by James Larratt Battersby



The Germans are called and chosen for the leadership of all mankind. In a world in which the Supreme Power of God has been shown in His Chosen, Adolf Hitler, and in which Germany showed her power to withstand attack from all the four corners of the earth, and yet to survive, it is a mathematical certainty that this race will rise now to dominate in the world of ideas and, indeed, to lead the whole of mankind.

All wars, all revolutions, all social movements, are essentially racial movements. It is possible to win a war materially, and yet to lose it because of racial sins. It is thus that Britain and America have lost the war because of their degeneration in blood; and that Germany, Russia and Japan, despite their enormous losses in man power, live now and develop a new greatness.

It matters not what we might name a political system; it is rather the racial content and struggle of a nation that counts above all. It will be with the Nordic-Celtic-Slav concept of a complete Aryanism, redeeming Europe from Jewish-Britannic-American influence, that the leadership of the world will pass to Germany. For today, in 1951, but five years after her sacrifice, Germany wields an immense power, and potentially a vast power that will envelop the world.

An Englishman-born writes this Book, and this chapter. But he is a German by blood, just as the Austrian-born Hitler was German by blood; as also was the Russian-born Rosenberg German by blood. Hitler spoke on October 18, 1933, to a British journalist, and said: "I feel it to be a great misfortune that on August 4, 1914, these two great Germanic nations (Germany and Britain) which, through all the fluctuations of German history, had lived in peace for hundreds of years, were plunged into war. I should be very happy if this unnatural state of things came to an end and our two kindred peoples found their way back to the old relations of friendship." It is blood that counts now as always. This is the supreme reality. England, as part of Germanic Europe, will live even today, though Jewish Britain will die as a result of her terrible sins against blood and race. Germany will emerge as the strongest power in Europe and in the world because only Germany has a world-philosophy or Weltanschauung, National Socialism, which can light the way for the rebirth of mankind.

The immediate political step in Germany will be towards a Peace Treaty which enables Germany to become united, West and East, in sovereign independence of either the Atlantic Pact or possible Eastern hegemony. Already leaders are arising in Germany who call for reuniting the Reich to incorporate only what is "best in National Socialist traditions of service to the German people's community."

The German people are finding very attractive the programme of isolationism. The new German leaders say that Russia is only too ready to accept a united Germany, free from all ties to either the Atlantic or Communist bloc. They believe that this will enable the Russians to concentrate on their main preoccupation, which is the consolidation of their gains in Asia and the protection of their oilfields against the menace of possible American attack. The new German leaders – sometimes called the Neo-Nazi block – seek to lead Europe in shaking off the Atlantic yoke, and to form a third, neutral force, bound neither to East nor West.

The interests of Germany and of all kindred peoples lie, as always, in alliance with strength rather than with weakness. Thus. any future alliance made by Germany should be with Russia, virile and nationalistic, rather than with the decadent democracies. But the initial step is one of a just and favourable Peace Treaty, achieving German unity and independence. Agreement with Russia is far preferable to any arrangement with the present Jewish-capitalist regimes of Britain and America. Germany will take the lead in uniting Western Europe against participation in American "defence" plans. Germany and Western Europe, united as a third and neutral world force, and non-aggressive towards Russia, can and will become the determining factor of world destiny between the hostilities of East and West, between Communism and Capitalism. Aryan or German Socialism is the new World Order.

Bolshevism and Capitalism were united between 1939 and 1945 by International Jewish Finance in the attempt to dominate the world through and for Judaism. Today, that force moves rapidly now towards its own destruction, and both the present initiative and the certainty of future power passes to Aryan Germany. Allied with Aryan Germany are all the forces in every country and continent in the world which see at last that Jewish intrigues have sought the subversion of national aims and economies to the diabolical purposes of Jewish world dictatorship. The interest of all Aryan peoples, indeed of all pure races, whether white, yellow, or black, is to root out from the world the Jewish financial parasites, and to wrest all forms of world power from the Jewish race and its cross-breedings. This is essentially a campaign against the remnant of British imperialism and Wall St. finance, and the tottering structure of International Jewish Mammon. The imminence of World Aryan Power, and the unity of all Socialist nations and continents, is clear. This is the Victory that has been won through the Sacrifice of the Great World Saviour, Redeemer and Deliverer, Adolf Hitler, who always said that his only enemy was International Jewish Finance, and who further declared, "I shall be regarded as the greatest liberator of humanity."

The realities of the present position demand of Germany and of all who are racially allied to her throughout the world a tremendous effort of mind and will towards the attainment of World Aryan leadership. For let no one imagine that the Victory will be achieved without such effort. God has given us, the Aryans of the world, opportunities without parallel in this second half of the 20th century, the German century, and it is now for us to apply ourselves in the example of the supreme dedication to this World Task which was seen in Adolf Hitler.

The writers, Schumacher and Hummel, in their book, "Vom Kriege zwischen den Kriegen. Die Politik des Voelkerkampfes," speak of the war between the wars, and advance the theory that the highest type of military strategy is victory without resort to armed force. The authors of this important book, published in Germany in 1937, advocated a political, psychological and commercial offensive to be undertaken by Germany, as a prelude to the attainment of world power. They referred frequently to Britain and the United States as adversaries, and said that it would be necessary to free the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. The leaders of present-day Germany may learn much from such studies.

In this final struggle with Jewish world philosophy and organisation we Aryans have to develop more strongly than ever before our own international and supranational organisation. We should bear in mind the words of Adolf Hitler, "The day will come when we shall make an agreement with the men of other Aryan nations. Then there will come a union between all of the one, good, ruling race throughout the world."

There should be established without delay a world organization, which might be termed the World Aryan Crusade, countering the World Jewish Congress. In each country we should establish Aryan Truth Societies, with the object of propagating the Weltanschauung or Philosophy of the Germanic way of life. The object of these societies would be beyond mere politics. Rather would they be founded as part of a world-wide religious brotherhood, based upon blood and race, and opposing everywhere the materialism of the Jew with the Aryan cultural concept. Against the collapsing world order of Catholicism, of Freemasonry, and of the Jew who has used these and all social organisations to further his own ends, let the Aryan stand now before the world Proud and radiant in the Divine Truth which rests in him, and secure in the spiritual Power which is given to him from the Risen Saviour and God's Chosen, Adolf Hitler.

The ideas of Oswald Spengler undoubtedly have some relevance in the Present world situation. Spengler believed that Western culture was dying, and that a new civilisation would arise from the East to take its place. Spengler was a prophet of Prussian or authoritarian Socialism. The Nazis translated his thesis into a "Socialism of action." Socialism meaning comradeship, service and duty rather than the class struggle of the half-Jew, Karl Marx.

There is no doubt at all that the interests of Germany in 1951 lie in coming to an understanding and even an alliance with the East rather than with the Western democracies. Indeed, the key to German leadership of the West is to be gained by renouncing the Jewish plutocracy of Britain and America, and by coming to terms, involving spheres of interest, non-conflicting and complementary, with Russia, the Arab countries, India, China, Australasia, and with other countries and continents throughout the world. Russia, of course, is the immediate problem to be met; and the Russian leaders of today and tomorrow would have confidence in coming to agreement with a Germany which steadfastly refused to compromise itself with an Atlantic or similar pact. Germany is today wooed by both West and East; and she is therefore in the strongest position favourably to determine her future by hard bargaining with the other nations.

The actuality of the present situation in the world racially is a pointer to imminent events. The controllers of British and American imperialist policy today are as racially mixed a group of men who ever strode the world stage; and they are predominantly Jewish or of mixed Jewish blood. To the suggestion that Communism is Jewish, the German will reply that British-American democracy is very much more Jewish; and that Communism today is purging itself from Jewish elements, and will progressively do so even more. Future generations of Russians will thank the German for the thoroughness with which he dealt with the Jewish problem and situation in Europe from 1933-45. For assuredly the enemy of all the peoples has been the Jew always; and the Teutonic-Slav alliance of today will represent an alliance of pure races, with clearly defined spheres of influence and power, against the remnants of bastard races and civilisations. Houston Stewart Chamberlain always defined Aryan principles in terms of the combination of Nordic, Celtic and Slav in Europe, which may provide the pattern of Teutonic endeavour in this day and age. The Russian, Dostoievsky, was also a prophet of Russo-German accord.

The re-emergence of Japan as a world power is a factor which will assist German aspirations, and will help in the reshaping of the world. The world will eventually be divided into some nine groupings or spheres of influence. Thus we have Europe, Russia, India, the Moslem countries, Africa, China and Japan, Australia and New Zealand. South and Central America, North America and Canada – nine blocs in all, within the framework of whose integration solution of the problems of world political and racial hegemony may be found.

First there must and will come the final collapse of the old system. This will involve war, with the destruction of many centers of the dying civilisation. However much one might wish to avoid such solutions, they cannot be avoided. These very days are foretold in the religious books of many world religions, when the doomed system of Gold and money worship, the international capitalist system of Jewish Finance or Mammon, goes to its preordained end. Such a culmination is in the course of Nature itself and in the hands of the Divine Power that directs it. The doomed civilisation will make one last despairing fight rather than succumb voluntarily. That is why the Peace campaigns promoted from Russia will prove to be ineffective for immediate results. For the capitalists fear Peace as much as War; and they think only of trying, by whatever means, to prolong their system and rule. So War will come, within a few years. This is a mathematical certainty; and within the territories of the doomed continents and countries we must work for the survival of as many people of good stock as may be possible.

In "The Testament of Adolf Hitler" a section is entitled: "The Last Days: A Study in Religious Prophecy." We should here consider important extracts from this Work, for it traces what is actually happening now.

Now in April, 1950, the pattern of coming world events is clearer to the seeker of Truth. We are about to see a new alignment in Europe. There will soon be a German-Russian agreement. Germany will become united and independent. ... In the Middle East also the Arab States will approach Russia, and a non-aggression pact will be signed. The world will turn against Britain and the Jews. Russia is hardening against Jewish financial imperialism. Hitler's spirit rules now and eternally, and his world-idea becomes as he said that it would, "the common property of all peoples, even of our enemies, through this struggle". ...

"War between the Britannic-Jewish-Americans and Russia will come soon. The result will be the complete overthrow of the system of International Jewish Finance. ... South America will be neutral, led by Argentina. ... The Orient will not fight against Russia, and India will negotiate a non-aggression pact with Russia. 'Asia for the Asiatics' will be the unifying cry. Japan will reassert herself, and become a dominant power in the Far East. ... Germany and Western Europe, rejecting Britain's perfidious offers of friendship, will reach agreement with Russia. The great union emerges, and which is utterly shattering to the Britannic-Judaic-imperialist world, of National Socialism and Communism. ...

"The world will witness not only the collapse of international Jewish capitalism and of the British Empire, which has been its chief instrument, but also, in the religious sphere, the unmasking of religious hypocrisy, particularly of the Roman Church. The International capitalist Jew has always used the Press and Priest to deceive the peoples of the earth. These are the very Scribes and Pharisees warned by Jesus of Nazareth of the Judgment that would come upon them in 'the last days.'"

At the same time there will be preached to mankind the religious message of world socialism, of the truth summarised in the words of Adolf Hitler, "Our world of ideas will become the common property of all peoples, even of our enemies, through this struggle... My only enemy is International Jewish Finance. ... National Socialism is even more than a religion. It is the will to make mankind anew."

The Christian Bible, as also the Holy Books of other world religions, have foretold a Day of Judgment, and the End of the World. This has never meant the end of everything and everybody. It is rather that Mammon civilisation, based upon Gold or International Jewish Capitalism, will fall, and God's Judgment will be directed upon the citadels of false religion and capitalist social organisation. Revelations 17 and 18 of the Christian Bible describe the culmination exactly. This verily is the Day of Judgment, and the spirit of Christ, the Eternal Spirit that was shown to the world in Adolf Hitler, is bringing the nations before the Great Judgment Throne. As He himself said, "Every nation and every individual is being weighed in the balances, and those found wanting will fall. God will be a Just Judge."

So, as these events develop, with a mathematical certainty and under the Sure Guidance of God, Holy and Eternal Germany will once again, and with the blessing of Providence, take her destiny into her hands. For God has indeed called this People, now to be allied with all non-Semitic peoples throughout the world, to the leadership of the universe and of all mankind.

In the soul of Germania is the Sacred Call conceived of the Eternal German Gospel and the Eternal Adolf Hitler. In her mind is known the logical development, fulfilment and certainty of victory after her centuries of striving. To her hands will spring a Sword of Vengeance and Divine Wrath, God-ordained and given to purge the world of its evil.

"Vengence is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord." Even so, come Lord God, to reclaim the world for thy Rule and System, with thy chosen people, the Aryans of the world, and thy system, World National Socialism. All hail to God's Chosen and the Redeemer of the Gentiles to all Eternity, Adolf Hitler! Sieg heil!