by James Larratt Battersby



The peace of the world will be established for a millennium when the power of International Jewish Finance is finally broken. That great day is near.

The establishment of world peace need not wait upon its acceptance by every nation of the world. Whereas the United Nations Organisation has failed because of clashing ideologies, a World Union of Nations, founded upon Aryan and Socialist principles, and renouncing Jewish political and economic concepts, can secure the basis for world peace.

Study of the continental land areas of the world reveals the existence of seven natural blocs which could constitute a basis for world organisation and peace. They are: Africa, Asia, U.S.S.R., N. America, S. and C. America, Australasia, and Europe. Union between these continental areas and their regional groupings could be worked for immediately; and could be achieved in large degree. The nations subscribing to the peace plan would have sufficient strength to isolate their enemies, and to be able to defend themselves successfully in any eventual conflict with them.

Whereas the efforts of International Judaism have been towards the control of the finances and economies of the whole world through their system of International Jewish Finance, based upon Gold, the new organisation would aim towards each continental bloc becoming as economically self-supporting as possible. International trade would be on a barter or non-usurous basis. Such organisation, with its rationalised continental and national economies, would never endanger the peace of the world.

The Jew has always aimed to divide the nations, to sacrifice their men and wealth, so that he might the more easily work towards the mastery of the world. That plan has failed, by the Grace of God and the sacrifice of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany; and the nations, now alive to the Jewish menace, can advance to international agreement. Broadly, the world could be governed by a Council of the Seven Continents. Within each continent there would be Regional Councils, governing the affairs of the constituent nations.

The present deliberations of the United Nations Organisation are of only passing importance in determining the future governance of the world. There will soon be established another World Organisation, formulated this time by the more dynamic world powers, with authoritarian Socialist regimes. The achievement of a real world plan for peace requires a settlement both in the West and East, together with a united and independent Germany as well as a united and independent Japan. It may well be argued that Germany, Russia and Japan hold between them the keys to world settlement and peace today. It is clear also that so long as Germany and Japan are without their independent status, Russia stands in a position of danger from America. On the other hand, it is clear that once these three great powers and nations come to agreement, the world is theirs. No less an issue faces the leaders of Germany, Russia and Japan today.

Britain and her influence in the world may be largely disregarded. The measure of the downfall of Britannia is the measure of the downfall of Jewish imperialism, the evil which has afflicted all nations; and Britain and her empire have been the tool of International Judaism for a century. Independence has been or is being won by the lands previously enslaved by the British Empire. New alignments are shaping themselves. Thus, Canada will find her rightful place in a North American continent, living without interference in the affairs of Europe or Asia. We may expect to see one of the first acts of a German-Russian-Japanese agreement the offer of peace and friendship to an Isolationist North America, as one of the seven constituent continental blocs in the World Peace Organisation.

In the break-up of the British Empire we see South Africa moving towards an independent republic. The whole African continent would readily yield to the pattern of leadership from a united Europe. In the spheres of influence which would be allocated to the main world powers, Africa would become a specifically German or European interest, whilst Russia would interest herself mainly in Asia.

India, already independent, may well provide the bridge between East and West. It was from the Himalayas that the ancient Aryans came, together with Europe to bring civilisation to the world. And the world is now to be remade in the Aryan pattern, with union in thought and action towards a world organisation, promoted by Nordic and Slav – that is, primarily by Germany and Russia.

A World Peace Conference, as opposed to the imperialist, but doomed, plans of America and Britain, might well take place in India. In India indeed may well be declared the religious witness which will bring spiritual synthesis to the nations of the world. Adolf Hitler declared, "After my death will come something really great, an overwhelming revelation to the world of my mission." He spoke, of course, of a spiritual revelation which, in "The Testament of Adolf Hitler," and in the present book, "The German Revelation," is now proclaimed to all mankind. As Hitler himself foretold, his Spirit has now risen from the grave, and the world is seeing that He was right.

The India Conference could find a formula for World Peace, isolating Jewish Britain and the remnants of her world power in America and throughout the world. For indeed, although the might of America speaks today, it is a British and Jewish mentality that directs her. It is the Britannic world-idea, of financial imperialism which yet dominates the North American continent. And when the citadel of evil, Britannia, falls, the true America will move towards salvation and her just place amongst the nations.

The Moslem world has already found unity. South America, with a strong European leadership, can soon unite her continent with Central America, free of American imperialist designs. When American finance-imperialism is broken, the North American continent can become the good neighbour which she has always professed to be.

The trend of world events is clear. May the Great Powers find agreement soon towards concerted action for world peace.

In the day that Germanic Europe and Russia find their basis for common racial defence and action, in Aryan solidarity, the peace of the world, and World Socialism, are assured.