CHAPTER 7 Democracy: The Freedom to Comply

     BY THE close of the century the Ministry of Harmony could thus look back on a shining path of progress towards the extirpation of every conceivable sign of White racial patriotism, running parallel with the acclamation of every conceivable sign of Coloured and Jewish self-assertion. The way had been prepared back in 1965 by the first Race Relations Act, introduced it so happened by a Jewish Home Secretary, followed by a second such Act in 1968. The pincers of suppression had been tightened that much further by another Race Relations Act in 1976, and then in 1986 another Jewish Home Secretary had tightened them that much further by a Public Order Act which had made the possession of prohibited literature an offence, if it could be made out that there was the likelihood of an intention eventually to distribute it to others. The police, as gendarmes of censorship, had been authorized by this latter Act to go into a person's home to see if he possessed such forbidden literature in such quantity and such other circumstances as would permit him to be prosecuted and put away.

     In the late 1990's a further new law in the cause of freedom – freedom from criticism, that is, for privileged people – had taken the logical further step of prohibiting the possession of even single copies of prohibited literature, even where no evidence could be found or concocted to indicate an intention sometime to pass it on to someone else. As a result the homes of all persons suspected of wrongful thoughts on the subject of race were broken into and ransacked by the thought-police of the Ministry on an average of once a month. Even Annie on a couple of occasions since her fall from grace over Nigger had had her home searched as a measure of benevolent aftercare.

     The culmination of all this far-sighted suppression by instalments had been attained in 1997 with the Ethnic Defamation Act which had banned anything and everything uncomplimentary to Jew and Coloureds. The pincers had thus been finally closed in keeping with the long-term plan from the outset pursued by the architects of ultimate immunity. Lest it be thought from this that all freedom of speech and print had vanished by the time of our tale, be consoled with the knowledge that freedom unlimited remained for anything and everything derogatory to Whites (excluding Jews from this category)! Further consolation may be found in the news that the Ministry's most talented dermatologists had by then determined and declared that Whites did have one superiority to Coloureds: thicker skins.

     Yet it must be stressed that, seen by the Ministry of Harmony, such repression by law was but the third part and the last resort of a tripartite operation, the other two parts of which were: firstly and primarily, mind-moulding by the media to produce conformity without need for statutory prohibition; and, secondly, action termed "Circumstantial Prevention" which amounted to all the myriad ways in which, alongside the constant proclamation of freedom galore, its unapproved exercise could be prevented in practice by the denial of its necessary facilities.

     This included the secret supervision of the hire of all public halls and rooms for meetings, so that those in pursuit of undesirable freedom encountered whenever and wherever they applied responses such as "booked already" or "scheduled for redecoration at the date required"; or else were told that there was a vacancy, but then were quoted a prohibitively enormous rate for compulsory insurance. lf by some slip some seeker after undesirable freedom did manage to book a hall or room, it just had to be on that date and at that time the electricity happened to break down, or a water pipe burst, or the ceiling collapsed or some other unfortunate accident occurred thanks to the wide ranging – skills of the agents of the Ministry's Special Effects Section.

     Attempts to exercise undesirable freedom in the form of the printed word were subject to "Circumstantial Prevention" as were those respecting the spoken word. For instance, if someone sought to print something himself, a mysterious and sudden shortage of printing paper or other requisites could be relied upon perspicaciously to materialize. Failing that, licensed burglars from the Special Effects Section could break in at the right time to do the right amount of damage to the printing press. If the nonconformist sought to get the job done by a commercial printer, this strictly licensed and supervised trader would undoubtedly consult the highly confidential Printer's Friend, a most useful guidebook provided by the thoughtful Ministry setting out a great variety of excuses and other evasive action whereby to contrive to escape an order, or, having accepted it, to make absolutely certain that it was never executed. Thus it was that entirely fortuitously, or so it seemed, it just happened to prove impossible for undesirable views to be made public.

     A distinctly crafty move in the second half of the final decade of the century had been a series of "Judicial Notices" in the higher courts to the effect that henceforth the matters taken notice of were removed from discussion because they were indisputably self-evident truths. It followed that henceforth anything said contrary to these judicial pronouncements became the gravest contempt of court to be punished as such most severely indeed. Among the pronouncements thus sanctified as inviolate were the following: "Democracy is and always will be the finest form of government","The Holocaust happened", and "Human mixture is best".

     Annie's nephew Philip had a friend, Charles Wright, who worked in the Ministry's Central Department of Correction which dealt with offenders against right thinking. He confided in Philip on pledge of the strictest secrecy some details of the wrongdoing and its punishment which had come to his notice.

     There had been the monstrous reprobate who had actually exclaimed in a public restaurant, when dissatisfied with the dish provided by the chef from Timbuktu and the waiter from Togo, "You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger". This conceivably might have been some obscure reference to the ingredients of the stew put before him. Anyhow, indigestibility was no excuse whatsoever for the outrageous reaction of the culprit who had been quickly committed to the care of Charles's colleagues for a term of five years throughout which period he had received the benefit of the Ministry's new drug Harmonine. This wonderful product caused excruciating pain whenever the brain registered the slightest disharmonious thought, thus administering a commendable punishment in the course of inducing better habits of thinking for the future. Another noteworthy public enemy of Harmony had been the former member of the British Movement who had tried to perpetrate the enormity of publishing photographs of apes in such close proximity to African natives as to be suggestive of some pronounced similarities. He was now also enjoying a long period of curative treatment with Harmonine.

     A most fortunate person had been the motorist who had actually gone into a police station to report "I've run over a wog". In the course of his subsequent trial it was accepted that he had a vocal impediment whereby whenever he attempted to say "dog" it came out as "wog". He had accordingly been bound over never again to seek to name the four-legged animal.

     While on the subject of dogs, Charles visited Philip one evening in 1999 to tell him in a discreet whisper of the red alert received the night before, caused by the shocking discovery that in some London housing estate the usual notices regarding stray dogs and the function of dog wardens had somehow been slightly but decisively altered to read: "Owing to an increase in the nuisance caused by unsupervised wogs in this estate, a wog warden has been engaged and wogs not wearing a collar bearing the owner's name and address will be confiscated and taken to the nearest police station, and if not redeemed within 14 days on payment of a fine of 30-pound, will be put to sleep".

     Charles comforted the horror-stricken Philip with the assurance that they would soon track down the fiend or fiends responsible, as they had done a couple of years earlier when a man had gone round Bethnal Green in the dead of night altering the accident prevention notices. To the words "Danger! This is a Black Spot for accidents!" he had added "Far too many Blacks about!" It had been appreciated that the Traffic Department had been gravely to blame for displaying such a notice with such an obnoxious and vulnerable reference to such spots, and its chief officer had been relegated to the role of toilet cleaner in the same area for a period of 12 months.

     Charles added to the assurance the foresight that, when the criminal or criminals came into custody, the punishment in view of the calculated wickedness of the crime would undoubtedly be a lobotomy, an operation to the brain in the outcome of which the patient would never again have the initiative for any offence against Harmony, or indeed the initiative for any strongly wilful action whatsoever, and instead would spend the rest of life as a spiritless automaton. This, he reminded Philip, had been what had happened to all the leaders and prominent activists of the British National Party and other nationalist and National Socialist bodies who had so unwisely sought to persist in their hideous activities into the second half of the 1990s.

CHAPTER 8 Decay, Distraction and Design

     WHILE, as you can see, the strictest good order prevailed in the racial sector, the same could not be said for other parts of life. The spirit and practice of Democracy had by this time reached a point at which industrial strikes on any pretext at all were normal and most frequent occurrences, Newspapers therefore only considered it to be news-worthy when employees remained at work for a substantial period of time. This impressive expansion of industrial action to bring about industrial inaction – coupled with such beneficial innovations as the 30-hour working week, inclusive of the two-hour midday nap and "Holocaust" remembrance intervals – caused first class mail to take on average a week to arrive, and second class mail usually about a month. In compensation, the slower the service became, the more frequent became the change in the design of the stamps, so that quite often there were several changes between the despatch and the arrival of a letter.

     As for trains and buses, timetables were only retained as some approximate indication of a possibility, warning at the front very fairly stating that an entry should not be taken as any indication of a certainty that the train or bus would definitely appear. This was additionally prudent because although some trains and buses managed to start out and even to arrive at one stop, they quite likely would not arrive at the next stop. This would be due, apart from an endemic proclivity to mechanical failure, to the development in between of some cause for a strike or to the intervention of some festival of Harmony. If it was a strike, the grievance occasioning it could well be taken to the European Court of Human Rights which had been greatly enlarged because of the immensity of business coming before it, but which nevertheless could take several years to deal with the dispute, the train or bus being obliged meanwhile to remain at the point reached at the outset of that dispute to avoid any argument of interference with evidence.

     So much of a gamble did public transport in fact become that football pools lost favour in comparison to forecasting whether trains or buses would ever arrive. The biggest dividends went to those luckiest of mortals able to forecast correctly four "heres and theres", meaning four trains or buses which on a particular day managed not only to depart from a station or stop more or less on time, but also arrive at the next station or stop more or less on time also. Only most rarely did someone win at this, and then the accumulated dividend could amount to millions of pounds.

     Lest it be thought that the economic depression resulting from this state of affairs could cause a degree of discontent dangerous to the rule of the manipulators of Democracy, let it be said that those manipulators, headed by the Minister of Harmony, had thought things out very carefully to the contrary. Their right reasoning was that a good amount of decline was even desirable as conducive to a debasement of the public which was beneficial to domination, providing it was administered with suitable distractions, and presented with skilful propaganda encouraging acceptance of it through familiarity.

     Sufficient food, booze, sex and spectator sports, along with non-stop formative and tranquillizing television were seen as the only really essential requirements to keep a dazed and degraded public beneath a dangerous level of discontent capable of causing disorder. The production of food and booze being equal priorities in this scheme of social care, they both benefited greatly from the costless forced labour of thousands of minor dissidents consigned over the past half decade to open-ended and seemingly never ending "community service".

     The economic system and the form of society as a whole could best be described as Commu-Capitalism, a synthesis of Marxism and Money as twin expressions of crass materialism, which had arisen when communism had done a disappearing trick at the onset of the 1990s coinciding with capitalism's absorption of its features of racial fusion and the enforcement of political correctness according to the criteria of the power-holders: the features of Harmony in other words.

     The more Democracy advanced, that is to say the more society disintegrated, the more weird cults and bizarre fashions proliferated. One example was the 'Cloggers', a clog-wearing brotherhood which shaved the skull, coloured it, wore a broad ring through the nose, and claimed to have perfected a means of communication with Obo, an entity in outer space capable of dispensing good luck on earth. Soothsayers abounded, hundreds of them travelling door-to-door to retail the latest premonitions. Healers of anxiety, hugely in demand, were in business everywhere. New religions came and went by the week. The trade in charms was one of the exceedingly few growth industries, apart from the Ministry of Harmony. Thus the 20th Century came to an end amid the gathering mists of a return of the masses to primeval superstitions within an electronic environment.

     Yet the Ministry itself was certainly not lacking in sophistication. Alongside all its other measures of public control, it secretly sponsored as a safety-valve that eccentric celebrity of the day, Jeremiah Howell. Jeremiah dressed in the garb of John Bull of old, and emitted in regulated measure enough of the vague sounds of Old England to create the comforting illusion of an extant native spirit without the risk of anything at all of the real substance. His was the fine art of saying a lot which sounded nostalgically patriotic in a most nebulous way devoid of danger to the process destructive of patriotism. For this most talented of side-tracking performances he thoroughly deserved the very high salary and the plentiful perquisites he received from the Ministry, for it was thanks to him that so many people who might otherwise have become something of a problem for the despots of Democracy were instead shunted into a siding of perpetual immobilization under the influence of his sedation.

     Alongside Howell as another enormously valuable agency of distraction, lulling millions from disquiet into the somnolent inertia of appeased acquiescence, the Ministry had the services of the Royal Family in presenting the illusion that Old England still persisted, despite all the evidence to the contrary, including all the words and deeds of that Royal Family itself. Its members applied themselves wholeheartedly and diligently to the promotion of Harmony in all its aspects in return for the plentiful provision of public funds and the permanent assurance of a central position in the sunshine of media attention as the subject of endless tittle-tattle and deferential attention even to the utmost trivia of their daily lives.

     By the turn of the century all the grandchildren of the monarch were well on the way by the entirety of their training and the atmosphere of the court and country to providing a shining example of Harmony by selecting Coloured spouses. Thus a land which had once known by figurative title a "Black Prince" could more or less depend on having early in the 21st Century a Black King.

     The monarch was in the habit of yearly delivering at Harmonytide a festive season which had replaced the yuletide of yore, a passionate appeal for more and more Harmony to make England an ever more colourful land. In the message for Harmonytide 1999 there was the sparkling announcement for the birth of the new century that the Union Jack, relic of a racist past, would be replaced at the New Year with a flag far more fitting for the New World Order of the New Age, a lovely black one with a big black 'H' for Harmony set inside a central disk of yellow.

     The cause of Harmony, which was the pursuit of world oneness, had by the time of the announcement brought about a general integration of the former United Kingdom in a system already embracing the greater part of the world, and confidently expected eventually to embrace the whole of it. The advocates of this stupendous unification, who decades earlier had campaigned as a "Crusade for World Government" for its attainment at one jump, and on this basis had been overwhelmingly rejected, had quickly learned the lesson that by stealthy gradualism eventual victory could be theirs. Thereafter they had advanced it bit by bit, focussing attention at any one time only on the immediate step as though it did not lead to the end of the road. This strategy was identical with that which proved so successful in settling millions of Coloureds in England, and thereby making her multiracial.

     Against any thought that the power of the backstage rulers of England was gravely diminished by the extent to which the governmental decisions of this country had become in almost all respects, and down to such fine details as the the permissible strength of the gum on postage stamps, the relayed commands of the World Council of Harmony in Tel Aviv; it must be stressed that precisely the same sort of people with the same sort of interests pulled the strings there in the heart of Israel as did on the banks of the Thames. They were one global syndicate: an undercover political Mafia straddling the world in the mantle of Democracy. Theirs was the perfection of rackets, the ultimate in extortion, resulting from the takeover by the gangsters of the entirety of the powers and functions of government. Dear old Al Capone had been a small-time amateur in comparison who never in his wildest dreams had the vision to perceive such a millenium for the masters of the mob as was to be reached by the year 2000.

CHAPTER 9 Celebrations of the Century

     THAT long-heralded year 2000 was about to arrive. The preparations were almost complete. The celebrations were almost ready to begin. To mark the beginning the monumental engineers were already at work in London's Trafalgar Square, scheduled to become "Harmony Square" on January 1st. Their initial task had been to remove the antediluvian figure of Horatio Nelson from its tall column. For long enough now his face had been disfigured with a look of utmost disdain at what he had been obliged to look down on thereabouts, so it was better he should disappear, as indeed he now had.

     Already replacing him on the column, but completely covered up till the official unveiling on New Year's Day, was the figure of a veritable patriarch of the new age: Nelson Mandela, gorgeously arrayed in the dress uniform of the United Nathans Navy in which this country's navy had several years ago been merged. To match this change for the better, as from the same New Year's Day by the very first law of the new century, the Britannia Improvement Act, a change would also occur in the lady of the shield, helmet and trident. Henceforth Britannia would be as black as the ace of spades.

     On the festive 1st January public bonfires would be lit in all parts with the public exhorted to contribute to the combustion all remaining family relics of the bad old days of a once White England. As accompaniment to this good riddance there would be non-stop denunciations of those deplorable times by local dignitaries in all districts. The incessant theme of these events would be "Hate the Past ! – Honour the Future!" As a special treat, every area of major population would enjoy its own version of the fabulous Notting Hill Carnival, lasting on this occasion a whole week. There would even be free window replacement – eventually – for all the thousands of panes it was confidently expected would be broken by the unprecedented decibels to be projected from the giant amplifiers relaying round-the-clock "rugged rock" to convulse even the most apathetic and sluggish members of the public.

     It was announced with fanfares that there would be another free gift from the benevolent government to the beloved people. All television sets would shortly be fitted free of charge with a new device whereby colours and Coloureds would appear even more colourful. Technicians would be calling at every home in the coming weeks to do the five-minute job on the spot. What was not made public, but which Philip well knew, was that the main function of the device was to make the set's vision two-way, so that while the family watched the set, the set watched the family, a service of surveillance by the Ministry of Harmony to ensure even better public order in the new century.

     To partner this great advance in public care, the Ministry was confidently expecting very soon to perfect and put into use another great aid to Harmony: secret transmissions nation-wide of "PP." standing for "Passivity Promotion". These were extremely low frequency radiations from microwave towers disguised as television relay stations: radiations capable of inducing a tendency to submission in the targeted populace.

     In the beginning, experiments on animals had shown that exposure to electromagnetic fields of a certain frequency and intensity could cause behavioural changes, and in particular bring animals to lie down and roll over in a characteristic gesture of abject submission. With this encouraging discovery experimentation had moved on to long-term prisoners in the Ministry's institutions of correction. The similar results on humans obtained there had been most gratifying, prompting the necessary investigations and preparations for the application to the public at large of this behavioural boon.

     Naturally there would have to be exempted persons, many of them in fact, comprising all the personnel of the Ministry and all the members of Jehovah's chosen caste. These exempted persons would be issued, clandestinely of course, with another beneficial invention: a "suppressor" designed to ward off the radiations, disguised as an identity tag to be worn locket-wise round the neck.      New Year's Day 2000 came at last in such propitious circumstances. At one minute past midnight came the rousing announcement on all radio and television channels that Rasmus Olionabobe, formerly of central Africa, had just been elected by unanimous vote to be the Member of Parliament for the Westminster constituency in its currently contrived by-election, and that instantaneously the whole of the House of Commons in its late-night sitting had unanimously chosen him to be Prime Minister.

     Within moments of this momentous announcement another piece of news reached the home of Annie's son George and his wife Jennifer as they sat there with Annie watching on the television the beginning of the celebrations. In came Honey, somewhat jaded from a long session at the "Heartbeat", to announce nonchalantly that she was pregnant. The father, as you will surely guess, was none other than Ulysses Jones. The progeny would therefore be fashionably darkish if not true ebony, probably broad of nose and lip as an additional attraction, and most likely to be endowed with the further merit of frizzy hair. In short, the child would obviously be English of the most modern appearance: a truly authentic incarnation of the blessed state of Merrie England in the year 2000.