by William Dudley Pelley

Chapter V

So in those peaceful years before 1914, the big Rothschild Jews of Germany were going ahead with their plans for a Berlin-Bagdad Railroad that was to bottle up Russia at the Dardanelles and smash the world-wide commerce of the French and English Sephardic Jews of Paris and London. If, however, Germany could be "isolated," or a first-class war made to break out that ended with the everlasting daylights walloped out of her, then the construction of this Berlin-Bagdad project could be effectively "dynamited."... The English Sephardim were past masters at the job of building "coalitions," and they had the money to act as pay-mistress of Britain's "allies."... Why not, with the Bank of England in their control? Furthermore, the Sephardic Jews of France were more closely related to them than the quasi-oriental "kikes" of Germany and Austria.

On the other hand, Russia hated those same "kikes" of Germany more than she did the Sephardim of England.

So many minor differences with France were patched up, and in 1904 the two predominantly Sephardic countries entered into a combination, against the Ashkenazic countries-called the Entente Cordiale. But the Ashkenazic crowd saw the jam they were making for them- 29 selves, and engineered the Triple Alliance – Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

For this combination, the Entente Cordiale was no match. Therefore the Sephardim of England, working through their Gentile Fronts of aristocratic British old-family statesmen, enticed Russia to join the Entente Cordiale, and thus the Triple Entente was formed – England, France, and Russia – the "Allies" to you!

Russia's entry into the Triple Entente was obtained by reason of the fact that the plan for the Berlin-Bagdad-Rothschild railway crossed up the Russian plan of reaching an outlet to the Mediterranean Sea. The railway was to cross the Turkish Channels at Constantinople, where Russia planned to reach the sea. Thus, with the help of Gentile Czardom, Sephardic England could effectively block the development and completion of the Rothschild project that otherwise would have put both Romanoffs and Sephardim at the mercy of the Ashkenazim.

Here we have a complete picture of the European Situation. And if you think I'm hatching it' up out of my own brain, let me tell you that a lot of what I'm giving you can be found in Document 346 of the records of the 67th Congress of the United States. Only it won't do you any good to go writing to Washington for Document 346. Believe me, although done at the government printing office, it's long since been "exhausted." And never reprinted! You bet it wasn't!

From 1907 to 1914, Europe was divided into two powerful camps: the Triple Entente – "Allies" to you, again ! – guarding the interests of the Romanoffs and the Sephardim, and the Triple Alliance – the "Central Powers " – guarding the Berlin-Bagdad-Rothschild scheme to thus get the Romanoffs and the Sephardim over a barrel.

Of course, both camps saw to it that the Gentile nations involved armed themselves to the teeth. With these big capitalistic Jews practically dictating to the press – exactly as they're doing here in the United States at the present moment – this was a push-over. The poisoned pen was put to work and virulent propaganda put into operation to create the maximum of international hatred. The Ashkenazim told the gullible Germans that France and England were out to "do" 'em, deny 'em a place in the sun, and steal their colonies. "Gott strafe England!" was the slogan fed to the poor Heinies for breakfast, dinner, and supper. The common people of England, France, and Russia, did not know what or who was behind all the arming of Germany. The Kaiser was just the semi-paralytic figure-head that went about thinking he bossed the Fatherland. But he personalized "German aggression," and the English and French Gentiles fell for the hoax by the millions. Why not, when they couldn't get any other information? The Sephardim went the Ashkenazim ten better, in cooking up propaganda, for they had the most at stake if the latter won out.

In England, the big-shot Sephardic Jew at the head of the British press was Lord Northcliffe, who early in life had taken the Aryan name of Alfred Harmsworth. He played the game of the Sephardic-Samuels crew to the limit, creating a psychology throughout the British Empire that war was "inevitable."

Sure it was "inevitable " – because the Ashkenazic mob was determined to use the armies of German Gentiles to fight for its project to a finish, and the Sephardim were just as determined that they were going to use the armies of English, French – and later American – Gentiles to see that the Ashkenazim were stopped.

It was "inevitable" in Jewish minds only, and for Jewish purposes and profits. Today, here in America, we're witnessing the same sort of satanic skulduggery as night after night our newspapers tell us that war against both Hitler and Japan is "inevitable."

More sheep-dip!

Here's an interesting sidelight on how much the dummy rulers of the later-embattled peoples wanted war.

Did you know that back in November, 1910, while the (Jewish) subsidized press of each of the countries to be involved were feeding their poison of international hatred to their readers, and while the uniformed imbeciles and paid stooges of these Jewish blocs were shouting for war, two rulers – the Emperor of Germany and the Czar of Russia – sat quietly down to a lunch-table in Potsdam and earnestly discussed ways and means to avert the threatened hostilities?

There at a lunch-table, undisturbed by the howlings of the Jew-paid war maniacs, these two rulers worked out between themselves a just basis for a peaceful existence of the two countries. Germany was to acknowledge Russia's control over access through Persia to the high seas, and Russia – at least the Romanoff court – was to withdraw her opposition to the "German" plan of building the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad.

This is history, and the event is of historical importance! Civilized mankind might ponder it with great moral benefit. The two rulers came together, without any Yiddisher or Sephardic kibitzers present – just as Hitler, Mussolini and Chamberlain did the other day over in Munich – and settled a vexatious problem, or so they supposed, by a peaceful two-hour discussion over a lunch-table. If this could he done, and was done, why was a disastrous four-year war sprung upon the nations of the world?

The answer is simple –

What these "dummy" rulers said or did was no part of the schemes, rivalries, and hatreds of these swollen-with-power Jewish financial groups. The quasi-oriental Ashkenazim were out to smash or harness the Sephardim in the matter of international trade and finance. And the means that each side proposed to use in the final extremity was the Gentile armies of the countries involved. Therefore the agreement of the Kaiser and the Czar not to fight and thus commit national suicide, was "frustrated."...

In other words, when the show-down came, they had precious little to say about it. The Kaiser's court was almost entirely staffed with big-shot Ashkenazic Yiddishers. The Barney Baruch of Germany in those days was the Jew Walter Rathenau. This was the same Jew who shipped Lenin across Germany in the latter days of the war, to overthrow and exterminate the Romanoffs. "Three hundred men," he once said, "not generally known to the public, govern the fate of Europe!" He did not add that the three hundred were big-shot Jews or that kaisers and czars were by no means among them.

Here's another instance –

In order to fight a war in Europe to determine whether or not the Rothchilds' Berlin-Bagdad Railroad was going through, there had to be people who wanted war, and armies and navies which would do the fighting, and finally, money on which to finance it. France and England had the armies, navies, and money, but no people who wanted war. Germany had all the requirements because there the Jews were more firmly entrenched in official positions. But the Sephardic financiers began their "financial mobilization" in that they quietly began recalling any loans they had in Germany. And the German financiers just as quietly began to cache their war boodle outside of Germany, knowing that the fighting might come in that country and their money be subject to seizure. When the German Kaiser called together the "German" financiers just after the abortive Morocco Incident and asked them to prepare Germany's finances for war, the "German" financiers politely informed them that there would be no war because the "German" gold was at that time out of Germany. That settled the question of war. The Gentiles of France and England hadn't been sufficiently steamed up to the point where such a war would gain the objectives that the Jews desired.

So you see, little male children of the American Legion, what is revealed when the curtain is rolled back and the "international financiers" – in other words, world-plotting Yidds! – are discovered in their true roles. They did not recognize the "opportunity" for war to be "favorable," and there was no war.

The "inevitable" outbreak of the war came when the world-plotting Yidds decided that propaganda in all countries had the Gentiles plenty heated up so that their war would not misfire. Serbia particularly was made a hot-bed of poisonous propaganda. The Serbian propagandists invaded Austria and Hungary, poured out money like water, and created disturbances. International hatred in France – against "the Huns" – was worked up to hysterical pitch. War was in the air. War "had to come." Only a good pretext had to be found.

In 1912-13 another attempt was made to "feel out" the people and to test the time, whether or not it was favorable for conflict. The Balkan War broke out. Russia and Austria mobilized. But the opportunity was "not favorable" and there was no war till the following August.

But the agitation continued – exactly as the Roosevelt-Jewish crowd is keeping up the agitation here today for a mix-up with Germany and Japan. Each nation sold its people on the "necessity" for arming to the teeth. The peoples of every nation were groaning under the weight of heavy armaments, but the Invisible Power (Jewish) continued with feverish energy the preparation of the public mind for the conflict that was coming.

This propaganda assumed such alarming proportions that on one occasion the Gentile Lord Welby, of the English Treasury, cried: "We are in the hands of an organization of crooks!" Sure he was! Jewish crooks! The Rothschilds had to be kept from building a railroad, though a dozen nations were wrecked in doing it!

The drive to create the pretext for war was now concentrated in Serbia. The foci of trouble were recognized again at the intersection of "German" and Russian plans. To force the issue, Hungary was terrorized by the Serbian propagandists and agents provocateur. Finally the directors of the plan resorted to plain murder.

Two young Jews, misnamed "students," were selected and carefully trained by "Serbian" officials, and supplied with weapons of murder from the arsenals of Serbia, and then sent out on their villainous journey.

On June 28, 1914, these two young Heebs assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, together with his wife at his side.

Thus by a carefully planned murder, the fuse was lit and the great conflagration started.

The plan for the murder was hatched in Serbia. But get this, little male children of the American Legion – The bill for the job was paid from London.

Were the Sephardim on the job of smashing the Rothschilds' railroad scheme – or were they not?

The payment was made directly through the Serbian Legation stationed at London. In proof of this statement, John Bull, an English publication, printed a letter written on the official sheet of the Serbian Legation at London, date April 5, 1914 – note that date! – which, decoded, read as follows –

For the elimination of F. F. (Franz Ferdinand,) the sum 2,000 pounds sterling, will be paid as follows: 1,000 pounds on your arrival in Belgrade (capital of Serbia) by the hands of Mr. G and the rest of 1,000 pounds on finishing the work paid as above. The sum of 200 pounds for expenses and to pay agents.

In other words, the young Jew Princip, who fired the shot that started the world war and in due course of time made you American Legionnaires when your country had been propagandized into joining all the brilliant business, got ten grand in American cash for the murder, and one grand for the expense of getting to Belgrade from London.

And they talk about Germany's having started the war! – not that I'm doing any apologizing for Germany, but the facts are the facts!

The fuse was lit. The German Emperor frantically sent his telegrams to the Czar begging him to avert the catastrophe. The Czar as frantically replied that the German Kaiser should stop the war. The French and English statesmen kept the wires sizzling, appealing to all and sundry to stop the war. But war had to come. The Ashkenazim and Sephardim had fixed it all up so that war was "inevitable."... As Lloyd George said, the "terror-stricken dummies" could not stop the war.

The uncrowned and invisible rulers of Europe (Jewish) decreed that there should be war. And there was war! And was it a war?

You American' Legion lads should know! You went out and did your share of stopping the German pig-iron, that the Rothschild railroad should become a flop!

Chapter VI

Now, having said this much, I'm going, still further and tell you lads more, of what patsies these big-shot Jews made of you, that the world might be kept safe for Sephardic Democracy.

The War had scarcely been going a year, and English Tommies and French poilus were still wondering "what it was all about," when the Sephardic Jews of the Allied nations got together and signed among themselves what they called the Treaty of London.

This Treaty of London, entered into by the Allied Powers on April 26, 1915, proved definitely that the main purpose of the whole stramash was to exterminate the power of the German "kike."

In that Treaty, central Europe and a part of Asia were divided and distributed among England, France, Italy, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, and Montenegro, as follows –

England was to receive the neutral zones of Persia, southern Mesopotamia and Bagdad – all with their heavy oil deposits, and a portion of the German colonies.

France was to get Syria and the oil fields of Mosul, Alsace-Lorraine and the Saar Valley – rich in iron mines and smelters, temporary occupation of the left bank of the Rhine, and a goodly chunk of the German colonies;

Italy was to receive the Trentino, Triest and Istria, a generous share of the Dalmatian coasts, Smyrna and its hinterland, and numerous islands too bothersome to mention – in lieu of all which, she deserted the Entente Cordiale as most of us recall;

Russia was to receive Constantinople and nearly the whole of Turkey in Europe, the Bosporous, the Dardanelles, and the Sea of Marmora, and full liberty of action in Persia.

Serbia, Rumania, and Montenegro were to have what was left of the loot parceled out among 'em.

It was a Jewish burglar's deal from send-off, and even Woodrow Wilson didn't know about it when the Warburg's and the rest of the Jewish crew finagling us into the mess of it, forced him to declare war over the Lusitania sinking.

The man actually thought that the German Kaiser threatened the world's Democracy. He sat in the White House and wrote scholarly papers while Baruch ran the shebang from the Sephardic standpoint. When he came to go to Europe for the Peace Conference, after you little male children of the American Legion had left fifty thousand of your buddies lying stark in No Man's Land for the Messrs. Rothschilds' railroad, he found out right enough what the war had been about.

"There is a power in Europe with which I cannot cope!" he reported on his return back here to the United States.

He didn't, however, give it a racial designation!

You fellows were called up from farm and mine, and out of office and factory. The Sephardim, needing you to fight their battles and make certain that the Messrs. Rothschilds' railroad was smashed, painted the Heinies as being next to human savages – precisely as the same poisonous propaganda is stating today, because Hitler cleaned up Germany and kicked all such Jewish burglars out – and you consented to be drafted and sent to camp as rookies.

You thought the United States was in horrid danger, or your "Democracy" was, and Georgie Cohan wrote Over There! and the regiments began to march down Fifth Avenue in New York, and pretty soon Blackjack Pershing announced that the first contingent of Yanks had landed in France.

How the Sephardic Jews of London must have smiled in smug satisfaction when they had put that one over on you! Reports came out from under cover after the war, in which they practically bragged that it cost Sephardic Great Britain something like 37 cents a head to convert you Americans into doing their battling against the German Ashkenazim for them!

You don't need to get overly mad yet; there's more coming. I haven't finished yet telling you just what went on behind your backs while Mr. Barney Baruch was the real War Boss of the United States.

Had there only been a single purpose behind the World War, namely, the defeat of Rothschild Germany, the division of Europe and a part of Asia, and to secure for the Sephardic financiers the absolute control of commerce and finance, the war could not – and would not! – have lasted six months! But after it got nicely going, the Jews in both camps met up with a surprise.

They discovered the ease with which they could infiltrate their own people into official positions previously held inviolate to Gentiles!

Furthermore, on both sides they discovered the stupendous war profits that they could reap, while the Gentiles bought the bonds, did the fighting, and paid the bills.

They had stumbled onto the mightiest racket in all creation, and something like four millions of them were not slow to get over here into the United States during the four war years and take advantage of it from the American angle.

Jews on both sides, I say, discovered the titanic opportunity presented to them to make money, which in turn meant world power and prestige after the mighty spectacle was ended.

The Jews promoted that war as a business – just as today through all this Relief blither, they're promoting the Depression as a business! No matter how many millions have to sacrifice and suffer! What of it? They're only Gentiles!

Now get this, you boys who recall something of what France was like in wet weather, or what the front trenches were like the night of a barrage –

The question of the duration of the World War hinged upon the ability of Germany to obtain sufficient iron ore from which munitions could be manufactured. In May, 1915, in a confidential report, the six great industrial and agricultural associations of Germany advised Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg that "if the production of the Lorraine ore was disturbed, the war would be practically lost."

Engerand, a member of the French Honse of Deputies, says that the German metallurgists had frequently declared that if the German ore mines had been attacked by the French army, "the war would have been finished in six months, with the defeat of Germany."

In a heated debate in the French House of Deputies, after an investigation conducted by that law-making, body, it came out that the control of the war was in the hands of a few international Jewish families!

These families controlled most of the raw materials used in the manufacture of munitions. Furthermore, they controlled most of the factories making munitions. It appears further that they controlled both the civil governments and the military organizations of both Germany and France.

The French Deputy's report said bluntly –

"Some of the most notable of these families are the deVendel family, the Thyssen family, the Krupp family, and above them all, the famous international family of the Rothschilds, who are Jews by religion and Barons of Germany, France, and Austria, by business! These ubiquitous families are so interspersed in the various countries that in some of them they are native-born citizens, in other countries they are naturalized citizens. Some of these citizens were found to be members of the governments of opposite warring countries!"

Isn't it an ironical circumstance, little male children of the American Legion, that I'm telling you about these families and naming them to some of you for the first time, and yet for twenty months you worked for them in your 'khaki' uniforms and knew next to nothing about it! You thought you were working for Uncle Sam! The Jews put it over on you!

To speak bluntly, my lads, THEY PLAYED YOU FOR A CROWD OF SUCKERS!

Furthermore, I interrupt myself to tell you that they're still playing you for a mob of suckers.

I know more than you do about 'em, and before I get through I'll convince you of it – provided you're Gentile!

Chapter VII

Can you still take it, or are you about ready at this point to throw my booklet aside and dismiss me with the execration that I must be a Nazi agent?

Anyhow, I haven't come yet to the most insufferable part, by a long shot. You'd better stick with me. Maybe you'll need a few facts to bring up in your next Legion meeting when somebody challenges the probability of the whole of it.

The principal iron mines, smelters, and coal mines of Germany and France, I tell you, were – and still are – located immediately on both sides of the pre-war political boundary line separating the two countries in the Lorraine section.

On the French side there is a very extensive ore section known as the Basin of Briey. In the same region there are extensive coal fields known as the Basin of Bruay.

These iron fields, iron mines, smelters, and coal mines were, before and during the world war, the private property of a few international families or a few international corporations. The deVendel family owned in one property some 25,000 acres of iron land, one-half of which was in German territory and the other half in French territory!

In another property, in the French Basin, the deVendel family, with the Creusot interests – the Krupps of France – owned eight blast furnaces and iron ore mines producing a million tons yearly. On the German side the deVendel family owned mining concessions at Meyeurre and Hayange producing three million tons of ore a year – with blast furnaces and smelters near those mines. In all, the deVendel family controlled about 200,000 acres of iron land in that section.

The Germans, on the other hand, owned eighteen mining concessions in the Briey and Longwy Basin and a few more in Normandy. The Thyssens controlled the mines of Bailly, Jouville and Souligny. The mines of Montlers were controlled by an international group – their stocks being divided: French, 100; German, 70; and Belgian 10.

The German "Phoenix" group – Hasper and Koesch – controlled the French mines at Jarny and Saucy. I could go on for a couple more pages, giving you the data on these ownerships. But you get the idea. And I think you grasp that I know what I'm talking about.

One day, before war was declared, the German army proceeded to seize the French Basin of Briey.

The French Government immediately ordered the French troops to withdraw eight miles from that section! 46

Thus the Germans occupied that important iron territory without the slightest resistance.

Was the war that you fellows were commanded to go and fight in the name of Democracy, a "set-up," or was it not?

How many of you are aware that the "front" through the Basin of Briey was practically "quiet" throughout the whole war? It was said that not a single man had ever been killed there, until the American army began its drive there against the Germans!

You see, no one seemed to have told Blackjack Pershing that he and his Yanks had been hoaxed into a "set-up" war. He, and they, started to slam-bang in as though it were a regular war, really to save democracy.

The moment the Yanks started in to make a mess of Briey, the whole war collapsed. It would have collapsed six months after it began – and America never have been pulled into it at all – if the Jews hadn't come to an agreement among themselves to keep it going because of the kale they were piling up, and because there were plenty of Gentiles to fight it!

In the Basin of Briey, about 25 miles behind the front, was the most important iron field from which the Germans dug the greater part of the ore used for their munitions. The German smelters were there, working day and night, preparing iron for ammunition destined to kill French soldiers and later, Americans!

How could Germans mine their fourteen million tons of iron ore 25 miles behind the front, and how could the Krupps manufacture munitions from that ore, if the French or English had bombarded those works and disturbed the peaceful operation of the smelters? Likewise, how could the French mine their 28,000 tons of coal per day, if the "Germans" had recklessly and discourteously bombarded those mines only ten to twelve miles behind the French lines?

The principal business of the international Jewish owners of those mines was to make money during the war! – Berlin-Bagdad Railroad or no Berlin-Bagdad Railroad.

If the Germans had been dislodged from the iron ore fields of Briey – according to the German metallurgists – "the war would have been finished with the defeat of Germany, within six months," that is, by January 1, 1915. But if the war had come to a conclusion so swiftly, those international Yiddisher interests could not have made their millions, the Krupps could not have manufactured so much ammunition, and there would have been left several million Gentiles alive to oppose the aggressions of predatory Jews. During the war, however, business was business.

The German, English, French, and Belgian international Jewish families were bent on making money, reaping the rich harvest of Gentile dollars-and blood – that eleven years later was to produce the most gigantic international bankruptcy that the world has ever seen. What did they care about life, liberty, and happiness of Gentiles? Sure there were a few Jewish lads here and there in the war. But whenever did the big-shot Jews care much whether their own lower-bracket flesh-and-blood took a rap or two, if the more sizable interests of world Jewry were served?

The enormity of the situation was pointed out by Gustav Tery, editor of L'Ouevre, of Paris, on May 22, 1917. That was about the time we were coming into the "set-up," remember? He declared that in the minutes of the general meeting, of the blast furnace and steel-mill corporation of Caen, held on March 14, 1916, "it is specified that the Thyssen (German branch of the family) interests, are carefully preserved in the new organization. It is understood that a part of the profits realized by this company in the making of war munitions (for France!) will be put aside for the Thyssen (German!) group, and that, after the war, automatically and legally, the Messrs. Thyssen will receive this large sum!

That's the kind of a war that made you Legionnaires, my lads of the American Legion!

Need I do any arguing that it might have been the humane thing, as well as to the interests of the French people, to have had the Germans driven out of the Basin of Briey and thus established peace within six months of the war's beginning? Had it been done, there never would have been any need for America to enter into the war at all. But I said that before! Indeed, General Sarrail of France reasoned somewhat after this fashion, he being a plain dumb Gentile general, and not initiated into the mysteries of the whole Jewish war at all. In 1914 he projected an offensive that, had it been successful, would have driven the Germans out of the Briey.

He was told by the French general staff that it was "too difficult" to maneuver in that district, although the Germans had found no trouble in advancing 14 kilometers in a mere two days!

To assure the tranquillity of the iron mines, so that the war could go on slaughtering Gentiles and eventually costing 50,000 American lives, the patriotic and uninitiated General Sarrail was removed from the command of that front and replaced by the more complaisant General Gerard.

What discourtesy it would have been, no matter how men were dying by the tens of thousands every day elsewhere, to disturb or dislodge the Germans from their peaceful mining of French iron ore!

It is only for the poor devils who have to go through the barrages and breathe the poison gas, that war is not a gentlemen's agreement! Think it over!

In 1933, a buck private of the German army whose first name was Adolf came to the chancellorship of the German Fatherland and shoveled the whole mob of burglars, shysters, criminals, and blackguards out. I don't believe in his type of government for the United States, but I'm not letting myself be bamboozled by all the poison-pen screeching that the Jews are doing in consequence – to the end and aim that we should go over a second time and help to dislodge him, that the deVendels, the Thyssens, the Krupps and the Rothschilds should be restored to power and be permitted to repeat.

That's precisely what the big Sephardic Jew, Rossocampo-Rosenvelt, now sitting in the White House as of New Year's Eve, 1938-39, is striving his best to have happen with all the official powers at his command!

And around him, thicker than flies about a honey-pot, sit the kith and kin of the same Ashkenazic Mob that only twenty-five years ago were paying ten grand to a Serbian kike to shoot an Archduke and precipitate the whole of it. Fine business, say I! And if I stick my head out and say I know a few things that the rest of America hasn't yet learned, I'm a Nazi Spy, an agent of Hitler, a Jew-Baiter. I'm "anti-American" because I don't want to see the growing boys of today shipped overseas to fight any more Ashkenazic-Sephardic fights in a wholesale bamboozlement!