26 July 2000

Eric Thomson replies to Dr. Andrew Mathis' critique of 16 July 2000, re The Jewish Problem.

In paragraph 3 of his 'critique' of my essay, Dr. Mathis misleads the reader (or would have misread) my statement that "Marx" was born "Levy" (Levi). His rabbi grandfather adopted that name as a disguise to make the host people think he was German, not Jewish. "Karl Marx" kept his Germanic name, despite the fact he was not a German in blood,, thought or deed. My own most recent source for this information is "Exiles from History" by David McCalden. I would appreciate it if Dr. Mathis would first research his own sources before he disagrees with my statements. Any good biography of "Marx" would have such information. The Jew tactic of stealing Gentiles' names is just the prelude to the stealing of their land via the infiltration and takeover of the host peoples' governments. Western countries, names are typically chosen by Jews who infest them. Let's say that I moved to Argentina. What would one think if I changed my name to "Gomez'" The motive could only be an attempt on my part to fool Argentinians. But why would I wish to fool people, unless I was up to no good? Or, I was ashamed of my origins and my identity. Jews change their names for the same reasons bandits carry masks.

Paragraph 4: The best source for "Lenin" being a Jew is The Canadian Jewish News. As I recall, his original name was Vladimir Illych Ulyanov, his father being of Tartar origin and his mother being Jewish with the maiden name of Blank or Blanc. Jews trace their lineage as Jews through their female ancestors. Dr. Israel Shahak of Jerusalem University said that a Jew who rocks the boat in Israel gets a thoroughgoing background check. If one female ancestor, 4 generations removed, is deemed 'unkosher', then that individual is deemed to be a non-Jew. In Israel, such a 'surprise Goy' is fired, his children kicked out of school, his family ejected from their Jewish neighborhood, etc. One Jewess was disinterred from a Jewish cemetery when it was discovered that her female ancestors weren't 'kosher'. One does not need lies to combat Jews. Truth itself is 'anti-Semitic'. If "Lenin" does not fit Dr. Mathis' definition of a Jew, then he should challenge such Jewish sources as The Canadian Jewish News et al.

What I know is derived principally from 'Jewish' sources. Of course, the Zionist Occupation Government of Palestine cannot define who is a Jew, but the orthodox rabbis can, and their definition takes precedence in practice, according to Dr. Shahak. The reason for the Israeli government's reluctance to define what is meant by 'Jew' is that most North American Jews would not qualify as such for the orthodox do not consider 'converts' as Jews, nor are the offspring of a Jew father and a Gentile mother considered Jews. My source: people who fall into these categories, and who were denied Israeli citizenship under "The Law of Return". In regard to "Lenin" having "German" ancestry, it could very well have been Jewish ancestry from Germany. The Jewish signal for someone being a Jew is to say he was "born in Poland", "born in Germany" etc., rather than say he was Polish or German. This usage is entirely correct, since Jews are never members of their host nations. Nationality is biology, not geography. The Jew, Franz Boas, promoted that Big Lie in the beginning of the 20th century. True nations never confer nationality on aliens, for that was deemed absurd. Rudolf Hess, for example, was born in Egypt, but no one ever accused him of being an Egyptian! Boas and his dupes might, however. Of course, anyone can be an "American", for America is a geographical expression. The U.S.A. was never a nation and never a democracy.

Paragraph 5: Dr. Mathis appears to oppose Judaism to Communism. I'm afraid that he is either joking or he has not researched either Jews or communists very much. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, one of FDR's kosher cohorts, returned from a trip to the USSR, whereupon he declared: "I don't call it Communism. I call it Judaism!" My source: any biography of Rabbi Wise., back issues of New York City's jewish-communist newspaper "Freiheit".

Paragraph 6: I do not know in which discipline Dr. Mathis has his degrees, but it appears statistical analysis is not one of them. He claims that insanity correlates with high I.Q.s. He alleges that Jews have 'higher I.Q.s' than Gentiles. "Gentiles" would include Whites and non-Whites, so the larger proportion of low-scoring non-Whites would serve to pull down the mean. This is nonsense. What we need to see is a comparison of White I.Q.s with Jew I.Q.s, since Blacks and mestizos score around 15-25 points lower than Whites. The Negro admixture in the Portuguese population correlates with their low I.Q.. scores. My Portuguese professor, Woodbridge, said that Portuguese immigrants scored the lowest of all immigrant groups admitted into the U.S.A. when such tests were given. This was before immigration laws were changed to admit torrents of non-Whites. In view of the Jews' Negro admixture. I would not be surprised to find their I.Q. scores similar to those of the Portuguese. I take it that Dr.Mathis did not study logic, either, for he brought up the I.Q. subject, then declares it to be "arbitrary", as he deems the definition of insanity. On the contrary, insanity and intelligence are no more 'arbitrary' than cultures, civilizations, social mores, customs and traditions. If I were Dr. Mathis, I would be embarrassed by such a statement, particularly in regard to insanity, whose foremost 'experts' are Jews. If I were to take him seriously, I should deem all Jew psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, etc. to be "totally arbitrary". I wonder what they would think of Dr. Mathis. I.Q. tests were culturally-determined. If it is "arbitrary" to desire an industrial, technological society, then it is "arbitrary" to seek those types of intelligence most suited to contributing to such a society. If fast-runners are required, how can it be "arbitrary" to test people for speed and stamina? I.Q. tests serve to predict performance in certain limited areas, just as Olympic tryouts serve to predict an athlete's performance in his fields of sport. The definition of insanity which has been applied in Anglo-Saxon societies is simple: Is an individual posing a danger to himself or to others? If, after thorough examination by competent psychiatrists, the determination is "yes", then the individual may be made a ward of the state and detained for his own safety and the safety of others, while undergoing treatment.

The majority of persons with mental health problems appear to fall in the "homeless" category, now that U.S. insane asylums have been shut down, for 'economic reasons'. Most of the homeless are non-White, that is, mongrels, Blacks and a small percentage of White druggies. Mainstream jewsmedia, like USA TODAY, report wide-spread mental illness in the mestizo-latino population in the U.S.A. which they think is due to 'culture-shock'. Yet, hispano-mestizos score only slightly above Blacks on I.Q. tests. So much for Dr. Mathis' insanity-intelligence correlation! I do not think assumptions are good substitutes for facts. The Weimar study "Erbkrank" only referred to insanity, not intelligence. Therefore, it is presumptuous of Dr. Mathis to link the two without citing factual research.

Paragraph 7: The Jews invade a host-people's country, then they complain that they are required to conform to the laws of the majority! So the Goyim required Jews to have surnames. Another holocaust! Centuries ago, one of my ancestors had a father named "Thom". Maybe he was forced to adopt the name "Thomson", meaning "Son of Thom". Did this 'oppress' him? Were we all victims of 'poisecution'? I never considered that until Dr. Mathis drew it to my attention! I was always proud of my name, which reflects my Norwegian-Scottish heritage (the Orkney Islands were purchased from Norway by Britain, where the Thomsons originate),

My question in regard to Jews being "forced" to conform to certain laws in lands they had invaded or infiltrated: who "forced" the Jews to infiltrate or invade those lands in the first place? As for Italians and Poles changing their names "to avoid discrimination": I know not a single national from those groups who did a name-change. Perhaps Dr. Mathis can give me a few examples. All the Poles and Italians I ever knew had Polish or Italian names. Some immigrants changed the spelling of their names to keep the pronunciation OR keep the meaning of the name in their original language. The name, Weiss, might be changed to Vice (the German pronunciation with English spelling) or to White (the German meaning in translation). Of course, Walter Krankheit would not like his name translated: it means Sickness in German, so he keeps an Anglicized version, "Cronkite", which preserves the German pronunciation and conceals the meaning. Such changes are innocent, but to adopt a name of a different nationality is an obvious attempt to engage in false pretenses.

Paragraph 8: re "persecution". Once again, we see typical Jewish effrontery: Dr. Mathis alleges that Jews were persecuted in Europe on the grounds of "deicide". This allegation reverses the onus by blaming the host for his treatment of an unwelcome, obnoxious guest. The Jew came uninvited, imposing himself upon the host, so the Jew complains about the lack of hospitality! The host can claim any reason he likes for giving the Jew a bad time. The charge of deicide is just typical Christian twaddle. How can one kill a 'god'? Christians claim one cannot kill a man, either, because of his "immortal soul". In the alleged "killing" of the fictitious figure, "Jesus ben Yahweh", Christians claim that "he rose from the dead." So even they deny their own claim of "deicide". The point is that a host people are perfectly justified in rough-handling unwelcome guests for any reason, no matter how specious and illogical that reason may be. Dr. Revilo Oliver pointed out another reason for European Christians' fear and loathing of heretics, infidels and marranos (usually Jews who pretended to be Christians, while secretly practicing Judaism). This reason was based upon the Torah, in which Yahweh, the "jealous god", wreaks horrible punishment on his 'chosen' for tolerating practitioners of 'false religions' in their midst. In the so-called New Testament, Jesus declared that no one can get to Big Daddy Sky-Jew, except through him. To kill an infidel was considered a divine duty, as well as an act of mercy, for it was reasoned that the longer an infidel lived, the more he sinned, and the deeper down into Hell he would go. There it is: "merciful intolerance!" As we know, "Christians" have changed quite a lot since the Crusaders crossed swords with the Saracens, but they remain no less disgusting. Jews, on the other hand, have not changed. They are even more dangerous to Aryan Civilization today, than they were previously, aiming as they have at our total extinction as a race. In regard to the Holohoax, which is denied by righteous Jews like Josef Ginsburg, we see that Jews like to point a finger at their hosts, while painting three fingers at themselves.

Jews (not all, by any means) were kicked out of England after the discovery of "St. Hugh of Lincoln", a little boy who had been tortured to death in ritual fashion, and drained of all his blood. Jews call the charge of "ritual murder" "blood libel". Well, their accusation that Germans gassed Jews is nothing more than "gas libel". It is also true that Jews wore out their welcome in England because of their usury practices. In those days, usury was the charging of ANY interest on money lent. It did not mean "too much interest". Nowadays, the consumption of heroin or cocaine (Dr. Freud's panacea) constitutes a crime, but, we are gradually witnessing the trend to make 'too much' cocaine or heroin a criminal offense, with the same punishment once accorded the user or possessor of 'any' of those drugs.

Dumb Goyim deem a 5% interest rate a 'very good deal'. Well, if one pays 5% on the principal for 20 years, one has paid double the price of the purchase! Such a deal! Every dollar the U.S. government spends has been created by the private, kosher Federal Reserve Bank, out of nothing. For these 'sweet nothings', the U.S. government must pay the Fed both principal and interest, as do other banks, for 'our' money is lent to 'our' government by these Jew racketeers. The last debt-free currency printed in the U.S.A. was The United States Note. These were withdrawn from circulation, along with Silver Certificates after President Kennedy's assassination. Cui bona? In 1964, the Federal Reserve took over the issuing of all U.S. paper money. Such a deal! It's all outlined in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Paragraph 9: re "chosenness": Yes, Jews are their god's "chosen servants", according to Rabbi Elmer Berger, but what does Yahweh command in other parts of the Torah or Old Testament? He commands Jew invaders to kill all Gentiles, even their livestock, and woe unto the Jew who disobeys! The Jews' duty to be "a light unto the (Gentile) nations" coincides with the Noahide Laws for the governing of Goyim by Jews. This is quite like "the White Man's Burden" myth which was used to justify British imperialism, and it is the touted role of the slave-owner, who was allegedly "a light unto" his Black slaves. Slavery in the U.S.A. had plenty of justification in the Old and New Testaments, as Dr. Oliver pointed out. As far as "not oppressing strangers" goes, this appears to contradict Yahweh's orders that Goyim should be killed or enslaved. This reveals that neither Yahweh nor the Jews can make up their minds about the status of Goyim: should they be killed? Some of them or all of them? Should they be enslaved? The Babylonian Talmud promises every Jew 2,400 Goy slaves upon the advent of the Messiah. Should Goyim be treated like honored guests? Only when it serves Jewish interests! It depends which part of the Jew-book one reads.

Paragraph 10: re the definition of "Goy": The Talmud claims that Gentiles were created in human form to serve Jews, like other beasts of burden. The Torah describes "talking beasts", who have two legs, wear sackcloth, and can copulate with women (Lev. 18:23). "Goy", like "Jew", has various denotations and connotations, most of them pejorative. A small, abridged dictionary defined Jew thusly: "Verb: to cheat. Noun: a creeping plant." If Goyim have no souls, according to Jews, then they are beasts in human form. Since they are to be treated like beasts of burden, soulless critters that they are, they can be called all manner of livestock, including cattle, if anyone chooses. This does not mean that 'Goy' denotes 'ox', any more than 'Jew' denotes 'a creeping plant' in every case! The shabbos Goy may perform menial tasks for his Jew masters in a clumsy and/or stupid fashion; he may be stupid and cowlike to do such work for Jews, but that would be a connotation, rather than a denotation.

Paragraph 11 reinforces my statements in regard to Jewish power and privilege in North America. Thank you, Dr. Mathis!

Paragraph 12: Jews and their liberal stooges who control the money supply and the media can only be dislodged from their positions by a revolution similar to that of 1776. How can we buy you out if we must borrow money from you to do it? (Assuming, of course, that you would be so stupid as to let us do it!) Thou art crazy, but not stupid. When one owns the house, as you do, you can always win by changing the rules, as the dumb brothers Hunt found out when they tried to corner the silver market. The Securities and Exchange Commission changed the rules by increasing the margin on silver futures and the Hunts went broke.

Paragraph 13: "Jewish Supremacy" not the words used to describe the Jew World Order as it is mentioned in Talmud and Torah, but it is the substance of Judaism. Jews are not commanded, as are "Christians" to treat their kingdom as 'not of this world'. On the contrary, Jews are commanded to "be fruitful and multiply".

As for "returning to the promised land", which biblical Jews stole from the Canaanites, this means that Jews must displace Gentiles, as they did to form the present state of Zionist Occupied Palestine. Two bodies cannot occupy the same space at once. Even Jews must know that! I don't see how Dr. Mathis thinks that displaced Palestinians were 'treated with respect and dignity'. Dr. Mathis would have us believe that The Babylonian Talmud is merely opinion and not 'law'. Rabbis claim that the Talmud is so 'holy' that Yahweh himself stands, out of respect when he reads it! Or, is this just a bit of Jewish humor? Is Dr. Mathis unaware that Anglo-Saxon law is largely case law, that is, judicial opinions? Are the judicial opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court opinions only, and not law? Does Dr. Mathis not know that the Talmud is also called "The Law" of Judaism? Obviously, Dr. Mathis likes his American host country. The wee land of Israel is unworthy of Zionists who prefer to rule the world. Here, I must state my wonderment at Dr. Mathis' bona fides as a Jew or his sincerity as a debater: either he does not know much about the topics he discusses, or he knows, and is trying to mislead and misinform.

Paragraph 14: The Protocols are a recipe for Jewish subversion and conquest. They are no more a 'forgery' than the Torah, but they are far more predictive of events. Jews claim that The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are a 'forgery' because no author signed his name. By this kosher criterion, the Telephone Directory is also 'a forgery'. The program of The Protocols was implemented in Russia, almost to the letter, complete with the licensing of the press. The diversion of capital from production to speculation is what we see right now, in the U.S.A. Henry Ford investigated The Protocols to see if they accorded with the facts, in particular to ongoing events in the U.S. He concluded that "they fit" (the facts). I have recently reread The Protocols and I am surprised to see how well they describe the U.S. situation, right down to the structure and operation of the U.S. government. From Dr. Mathis' statements, I gather that he never read The Protocols, or that he is lying, with typical Jew impudence.

Paragraph 15: re Jewish power in the ancient world: Dr. Mathis appears to be using a form of verbal 'jew-jitsu' to denigrate my statement concerning Jew power in Egypt, Athens and Rome. It does not matter how long it took for the Jews to dominate these entities, nor the travails and misadventures accompanying their rise to dominance. The fact is that the Jews did achieve overwhelming power and influence over these host peoples, Romans included. The Romans brought defeated Jews as slaves from Palestine to Rome, which is like swallowing a poison pill, along with the M & Ms. The Jew revolt against Emperor Trajan (CE 115-117) certainly demonstrates the strength and breadth of Jewish power, after the Romans' expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem. Jewish power in Rome was formidable before the destruction of the temple in 70 CE. As I recall it was Cato the Younger (95-46 BCE) who expressed his famous fear of the Jews, during court proceedings. Please correct me if I'm wrong. (It may have been Cicero who lived from 106-43 BCE).

Paragraph 16: Re the Jews' conquest of the Russian Empire: First off, Russia has never been ruled by Russians. The majority has always been ruled by one minority or another, from Vikings, Mongols, Tartars, Germans, to Khazars, in addition to Jews from Germany, the U.S.A. and elsewhere. The conversion of the Khazars' rulers to Judaism was indeed, 'numerically insignificant', just as was the conversion of Charlemagne to Christianity, if one does not know that the rulers forced their subjects to convert, also. Once again, is Dr. Mathis ignorant or devious? The Khazar nobility was small in number, but the Khazar nation was hardly insignificant. The first meeting of the soviets was conducted in German and/or Yiddish, and Canadian journalist Peter Worthington reported that the Moscow police spoke Yiddish amongst themselves, and Russian to Goyim. This was in the 1960s. Authoritarian rule did not destroy Russia, under the tsars. Wartime governments are authoritarian. This would indicate that Dr. Mathis is not a historian and is too young to have experienced World War II conscription, rationing, summary internments, blackouts, speed limits, censorship and other wartime emergency restrictions. Losing World War I destroyed tsarist Russia, as ably assisted by "Lenin" and his New York financed Bolsheviks, whom the Germans delivered to the Finland Station in a sealed train. Russia, under Jew misrule, was looted, polluted and ruined, despite immense food and financial support from the U.S.A. The Jews' looting of Russia is ongoing in the post-Soviet era, according to the mainstream jewsmedia, including USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal et al. This indicates that Dr. Mathis is a non-reader of newspapers or that he thinks we are ignorant and vulnerable to his flim-flam.

Paragraph 17: When Theodore Herzl published "The Jewish State", with Rothschild funds around the 1890s, this protagonist of Zionism rejected assimilation as a Jewish policy within host countries, in favor of Jewish separatism. Zionist leader Jabotinsky proposed a state of Jews, by Jews and for Jews. The founders of Israel worked closely with the National Socialist government of Germany, according to Josef Ginsburg and Black, who wrote "The Transfer Agreement". Zionist Golda Meir declared Zionist Occupied Palestine to be "a land without a people for a people without a land!" This meant that the Arabs were not people or that all had fled in terror after the Deir Yassin atrocity which was designed to achieve that end, according to Israeli statements quoted in the jewsmedia. Some Jews believed that Israel should be for Jews only, while others wanted a South African style arrangement in which the defeated Arabs would provide the "hewers of wood and drawers of water". Again, we see the Jewish dilemma: whether to slay or enslave the Goyim. The Arabs may have blundered by refusing to accept partition of their homeland, but one cannot blame them for being terribly unhappy with the Zionist invasion. Anti-Zionist Jews deem Israel to be "the work of Satan", a concentration camp for Arabs, run by Jewish Nazis, as described by Jack Bernstein in his booklet, "An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel". It is perfectly Jewish to blame the Arabs for their misfortune: the Jew is always the 'victim' and the Goy victim is always 'to blame'. We might as well blame the American Indians for allowing themselves to be conquered by the White invaders! But, then, we are not Jews. We conquered this continent, and now we are giving it away, with lots of help from the Jews.

Paragraph 18: It is not necessary to read The Protocols to learn of Jewish defilement of White culture and civilization in North America. Try reading such mainstream books as: "An Empire of Our Own", "The Powers that Be" and "Hollywood versus America" by Medved, a righteous Jew who writes jewsmedia critiques in USA TODAY. Medved mentions Spielberg quite often as a purveyor of false history. Dr. Mathis does not see that judaization of Aryans is a defilement which leads to the destruction of Aryan society and of Aryan people. How would he like it if Christians were to impose their values upon Jews? Rabbis refer to Christian churches as "houses of abominations". As an Aryan, I agree with their assessment, for Christianity and Judaism are abominations for White people, whom they are designed to destroy. We are all involuntary members of our respective races. If Jews wish to be considered by us as individuals, and not collectively, then it behooves the Jews to treat Aryans, including Germans, as individuals by stopping Zionists' propaganda of 'collective guilt' and Zionist extortion rackets.

Paragraph 19: Dr. Mathis raises serious doubts in my mind as to his 'jewishness', for he is either ignorant of his own religion or he is attempting to mislead us with subterfuge and half-truths. I certainly have no intention of breaking the law. Since he raised that issue, I wonder if Dr. Mathis intends to break the law. Dr. Mathis claims to be a Jew who values his version of Judaism. But is he kosher? Dr. Mathis, do you say the Kol Nidre every year, as do all devout Jews? This prayer enables Jews to lie under oath. Do you enjoy a "bris" or circumcision ritual performed by a mohel, in which he masturbates the baby boy, snips off the foreskin and performs metzizah (vampire fellatio), by sucking the blood from the screaming baby's wounded penis? If you can say 'yes' to both of these questions, then you are a Jew, indeed. Get well, soon! I do appreciate your reply to my essay on The Jewish Problem but I warn you to beware of your fellow Jews who dislike your participation in our debate, for they have nasty ways of showing their displeasure. Down with the ZOG.