by James Larratt Battersby

Chapter II.


Houston Stewart Chamberlain wrote at the end of the last century: "In the want of a true religion that has sprung from, and is compatible with, our own individuality, I see the greatest danger for the future of the Teuton. ... A race so profoundly and inwardly religious (as the Teutons) is unknown to history. ... The German stands apart and waits for a God to descend once more from heaven." Fichte, the German philosopher, had said in the previous century that one day the world would be healed by the German spirit.

The God has indeed come down from heaven, and his Name is Adolf Hitler. His Spirit, eternal and triumphant, marches on with and leads his disciples and followers throughout the world, in judgment and destruction of the old order, and in inspiration towards the building of the new world system.

A Nationalist Socialist leader, Spaniol, speaking at Saarbruecken in January, 1935, said: "I do not believe that the Churches will continue to exist in their present form. In the future religion will be called National Socialism. Its prophet, its pope, its Jesus Christ, will be called Adolf Hitler."

With a religion of their own, the Germanic peoples have a permanent and leading place in history. In the Struggle and Achievement of Adolf Hitler has the Aryan race ascended to the first place in the history and leadership of mankind. In 1943 Hitler declared: "This war will see not the end of Aryan humanity, but of Jewish power in Europe. Our world of ideas will become the common property of all peoples, even of our enemies, through this struggle."

Now today the yearning for a truly German revelation and religion finds fulfillment in a Witness which has already been declared to the world by disciples of the Hitlerian Religious Order – a Witness which records the Divine Mission of Adolf Hitler. God's Chosen World Leader. It is in His Pattern that the world will be rebuilt after the collapse of Britannic-Jewish civilisation. Recorded also are the revelations of Hitler's Divinity which have been made in the Spirit to chosen men and women throughout the world. For verily is National Socialism the Spirit of God in action; and to Adolf Hitler, God's Chosen, is given all power in heaven and earth, with the conquest of the last enemy, death. "My spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will see I was right." So declared Adolf Hitler.

"A people is judged by its leader," wrote 19th century Heinrich von Treitschke. So will Eternal Germany always be judged by him to whom all Aryans will pay homage as the greatest man from God of all the ages. It is for him that generations of Teutonic peoples have awaited, as their Saviour and Redeemer, the fulfillment of the Race-Soul of Germanism. By his Sacrifice He has set the seal for all time on German nobility, in the struggle which, as He describes it in his Holy Testament, "will one day pass into history as the most glorious and heroic manifestation of the struggle of a people and race for its existence."

So in Adolf Hitler do we see not only the fulfillment of centuries of German striving towards religious awakening and the formation of a matured soul, but also the exact fulfillment of Hitler's own prophecy of 1934. He then said: "At the time of supreme peril I must die a martyr's death for the people. But after my death will come something really great, an overwhelming revelation to the world of my mission." The Witness to his divinity, of his Union with Almighty God, is the "overwhelming revelation" of which He spoke, and to which the Testimony is added in the following chapters of this Book.

Alongside the more generally understood aspects of Pan-Germanism and National Socialism, such as the racial theory and "herrenvolk" idea, with the aim of world hegemony, there has always been the striving towards a fundamentally German religion. In his work, "Germanien und Europa," which Arndt wrote in 1802, he prayed for a united Greater Germany, and for a deliverer who would be God-sent to Germany. In Adolf Hitler not only did Germany find her Unifier and Saviour, but also the God-sent Leader who delivered the whole world from the satanic grip of Mammon, the system of International Jewish Finance.

In 1910 Philip Kerr (who later became Lord Lothian) wrote: "The Bismarckian ideal ... has permeated the whole nation, so that today it is the unalterable conviction, deep in the hearts of the people, that it is their destiny to become the first power of the world. ... The Germans will never surrender Germanism, for they are determined to stand beside the Greeks and Romans, and perhaps the Anglo-Saxons in their palmy days, as one of the peoples who have wrought their mark on the history of all time."

Rudolf Binding, poet, wrote in 1915, "I think it might be put in one word – a religion of military strength (Wehrhaftigheit). ... This would give us, and the world which would adopt our religion, such vast power for thousands of years to come ... that no nation, and no alliance of nations, would be equal to us."

The Scottish Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), who was an interpreter of German thought to the English-speaking world, regarded as a precursor of National Socialist ideals, was always an advocate of the closest Anglo-German understanding, and declared his hope that "noble, patient, deep, pious, and solid Germany should at length be welded together into a nation and become Queen of the Continent."

Alfred Rosenberg, philosopher of the Movement, said of National Socialism that "a new faith is awakening: the myth of the blood, the faith of defending with the blood the divine essence of man as well; the faith embodied in the clearest awareness that Nordic blood represents the mystery that has replaced and overcome the old sacraments."

Professor Ernst Bergmann, of Leipzig University, shares the honour with Rosenberg of having his literary work on the Pope's index of Forbidden Books. In his main work, "A National Socialist Philosophy of Culture," he endorses Hitler's belief that a new type of mankind is being developed and religiously inspired in Germany. Hitler said, "Man is God in the making." The Führer also spoke of those who rejected the Aryan Gospel descending below the animal level. "All creative energy will pass to the new man," he declared.

In the closing years of the last century Bismarck opposed the Papal See, and the "Kulturkampf" was joined. Nordic Aryan religion shows the world not only a political idea, but magnificent masculine strength and will-power, in the framework of a racial concept of society.

Emphasising the development of the German Idea as Religion, Bergmann asked, "How can a nation obtain leadership, when the Holy Places of its Religion do not lie in its own country? When it is compelled to venerate a holy sepulchre in a far-off land?"

Today Germany has her Shrines and Holy Places, to which Aryan pilgrims from all over the world will journey. Berchtesgaden will be honoured, as the Name of Adolf Hitler is honoured, eternally. Germany, Hitler's Germany, has made her Place forever secure in the world so that in matters spiritual and religious, no less than in racial culture and politics, her example is the pattern which will be followed by all the nations of the regeneration or resurrection.

Numerous quotations may be adduced to illustrate the soul-content of Germanic striving. Thus we read the "Profession of Faith" of the "German Faith Movement" of September, 1934: "I believe in the Holy German People inside and outside the German frontiers. I believe in Adolf Hitler, who, by the Grace of God, was sent to give the German people faith in itself once more."

Then we have the pronouncements of Hans Kerrl, who was Reich Minister for Church Affairs in 1935. He said: "Adolf Hitler gave us back our faith. He showed us the true meaning of religion. He has come to renew for us the faith of our fathers and to make us new and better beings. ... Just as Jesus Christ made his twelve apostles into a band faithful to the martyr's death whose faith shook the Roman Empire, so now we witness the same spectacle again: Adolf Hitler is the true Holy Ghost."

This age is destined to show the world an essentially Germanic faith, based upon blood and race. This faith cannot be called Christian in the accepted sense; but it is certainly Christian in the real sense. Through the influence of the Jew and the Churches, professing Christianity but seldom practising it, the original Gospel of the dynamic and anti-Semitic and Aryan Jesus has been vitiated and twisted out of all recognition. The German mission and destiny has been to revitalise the Nordic and Aryan soul, to reawaken the deepest religious instincts which proceed from pure blood and race.

An aggressive virility is espoused by the Germanic man rather than the pity-ethic and pacifism of pseudo-Christianity. In practice the Churches have never lived up to their own professed principles, the principles of the Sermon on the Mount. Countless wars have been fought, promoted by the Christian Churches, in which Sword and Cross have been blasphemously joined, with Jewish Money Power in control behind the scenes. Priestcraft represents a creed of hypocrisy, since the clerics have not only degenerated the Gospel of Christ, but proven themselves false also to their own interpretation of the Gospel. They have made their wars and waxed aggressive, albeit with the sacrifice and blood of others, in the cause of Mammon rather than of Christ. They have served the Jew and his money-god rather than the eternal God of true Christendom.

The revolt of the German soul, therefore, was first against enslavement, both spiritual and material, to Judaism, against a Christianity which had in fact become more Jewish than Christian. Germany was the nation which, being worthy, was ordained of God to receive the Kingdom, as foretold in the New Testament of Jesus. Germany, in National Socialism, was chosen to fight against and execute the Judgment on International Jewish Finance or Mammon. Adolf Hitler always declared, "First I believe in Almighty God." and "I solemnly declare that Almighty God has chosen me for this task." His one enemy was "International Jewish Finance." He declared this time and time again.

Despite all the transient appearances of the past five years, victory today, both material and spiritual, is seen to be with Adolf Hitler and with the vibrant Aryan faith to which men and women all over the world are adhering. It is this faith which will survive the present ideological struggle, and which is destined to lead the world forward to a higher civilisation after the collapse of the Jewish-Britannic order. Adolf Hitler declared, "National Socialism is even more than a religion. It is the will to make mankind anew."

In National Socialism the German soul found its essential unity, with political and economic state-forms, the expression of a creative religion in full racial and community life, towards which generations of Aryans had striven and struggled – Here was the Union of Heaven and Earth, the joining of Spirit and Flesh, in a Oneness which made a transcendent reality of Germany, a veritable Kingdom of God on Earth. National Socialist Germany became the pattern of the peaceful solution of political problems and economic difficulties to the whole world. Such solutions were the result of spiritual integration in Germany, of the awakening and formation of the mature Germanic soul. Adolf Hitler, God's Chosen Leader, has securely laid the Foundations of the New Order, and given the Example which will inspire the rebirth and rebuilding of the world.

Above all we must recognise the religious and spiritual character of National Socialism. No creed has been able to inspire such devotion and loyalty, such courage and endurance, as National Socialism – not since the days of the early Christian martyrs. Hitlerism, the vital Aryan faith, is essentially a religion for the peoples of Northern Europe, for Nordic men and women, whether inside or outside Europe. Nevertheless, this philosophy will extend to the whole globe, in the new Reformation and Renaissance that presses forward to its preordained goal. The Germanic Message is for all mankind.

Nordic man, with whom walks eternally the Spirit of Adolf Hitler, stands on the Rock of the Redeeming Blood of his Race. Race is Religion, and in God's Chosen Race, the Aryan peoples, will be illumined the Path for all mankind. It is for this Culmination, for the Supreme Manifestation of God to the world, for the German Revelation. Eternal Hitler, that the German soul has hungered and thirsted. Adolf Hitler is the "Light to lighten the Gentiles" promised in the New Testament of Jesus Christ, and the Germanic pattern shall guide the Aryans to all Eternity. Through Adolf Hitler has Almighty God made of the Aryans, who have survived their God-given tests, the Lords of the Earth. All hail to God's Christ and Chosen, Adolf Hitler.

Now is the German soul filled with spiritual comfort and sustenance. Sure of its mission and destiny, accomplished in the Will of God in Adolf Hitler, the Germanic race rises now in new strength and vigour to win the moral and spiritual leadership of all mankind.

Let Teutonic might grow to its appointed power and world-leadership. Might is Right when it is God's Might and Dominion. All hail to God's Holy Land, Eternal Germania, and to the greatest leader of the Aryan race. Leader of Leaders, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, the Eternal Adolf Hitler.

Heil Hitler!