by William Dudley Pelley

Chapter VIII

The Jews made an ocean of spondulics out of that War. One report has it that out of 100 war profiteers listed in New York State, 75 of them were Jews. Maybe that's because there are more Jews in York State in proportion to the population than in any other commonwealth. But no matter how much money they made, they sowed the seeds of a whirlwind.

The Central Powers – thanks to us American lads – were reasonably well-thrashed. At least they gave up. But Old Jake Schiff put up a million bucks to send Trotsky (Bronstein) to Russia to join Lenin and produce Bolshevism. The Treaty of London crystallized in practice into the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was stricken with a debt she had to repudiate. Austria and Hungary were first given over to Lenin's thugs – and the Jew Bela Cohen went in and hamstrung five thousand Gentiles a week. The Red Jews got into Italy in the wake of war's disintegration and the whole continent of Europe was headed for chaos – Yiddisher chaos!

Suddenly in Italy appeared Mussolini, and he put a halt to Communism. He introduced one-man Fascism because Yiddisher "democracy" doesn't serve in such a turmoil. Out of Mussolini's success grew Hitler's.

Hitler knew the crowd that had wrecked the Fatherland, and he started a one-man war in Germany to best it – and drive it forth.

We know that he did drive it forth. He even went so far as to clap the sacrosanct person of one omnipotent Rothschild in a common hoosegow.

Over here into the United States swarmed the mob of mischief-making scoundrels, to use the Democratic Party, the American press and radio, the American movie screen, to work up a wild hysteria to have Hitler kicked to limbo.

And again we're falling for paid propaganda and poison-pen bilge, to make us go to war to pull the Rothschild chestnuts out of the fire a second time.

We must do this, it seems, in the name of racial tolerance and religious freedom.

According to the Jewish Statistical Bureau there were only 4,228,029 Jews designated as residents of the United States in 1927, ten years after we entered the war. But in 1937, ten years later, the number had jumped to 12,046,648 – an increase of 8,818,639.

That's an increase of 17,000 Jews a week in this country, every week for ten years!

Have they got any right here? Have they come in defiance of immigration quotas or have they not? Have our immigration quotas broken down? Or has our government been turned so far Yiddish that no restraints can be put upon this influx even if illegal?

Instead of you little male children of the American Legion getting together every other Friday under some Jewish war "veteran" and griping about the "un-American" growth of Nazism and "racial intolerance," you'd better do a little scouring into what's going on right under your noses, to make this the second kind of a Germany that Hitler had to dry-clean and fumigate after he landed in office!

Last Armistice Day I heard and saw a news-reel of American Legion Commander Chadwick on a platform before a mike at Arlington Cemetery, opening the mouth that's in his face, and emitting a great belch of applesauce about this country's having no room for any ism but Americanism!

What did he mean, Americanism?

Does Americanism consist of standing aside, with a sappy look on the face, and keeping the hands thrust in the pockets while a gang of international mobsters continue to make hash of Christian-Gentile institutions?

What does Americanism mean?

And what was Chadwick doing, but toadying to the same clique of international Yiddishers who once finagled not to have the Briey Basin bombed, so that their Gentile war could go according to Hoyle on all fronts but in the Jewish-industrial area?

The American Legion prides itself on advocating and fighting for Americanism. Very good, then; why doesn't it get up on its hind legs and do a little fighting against the conniving Yiddisher who's brought a whirlwind of cataclysm on the heads of universal Christendom?

I say that I'm challenging the American Legion! I'm challenging Commander Chadwick, making his stooge-speech for Americanism that he doesn't define – and couldn't define if he tried! He took a nasty poke at thousands of fine men in my own organization – men who aren't bamboozled by Yiddisher propaganda and don't go 'round playing the inside game of a people that gave Christian institutions a body-blow twenty years ago and are simply being called by Kismet to pay for it.

I want to know what he means by Americanism!

The men he heads were Duped by Judah twenty-odd years bygone.

Fifty thousand dead boys – good Americans! – are sleeping in graves overseas because the Rothschilds wanted to construct a railroad from Berlin down to Bagdad and the owners of the Bank of England stopped 'em by wrecking the country they came from.

Is it Americanism to let the same mob come swarming over here and play eternal high jinks with this nation too?

If so, and Chadwick speaks for it officially, let the American Legion change its name to the Jewish War Veterans, en masse, and have done with bamboozlement.

Chapter IX

Anyhow, I've given you fellows the cold hard, hitherto suppressed facts of precisely what started the War and dragged you into it, and gave you the basis for a Legion at all.

That War is now twenty-five years – a quarter-century – in retrospect. We've lived long enough, and had time enough, to view it in the abstract, to cool down from the hysterias of military tempo.

We went overseas – bought like the Gentile cattle that we were for 37 cents per head! – and stopped the German pig-iron that was smelted in France, that the world might be made safe for Yiddish Democracy.

Was it made safe for Democracy – anybody's Democracy?

How could it be made safe for something that never existed, excepting in an elementary form in ancient Greece? Moreover, what business did we have fooling in the "protection of Democracy," anyway, seeing that our United States isn't a Democracy but a Republic?

If we had real Democracy in this country, it would mean the direct hour-to-hour rule of the majority. But instead of hour-to-hour rule of the majority we got hour-to-hour rule of a ten-percent mob of Jews – 275 of them in the highest key positions in our Federal government! – running the affairs of 120 million Gentiles!

There are, by admitted Yiddisher census, 12,046,649 Jews within our United States. That's nearly ten percent of our entire population. And they supervise our press, they dictate our government, they shovel their smut out via radio and movie, then they get up on their hind legs and screech "racial intolerance" if a mere Gentile gets his back up and suggests that a country 90 percent Gentile ought to have federal, cultural, and political institutions that are free from the blight of the ethics of the Jewish 10 percent.

They don't even believe in the American brand of Constitutionalism. They want their High Priest Kommissar Kommunism to be installed over here. Who's opposed every legislative move to benefit the veterans? Jews! And Chadwick apparently works for 'em!

When they failed to get Communism by Red Sit-Down striking, or crack-pot economics out of Washington, they try the stunt of screeching about America's need for a swollen army and navy, and a War Resources Bill that creates a Five-Minister War Government, with the President as its head and four War Ministers (to be Big Jews of course!) about him, accountable to nobody but themselves.

I put it to you lads of the American Legion – have we all gone nuts?

Seven years ago knowing this sort of thing was coming, I turned my back on private enterprise good for twenty-five grand a year to my bank account – to launch the Silvershirts on a personal remuneration of one dollar a year.

I meant to create an organization throughout this nation that should actually do what the American Legion might do, or should be doing, if it didn't raise the race question: See that the majority ruled in this country, not a 10 percent minority, and that patriotism comprised something other than marching through all the best downtown streets on Armistice Day and pasting membership posters on all the best billboards as the outdoor advertising companies donated space.

I wasn't afraid of the race question. If a crowd of burglars moved into the nation, and everything they touched immediately developed – subversion, bankruptcy, and confusion, I didn't propose to overlook the fact that they were burglars just because they were Jewish in race and religion.

If they were burglarizing the nation in the name of the Jewish race and religion, then I would treat with them in the name of the Jewish race and religion when it came to reprisals or punishments.

"We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races," says Dr. Munzer, a Jew, in his book The Way of Zion. "We have tarnished and broken their power. We have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed, and decayed."

"You certainly have," I was willing to agree, "but I'll be hanged before I'll let you make everything in the United States foul, rotten, decomposed, and decayed, if I have anything to say about it – and I flatter myself I can have quite a lot to say."

So I've gotten out, over a seven-year period, and organized a crowd of virile Americans in twenty-two States that are now giving the Jewish Locust-Swarm and what from Europe the unmitigated jitters. My men don't march up and down the best streets on Armistice Day, or paste posters on donated billboards, or pass resolutions against Communism in conventions and then offer their rostrums to the biggest Communists in the nation. My crowd is organized so that nobody but the leaders of their own Posts know who they are. But let trouble start anywhere in the nation – from a "purge" of the State Democratic parties of constitutional Americans, to another marine strike in Seattle or an attempted sabotage of industry by sit-down strikes in Michigan, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, and always up near the head of the vigilante leaders you find a Silvershirt or a knot of Silvershirts. My publishing house put out two million pieces of literature last year, exposing the whole pernicious, nation-wide, Yiddisher fanagglement. And I'm evidently so terribly right in my position, and the Silvershirts are scouring to such extent, that a public Silvershirt meeting announced for Chicago is equal to a public riot; thugs and gunmen paid by Jews wade into such meetings and begin sending men and women to hospitals. Peaceable and lawful meetings! The audiences respectable and information-hungry ladies and gentlemen! The subject-matter harangued from the platform, the necessity for keeping our Republic free of the foulness, rottenness, and decomposition that the Jew Munzer talks about! And without a word of warning the rioters come smashing in, bludgeoning all and sundry! And in the face of such thuggery and depredation, the German Bunders seem to be the only other organization in the nation not afraid to gang up and put in an oar to help halt it.

And what is the American Legion doing, while this sort of thing is in progress?

From where I sit, it's organized to screech against both Silvershirts and German Bunders from public platforms, and call anybody who does anything patriotic besides parade on Armistice Day, un-American!

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I see it!

The veterans of the Messrs. Rothschild's Franco-German War or Ashkenazic-Sephardic War get together in Posts every other Tuesday, find their programs and resolutions all nicely laid out for 'em, do precisely what their officers or rules committees tell 'em, agree to hold a dance the first of the month and then go home. Once a year the national gang holds a convention somewhere that costs a lot of money to attend. The delegates listen to a lot of spellbinders who defend the Jews and damn the Silvershirts and German Bunders. In the evenings they get plastered and raise 'ell. A week later the merchants take down the bunting and count the profits. The American Legion has held another convention. And it hasn't meant a thing!

Witness the spectacle of the American Legion Convention in Chicago passing resolutions savagely denouncing Communism, a couple of years back, and then turning over its platform to the Jew, LaGuardia, from New York – who hates Communists about as bad as Franklin D. Roosevelt hates instructed New-Deal delegates. Any Silvershirt could have told the American Legionnaires that LaGuardia was practically elected by the Communist vote!

And yet it's not to be wondered at.

You little male children of the American Legion were hoaxed, hoodwinked, and buffaloed into going over-seas and doing your part to stop the building of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad. You're in the same pitiable plight now in being herded into the Legion so that the Messrs. Rothschild's American agents can keep you on the job of protecting and championing God's Chosen People, no matter what they do to your government or bank account.

A national mob of ex-soldiers, unorganized, is a dangerous element after a war in any nation – especially if someone starts telling 'em the truth about which bunch of blackguards started the war and for what. But organize 'em, tell 'em in fancy-sounding phrases that they're "a great force for patriotism," and they don't get out of hand and start settling accounts.

In other words, it keeps up the military discipline till it can be used again.

The poor duped veterans are ready to agree that they're "a great force for patriotism," and a little clever manipulation then fixes everything so they never come to demonstrate it.

When I call you Dupes of Judah, little male children of the American Legion, you needn't get sore. Even in being "a great force for patriotism" – without ever doing anything about it but march and pass resolutions – you're Dupes of Judah. Even in the Legion fulminations that will surely raise against me for writing and circulating, this book, you're Dupes of Judah.

The Jews had you right where they wanted you in 1917, and used you to stop the Ashkenazic pig-iron and sniff the gas, that you might halt an unwanted railroad from being built. The Jews have you right where they want you in 1939, and are using you to stop an anti-Semitic Silvershirt organization from being built, merely because the question of race is involved. Jews and their acts are inviolate against criticism or attack, it seems, and anyone or anything that brings their race in question is "un-American"!

A few odd-thousand jewish boys went to the war because they were drafted and couldn't help it, or they grabbed off desk-jobs in Washington that gave 'em excuse to put on uniforms. Now when the leaders of their race are openly bragging about what Jews as a race are succeeding in doing to constitutional government and Christian institutions, no Gentile ex-soldier is supposed to say or do anything about it. He had Jew buddies in the war with him! That puts the whole American Legion out of the running – to do anything against the predatory and gloating Israelite – at a stroke. Clever business, what?

When the Armistice was signed, I was two thousand versts out on the wastes of wintry Siberia with the thermometer at forty below, my only protection from the killing blasts an army uniform and a rough corset of dispatches around my waist. I not only saw the War. I saw Communism come into the country with my own eyesight. When I got home, I made up my mind that it wasn't going to blight my United States.

So! For personally determining that Communism wasn't going to blight the United States, and doing something more about it than march up and down on the 11th of November, or paste posters of Grecian ladies on billboards, I've been probed twice by Congress. I've been attacked by the Red La Follette Committee in the Senate – and given it a shellacking! – and my men did more than any other single agency in seeing that Rossocampo's "purge" went sour across a group of strategic States. Martin Dies – with Jews around him thicker than mosquitoes in New Jersey at sundown – gave it out the other day that "Silvershirts are becoming so formidable in this nation, that in one Pennsylvania district they practically pre-dominate!"

I'm not meaning to brag in recounting these items. I'm calling your attention to the fact that if the American Legion were something other than a Jew-muzzled organization subtly steered so as to defend and champion the nation's despoilers, there wouldn't be any need for Silvershirts and they never would have appeared.

Name one thing that the American Legion has been allowed to do since its formation, to dynamite this sabotage of American government and morals – aside from passing resolutions against Communism and fulminating against Silvershirts and Bunders as "un-American."

A tree is known by its fruits. Christ said that, a long time ago. But Christ doesn't seem to be overly popular with American Legion Posts since the Jews took over – excepting as a mouth-filling cuss word. How many times have you heard Christ's name invoked in Legion Post meetings? The name of "God," yes! God, according to all the best Bibles, is very, very Jewish. But Christ was such a Jew-Baiter that they dragged Him off and killed Him. If you think that such deletions come about by accident, you're crazy.

There are plenty of bowels in the American Legion – just as there were plenty of bowels in the AEF that sailed to France. But the Jewish War Veterans, the koonlobers, the Jew-kept press, and the smart Yiddisher boys everywhere pushing in as Post commanders and officers, don't give 'em much chance to function unless it's to push into some sort of liquid fire and rake out chestnuts with a neat little six-pointed star branded upon each.

And with many thousands of Jews let into the country every week since 1914, and a Sanhedrin in the White House piling up a 40 billion dollar national debt, Chadwick gets up at Arlington and prates over a Yiddisher radio network that there's no room in this country for anything but "Americanism."

In God's name, what's the man talking about?

Chapter X

Up in Washington the week that I'm writing these lines, a new Congress is meeting. Some say it's the last Congress that is ever going to meet, but the vigorously pro-Jewish American Legion probably wouldn't know anything about that! Anyhow, in that Congress the relatives, progeny, or stooges of the same kosher mob that ordered us to risk our lives to stop the building of the Berlin-Bagdad Railroad – and wouldn't let the Briey Basin be bombed until we'd been pulled into the brawl – are introducing two Bills. One is H.R. 9604. The other is S. 1248.

Both of these Bills represent legislation that would do on a wholesale scale in the next Yiddish war what was attempted only on a piker scale in 1917.

Instead of conscripting a few buck privates to go over and wreck Germany so that the Rothschilds couldn't complete their railroad, the Yiddishers now propose to fight the war all over again by conscripting the whole nation!

Of course they've camouflaged these Bills under a lot of bologna-phrases, such as "taking the profits out of war," just as they camouflaged the 1917 conscription under the bologna-phrase "making the world safe for Democracy."

Give the Gentiles a good bologna-phrase, and they seem to be willing to do whatever the Yiddishers want, even to die as happy as possible.

Down deep under all the applesauce and skulduggery, however, here's the stark low-down on what's happening –

Communism by open revolution in this nation is proving an expensive bust to the big banking Jews who've been seeing it got the kale. The pendulum of popularity has commenced to swing away from Rossocampo-Rosenvelt and gives every indication of going out like a light. Something must be hatched up between eleven o'clock and lunch to keep the Jews in control who've weaseled into Federal government since the start of this Depression.

The expedient is a coast-to-coast screech about the terrible State of the national defense, and how utterly unprepared the United States is for another war, in the event that Rossocampo and his Yiddishers can get one provoked with either Germany or Japan.

It's the Old Army Game all over again, little male children of the American Legion: Never give the suckers an even break!

So the Jew-kept press and radio are going to town on what terrible people the Nazis and Japanese are, because Judah has had her clutch smashed on control of both of those countries. And with a "national emergency" in sight – just like the "inevitable" war that finally came to pass in 1914 – the Congress must lay the cornerstones for the sort of War Government the Jews want here, by legislation.

They've prepared two Bills for the attention of the present Congress. One is Senate Bill 1248. The other is House Bill 9604. Both of these appear on the surface to be measures to more effectively organize the country in time of war by mobilizing all the nation's resources under a general Conscription Act. In the event of another war, everybody and everything are going to be conscripted – men and women, old and young alike. But that's not the worst of it. They're going to set up a lot of those alphabetical bureaus, and at the head of each one is going to be a Chairman. These Chairmen are going to be accountable not to Congress or the people but to the President. He, with the heads of four of these bureaus, is going to run the war. And there is nothing in the Act which makes him accountable to ANYBODY!

During the run of a war "or a national emergency" this five-man board is to be the government! It is going to be known as the War Ministry Government. The Constitution makes no provision for any such hocus-pocus, Congress has no authority to put such legislation on the statute books. All the same, they're going ahead and will try to put it over. And the measure that thus abolishes Constitutionalism during such a war is commonly known as the War Resources Act.

Now this War Resources Bill – or Bills – means vicious mischief!

It is the NRA introduced all over again, only lifted above all chance of unconstitutionality because it appears concerned with the national defense, It provides not only for the creation of a super War Cabinet to run the country, but for the country's actual supervision by five great economic agencies, each having the word "War" so concerned in its title, that it cannot be attacked without the critic's appearing to agitate seditiously against the nation's military or laying himself open to a charge of being in the pay of America's enemies.

The first of these new bureaucracies is to be called the War Labor Administration.

The avowed purpose of WLA is to "insure" maintenance and distribution of war labor, skilled or un-skilled, as industry may require. Believe it or not, no private citizen nor even his representative in the House or Senate, has the slightest "say" as to what shall be done with his person or his labor, the moment the nation has once declared war. Congress relinquishes. Constitutional rights go by the board. The super War Cabinet Kommissars – the Baruchs of the nation – take charge of everyone and everything, and the slightest disobedience to fiat or arbitrary ruling means that the recalcitrant or hostile citizen is locked in prison at once.

To insure proper supplies of war materials, civilian food requirements for all conscripted Gentile citizens, the War Trade Administration is to be the second great bureaucracy, conducting industrial mobilization and superintending transportation.

The moment that the powerful Jews at the head of our government have forced a war with some foreign power – probably Japan – all private rights in businesses throughout the nation abruptly cease to exist. The nation automatically becomes one vast corporate State, under sterner regulation than anything devised by Mussolini or Hitler. Under excuse that such methods are necessary to prosecute the war, private ownership and management are to be abolished as archaic; managers are to be shipped and trafficked around at the pleasure of the War Ministers – and presumably the same Jews now carrying on such radicalisms as NLRB and other Soviet agencies, are to take full command of all Gentile firms and corporations.

During the pursuance of such a war as present propaganda is expected to bring about, all commercial business expansion will come to a halt. No corporation can issue securities that amount to more than $100,000 without the consent of the third great bureau to be set up under the War Resources Bill, to be called the War Finance Control Committee.

Of course, whoever controlled WFCC would not only control the finances of the nation, but likewise control the successful outcome of the war.

Such a war, under such a control, could not be fought as we fought the World War; for there is no longer any great cache of personal wealth in the nation to be brought out of hiding by the sale of war bonds. Money for such a war would have to be raised by the same "sales" of bonds that have been keeping the New Deal alive – taking the last capital remaining in the hands of banks, and giving them beautifully lithographed paper in return, or issuing fiat currency which in the history of every government has meant ruinous inflation.

During the last war it was not generally known that Paul M. Warburg was the great Jew alleged to be surveillance officer in the White House for Jewry, that Felix Warburg was the Jewish big shot on the War Finance Board, while at the same time, Max Warburg, the blood brother of these two, was reputed to be head executive of the German espionage system! In the event of another war, it is asking too much for wise Gentiles to believe that under the War Resources Bill there would be no repetitions of such Yiddish family high jinks.

The fourth provision for successful Yiddish Sovietism in the name of national defense under the War Resources Bill, would be the Advisory Defense Council. This would be a super-cabinet made up of the heads of the foregoing three agencies, responsible only to our Sephardic-Jewish President, and acting independently of his present official cabinet.

The Secretary of War as provided by custom and constitutional procedure, the military committees of the Congress, all the usual bodies which have enabled us to fight successfully every war in which our nation has engaged, would be automatically emasculated or tossed into discard by this new scheme which the Jews would now impose on our nation.

Finally a Price Control Commission would be established – also responsible only to the President – with blanket instructions to maintain the price levels of commodities as they have existed for twenty years preceding the war.

Thus all laws of supply and demand would go by the Board and we should have price by fiat.

This Price Control Commission is to fix the price of any commodity anywhere, and be responsible to no one but the President.

Now get the joker in the whole of it –

Under this War Resources Act, and during the prosecution of the war, the President could "requisition, take possession, regulate, limit, license, or prohibit, the purchase or sale, the use, importation or exportation, transportation, manufacture or distribution of any product, foodstuff, material, commodity, real estate or right."

Get that last! ... any real estate or right!

The wording of this particular clause makes it congressionally legal to close down all newspapers that might in any way disapprove of what the WRA happened to be doing to – or with – the country or its defense, prohibit the "right" of free speech or peaceable public assembly, trial by jury for offenses allegedly committed against the Act, and place the entire nation in the arbitrary hands of five men – Rossocampo-Rosenvelt at the head of them!

Nothing is said in the Bill, by the way, about restoring such real estate or rights. The government has the power to take them away, and there this Bill leaves the matter dangling!

Another Bill that is supposed to go along with the War Resources Bill is one for so-called Industrial Management. It is arbitrary and curt. It simply requires every person in industry to register with the government so he can be brought into the government if and when needed.

A Bureau of Women and Minors, will be created among the hundreds of new bureaus. It will assume jurisdiction over the 10 million women and children now estimated to be working in industry, commerce and the professions. Those whom the head war kommissars specified, would be recruited into the munitions and essential industries, to take the place of men, from the start.

Everything in the War Resources Bill, in short, is precisely of the structure and pattern that for the past twenty years have been the design of the totalitarian-Communist-Soviet State in Bolshevia!

Now WE must have it in the name of Defense!

Is it any wonder that with all this war-time Sovietism proposed, and rendered sacrosanct by its tie-up with the nation's military, the Silver Legion thunders a warning across this country that any measure so inimical to constitutional government – even constitutional government in time of war – must not be passed "in a handful of hours," and if humanly possible, not passed at all!

The whole scheme, according to well-informed persons at the nation's Capital, is accredited as having been hatched in the fertile brain of Bernard M. Baruch.

It is being whipped into shape by Administration Jews.

In the event that it is actualized during the balance of Franklin Roosevelt's term, it will be executed by Jews – and Jews of the type who believe that naught but Sovietism is the form of government under which Jews in America can feel themselves safe.

The pernicious side of this atrocious and far-reaching legislation is indicated by the secrecy and silence with which it is being treated in the press. No legislators are openly discussing it. No articles are appearing upon it in our national periodicals. Everything is being shaped up for the absolute dictatorship of Rossocampo-Rosenvelt – and his compatriots – in the name of the sacred cow of Public Protection.

He who declaims against the NVRA – so one might deduce – declaims against the continuity of America as a nation, prepared to defend herself against her world enemies.

What is being finagled, if such legislation is enacted into law, is, that everybody in the government, below the President and including both Houses of the Congress, is being legislated from official status the moment a conflict shall have been provoked with any nation.

Every Congressman and Senator, every federal official and department head with the exception of the President, is being legislated out of his job, back into the status of a private – and conscripted-citizen, till peace has been declared. The War Cabinet manages everything. And even so, there is no more assurance that the President-Dictator and the War Cabinet would relinquish after peace had been declared, than we now have assurance that the various Jewish bureaus set up in Washington will ever relinquish until made to do so by civilian force!

What is being attempted, under H. R. 9604, if it actually is rushed through Congress in a matter of hours, is a piece of legislation that promptly and effectively abolishes constitutional government which has maintained in this country for 150 years.

Probable war is merely the excuse!

Is anyone so gullible as to expect that during the progress of such war, such a Soviet kommissariat wouldn't bring about conditions under which resumption of a constitutional republic could only be effected by the expedients of General Franco's forces in Spain?

I declare that all of it is a supreme piece of Yiddish cunning to effect an NRA that no Supreme Court can invalidate.

It is the supreme effort of the secret world Jewish government, to bring the Gentiles of the United States under its control so that they never escape without enduring Russia's agonies.

And Democrats and Republicans alike, in the current Congress, are going to be asked to get together, "For the unbiased good of the nation," and make the final suicide of constitutional government effective.

The press, signing its own death warrant by keeping quiet on the whole of it, is treating the matter as though H.R. 9604 were a bit of legislation to pay off old soldiers in Oshkosh and Keokuk.

So far, since H.R. 9604 first gained notice at the Capital in any status whatsoever, nobody has called attention to the fact that we already possess federal agencies and enactments on the statute books to take care of every emergency which another war might bring.

Our system of a Secretary of War and a Secretary of the Navy, with the appropriate committees on the military in the Congress, has functioned without flaw in every war in which our country has engaged.

Americans do not require to be bossed or shipped around like cattle merely because there is likelihood of the Jews' embroiling us in conflict with Germany, Japan, or some other country that has successfully halted Communism. There is plenty of patriotism left to fight our battles successfully if our country's plight be real.

Regimentation of a nation, even in war-time, still is regimentation!

The question before the American people is: Are we going to let the Jews succeed in this last stupendous trickery, or are we going to FIGHT? Think it over, little male children of the American Legion! But don't take too much time.

Congress met on January 2nd, and WRA is to be enacted into law as quickly as can be finagled!

Now then, I put the challenge openly, bluntly, and angrily: If the American Legion is "a great force for patriotism," what does it propose to do about seeing that all this Yiddisher hocus-pocus is ended, these War-Ministry Bills consigned to limbo, and the country itself purged of the Gang that's almost wrecked it?

I'm plenty sore about this thing. I know slathers of fine lads, even right in the American Legion at present, who are plenty sore about it also.

But what are we going to DO about it?

The American Legion is not supposed to "mess in politics" ... that's another laugh! ... but it is supposed to do something besides parade and paste things on billboards when the national integrity of the country is at stake!

Sooner or later one of three things has got to happen to the American Legion: Either it yanks the Yiddish halter off its neck and starts herding Yiddishers back on the boats for Europe, or it comes out openly as Judah's defense army of Rothschild-War veterans, or it disbands and goes home! There's no need to raise the controversy about the surreptitious story that the American Legion was founded on koonlobe money at Indianapolis in the beginning; when the American branch of the House of Rothschild make donations like that, they never keep minutes of the meetings with the Boys in the Back-room. Like the authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the truth or falsity of 'em has to be demonstrated by whether or not they are put into practice. To date, the American Legion, through its commanders and its Posts, has never lifted a split thumb to put the blame for either Communism or New-Dealism where it belongs. Individually, thousands of you lads have griped day by day that there's too many "kikes" running things; but saying so as a Legionnaire, or forcing the Legion to demand a show-down on it from Congress, is one of those things that you don't do.

Why not?

"The Legion isn't organized for that sort of thing," is the asinine alibi.

Well, will some human gazebo in his right mind tell me just what the American Legion is organized for, justifying its existence? What does it get you men, to belong to it? Hasn't the time arrived when you as Legionnaires should stand up and "speak your piece"? Haven't you as veterans been booted around by those big Washington Yiddishers about long enough?

Remember, after you'd fought the war and earned your bonus, it was Mr. Barney Baruch – big-shot Jew "who had more power in the war than any other individual" – who most actively opposed paying it.

You've been treated as scum by the Yiddishers right straight along, and yet you go on working for 'em and defending 'em. So what!

I saw just as much service, day for day, in the Rothschild-Berlin-Bagdad Railroad War as any of you. And I'm not ranting all this to make myself a big-shot. But I've made it my business to dig down to hardpan and find out what this bankruptcy and sabotage of our country are all about.

If I've made it sound in this booklet, that I've been patronizing you, forget it! I've been trying to put this big subject in language strong enough to make you fighting mad, so that you'll go forth and do something about it. Go into your next Legion Post meeting and raise 'ell about it! Raise 'ell about the Jews! ... Well, why not? Aren't they raising 'ell with you?

They're trying to make the United States of America their personal Jewtopia (Jew-Utopia), their new Land of Canaan, overflowing with milk and honey.

Are we going to be saps enough to let 'em get away with it?

Now go ahead and do one of two things: Make a big fuss over this Jew Crowd and start 'em moving out! Or obey the orders of the smart little Jew boy who's got himself a big position in your Post, and let out a roar that what I've told you as an honest American – straight from the shoulder – is "Nazi propaganda" and ought to be suppressed!

It's one thing or the other!

Take your choice!