17 August 2000

Eric Thomson replies to Dr. Mathis.

I did not know that my 'tone' was deemed 'uncivil' by my self-styled jew opponent. After all, when one is dealing with the mortal enemy of the Aryan Race, or as the Romans said of the jews, "hostis generis humanis", which I take to mean "the enemy of all mankind", I cannot mince words, and thereby euphemize the role which the jews play in the destruction of my people and my civilization. "Facts are Facts", as Benjamin Freedman wrote. If Dr. Mathis finds facts 'uncivil', so be it.

As far as David McCalden's bona fides as a researcher are concerned, I think they are at least as good as Dr. Mathis', and Dr. Shahak, like his fellow anti-Zionist, Rabbi Elmer Berger impressed me as knowledgeable and sincere. If Dr. Mathis is not a liar, then most others who call themselves jews must be liars. As an Aryan, which jew am I supposed to believe? It is also evident that jews tell Gentiles diametrically opposed statements to those they tell their fellow jews. The fact that jews always disagree amongst themselves on form does not mean that they disagree about function: "Is it good for the jews?" whatever it may be.

In regard to jewish name-changing, specifically, the "ha-Levi" – "Marx" issue, I think we have elucidated our readers sufficiently as to the truth of my statement in The Jewish Problem: (1) that "Karl Marx" used these German names, although he knew he was of jewish nationality; (2) that "Karl Marx" was ambivalent toward his own jewishness and sought to 'pass' as a German, while lambasting his fellow commie jews.

I am an Aryan and Dr. Mathis is a jew. When a jew steals my name, just as a criminal might use my name as an alias, that act of name-changing is theft. Of course, Dr. Mathis denies this, as most thieves deny that the property in their possession is stolen. I am obliged to Dr. Mathis for revealing that jews remain jews, no matter what name they choose. He admits that certain Gentile names are now associated with jews, since so many jews now use them. A jew can change his name and his religion, but not his nationality, nor his biologically-determined behavior patterns, just as a chameleon changes his color, but remains a chameleon. jews are the foremost champions of name-changing. I recommend Schocken Publications "Book of Jewish Lists", which I believe is now in two volumes. In Germany, honorable foreigners did not change their names, even when they were deemed German by the German people. The names of General Francois and Admiral Souchon come to mind. Then, in Russia, there was Marshall Rennenkampf. These men fought for the adopted countries of their forefathers, but they kept their French names in Germany and their German names in Russia. jews, on the other hand, usually changed their names to those of their host peoples. Hence, German names in Germany and Russian names in Russia. The jew-bolsheviks, in addition to "Kerensky" of the post-tsarist regime, adopted Russian names or Russian words like "Lenin" or "Stalin" to cover their non-Russian nationality. "Hammer" became "Molotov", "Finkelstein" became "Litvinov", "Bronstein" became "Trotsky", "Djugashvili" became "Stalin". In more recent times we encounter "Lieberman" as "Andropov", late head of the KGB, and so forth.

People change their names to cloak their identities. Criminals and fugitives are the foremost name-changers, along with spies and subversives. Most jews fit some or all of these categories, so it is logical that they would be the world's foremost name-changers. There is, in addition, a Cabalistic reason for jewish name-changing: apparently, a change of name or label absolves the evil-doer or rotten ware from guilt and/or a bad reputation. By adopting a new name, the old malefactor supposedly becomes 'born again' and innocent. Another motive for name-changing, as I mentioned, is jewish self-hatred. But, once again, the idea that changing one's name also changes the person using it is very jewish. There is no escape.

Dr. Mathis proves that he is quite ignorant of Argentine history, but that does not deter him from prattling about the place and its people. The territory of Argentina incorporated three major Indian tribes: in the north, there were and still are the Tupís and the Guaranis, whose languages are still spoken. In the central and southern regions, there were and still are, the Araucanians, whom the Argentines fought for centuries. I don't know what Dr. Mathis is driving at, in his mention of the nonexistence of these tribes. Would he claim that jews would have adopted Indian names, if they had found Indians living in Buenos Aires? Why would a non-Indian adopt or steal an Indian name? The Whites kept their own names, even when the Indians gave them Indian nicknames. I have, for example, a Zuñi name, a Navajo name and a Yakama name; none of which are complimentary and none of which I ever use; I also have a few names conferred upon me by African tribes, but I never pretended to be an Indian or an African, so I continue to use my Aryan name: I do not intend to sneak up on anyone! My point, which Dr. Mathis studiously overlooks, is that I do not adopt another nationality's surname, and that were I to do so, my motives would certainly be questionable on the part of the nationality whose name I expropriated.

Re: Paragraph 4: We both agree that "Lenin" was a mongrel with jewish admixture. Apparently, some jews, such as those responsible for The Canadian Jewish News deem "Lenin" to be "a jew". The question of "who is a jew" remains a matter of controversy, especially amongst the jews themselves. It would be interesting to discover how a group of Gentiles would be treated, were they to enter Israel and STEAL jewish names. Some of them might even 'try to' convert, to some form of Judaism, while continuing to behave as Goyim. The jews have done this to Aryans, so would we be allowed to do the same tricks in Israel? I doubt it.

In regard to Hitler's honorable treatment of honorable jews who fought for Germany, Dr. Mathis displays ignorance as to the distinction between loyalty and nationality. jews who were loyal to Germany remained jews, just as German traitors remained Germans. Nationality is biology, not geography, and biology does not equate with loyalty, even if it should.

Paragraph 5: Poor Rabbi Wise! Not only Rockwell, but Mathis are 'cutting him down to size'. Once again, Dr. Mathis falls into his own trap of attaching importance to numbers, of whom some are definitely 'more equal' than others. Rabbi Wise was one such jew. I quote this blurb from Vanity Fair: "Dr. Stephen S. Wise was born in Budapest. He came to America at the age of one, and has founded and directed hundreds of societies, including the American Zionist movement." I'm sure we can find many more kosher kudos in "Who's Who in American jewry" et al. But it is 'wise' to know that Rabbi Wise was a good buddy of part-Jew president Roosevelt, along with Henry Morgenthau, Jr., the author of The Morgenthau Plan, based on Theodore Kaufman's "Germany Must Perish!" This was the only plan for genocide during the World War II period. The Germans had no such plan for the elimination of anyone, least of all jews, who were living in all parts of the German Reich during the Hitler era. Did Rabbi Wise say, "I don't call it Communism, I call it Judaism!"? Let us assume he did not make such a statement, so let us merely consider a 1980s Intourist advertisement in The Canadian Jewish News: First we see a cartoon depiction of the Torah scroll, over which is placed the Shofar or ram's horn in the configuration of the Soviet hammer and sickle, which is depicted next to the Torah and Shofar. The casual reader could not mistake the meaning of the juxtaposition of symbols: Communism is Jewish! If the "Anti-Defamation League" of B'nai B'rith, which controls The Canadian Jewish News, is not jewish, then neither is Communism. After visiting his kosher commie cronies in the Soviet jewnion, I would expect Rabbi Wise to make some positive remark upon his return, to reassure his fellow jews. To say, "no comment" would be rare indeed for such a proponent of jewry. I mentioned my source for Rabbi Wise' statement, and I am surprised that Dr. Mathis prefers a Nazi source to a kosher commie one. Another jewish source depicted the jew, "Kerensky", who ruled Russia between the Tsar and "Lenin", with twin lightning bolts emanating from his head, which is supposed to symbolize a jew messiah. "Kerensky", who gave a talk at the college I attended, said that he was his own worst enemy when he released the Bolsheviks from prison in St. Petersburg. He appeared bemused that his own tribesmen would reward him with other than gratitude. At least, he did not suffer the fate of the Tsar and family. If Communism is not jewish, then was Rabbi Wise fooled by some clever Russian peasants and proletarians! Or was Rabbi Wise paid to lie to his fellow jews on his return? Were the jews of Russia dupes of Russian muzhiks, who used them as frontmen or shabez zhidim? If Dr. Mathis rejects all the jewish evidence for Communism being jewish, then I think I can offer him 'such a deal' on a certain bridge in Brooklyn.

If Communism is 'not' jewish, then how about German National Socialism? There were some big jewish names in the Third Reich, such as Funk, Ley (formerly Levy), Milch, Canaris (alias Meyerbeer). Heydrich has been accused of jewish background by his detractors. The most notorious 'jew' of all was Hitler, according to his enemies. World War II was quite kosher if one considers Hitler to be jewish, for "Stalin" was of kosher Khazar stock. His real name, Djugashvili, means "Jewson". Churchill was 'Jewish' on his mother's side, as was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. As we know, those loyal to the Third Reich were executed by the Allied kangaroo court at Nuremberg. That included Ley and Funk. Freemason Hjalmar Schacht, the financial genius of the Third Reich was set free. Being a good buddy of Bank of England head "Montagu Norman", a jew, probably helped him avoid the noose. According to "Stalin", whose statement is quoted in U.S. Ambassador Averill Harriman's autobiography, "Hitler escaped via Spain to Argentina." Müller, the Gestapo chief hired by the U.S.A. after WWII, claimed the same story in regard to Hitler, so, if Hitler did escape, was he able to do so because he had kosher connections or loyal Nazi supporters? See "Gestapo Chief" by Douglas. Anti-Zionist jew, Josef Ginsburg, witnessed Nazi-Zionist collaboration before and during WWII, so much so, that he called them "Zionnazis", the founders of Israel.

Paragraph 6: My background is in International Relations, specializing in Latin American studies. My draft of my doctoral dissertation on Peru was seized at gunpoint by U.S. zogthugs in 1969, who returned my passport to me and politely escorted me to the Mexican border. In my field, that is equal to a graduation summa cum laude, especially if one lives to tell the tale.

In regard to standardized tests, Dr. Mathis appears ignorant of their purpose: the ability to pass such a test correlates with success in related fields. The correlation is not 100% accurate, as Dr. Mathis points out, but the statistical bell-shaped curve does appear to apply, so the correlation applies to the majority of those tested. If it did not correlate, one could argue for the abolition of all such tests, and the makers of the tests could be charged with racketeering. The purpose of testing was twofold: (1) to predict performance in certain fields, which is useful for prospective students and teachers, alike, if they wish to avoid wasting their time and effort in fields for which the student has no ability. Conversely, the student and teacher can predict with some degree of accuracy the fields for which the student has ability. (2) The test was designed to discover talent, regardless of wealth, class or race, within the parameters of Western Civilization. If our desire for jet aircraft designers is "arbitrary", so be it.

In regard to insanity, whether of neuroses or psychoses, the rule remains: Is the person's behavior likely to harm himself or others? If sanity is an arbitrary matter, then so is the damage which insane people inflict upon themselves and others. Would Dr. Mathis disagree with society's handling of "Son of Sam" Berkowitz, who was deemed insane for his hobby of shooting shiksas (blonde females he took to be Gentiles)? Was it 'arbitrary' (1) to judge him insane and (2) to lock him up? If Dr. Mathis can answer 'yes' to these questions, then I suggest he get help, soon.

The romantic idea that "genius is close to madness" remains to be tested, as I mentioned. If Dr. Mathis and his tribe would care to advance me the necessary funds, I would be happy to launch this research project a.s.a.p.

Paragraph 7: Invaders, including jew invaders, can be 'invited' by traitors to their people. Benedict Arnold invited the British to sail past West Point, thereby breaching American defences. Cromwell was certainly a traitor, who betrayed the English in order to 'save' them, especially when he 'invited' the jews back in. As for the Poles inviting jews from Germany into Poland, that would show the Poles' adherence to the principle of "PölnischerWirtschaft". Obviously, it did not take long for jews to wear out their welcome in Poland.

Dr. Mathis teaches English, yet, he does not relate "forcing" with "persecution". If I force someone to do something he prefers not to do, that seems like persecution to me. Perhaps Dr. Mathis uses a different version of Webster than I do.

Paragraph 8: According to Dr. Oliver, whom I consider a good source, Christians loved to 'convert' jews, forgetting that one can change his religion or pretend to, but one cannot change his nationality, except by miscegenation. How many jews became 'Christians' before the Edict of Expulsion was implemented in Britain is a good question, to which I do not know the answer. According to Dr. Oliver's research, as I recall, around 90% of Spanish jews 'converted' to the Roman Catholic version of Christianity. The others left Spain, primarily for Holland, and so became Rockefellers, Roosevelts et al. See "The Grandees". The author"s name I forget.

In regard to Pressac's gas chamber apologia, I believe Dr. Faurisson refuted it years ago. He knows Pressac, as I know Dr. Faurisson, from whom Pressac was taking notes. I have read a translation of the Cracow forensic study, which reads like a carbon copy of The Leuchter Report: that minute traces of Zyklon B were found in the alleged homicidal gas chambers, but that lots of residue was found in the places where Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide gas) was used for delousing clothing and mattresses. The Cracow Report, as I recall, alleges the lack of residue to be caused by 'erosion and weathering' of the concrete surfaces regardless of the fact that these surfaces are indoors and not exposed to the weather, whereas the surfaces against which the mattresses were beaten are outdoors, but the ferrocyanide residue is intense. To save futile discussion of suppositions, the HCN gas bonds with iron commonly present in bricks and concrete. The ferrocyanic bond is stronger than the molecular bond between hydrogen and oxygen, known as water. The only way to remove the Prussian blue coloration is to grind the wall surfaces down about ¼ inch (one quarter inch), for HCN penetrates porous surfaces. That is why the only homicidal gas chambers in existence, before, during and after WWII are painted with high-gloss enamel paint. These gas chambers exist only in the U.S.A. Josef Ginsburg, along with Eliah Ehrenburg and other members of the Soviet inspection team, visited all the alleged death camps in Poland, and no homicidal gas chambers were found. Ginsburg lived in an autonomous Zionist area during the last part of the war, and he told me that a jew was lucky to be at Auschwitz, under German jurisdiction rather than be in any of the Zionist-run places, because the Germans did not steal the inmates' food and sell it on the black market, as did the "Zionnazis", as he dubbed the founders of Israel. Other jewish 'survivors' I've interviewed and learned about said they were given the choice of remaining in the camps, to be liberated by 'our gallant Soviet Allies' or to flee with the retreating Germans. Most of them chose to flee with the Germans. That says a lot about just how 'persecuted' the jews were by their German hosts. Many jew refugees drowned when a Red sub torpedoed the German Red Cross ship, Wilhelm Gustlaf, with the largest loss of life in maritime history of 5000 to 7000 dead.

As the old saying goes, "the truth will out", although it may do no one any good when or if it ever does. The Holohoax first surfaced in 1919 in The American Hebrew of October 31, 1919, which uses the term "holocaust" to describe the fate of "6 million jews" in eastern Europe. The myth of the Six Million resurfaced after WWII. The demented Gerstein first alleged "45 million jews", at which the Allies bridled. "Would you believe, 25 million?" The Allies again refused. "Twelve million?" "Nyet!" "What about... SIX MILLION? ... Well, o.k." The official plaques at Auschwitz used to say "4 million", but now they are erased since the release of the camp death registers, which record the names of 74,000 for Auschwitz I, II, III, Raisko et al. Of course, 74,000 is horrendous, and was the result of a typhus outbreak in which Germans, Poles, and anybody else died. One righteous jew named Hertzog wrote an interesting little essay: "Simple Arithmetic vs. the Six Million Myth". Regardless of the Nazis' 'fanatic zeal' and the jews' willingness to cooperate in their alleged extermination, the purported numbers of those 'gassed' and cremated are simply fantastic for the two years in which the Auschwitz complex was in operation. The official Nuremberg trial transcripts accuse the Germans of using "steam chambers", "electric chambers" and "vacuum chambers", as well as various sorts of "gas chambers" for dispatching their alleged victims. These official accusations include the old "soap" and "soup" libels, which the Zionist accusers prefer to leave unmentioned. The most embarrassing thing for the Allied liars is their change of story in 1960. That was the year in which the "gas chambers" were erased from all the camps in Germany and Austria, although Germans were tried and hanged for their alleged existence before that magic year. The Six Million were magically transferred to the "death camp" in Poland: Auschwitz (I), Birkenau (Auschwitz II), Chelmno, Sobibor, Maidenek (Lublin) and Treblinka (home of the "steam chambers"). Six camps in all. The jew 'creative writer', Raul Hilberg states the above camps in his book, "The Destruction of the European jews", which was first published (as 'luck' would have it) in 1961. No more "gas chamber deaths" for Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Oranienburg, Buchenwald et al. The use of Zyklon B as a delousing medium was universal, before the development of DDT. Where serious delousing and de-verminizing is required, it is still used, albeit under a different brand name. The delousing facilities at Ellis Island were the same as those in all German camps, whether they were dubbed "death camps" or not, by Allied propagandists. People died of all causes in every wartime camp, especially in the last months of the war, when Allied bombing curtailed food and medical supplies, as well as Zyklon B. Starvation and typhus were rife in the camps at the very end of the war. Allied prisoners I have interviewed told me that they did not try to escape, for the civilians (Germans) were eating the bark off trees in some places, and the only prospect of receiving a piece of daily bread, about one inch wide and four inches long, was to remain with the P.O.W. columns, which were marching under banners which read "P.O.W.", with a Red Cross banner as well. Yet, Allied fighter-bombers strafed them mercilessly. The closest Sabina Citron, head of The Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, ever came to death in WWII was, by her own sworn statement, when her hospital train was strafed by Allied fighter-bombers en route to Berlin, although the train was clearly marked by Red Cross insignia. Never have so many been lied to by so few!

In regard to usury and money-lending: lending money, with or without interest functions as the creation of money. As a student of economics, I asked our professor, who was a member of The Federal Reserve Board, what the difference is between banking and counterfeiting. He replied: "Bankers do not have to print money and counterfeiters do not charge interest." I observed that banking sounds like a better racket than counterfeiting, and he winked in agreement. Borrowing money is like taking dope. The folly of borrowing money is correctly described in The Protocols Nos. 20 and 21. In Protocol No. 20, it states: "A loan is an issue of... bills of exchange containing a percentage obligation commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5%, then in 20 years the State (or borrower) vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan borrowed; in 40 years it is paying a double sum; in 60, treble, and all the while the debt remains unpaid." In Protocol No. 21, it states: "For the payment of interest it becomes necessary to have recourse to new loans which do not swallow up but only add to the capital debt, and when this credit is exhausted, it becomes necessary by new taxes to cover, not the loan, but only the interest on it. These taxes are a debit employed to cover a debit."

Since lending money is the creation thereof, I believe that all creation of money should be the sole prerogative of a sovereign state. All banks would be the property of the state and would function as organs of state policy, including the collection of taxes by means of service charges or interest. Private money lending would be deemed 'counterfeiting' under the law. No state can be sovereign if it does not control its own money supply, through the monopolization of money-creation. That's why Hitler gave the jew-banksters the heebie-jeebies, when he nationalized The Bank of Germany. Incidentally, the only political leaders of the 20th century who issued debt-free currency were Tsar Nicholas II, Adolf Hitler and John F. Kennedy. The only Communist leader to be killed during the changeover to kosher capitalism was Ceaucescu of Romania, under whom Romania had no national debt, which made it unique. In the Christian mythology, Jesus scourged the money changers in the Temple. Three days later, he was crucified, if my reading of Christomythology is correct. It is folly to base the creation of money on the need of the borrower and the greed of the lender, for money is merely a measure of wealth. It is not wealth in itself. This measure should not fluctuate, any more than a yard should expand or contract or a quart should enlarge or diminish. Inflation is theft and deflation is sabotage. Aren't Goyim awfully dumb? They think of little other than money, yet, they know so little about it.

Paragraph 9: 1) & 2): I appreciate Dr. Mathis' elaboration of tenets of Judaism, which may or may not agree with other jews' interpretations of same. I particularly appreciate his distinction of those tenets which he deems operative only in "the messianic age", which I take to mean the age in which jews attain world-rule, under the direction of "The Messiah", who may as well be called "Godot", who will never arrive.

As for item 3), I apologize for my lack of citation. The Soncino edition of The Babylonian Talmud is 63 books in English. Since I no longer have access thereto, I must pass the bagel back to Dr. Mathis, who I presume has access to them.

Paragraph 10: The "talking beasts" appear in The King James version of the Old Testament if I am correct. There are more and more 'translations' of the so-called Bible in English, and considerable editing and rewriting are occurring. Christians are apparently making things up as they go along. Dr. Oliver called it "lying for the Lord."

"The shabbos Goy" is, surprisingly, a kosher controversy, according to Dr. Mathis. Once again, I appreciate his elucidation of this tradition.

Paragraph 11: I certainly agree! Goyim are awfully dumb.

Paragraph 12: I do not think that jews are so silly as to let themselves be conquered by the same means they used to conquer the Goyim. My previous reply refers. "Affirmative Action" has been banned statewide in Washington and California because of the Asian lobby. Dr. Pierce can save his money and let the Asians do the job for him. Maybe he'll 'solve' the Yellow Peril Problem by defining them as "White". As for statements allegedly made by the crazy "Yoisel" or Nazarene, I believe he also said: "Sell thy garment and buy a sword." And, "I come not to bring peace, but a sword." So much for the "Prince of Peace" alias "Lamb of God", etc.

Paragraph 13: I had no idea that jews were supposed to change their behavior with the advent of "the messianic age". In the meantime, we Goyim must make do with jews as they are. When the big change comes, seeing will be believing. Let's not hold our breaths in anticipation just yet.

Dr. Mathis' brand of Judaism may not deem The Talmud to be The Law of Judaism, but it would appear that other jews do. I refer to a recent article in USA TODAY of 7 August 2000 which quotes "a prominent rabbi who heads Israel's third biggest political party ... " He is Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who believes in the Zohar, a cabalistic portion of The Babylonian Talmud which posits reincarnation as a doctrine of Judaism. The rabbi dubbed Palestinians as "snakes", and stated that "the Six Million" perished in "The Holocaust" because they were reincarnated sinners who had to atone. So, no Hitler, no Holocaust; no Holocaust, no atonement. No Judas, no "Resurrection", eh? In Israel, the kosher controversy has hit the fan. This belief in regard to "The Six Million" is not new, for it has been enunciated (quietly) by Hasidim in Israel and America, but this is the first broadcast of the concept to world jewry that I know of.

Dr. Mathis claims that I learned my Judaism from "jew-haters". Funny how many of my instructors were jews. I wonder if Dr. Mathis would deem Rabbi Yosef to be a "jew-hater". Perhaps Rabbi Yosef would accuse Dr. Mathis of being an "anti-Semite". In the end, all kosher controversy is talmudically-twisted and downright byzantine, very much like Monty Python's "The Life of Brian". Thanks be to Odin that I am not a jew!

I appreciate Dr. Mathis' reasons for not supporting Israel with his physical presence. Rabbi Elmer Berger described Zionism as a 'fast-food' version of Judaism. Toting an Uzi in Israel is more fun to many so-called jews than reading all the books and learning all the rituals. Josef Ginsburg's father was a rabbi, and Ginsburg said all the ritual-compulsion-neurotic behavior prevented his father from ever working for a living. No wonder the active jew would rather carry an Uzi and strut his stuff over the Arabs! Seriously, folks, I don't envy those who guard members of another nation, nor do I envy the nation they guard. Been there, done that, but not in Israel. Colonialism doesn't work when it means governing other peoples, and neither does multi-racialism. Israel proves one more time that jews, as they presently exist, cannot live without a host people. That is extremely sad and extremely dangerous for everyone.

Paragraph 14: The United States is like Egypt at the end of "the seven fat years". The jew, Reich, was interviewed on "National Public Radio" before he took office as Secretary of Labor. He giggled about The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), saying that NAFTA will adversely affect 80% of the American people, but that 20% should do o.k. This has already happened. In Protocol No. 6, our present economic situation is described: "...we must intensively patronize trade and industry, but, first and foremost, speculation, the part played by which is to provide a counterpoise to industry: the absence of speculative industry will multiply capital in private hands and will serve to restore agriculture by freeing the land from indebtedness to the land banks. What we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labor and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world, and thereby throw all the Goyim into the ranks of the proletariat. Then the Goyim will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist."

The majority members of the American workforce are becoming part-time, minimum-wage workers, without sufficient purchasing power to buy the things they deem necessary. Hence, they must borrow money. Personal debt is soaring, along with personal bankruptcies. Wages are not keeping pace with prices on food, housing and transportation, just as Protocol No. 6 goes on to state. The social and material infrastructure of the country is crumbling. The transportation system is deteriorating, along with water and sewage treatment plants. The electric power output is not keeping pace with demand. Agricultural lands are being depleted and polluted, as demand for food increases. If this is 'prosperity', we are worse off than we were in 1929, before the Crash, which was planned for and triggered by the bankster jews and their Goy stooges of The (so-called) Federal Reserve, which contracted the money supply, in violation of the original wording of The Federal Reserve Act.

Paragraph 16: The Russian Khazar converts to Judaism spoke their local languages, such as Georgian and Ukrainian, etc., to which they added Russian. The German-Yiddish speaking jews invaded Russia in greatest numbers from Poland, Germany, Austria et al. The first meeting of the Soviets was in German-Yiddish. As for the Moscow police speaking Yiddish amongst themselves, the Toronto Telegram's Moscow reporter, Peter Worthington mentioned this fact to my Toronto colleagues. His editors refused to print any of it. I became better acquainted with Mr. Worthington over the years, and I have no reason to doubt his observations. Neither Dr. Mathis nor I am 'certified' historians. I have simply done my own research and met many people who were participants in history. As far as I recall, the "Kerensky" government did not make peace with Germany, because it was toppled by the Bolsheviks. It was "Lenin" who made peace with Germany, under the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. "Kerensky" made no mention to me of signing any surrender to Germany. In fact, "Kerensky" was on the offensive, and his intention of sending the Guards Regiment to the front from St. Petersburg is what 'inspired' the Guards to join the Bolsheviks and sue for peace with Germany. Please correct me if I'm wrong, for it was a long time ago. I trust the jewsmedia for reporting whatever is in the ZOG's interest to report. I cite the jews-media for what they have to say, not whether it is true or false. The determination of truth or falsehood is up to everyone. I also spend jewish money, that is, Federal Reserve zogbucks, knowing exactly what they are: promises made by liars and crooks. As long as others believe they are valuable, I continue to spend them, but I will not be surprised if they suddenly are deemed to be "not worth a Continental".

Paragraph 17: The Israeli Declaration of Independence has no more veracity as to Israeli policy than does The Balfour Declaration. I merely cite the statements of Kach Party leader Meyer Kahane, now deceased, and the words of Rabbi Yosef who wants all "snakes" (Palestinians) cleared out of Israeli territory. The lack of mention of a policy does not preclude the existence of a policy. The U.S. Constitution makes no provision for political parties, either, but they certainly exist. Whether Palestinians will be driven from Israeli territory or not depends upon Israeli decision-makers as they see fit. Hence, the Declaration of Independence is irrelevant. I'd hoped to avoid the tedium of stating the obvious, but there it is.

I would be surprised to discover that Jack Bernstein never existed, despite having authored two soul-searing books about his Israeli misadventures. I wrote him shortly before he died. His picture appeared on the back cover of his first book, "An American jew in Racist-Marxist Israel". As far as I know, he died of cancer in New York City. In pre-Internet days, he would have been desperate to find a publisher, any publisher, even a blightwing one. It sounds fantastically sophisticated to me that any Posse Comitatus bunch could concoct a fictional character and write books purportedly by him. Most of the P.C.s I've met would not know how to dump water out of a boot, if the instructions were printed on the heel. Having read Bernstein's two books, I urged him to look upon himself as a prophet whose job it was to heal the cancer of Zionism. The letter came back with the word, "DECEASED" written on the unopened envelope. I am sincerely sorry that he died so unhappily because of his disillusionment, even if he was my enemy. As an Aryan, I derive no pleasure in seeing my enemies suffer. Moreover, I deem Zionism to be the foremost enemy of jews and Gentiles alike, as I have stated in several essays. First things first.

Paragraph 19: The source for my knowledge of the Kol Nidre was from two jews: Josef Ginsburg and Ditlieb Felderer. Ginsburg converted to atheism and Felderer to Jehovah's Witness, but he was 'disfellowshipped' from the J.W.s when he discovered that they lied about the number of deaths they suffered in The Holohoax. Ditlieb visited the Auschwitz complex 52 times, and knows the place thoroughly, having taken hundreds of color slides of areas off limits to Goyim. The video program, "Genocide by Propaganda" refers. It may still be available from Samisdat Publishers Ltd., 206 Carlton St., Toronto, Ontario M5A 2Ll, Canada.

Dr. Mathis does not provide the actual wording of the Kol Nidre, which goes, as I recall: "All vows, oaths, anathemas which I shall make in the coming year shall hereby become null and void and of no effect, as if I had not made them." It is recited to music. As for ritual circumcision, it is sufficient to state that a growing number of people, including jews, deem it to be an abomination and the worst form of child-abuse, since pain is a "mitzvah", that is, obligatory, to give Yahweh his perverted jollies. The assault upon a baby's sex organ can only be sexual, under the category of sadism. Trauma, indeed!

I believe that Dr. Mathis is unique among all the jews I have known: he is an individualist, rather than a collectivist.

The bagel is on your mezuzah, Dr. Mathis, so over to you.

Eric Thomson, Ph.D. (stolen)