeated blightwing – they lost 50 years ago and still haven't recognized it – anyone up front enough to show they are standing in manure, is regarded as one who "destroys unity". There is no White unity among so-called pro-White "organizations". They compete for dollars and play King in the Castle – while the jews laugh their asses off at the circus. Nothing of which I see will defeat the jews except the jews themselves. The blightwing is known for the muds and jews which claim to be their spokesmen. Basic biology: Fat lips = nigger in the woodpile. Since this obviously can include someone's hero, then I will be denied. A pro-White person is not necessarily a White person. That's a lesson many simply cannot ever learn.

As the population becomes darker, more and more will be considered White.

Marxist indoctrination starts the first time a mom tells a child that it MUST share things. This destroys the concept of private property as well as does taking toys away, or denying their use, as a form of punishment. Treating a child as the equal of a parent destroys faith in the parent because the child knows they are not equal. Allowing a child to have equal say in the use of property, or even what's on the table, teaches it that it has 'rights' relative to that which it didn't supply. This sort of upbringing has led to the foundation of the welfare mentality even among those employed. The main instrument here is the mother. Many men, long ago, turned their backs upon responsibility by welcoming 'equality' which allowed them to ease their burden relative to society. About 50% of our children are raised in one parent non-families. If the girl wasn't valuable as a future mother and wife, then you should have kept your zipper closed. No matter how pregnancy came about, it's the male's duty to become a husband and father. Many White men today appear to be no more responsible than hobos.
What the f--- is stress management? If you are loaded with stress, I'd think you'd want to get rid of it, not create more stress by trying to manage the bouncing screws in your head.
I frequently get email from fellows who are a tad despondent concerning their loss of a job. My youngest daughter is getting the employment hassle by some borderline muds and the only reason I suspect is that she has a peaches and cream complexion, since she scored top grade on the qualifying exam. She called me and said she always remembered what I told her when she was eight, or so, "Don't let the bastards wear you down. Keep kicking."

My dad was married during a short-lived upturn in the economy. That was a time when the missing of one installment payment on anything would see it repossessed without an apology. He'd lost his job and couldn't find another, so the payments on the new refrigerator loomed large. He was given notice that it was to be repossessed the next morning. Dad left the house and stood at the corner, his eyes towards his feet. All was lost, it seemed.

A fellow came up to him and introduced himself. "Remember me Monty? I'm the fellow you gave that money to years ago when I was in a bad slump. Since then, things have been great and I would like to return that money to you at this time." The refrigerator stayed.

No one knows the future and to toss in the towel over an unknown is something none of us can afford. If the gods decide to nail our tired butts, then at least we should say good-bye with our boots on, and standing upright giving the middle-finger salute.

I didn't know that! :o)

"Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews... The Mongolian type of idiocy is also very frequently observed among Jews... Among the Jews the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large... Jews are more liable to acute psychoses of early age than are non-Jews." (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. VI, (1904),p. 556, 603-04).

"The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among the Jews have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical." (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX, (1905), p. 225).

Robertsez – This is not surprising as race-mixing always produces flotsam and jetsam. The nice thing is that most of the wacky jews are never confined to asylums. They become psychiatrists who view sanity as a form of dementia and charge the goyim big bucks to be told they are looney. Others get elected, and appointed, to high positions in the government. If you can handle that tidbit, then you'll be able to see the direction of this failed Republic.

The bottom question is, who are the more crazy? The jews or the morons who allow them to direct their lives?

A reader sez – "What David Irving didn't seem to understand is that whenever there is a trial involving a jew and a Gentile, it's the Gentile and by extension, Gentile society, which is on trial, not the jewish defendant. The same applies to the "OJ" case where it was White society on trial and not "OJ". That's why White activists who think they can use the courts to their advantage like jews and their colored auxiliaries do, are sadly mistaken."
Another satisfied reader sez– "Every once in a while I tune into Bill O'Rielly of "no spin zone" fame. This bought and paid for Zionist stooge always churns my stomach. I usually wind up yelling at the jewtube but tonight's show I was cheering. It seems Bill has a poll on his web site. Vote to decide if some high school in Georgia should allow white students to have there own prom (simians excluded). Apparently the word got out on some of the pro-white web sites and po' Billy boy was pissed that "Nazis" had skewered the poll results which showed that most people were in favor of the all white prom. Jew toady Bill had to block all kinds of ISP's to get the semitically correct results for a new poll which showed about a 60-40 result against whites excluding monkeys. Bill spent a good 5 minutes ranting and raving about those "evil Nazis" screwing up his poll. Ahh... Robert, I busted a gut laughing. This scumbag O'Rielly doesn't have a clue what's coming... or maybe he does, hence his tirade. To coin a phrase: "Nature is a Nazi"."
If this is a "free" country then how come White people are not free to chose whom they wish to associate with? Jews, and others, can have their clubs but if Whitey wants his exclusive club, then ZOG busts it up and requires admission to people who are not welcome.

Were the Germans allowed to vote on whether niggers and Turks should infest their lands? Of course not and to call that land a democracy is brazen to a kosher degree.

Iraqi "freedom" will be little other than a useless election between ZOG approved candidates reminiscent of the Republican Democrat comedy we Americans love and cherish.

Often I listen to the wonderful music compositions of Norway's Edvard Grieg. If you are a fan of nigger drug ugh, holler, and thump, then you out to lunch on this one. Anyway, Grieg's family was from Scotland. Norway was their adopted country and the original family name spelling was Greig.
We are told (by the jews) that the human (whatever that is) brain is an "empty slate" upon which anything can be written. This is the axiom for every bit of equality insanity in existence. In spite of the fact that brains are physically different in appearance between the races, we are asked to believe that form, color, convolutions, size, and such, have absolutely no effect.

Brains are not empty slates. Agreed that there are basic survival items governed by the brain such as heart beat, and other controllable necessities beyond the reach of voluntary direction. An infant comes with a variety of conscious "desires" such as putting food into its mouth, sucking, making noises, and so on. An infant has an impulse to walk and needs no model to imitate. It will walk even though the only humans it observes are parents in wheelchairs. The baby sees something and may attempt to grasp it. The fingers are observed and little by little conscious, and connected control, is learned. The infant also will attempt to imitate the sounds it hears, especially those of its parents. This is the basis for future communication. If the infant is fed a variety of silly noises, as air-headed moms are prone to issue, the young one grows up trying to imitate those, plus any standard words, in its attempt to communicate. It's brain is thus confused. "Baby talk" stifles the development of a baby's ability to communicate but such parents probably aren't worth the bother to communicate with in the first place.

We learn mostly from experience. We drop an anvil on our foot and we learn something very readily. The wise fellow would learn by watching someone else drop an anvil on their foot. Kiddies soon learn about "hot" when their fingers get singed. Moms today don't want their kids to learn such things for they want "safety" and therefore outfit little Petey with asbestos gloves. Pete might be safe from injury, from handling hot embers, but the only thing he'd experience is the feel of asbestos. Even a lioness has more smarts than a typical American mom because it allows its cubs to experience the nasty side of a porcupine, but not that of a hyena.

There are all sorts of things we will never experience and so we resort to the tales of others and read the books of others. Here we enter the domain of absolute trust. Is that fellow telling the truth? Is that history book a true account? How would you find out? Are you really interested in truth or is "learning" some sort of pleasant feel-good game we play?

Assume that you studied the book, Life in Phlogistonia, and got an "A" in the course. This demonstrates that you possessed a good knowledge of that book, but why would that indicate that you gained truth? Have you ever thought about that? How much of your life is dependent upon believing what you possess is truth?

The "equal brain" hypothesis allows a society to disregard outward appearance as indicative of anything. We take to our bosoms a very primitive, ape-like, race and teach them how to behave as we do. Since they act like us, this lends support to the "blank slate" hypothesis. But, are things really as they seem? When wildebeests swim the river, it's not the early bird who gets the worm, but the early wildebeest who becomes dinner for the equal opportunity crocodiles. The Johnny-come-lately wildebeests only encounter docile, strange looking, logs.

Tammy, your friendly pussy cat, when outside the human environment, will become the vicious carnivore it really is. The same with dogs. Horses, once released into the wild, quickly lose their veneer of cooperative creatures. In Africa, we see that Blacks are drifting back to cannibalism, torture, spook beliefs, goat corking, and a way of life conducive to mass starvation and disease. What happened to the writing on their "blank slates"?

The crocodile with a full stomach will not bother you while swimming in the river. One never has to worry about a well-fed bear raiding your camp's pantry. Is it a wise practice to assume that the hordes of Blacks enjoying White man's prosperity, and generosity, will still cling to the writing on their "blank slates" if things become unsettled? Can we afford that chance? You might like to gamble. I certainly won't.

A former student stopped by and said he discovered why there are so many jews telling us what the world is like. He said it was because they were so smart. "And which jew did you learn that from?", I asked.

As the conversation continued, I added, "If the jews are so smart then why is it that they cannot maintain self-sufficiency in their stolen state of Israel instead of being a massive burden upon the working people of the United States?" Without outside aid, Israel, like all Black countries, would dry up and disappear once the handouts ended. Is the inability to feed one's own kind an indication of intelligence?

I must have gone to a bizarre high school. There were about 12, or so, jews in my class and not one came close to being called smart. In the sciences, it appeared that northern European types dominated the upper slots. Most of those jews, Richardson, Chernof, Hirsh, etc., went on to capture influential positions. Was this due to their brilliance or their "kosher connection" to people already in power?

In olden days, milk used to be delivered right to your door. Horse drawn wagons were used even though there were motor driven trucks available. The reason was not hard to discover. First, a dairy farm was free range with acres of room. From this space, a horse could also be fed thus requiring the purchase of nothing to this end. More important was the fact that horses easily learned delivery routes which is something which eludes most inner city equals. They'd stop, the driver would step off, deliver the milk, and off they'd go again. Horses never ran into trees or each other.

There was one drawback. People often complained about the "horse balls" in the street. Although the birds benefited from the undigested seeds, it wasn't long before public opinion called a halt to the method.

On occasions, we notice that a few dogs would stop and eat some of the manure. This always puzzled us for most dogs did little other than sniff a time or two. Excrement is not food for dogs or people even though some beetles, worms and flies make good use of it. There must be a reason why some dogs eat manure.

Years later, I discovered that dogs which ate excrement were actually physically sick. Their diets were out of kilter as are the diets of that group of morons called "veggies".

The memory of this was spurred by a query from a traveler in Europe who said he saw many White females consorting, and fondling, Afro-apes in public. "Why would they do this?", he asked. Why do some dogs eat shit? It's because they are sick but not quite as sick as women who would consciously destroy their race.

There is no such thing as platonic love – idealistic love – in the nignog psyche. Any Black in the company of any woman, for more than one get-together, is "doing her". Blacks, as I was told by more than one prison guard, are cocks with two feet.

As Eric, or anyone else familiar with Black behavior knows, Blacks prefer the perversion called sodomy over normal relations. Notice how many rapes are reported as "raped and sodomized". Faggots are another bunch who prefer to dip their wands into the bottom of outhouses. Excrement attracts sick dogs and sick people.

Has it prompted your questioning of the race-mixing ads that it's nearly always a male simian and a female honkey? How come there aren't an equal number of such ads showing a honkey male fondling the breasts of a Black female? One might conclude, and rightly so, that the female mind is considerably weaker, and more pliable, than the true guardians of the race – the male.

The most inexperienced minds are those of children. That's why the ads concerning cereals – bird and herbivore food – are geared to attracting the kiddies. Toys, prizes, funny pictures, and other ruses are used. Remember the ad where a White toddler is shown playing with a Black toddler – "See, they don't know the difference." This is so blatantly illogical that anyone caught thinking it means something profound, should be nailed to the first shuttle going up.

Cereals do have some value providing they never go beyond hydrated, or rolled, oats, wheat, barley or rye. A box of Quaker Oats contains only one ingredient – oats. What sort of bargain is that? As long as the gullible public remains convinced that adding vitamins and minerals to polystyrene granules constitutes "enriched food", they will have to suffer the long-term effects of such craziness. We are told we have the best nutrition in the word but our country has the largest percentage of health problems of any country which claims to have enough to eat.

I was very fortunate to have parents who never allowed their children access to any cereal beyond rolled oats, and puffed, or shredded, grains. Even then, cereals were not treated as staples, but treats. Mom would often toss raw wheat into a pail of water and let it soak overnight. In the morn, she'd cook it up and serve it with whole, raw milk, usually fresh from the cow. Adults in our family had breakfasts of ham, eggs, and potatoes. It must have ruined their health for rare was the visit to a doctor and most died between 88 – 97 years of age and always after a very short period of incapacity. Uncle Karl was still riding a motorcycle at age 92, and quite well, I might add. He was no Alzheimer's club member.