by James Larratt Battersby



Section I. Victory for Socialism.

Section II. European Organisation.

Section III. Framework of World Government.


Before any Plan for the Government of the World can succeed, there must exist not only a practical Blueprint, devised in accordance with the historical necessities of the day, but there must also be the means to put our theory into practice.

Fortunately the times are such that not only is a political philosophy common to the leading continents of the world – World Socialism – but also these continents have the power to safeguard their system and to enforce their will.

Victory for Socialism, and Peace in the world, must precede the establishment of World Government. That Victory and that Peace are mathematical certainties within the near future because International Capitalism is doomed and approaches its end. Thus, where the machinery of the League of Nations after World War I., and that of the United Nations Organisation after World War II., was unworkable from the start by reason of violently conflicting ideologies amongst the nations, today we are clearly approaching a time of workable synthesis of political ideas in a basically Socialist world.

Before commencing a study of the administration of world affairs, I would refer to my "World Plan for Peace," which I drew up in September, 1951, and which was included as the preceding chapter of the present book, "The German Revelation."

In the "World Plan for Peace" I predicated that the power of International Jewish Finance, of World Capitalism, was at the point of final collapse. In the consideration of an immediate possibility of Peace, I visualised an inter-Continental and Socialist organisation of the nations, with defence against any attack by the remaining minority of capitalist powers. The Socialist nations would possess the overwhelming balance of power within their hands.

The "World Plan for Peace" is to be carefully studied as a preliminary to further studies of the possibilities and mechanism of world government.

From study of the Plan for Peace it is clear that the agreement between Germany, Russia, India, China and Japan – a Union in fact between West and East – would broadly provide the foundations for a permanent World Order. The executive instrument of that Order will be provided by the military and political power of the West-East Union, which will be well able to defend its position and that of the great majority of the peoples of the earth against the possible attacks of the last remnants of Capitalism.

The final struggle between Capitalism and Socialism is inevitable, whatever may be its exact form. But this again is certain-that the preordained victory is to the forces of the New World Order-World Socialism. That Germany and Russia are able to unite today, around a basically Socialist concept, follows logically upon the dictum of Adolf Hitler: "I am not only the conqueror, but also the executor of Marxism, of that part of it which is essential and justified, stripped of its Jewish-Talmudic dogma."

In the beginning the Jew tried to use for his own ends the forces of World Socialism, just as previously he had used World Capitalism. But today the Jewish world is split, and their intrigues are clearly to be seen by the peoples. The spiritual and material forces of the New World Order, of Nationalism and Socialism, of Aryan racial values, are in the ascendant.

We are not concerned in this chapter with matters of military strategy and tactics, or to elucidate the religious prophecies of many world faiths which detail the collapse of World Capitalism in fiery destruction. We have already dealt with these vital matters of eschatological fulfilment in other works, to which we would refer the reader – notably to "The Testament of Adolf Hitler," which is a Book of Divine Witness to solemn Truths of the present days. Particularly would I refer to the section in that book entitled, "The Last Days. A Study in Religious Prophecy." Such studies, to which I have devoted myself for two decades, have convinced me beyond any possibility of doubt that not only will the Socialist world bloc triumph in the military and political sphere, but that there is now, for the first time in world history, the certainty that a world ideology may be successfully declared to all mankind by this ruling bloc of continents.

Whereas the former attempts to unite the world, in a sort of universal Jewish centralised capitalism, within the framework of the League of Nations, and then of the United Nations Organisation, have failed because of conflicting ideologies, there will now be no such division. For even within the centres of remaining capitalist power the forces of Truth, of Aryan Socialism, are pressing upward. Adolf Hitler declared that he would be accepted by the world as the "greatest liberator of humanity"; and that is a central and guiding principle for all the nations of the world. As the yoke of World Capitalism is taken from the shoulders of the nations, the world faith of National Socialism is seen as the integrating force and executive pattern of a New World Order, which will be no less than the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Secure in the knowledge of Socialist victory, and of the power to enforce the Will of the peoples to world liberation, the Will of God for the redemption and regeneration of the world, we may now quietly proceed to the statesmanlike task of visualising the structure and mechanism of World Government. We shall see the World as a whole; then as divided into continental groups; then with its subdivision into regional groups. And finally we can visualise the structure of England, for instance, under the New Order. With these blueprints at hand, the architects and builders of the future may proceed with confidence to secure the New-World Order of Socialism.

The general pattern of World Organisation will not be a highly centralised system such as was attempted previously. Advance will rather be from the nation-state to a federation of continental and contiguous nations. All purely continental administration-covering both legislative, political, and juridical tasks-will be vested in the ruling Councils of the particular continent. Within this sphere full representation would be accorded to all nations, with the main leadership devolving upon the Great Power or Leader-nation within each continent.

Some critics may argue that the world should have done with the "Great Power" concept. It has operated within the "democratic" system, with these "Great Powers," the tools of International Finance, heading political and economic empires. To do away with the concept of leading Powers, while retaining the universal financial control visualised by "One World" advocates of the capitalist school, would be to hand over the nations of the world, both great and small, to universal serfdom. The absolute equality of all nations is a visionary and impracticable concept. Rather should we see the nations united regionally under leading Powers, coordinating and directing their federations and achieving the liberation of the whole from any form of political or economic imperialism. For National Socialism has principles rooted not only in the integrated nation, but also in the federation or union of racially congruous and territorially contiguous nations within a Continental Federation or Union, having the aim of economic self-sufficiency, with political and racial accord. This concept of Federation, in which capitalist exploitation is finally rooted out, is the New World Order, and quite distinct from the nation-states and the empires of international capitalism.

The world could be divided into nine main continental groupings Of nations. We have. therefore: Europe, Russia, Africa, N. America, S. and C. America, Australasia, the Middle East, India, and the Far East (Japan, China, and adjoining territories). Each of these groups would then be organised regionally, and would become self-governing, within the framework of a Socialist World Order.

The World Organisation – in which would be vested the effective government of the world – would not consist of dozens of nations, but of nine leading Powers, each one representing a continent and group of federated nations. And, as the New World Order is based upon the principle of leadership and upon the subordination of the power of money, rather than upon the illusion of freedom within the framework of Finance-capitalism, the World Government Group of nine men, representing their respective continents, will select one of their number to lead them. This man, by divine right which will be made clear to the peoples in unmistakable spiritual signs, will be the spiritual and temporal head, the Ruler of the Earth. He will be a Man of Aryan race, and the Chosen of God. The Spirit of the Lord, Adolf Hitler, will have descended upon him.


We shall now consider, as an example of regional organisation, the continent of Europe as a unit of a federated nine-bloc world.

Germany is the natural leader of this continent of some 500 million people. and will undoubtedly emerge as the effective ruler of Europe in the near future. Agreement with Soviet Russia will precede this development; and the spheres of political influence allocated between them will constitute a sure foundation for peace and mutually advantageous collaboration.

There will be established in Germany a Continental Government, which will deal with all matters, legislative, administrative, and juridical, affecting the political life of its constituent nations. Each of the member-nations will have local autonomy, which will result in the combination of a developed local nationalism together with the coordinated Socialism of the whole continent.

The Government of Europe will be vested in the leadership principle, as with the other continents and blocs, and will be led by Germany. The Constituent Assembly of Nations will not act as an egalitarian democratic voting machine, giving equal power to the smallest States in Europe with the largest and strongest, but rather as a true Council, in which all contribute technical and constructive suggestions that may be brought forward to assist the political control and progressive development of the continent.

Europe would be divided into nation-states, such geographical re-division being the subject of agreement between Germany and Russia, particularly as applying to the Eastern territories. It is sure. However, that Germany will regain her former territories in the East, by peaceful negotiation with Russia. who will be very content to have on her Western flank an independent and united Germany. This Germany will have cut herself away from Britannic-American pressure to join Western military alliance; and will rather consolidate a United Europe, with strong racial and political ties with Russia.

In the readjustment of Europe, full recognition will be given to all national freedom aspirations, which are highly consistent with a strong centralised authority to correlate the whole continent and its adjoining islands, and to give sound direction to the European community. The British Isles, for instance, will be divided into four nation-states: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Each will be locally self-governing, with an economic and cultural union between the four States. The highest and decisive political power will rest, however, with the continental leader-nation, Germany.

In a book that I wrote about the New England in July, 1950, I described the political set-up in some detail. This may be taken as a prototype for a Nordic State.

England will be a Republic, with a Leader-President. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland would together form the North Sea Isles. This would constitute a racial and cultural union, a federation within the main European community; and each country would have wide powers of self-government.

The Leader-President would be elected for a term of five years.

There would be three Houses of Representatives. First there would be the House composed of country, city and town leaders. These executives would be the leaders and representatives of their communities, and responsible for the efficient functioning of the local government machine.

The Second House would be composed of representatives of Industry, elected on an occupational basis.

There would be a third House, composed of leaders in the fields of Art, Science, Philosophy, Athletics, and in everything appertaining to the higher life of the nation and race.

The Government of the New England would be vested in a Cabinet of Executives, led by and responsible to the Leader-President of the nation. The two Houses of Representatives, together with the House of Culture, would act in an advisory capacity to Government. and in an executive capacity in their local communities, rather than as voting assemblies. Thus the Government would not be hampered by party political strife, and would be able to go ahead with its plans and their administration, with full responsibility for results.

The method of communication with the people for their views on broad issues is by means of referendum. In the New England the leadership principle rules; and at last the communal will to achievement is fulfilled in authoritarian Socialist Government.

The purpose of Industry in the New England, with Capitalism being ended, is to provide economic security to the nation through the Usury-free productive efforts of all the people, and on the principle of the common good before private interest.

In the transition from a money-controlled society to a Socialist community, Industry comes progressively more under State control, either directly or indirectly. Instead of paying out the capitalists, and so creating a further problem of parasitism, the policy is to absorb all useful members of an industry into the new industrial framework, to limit the return on capital to a low maximum for owners who are also workers, and to withhold both interest and compensation from non-producers, except in cases of proven hardship.

The capitalist system is finally ended, and the State takes over responsibility for financial provision of all industrial development. The thraldom of interest, of finance-capitalism, is broken once and for all.

Industry is not taken over by State officials. The State intervenes only to the extent that the creation of markets may be necessary, with bulk buying and selling, and general co-ordination in the national interest. The overall picture of Industry is that it is governed on the corporate principle of organisation. It rests on a three-cornered base in which all the employers or managers are organised, as are the manual workers and also the consumers.

In industrial organisation we find that the Boards of Directors, representing financial shareholders, have been dispensed with, and are replaced by the Board of Management, and by an auxiliary body, the Works Council, in which the workers have representation as advisory to the director or leader of the business, and protective also of their own basic conditions and interests.

The Producers' State of the New England has ousted the parasite. whether the absentee landlord, the financial shareholder, or non- productive bureaucrat.


Broadly speaking, the World can be viewed as in two parts, East and West: as the East (Asia), and the West (Europe, America and Africa), giving an approximate equality of populations, at 1,000 millions in each composite area.

It is around this concept that the German-Russian accord will be erected. The racial term, "Aryan," signifies a Nordic-Celtic-Slav accord, which is an embracing of the German and Russian worlds. In consideration of the predominant power that is exercised by Russia today in the East; and of the power that, by agreement with Russia, will be exercised by Germany in the West, the triumph of the Aryan in the world over all Jewish and capitalist concepts in clearly to be seen. The Aryan is the God-ordained ruler of the New World, in which there will be complete accord between East and West, and between the races and peoples of the whole earth.

In practice the world will be divided into two or three master races, holding authority over the other races through a system of international aristocracy. The Nordic man, or white man, will in fact give leadership to both the yellow, brown, and black races. The propaganda put over by the Jewish Democracy, with the formula, "without distinction of colour, race or creed," reveals the attempt of international Judaism to submerge the whole world in racial adulteration, and in subservience to Jewry and its financial system.

Before the Middle Ages nation-states were ruled by powerful individuals or groups who exercised their will on the community. In recent centuries there has been ostensibly a diminution, of authority and an increase of liberty. In reality the apparent emancipation of the individual has been offset by the authority and exploitation of Finance-capitalism. Man in his time has been enslaved to petty lords and tyrants, and also to financiers and their puppet politicians. The return to authority in government will, in the Hitlerian and National Socialist era, bring freedom to nations in the ending of racial adulteration, of usury and of commercial exploitation.

There must, therefore, be a return to authority, in order to secure liberty for the race and nation. It is either that the World has a supranational government and authoritarian leadership from the Jewish financiers or from the Aryans. The Aryan must understand that his loyalty is beyond nation and people to a world-wide concept of race. The German and Russian, together with Aryans throughout the World, must unite in racial harmony and endeavour, to safeguard the civilisation of God, and to rule the World. The Jewish world is split, and is heading for disaster. As the struggle for power between the doctrines of supranational organisation reaches its climax, the Aryan world arrives at its predestined goal, the rulership of man under the Guidance of God.

The four "freedoms" were much publicised by the Jew-promoted Roosevelt. But in fact the freedoms of speech, of religion, from fear and from want have remained mere fictions even within the framework of democracy. On the other hand, National Socialist Germany provided the pattern to the whole world, and especially to the Nordic nations, of freedom won for the whole nation and people from the evils of Jewish usury and cultural decay. For indeed, without this overall freedom, the individual freedoms remain a mere illusion. What would be the use of a supposed freedom of religion and speech if such precluded attack on the source of all evil, Jewish Mammon? Freedom from want, and freedom from fear can only come when capitalism and war are abolished. What a mockery of human aspirations does the joint declaration of Roosevelt and Churchill of August, 1941, now seem. "After the final destruction of Nazi tyranny, to see a peace established that will enable all men to live free of fear and want and to traverse the seas unhindered.... Pending the establishment of a wider and permanent system of general security, nations which threaten aggression will be disarmed."

The present division of the world into two armed camps, with hatred and violence growing daily, are the measure of the devil's downfall. Now that the Jewish thieves have fallen out, the Aryans will come into their own. The establishment of the New World Order, after the pending Judgment of God on the world, will be no less than the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

It is clear that the Government of the World cannot rest upon pious hopes, but rather upon Power – upon Aryan military and political power, based again upon the Spiritual Foundation established for all Eternity by Adolf Hitler. To this end there will come about an Accord between the Great Powers, of which the principal ones are Germany and Russia, a 1,000-year Agreement, dividing the world into spheres of political influence and control.

The world designs of government in the past have been essentially capitalistic, just as in the future the designs will be Socialistic. Thus, the Bank of International Settlements was a capitalist body. We shall need central world control of Finance, with co-ordination of the continental economic systems-but with stabilised exchange rates and internal price levels, and without usury. The Centre of World Government will be in Germany.

Each continent will have its colonial commission as part of the general political system, though capitalist imperialism and colonialism will be replaced by federation of States on a racial basis. The aspect of control throughout the world will be the rulership of the Aryan race.

Such plans as those drafted by H. G. Wells in his "Bill of Universal Human Rights" in his "New World Order" were frames for the continued domination of the Jewish World Plan. The German-Russian Plan and Power is the basis of the Hitlerian or Aryan World Order.

Nation-States will become Race-States. Continental federations of States will become part of the World-State. Democracy has been the screen hiding Jewish world financial control. The federal idea, developed in Aryan culture and through National Socialist political and economic planning, is the New World Order.

P. E. Corbett, in his book, "Post-war Worlds," comments on two books, "Civitas Dei," by Lionel Curtis; and "Union Now," by Clarence Streit. He comments: "Neither writer sees any hope of peace in a mere league of nations which preserves intact the sovereignty of its states members, which acts only by unanimous decision and even then must depend under control of the States for action upon forces which remain which has no supreme tribunal with compulsory jurisdiction and no legislature competent to adapt the law to changing conditions, which exercises no authority over the individual citizen and makes no appeal to his loyalty." The Aryan Plan to meet this problem is to advance immediately to continental federation and continental self-government, with the Government of the World vested in a supra- continental authority, with effective rulership in the hands of a nine-man Council, and with a World Ruler at its head. The spurious Master of Zion, the Jewish financial controller of the earth, will give place to the Aryan Lord of mankind fulfilling the Words of Adolf Hitler, and inspired of His Supreme spirit: "I shall be regarded as the greatest liberator of humanity."

The point has been made by world planners that economic organisation can only be effective where a common social concept is accepted. Thus there must first come the clash between Socialism and Capitalism in the whole world. The point has also been made that Federation in Europe must precede federation in other parts of the world.

South America has given several examples of attempted federation. Simon Bolivar called the first Pan-American Conference in 1826 at Panama, in order to form a confederation of the revolted colonies of Spain.

A World Constitution must establish a Charter of Rights for the nations, comprising Continental Charters, and an expression of human needs in terms of race, and of freedom from the world dictatorship of Jewish capitalism and racial disintegration. Such a Charter would have a millennial character, in accordance with the fulfilment of Divine Prophecy. The World Charter will bring about World Disarmament, and also the regathering of the Jews and their settlement in a new country. They will be taken out of the main stream of world civilisation.

The continental unions and federations in the making in the vast have all failed because imperial and financial powers have tried to use them for their own financial gain. This has happened in Africa, exploited by British imperialism and Jewish Finance; in Asia; and in South America. The new continental systems would organise for economic self-sufficiency, with the principle established that usury was no longer to be tolerated. The world will see in the economic field rent, interest, rates and taxes, and all unearned profit eliminated. Financial provision will rather be through interest-free State loans.

Within the framework of continental organisation there are many Possibilities for joint declarations on labour and general social conditions, and upon health. Several conferences in South America have already been devoted to Eugenics and Homoculture. Most important also would be the promotion of international tourism, particularly for the youth of the nations.

In Europe the balance-of-power tradition, exercised by imperial Britain throughout the centuries has to be broken in order to lay the foundations for a United Europe. In the ultimate all depends upon a common world political, philosophical and racial idea; and upon its enforcement by the ruthless use of power. Oswald Spengler visualised the growth of centralised, dictatorial power in the New World Order, with less individual liberty and licence.

In the framing of a New World Order a United States of Europe is a prime necessity. Within the European Union there would be joint agreement on the colonial question and on its administration. Africa and South America are continents which would come within the European orbit and benefit from her leadership. Europe, however, would have no direct control in the Eastern hemisphere.

The Far East could be united by agreement between China, Japan, Russia, India, and the Indonesian Union.

Pofessors Takaki and Yokota of the Tokio Imperial University visualised a regional organisation for the Far East, with a treaty of security and non-aggression, and with machinery for arbitration. The authors of this Plan were anxious to remove any sanctification of the status quo; the consultative process was to be used as an instrument of peaceful change, removing the causes of disputes before they developed. All disputes were to be submitted to conciliation, arbitration, and adjudication. This was to be exercised locally and regionally, rather than universally. Permanent conciliation commissions were to be set up between contracting nations for the settlement of any dispute which was not submitted to the Regional Arbitration Tribunal or to the Permanent Court of Justice.

In practice it will be found that a single Regional Tribunal could deal with all disputes between member-States in the Continental Unions.

The Axis partners during World War II. had plans worked out for the New World Order. The present study is an extension and development of such plans. Germany and Japan were the prime movers in this supranational world planning. The Germans used the word, "Grossraumwirtschaft," for a Plan which visualised a Currency and Customs Union of Continental Europe, excluding Russia, and centred in Berlin. This was a generous plan, presupposing more or less voluntary participation by the European nations. Although Germany was certainly to be the senior partner, a substantial measure of autonomy and national dignity was to be left to the partners of the European Union.

The German Economics Minister, Dr. Funk, put forward a Plan for the economic leadership of Europe. Heavy Industry was to he concentrated in the Reich; and Eastern Europe was to concentrate upon farming. Europe as a whole was to be economically self-sufficient. Where there were deficiencies, they were to be made up by importing from Russia, China and South America. With these separate countries Germany could bargain, mainly in terms of barter, on behalf of the whole European unit, the control of the entire market enabling her to obtain advantageous conditions of exchange. it is interesting to note that the German General Staff had the alternative plan of keeping the smaller nations of Europe prosperous, but militarily paralysed.

Japan's New Order in Eastern Asia was similar in plan to that of Germany. The Japanese Minister to Australia said in March, 1941, that Australia should be for the Australians. and Asia for the Japanese. In my "World Plan for Peace" of September, 1951, I visualised Australia and New Zealand and the adjacent islands as a self-contained group, working alongside an integrated Asia. These would constitute two of the blocs within the framework of nine-bloc World Government, a Federation of the Continents of the World.

Democracies and Dictatorships do not mix. That is certain and that is why the final struggle must come between Capitalism and Socialism.

The colour problem in Africa, and wherever in the world there are similar conditions, should be dealt with as suggested by the South African Nationalists. Their basis is racial segregation, with separate, self-governing territories for the natives, under general white control.

That neither European nor native African will lose by such developments is guaranteed in the Socialist economic organisation of the African continent. There will be an end to capitalist exploitation. Rather will there be a central industrial power; and the satellite nations will be agricultural. Capitalist imperialism has promoted over-industrialisation in pursuit of profit. The more natural, non-exploitive way, is the balance between a central industrial economy and surrounding agricultural markets. The aim will be continental self-sufficiency rather than national self-sufficiency.

Vitally important is the matter of a religious concept and social Philosophy, to be preached to and to be accepted by the whole world. It will not be an interference with the genuine religions of other races and peoples, but rather a liberation of them from all spurious doctrines. The spiritual liberation of the world will be accomplished by the German or Aryan World Church, with victory over the Vatican, and over International Romanism and Judaism.

International Law, as drawn up by the Council of Continents, must be supported by overwhelming force. Such centralised power will take practicable and effective steps towards world disarmament. The military power will rest with the World Government. whose Constitution will be determined by international agreement, with the creation of a millennial contract. The Words of Adolf Hitler are fulfilled, "This struggle will determine the future of Germany, of Europe, and of the whole world, for the next 1,000 years."

As individuals submit to the State, so will States submit to the Super-State.

World Order will come about through the domination and leadership of a Great Power in each continent rather than by a loose equality and shared authority under the real, though unseen, world government of International Finance.

Enlightened patriotism is the best rule of life – a love of a Country which also embraces a devotion to racial and socialist integration on a world-wide basis. And the foundation of all is the Love and Service of God.

National self-sufficiency within small units is a wrong economic principle. What is needed is self-sufficiency within continents, with regional association based upon racial groupings. We should work towards the ideal of racially homogeneous nations and continents, which provide the soundest basis for world harmony.

The nation-state first arose from the fusion of family and clan groups. Common racial ties and interest will bring about the establishment of large political areas, towards continental union and world federation. The World can only be governed satisfactorily through the re-integration of the various God-ordained races, protected from racial adulteration. Pure races can work out a World System of Government and co-operation for the common good.

The Jew has been the debaser of the races and cultures. The Aryan preaches the Gospel of Racial Purity, and seeks the establishment of the Kingdom of God on this earth, with liberation for all mankind from Jewish usury and decadence.

The 19th century was that of the Pax Britannica, with Britain, where in London was centred the Jewish Money Power, the virtual dictator of the world. The 20th century will see the establishment of the New World Order of National Socialism, the Peace of the Aryans. The free movement of capital, which was the essential feature of the Britannic World Order and of Jewish International Finance, will be ended, together with the Gold system. Export-import agreements between the continents and nations will be State-controlled, as will be interest-free credits between the nations to facilitate trade and economic development. With the ending of British-Judaic imperialism, usury is finally extirpated from the world.

National economic life would have some aspects of laissez-faire, and some aspects of State planning under the New Order.

The Aryan believes first in building for Regional Federations rather than attempting to move from Nation-States to the World-State in one stage. The World-State is not the only alternative to international anarchy. Rather will World Government be built upon the federation of United Continents. The World-State, as visualised by Jewish capitalism, in which all nations would be subject to International Finance, will not be realised by these enemies of mankind.

In essence the German Plan was of continental hegemony, with Europe, Africa, and Asia dominated by master races. The master race, divinely called to leadership and the liberation of mankind – the Aryan race – is to be preferred to the world exploitation of Jewish capitalism.

In Rauschning's book, "Hitler Speaks," the author refers to Hitler's Testament: "This Testament contains the plan of the Reich, the structure of the new Greater Reich, its Constitution, and the new 'Declaration of Rights.' This Constitution was to be proclaimed with the new perpetual peace, at the end of the war." As Hitler himself foretold, others are now carrying on and completing his work. Rauschning also wrote: "And Hitler's Testament contains, last and highest of all, the religious revelation, the new Holy Book which he will confer on the world. As a great law-giver he would bring from the sacred mountain the new tables of commandments."

In the New Order there will be Constitutions or Charters drawn up by the various Continental Federations and their Legislatures. There will also be a World Constitution drawn up by the Central Legislature of World Government.

The World supranational power must be an effective power otherwise it will prove useless in practice. There must be the means to enforce the law.

The idea of an inner ring of ruling nations is a good one. The continental leader-nations would provide the inner circle of power- holding nations, the condominium representing the Supreme World Ruler.

Germany, Russia and Japan will be the leading Great Powers. There need not be a psychological hostility to inequality. Inequality is the natural order – a world aristocracy based upon the superior qualities of the Aryan race. And the definition of aristocracy is government by the best in the interests of all. The disguised oligarchies which, in the name of democracy, have played upon the idea of equality, have but flattered an uninstructed humanity for the nefarious purposes of capitalism.

The personnel of supranational administration is of great importance. Nationality will be a minor matter; race will be the Prime consideration, and political ideology. Any attempt to prolong the life of World administration centred in the U.S.A. is doomed to failure. The World Centre will be in Europe, at a point where Germany and Russia meet.

The banking system as we know it today will pass away. There will be no trade in money. Banks will exist as recorders of all economic transactions, which will be largely controlled by the State. Barter or direct exchange at fixed international exchange rates would supplant the international money system based upon gold and money marketing. There will be no taking of interest on money. Money will be pumped interest-free into predominantly nationalised industry.

A Constitution may be deemed as a collection of rules for the government of a country, or of a continent, or of a world. The success of a constitution depends not so much upon the machinery of government as upon the social morality and world-outlook of the new rulers. To those who accept Almighty God in His Highest Manifestation, Adolf Hitler, is given Divine Truth and Guidance.

Complete self-government for the backward races, for the constituent races (as distinct from the leading ones) of the world is not feasible. The central and ineluctable fact is the God-given superiority of the Aryan or Germanic race. All mankind will be blessed in accepting such leadership.

We shall see a World Government and Administration; and the personnel ruling the World will consist of men of great spiritual insight and wisdom. The world has need of wisdom rather than of mere knowledge. For wisdom connotes the man who applies his knowledge with true character, and with moral and spiritual understanding. The Rulers of the Earth will be Eternal Spirits and like unto Gods. "Think of the day when we stand revealed as those we are and eternally shall remain," said Adolf Hitler. Again He said: "Man is God in the making."

The World will not be divided into two sections of rulership, the spiritual and the secular. Rather shall we see the joining of the two forces – the joining of Heaven and Earth. The World Rulers, the new hierarchy of Aryan men, will be primarily spiritual men, fulfilling God's Will for World National Socialism as the New World Order – God's Kingdom on Earth. The Holy Book of Adolf Hitler. of the Aryan World, which is the whole world when liberated from the Jewish poison, will be held sacred of all peoples.

The "Atlantic Charter" of August, 1941, put forward by the Jewish democracies, was full of vague generalities, with an 8-point programme of political and economic principles. This programme sought to cloak the intentions of Jewish capitalism to rule the world.

World Government is not primarily a political and economic question: it is a moral one. P. E. Corbett, in his book, "Post-war Worlds," writes: "A common diagnosis of the failure of the League of Nations is that it was due to the combined stupidity and selfishness of the Great Powers, rather than through any defect of machinery." Thus it is clearly a moral question.

World Government must be able to: 1. Enforce decisions. 2. Settle disputes compulsorily. 3. Provide adequate machinery for peaceful change. 4. Bring about true harmony in spiritual, cultural, political and economic life.

Russia and North America both represent continental systems.

There could also be a Middle East Federation, built around the Arab countries. Regional, continental machinery is necessary for peaceful settlements. War and Usury are to be outlawed in the New World Order. Any military action will correctly be police action.

World Union must maintain universal agencies: legislative, judicial, economic, social, and cultural. Propaganda for the World Union should be promoted by film, radio and publications.

Continental autarchy will be the general rule – continental self-sufficiency. Corbett writes: "The establishment of supranational institutions is conditional on the agreement of a dominant group of States. The operation of such institutions, once they have been created, will extend the will to world peace and sense of world community. It is to this method, which is essentially gradual, that we must look for the reduction of the State to its proper place in human affairs, rather than to a spontaneous world revolution sweeping away in a tidal wave of brotherhood the separations of centuries. No political miracle of that magnitude waits round the corner."

Corbett also writes: "Germany, Italy and Japan have paved their way of conquest with promises of a new order in which under the benevolent leadership of 'superior races,' peace and prosperity are to replace war and privation."

The Atlantic Charter was the Covenant for U.N.O., a world under Jewish capitalism. But the nations of U.N.O. are sharply divided. The initiative rests with Russia, Germany and Japan, rather than with the U.S.A., Britain and France. The World Charter and Constitution will be Aryan and Socialist in concept and character.

The World needs a New Charter of Freedom – a true freedom. True freedom can only be based upon racial reintegration, upon an end to capitalism, and upon the establishment by strong leadership. on a continental basis, of political and economic Socialism. The peoples will be liberated from their slavery to Money Power. They will rejoice in the blessings of leadership by a new world aristocracy, developed in the primordial pattern of German and Aryan nobility.

The Kingdom of God on Earth, in World National Socialism, is the New World Order. Within this divine and truly majestic concept mankind will reconcile national and racial feelings with regional and world organisation. There will be built the Brotherhood of Man, under the Fatherhood of God, in the Federation of the World.