31 AUG 00.

Mr.Thomson replies to Dr. Mathis' reply of 25 AUG 00

1. Dr. Mathis claims to be a jew, but he claims that others who claim to be jews, or whom other jews claim to be jews are not jews. "Jew" is not a race, nor an ethnic group, nor a religion. What most jews, from China to California have in common is (a) criminal activities and (b) subversive activities. Since that is what jews have in common, I do not capitalize the word "jew", anymore than I would capitalize the word, "criminal".

2. Jews lived outside 'their' land before they were carried off by stupid Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans et al. While Gentiles did bring some jews into their countries and/or incorporate them into their empires, most jews already lived with host peoples, whose territories they had infiltrated through their own intentions. Aryans are indeed to blame (1) for bringing jews into their lands and (2) for allowing jews to come into their lands, along with other non-Aryans. Dr. Mathis and I both agree on the matter of Aryan stupidity.

3. I have read nothing in jewish sources, such as the B'nai B'rith Messenger and The Canadian Jewish News which contradict Dr. Shahak's assessment of Israel and Zionism, even if certain 'jewish' writers call Dr. Shahak a liar. When a person's statements accord with the facts, I consider that person's detractors as expressing mere opinions. Facts are facts, like them or not. When Dr. Shahak warned that "settlers" and "Jewish religious fanatics" would be the biggest obstacles to peace, he was certainly right, unless we are to believe that the New York Times and other 'mainstream' newsmedia are purveying "Nazi propaganda" or that they are also "liars". I do not like to view anyone in a "negative light" and I do so only when they have truly earned that status. That includes jews and the Goyim who put up with them.

4. Dr. Mathis really must do some research before he attempts to 'prove me wrong'. I am happy to banish his ignorance on the matter of Marx lambasting his fellow commie jews, one of whom was Ferdinand Lassalle. Once again, I suggest that Dr. Mathis avoid further embarrassment by reading The Jewish Encyclopedia and mainstream jewish publications, two of which I mentioned. When these sources claim so and so to be a jew, I find it bizarre that Dr. Mathis would take issue with them. What I write is subject to independent verification and originates with jewish sources, which Dr. Mathis claims are 'not jewish' or are 'liars'. By that token, most jews would question Dr. Mathis' "jewishness" including Rabbi Yosef of Israel's Shas Party.

5. In rereading my previous replies to Dr. Mathis, I did respond in regard to the jews' use of surnames: (1) They were forced to adopt surnames by their host peoples and (2) They adopted typical host people's surnames to disguise their alien status. (3) Since certain host names were popular with jews, those surnames became associated with jews. I thought we were agreed on the surname subject.

In regard to 'jewish identity' I offer an article from the Broward Jewish Journal of February 25th, 1992, entitled "Lenin was a Secret Jew" by Jesse Zel Lurie. I leave it to Dr. Mathis to claim that the above-cited publication is "not jewish"; the writer is "not jewish" and/or the writer is a "liar". "Lenin" may not be 'sufficiently jewish' to 'qualify' as a jew, under Dr. Mathis' criteria. So let's see what Dr. Mathis has to say about Hitler's 'jewishness'. This was a matter of faith amongst Hitler's enemies, which would make Hitler's enemies 'anti-Semites'. Of course, Hitler's friends believed he was not jewish. If Dr. Mathis agrees with Hitler's enemies, then he would deem Hitler 'jewish'. If Dr. Mathis denies Hitler's jewish status, then he would appear to be one of Hitler's friends. Rabbi Yosef deems Hitler to be a divine agent for jewish atonement, who liberated reincarnated jews from their odious burdens of sin. If Rabbi Yosef and his kosher congeners are to be taken seriously, then Hitler is due a whole lot of respect from jews.

We agree on "Kerensky" being jewish.

We agree on "Lenin" being a nom de guerre or alias, as with "Stalin", "Trotsky" et al. I thought "Lenin" had to do with "Lion", rather than "learning". As for Dzhugashvili, which means "Son of (a) jew", rather than "Son of a Hebrew, Israelite, kike, yid, sheenie, Judean" etc., my research on "Stalin's" origins stands. "Stalin's" father-in-law, Kaganovich, was also jewish. I understand that one of Kaganovich's kosher heirs described him as "The Wolf of the Kremlin" in a book by that title. Jews can have places named after them. A Paris suburb, Mort a Juive (sp?), which meant "Death to Jews", had its name changed a few years ago, to make it 'kosher'. In Barcelona, there is Montjuich or The Mount of Jews, but we should never confuse place with race. The fact that "Stalin" attended a Christian seminary is another 'red herring', for we must not confuse jewish biology with Gentile theology. I quote Cardinal Lustiger: "I am a Christian, but I remain a jew." Quite right! I am a Christian, one might say, but I remain an Englishman, etc. Thanks are due to Dr. Mathis for providing Molotov (Hammer)'s jewish surname, Skryabin. He should be listed in The Jewish Encyclopedia. Funny how "Molotov" and Armand Hammer looked like twins in their photos. If you doubt, check it out.

I did not know that "Who's Who in World Jewry", The Jewish Encyclopedia et al. were "Christian Identity" sources, according to Dr. Mathis. You see how easily we Goyim can be misled! I do not dub anyone 'jewish' because I dislike them. Fortunately, I have never had to meet most of them. I deem someone jewish because 'jewish' sources brag about them being jewish. If Dr. Mathis disagrees that jewish sources are jewish, then those 'jews' might doubt Dr. Mathis' 'jewishness'. The argument is not with me, but with Dr. Mathis' fellow tribesmen. I think we have cleared up any disagreement on "Trotsky" and jews in Argentina.

re: Paragraph 4. The information I have obtained about jews coming from the former Soviet Union comes from people whose nationality is "jewish" as stated in their internal passports. Jews can never be Russians and vice versa. According to my "jewish" sources, they are deemed to be "jews" in Israel if they have Khazar and/or Yiddish origins, traced through their mothers, regardless of their omission of jewish religion, circumcision, etc. Israeli authorities are indeed faced with non-jewish opportunists, since they have purposely muddied their own definition of jewish identity to confuse the dumb Goyim.

Jews claim to be (1) members of a religious group; (2) an ethnic group and (3) a nationality. It looks good on them. Anyone with Asiatic admixture is a mestizo or mongrel. Part-Aryan equals non-Aryan. Jews call such mixed people "mamzers", which they tell me means "bastards".

The nation-biology connection is not a theory. Let's see why: Families have been, traditionally, biological relationships. Usually, people of the same racial group intermarry. Families are not created when people share the same house, nor are nations created when mixed biological groups share the same territory. The jew conman Franz Boas touted the nation equals territory fraud. As I may have mentioned previously, Rudolf Hess was born in Egypt, but he remained a German, because his parents were German. So-called 'nation states' are indeed largely geographical, rather than biological entities. That is why it is incorrect to call them 'nations'; countries, yes, but nations, no. Otherwise we can just as erroneously speak about the United States 'family' or the Canadian 'person' (a legal person?). By the same misbegotten token, we can call Fords and Chevrolets "Detroits", for that is where they originated. Jews born on airplanes would be called "Luftmenschen" or "Airmen". Thank you, Mr. Boas! It is simple to select one's race as one's nationality, for the individual relates in the same way to his family, the family to the clan, the clan to the tribe and the tribe to the nation. If White people are to survive, that is the way things must be, and if we are to get along with other races and mixtures thereof, that is the way things should be. Have no fear, Dr. Mathis: I never equate geography with biology.

Dr. Mathis may have defective vision. It is quite easy to recognize Aryan, Black or Yellow admixtures in people. Look at "Tiger" Woods. Compare the photos of Central Americans with photos of Vietnamese. I was struck by the similarities of Nicaraguans and other mainly Asiatic people in Latin America with those of Southeast Asia. Even the blood-types match. People of the Indian subcontinent clearly show Aryan features in their Dravidian darkness.

re: Paragraph 5. Poor, ignorant Rabbi Wise! Dr. Mathis sounds like a real 'anti-Semite'. First he doubts that Rabbi Wise knew anything about communism in Russia; now he deprecates the Rabbi's knowledge of Judaism. I put it to you, Dr. Mathis: Are you a rabbi? For the Goyim, I point out that "rabbi" means "teacher". Or does Dr. Mathis take it to mean "liar"? Does Dr. Mathis think that any jewish rabbi is 'ignorant' of jewish law? Rabbis disagree, but does this disagreement stem from ignorance of their religion? I doubt it. Rabbis do not equate Zionism with Judaism, but they strongly support the Zionist state of Israel, in general; but maybe such rabbis are 'not jews' or they may be 'liars' by Dr. Mathis' definitions.

In regard to Sephardim adopting Dutch names, please refer to "The Grandees", although Dr.Mathis may not deem it to be sufficiently jewish as a source. "Roosevelt" is Dutch. "Rosenfeldt" is German. Dutch and German are both Germanic languages. Both mean "Field of Roses" or "Rosefield". Too bad the users of such names don't smell as sweet.

In regard to Theodore Kaufman's book, "Germany Must Perish", which was published by Argyll Press with laudatory endorsements on the back cover by Time Magazine, The Philadelphia Enquirer, The New York Times and one or more representatives of the major media, I do not agree with Dr. Mathis that such recognition constitutes being "largely ignored". The Kaufman book appeared in 1941, shortly before the U.S.A. entered that war. Morgenthau's book addressed Kaufman's genocide plan in more detail. Please read "Germany is Our Problem" by Morgenthau. Louis Nizer echoes the Kaufman/Morgenthau Plan in his book, "What to do with Germany". The more Dr. Mathis writes, the more ignorance he reveals. I urge him to read jewish sources before making erroneous statements.

As for documents which "clearly point to an extermination plan against European jews", I would like to know who 'planned' such a scheme. The Max Taubner verdict at the Nuremberg show trials is on par with the Allies' official claims of "human soap". The alleged recipe in the IMT transcripts lists "meat and bones". That is a recipe for SOUP, not SOAP. As for Himmler's 'notes' of his alleged Posen speech, which I have heard in a recording released by the Allies with people who knew Himmler, that it was not his voice, although the recording was so poor, it could have been an early attempt at dubbing. Aside from that, the agenda of the Posen meeting had very little to do with the disposition of jews, and Hitler had said previously that "the final solution of the jewish problem must wait until the end of the war." The German plan for moving some jews, and interning some jews was no different from the U.S. plan for moving and interning some Japanese. There was no order for killing the Japanese internees, nor was there an order for killing interned jews. Find one and historian David Irving promises to pay you 10,000 British pounds. The charlatan, Raul Hilberg, who wrote "The Destruction of the European Jews" cancelled the "two Hitler orders" after having to testify under oath at the Holohoax Trial in Toronto, which I witnessed. Under cross-examination, he admitted that there was no evidence for such orders, and in the subsequent edition of his opus, the orders have vanished. In 1960, a miracle occurred: the 'death camps' and 'gas chambers' leapt from Germany and Austria into Poland. The Dachau 'gas chamber' built by the jew, George Stevens and crew of Hollywood propagandists is now said to have gassed nobody, although I saw his film, narrated by jew actor, Leslie Howard, if memory serves me, which stated that it had done so, and bodies of typhus victims were shown to 'prove' gassings had taken place. Before you waste your time and the time of our readers, please read Hilberg! I hope Dr. Mathis does not accuse Hilberg of being a 'Nazi propagandist', because Hilberg might sue him. The Goebbels diaries, as well as the Eichmann diaries have been in Zionist custody, and they are quite likely to have been edited and rewritten, like the so-called "Diary of Anne Frank", portions of which were written in ball-point pen, after the original publication in 1947. Altered diaries are deemed "literary fraud" in civilized countries. I understand that the Israelis are sitting on Himmler's diaries. I wonder when they will appear, with 'suitable' alterations.

As for "handing half of Europe over to Stalin", at least Hitler saved half of Europe, for the jew, "Stalin", planned to do what the jew, "Trotsky", had failed to do: take all of Europe. "The Icebreaker" by "Suvorov", an ex-Soviet GRU (military intelligence officer) confirms what I heard from German high altitude reconnaissance observers, that Soviet invasion preparations were well underway.

As for "the alleged ad" which appeared in the 'alleged' Canadian Jewish News, there was depicted (1) the Torah and shofar, then (2) the hammer and sickle, arranged in the same manner, along side. If I were to present the ad to Dr. Mathis, he would claim I'd drawn it. Dr. Mathis should check out the jewish sources I mentioned. The Soviet tourist ad appeared in the last year of the Soviet Union's existence. Yes, Rebecca, communism is jewish! People adopt the philosophies and religions which appeal to them. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are semitic religions because they have been invented and espoused by Semites. If there has been even one non-jew originator of communism or Zionism, I would like to know. If National Socialism and fascism do not belong to the Germans and the Italians who adopted them, then to whom do they belong? Philosophies are either put into practice or they are not. Maybe they can 'transcend' their creators and supporters if they merely remain on paper. Dr. Mathis confuses the issue in his own mind. A philosophy, when but into practice is a recipe. I do not know how a recipe for chocolate cake can 'transcend' anyone, unless we were to fire it out into orbit.

re: Paragraph 6: I do not 'believe' that standardized tests would discover talent, regardless of wealth, class or race. My teachers told me that is what they were intended to do. The fact that wealthy people tend to be more intelligent than poor people is more a sign of the influence of heredity over that of environment. Athletic tests tend to demonstrate that people born with longer legs tend to outrun people with shorter legs; that tall people tend to perform better at basketball than midgets, etc. So much for the egalitarian hopes for standardized testing!

It was Dr. Mathis who introduced the difference between psychoses and neuroses. I agree that there is a difference, but that was not pertinent to my point, if Dr. Mathis would care to reread my statements. The relevant point was that jews had a higher proportion of neuroses and psychoses in the Weimar statistics for insane asylum inmates than did the majority German population. Dr. Mathis then alleged that neuroses and psychoses indicated 'higher intelligence', and I replied that I knew of no such correlation, nor did Dr. Mathis, since neither of us can cite a study of this relationship, if any. The relevant point which I made in terms of intelligence and insanity was to counter Dr. Mathis' ridiculous statement that these terms were entirely "arbitrary". As for Berkowitz being a jew psychopathic murderer and Dahmer being an Aryan psychopathic murderer, my point remains: Is the judgement as to their psychological and criminal status "arbitrary"? Would Dr. Mathis like to share his living quarters with either? If Dr. Mathis is sane, I think he would decline such an offer of 'diversity' in his personal life.

re: Paragraph 7. The admission of jews to any Aryan society is pernicious, just as the admission of disease into a human body is pernicious. As an Aryan, that is how I view Cromwell's policy in regard to jews. No, England has not thrived as a nation as the direct result of jewish influence. Remember, a nation is not a territory; it is a people. The English said, "There will always be an England." Yes, but without any Englishmen! Such a deal.

re: Paragraph 8. Neither jews nor Nazis can overturn the laws of physics. Cyanide compounds form anywhere iron exists on surfaces. When more cyanide is used, more Prussian blue dye is formed. Hydrogen cyanide is slightly lighter than air. It is poisonous and explosive. To use a Krema (crematorium) for a gas chamber is ludicrous, for that would be like gassing someone in a gas oven, then striking a match to dispose of the body! I see that Dr. Mathis is not even casually informed about chemistry. During the time of an alleged 'gassing', the crematory could not be used. The crematory capacity of the alleged 'death camps' was so inadequate for the disposal of the alleged number of bodies that they would have been in operation well into the 1960s or 1970s. I recommend "Simple Arithmetic Versus the Six Million Myth" by a jew named Herzog who lived in Windhoek, South West Africa. 2 + 2 = 4, even if one is a jew. Keep in mind the fact that a body louse is smaller than a person and that hydrogen cyanide consists of molecules. To say that more molecules are required to kill a body louse than a much larger animal is nonsense. Even Dr. Mathis could figure that out.

The 4 million figure was concocted by the proponents of the Holohoax, and not by historians, so we are agreed on that point. Hilberg testified under oath that the number of jew victims was "5.1" million, rather than the Sacred Six Million Figure. If one reduces the Auschwitz and Birkenau figure from 4 million to 74,000, that transfers the magic number to the other 4 camps. But the numbers for Maidenek, Sobibor, Chelmno and Treblinka have not been altered. Jew math is amazing: six million minus four million equals six million.
The 74,000 figure for the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps comes from the Germans' camp death records, which were captured by the Soviets. The Red Cross did not compile the figures and the names. The Red Cross was given the figures and names by the Soviet Union.

The Holocaust remains part of jewish mythology, just as the "Holocaust" of 1919 reported in The American Hebrew dated October 31, 1919. I advise Dr. Mathis to research his topics before making categorical misstatements. The basic fact is that over 5 million jews were collecting 'Holocaust-survivor-payments' from the West German occupation regime into the 1980s, according to The Canadian Jewish News. This means there were over 11 million jews in German custody: 6 million gassees plus over 5 million ungassed jews. Repetition of a lie does not make it true, nor does truth depend on the volume of documentation. There is an abundance of documentation and film footage to 'prove' the existence of Mickey Mouse. As for the Holohoax, millions of live bodies do not 'prove' the existence of dead ones. There are, for example, no Katyn Massacre Survivors' associations, for the Poles were killed there by the jew-NKVD thugs.

Contradictions in testimony generally discredit the witnesses who make such conflicting statements. Perhaps Dr. Mathis has never seen a jury in action. I also have Raul Hilberg's Holohoax Trial testimony along with others, in case Dr. Mathis would like to learn more about "The Hoax of the 20th Century", as Dr. Arthur Butz called it, in his book of that title. It is amusing to note that Hilberg stated under oath that "he was not a historian" nor was he a "statistician". He said that he had concluded in advance that "5.1 million jews" were killed by the Germans, mostly in the six Polish camps. His only problem was to select any proof of his thesis and to reject any information which tended to disprove it. This is "jewish science", which goes head-in-sheenie-beany with "jewish math". Hilberg said that he was an "empiricist". In the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, edited by Jesse Stein, the second meaning for "empiricist" is "charlatan". That adequately describes Raul Hilberg, from whom I would not like to buy a used car, and neither should Dr. Mathis. On page 567 of Hilberg's first edition, he claims that a deadly dose of HCN is "one milligram per kilogram of body weight". This would mean that a 150 lb. louse would require more HCN than a human being weighing .001 gram and vice versa. On that page, Hilberg also states that it was possible to delouse human beings if they were 'protected by gasmasks'. Once again, reality intervenes: HCN kills on contact with skin, not just via breathing it. On page 627, Hilberg erroneously describes victims of HCN as being "pink in color, with green spots." According to Warden Bill Armontrout of Missouri State Penitentiary, where he supervises the operation of the lethal, homicidal gas chamber, bodies are "brick red". Hilberg errs in describing carbon monoxide victims' coloration, which is described in any reference work on toxicology and forensic medicine. Liars should at least do their homework so please pay attention, Dr. Mathis.

The gas chamber legend was originally concocted by the British Psychological Warfare Executive, which had leaflets about "gas chambers" dropped on Poland. In August 1943, the British Foreign Office hatched an official statement designed to deter Poles from collaborating with the Germans, on behalf of the Soviet Union, to which the British had already deeded Poland. The official statement was in response to Polish anger against the Soviets, following the discovery of the murdered Polish officers at Katyn. The use of 'gas chambers' in the British statement was deplored by the then head of British Intelligence, Sir Cavendish-Bentinck. These are not my interpretations. They are explicitly stated in the Foreign Office memos which I have in my archives. Hence, the 'gas chambers' were erased, later to resurface in The War Refugee Board Report of 1944. On page 631, Hilberg writes that "Himmler ordered the dismantling of the killing installations (sic) on November 25, 1944." On page 177, Hilberg claims that the first orders to "begin the killing" of jews was given by Hitler "in the spring of 1941". If Auschwitz and Birkenau "began operations" in 1942, that leaves a maximum of 2 years to perpetrate the numbers of 'gassings' and 'burnings', so as to "leave no trace" of the "victims".

I used to think jews were like everyone else. I believed that 6 million jews had been enticed by Nazi invitations for free showers, which were really gas chambers. I believed that, if one jew, Caryl Chessman, could be gassed in San Quentin, then 2000 jews could be gassed in Poland. Later, I came to realize the impossibility of the atrocity allegations, given the time and means alleged by the Holohoaxers. Wartime atrocity propaganda is nothing new. I have studied it from the Crusades to the present.

The jews say they are victims of "blood-libel", while they make the Germans victims of their "gas-libel". The Germans will rebel, even if they have become Turks and Chinese. That is why the jews will always fall short of their desire for world-rule. As long as jews remain jews, they can whistle Dixie or the Kol Nidre for the arrival of their 'messiah', who will remain eternally absent, like the Christians' Jesus.

People who live in societies have to be socialists, in one form or another, for they must be conscious of their societies' existence and functions. To call anyone a "socialist" in a derogatory sense, as Birchers and blightwingers do, is as irrelevant as accusing the members of a sports team of being "teamists". As I understand, Dr. Mathis does not object to certain forms of socialism, as long as they are gradual and 'democratic'. Since Germany was in a state of economic emergency from 1918 until 1935, two years after Hitler's election, drastic means were certainly in order. Sorry about that! The problem for post-1933 Germany was the economic blockade declared by Samuel Untermeyer of The World Jewish Congress, under the newspaper headlines: "JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY!" As for backing the Reichsmark with gold bullion, as Dr. Mathis alleges, please tell me where Germany got this gold backing for its currency.

The Soviet Union was continually funded and fed by U.S. banksters, in collaboration with the U.S. government. The USSR would exist today, had the Zionists not taken precedence over the Communist regime in Russia. This switch from kosher communism to kosher Zionism was foretold by Winston Churchill in his published statement of the 1920s, by British journalist Douglas Reed in "Somewhere South of Suez" and by "Karl Marx" and Moses Hess who collaborated in the authorship of "Die Deutsche Ideologie" in 1845, which was published in English in 1945 by Bloch and Company of New York City. I suggest Dr. Mathis skim through a copy before he denounces it as a piece of Nazi fiction. The USSR was a tool, like the U.S.A., and tools are discarded when they have served their purpose and have become worn out. The U.S.A. is fast wearing out, and it will go the way of the Soviet Union, which is in a state of banditry and collapse.

In regard to the economic forces of inflation and deflation, I will be interested to hear from Dr. Mathis if he ever has to work for a living. Inflation causes interest rates to rise, as well as the prices on all goods and services. It also puts debtors into higher income tax brackets, which reduces their purchasing power even further. As for deflation being sabotage in an economy, Dr. Mathis should get a little whiff of a real depression to discover that meaning. The diminution of money from the economy will stop inflation, but a further diminution of the money supply paralyzes economic activity. Those who instigate such a diminution can sabotage even rich economies, as we have seen in North America. Inflation steals the value of the workers' wages, so it is theft. The reduction of the money supply will stop a factory as effectively as an explosive device, so it is premeditated sabotage. Economic warfare also exists, Dr. Mathis. I recommend research which will prove to you that I know what I'm talking about, even if you do not.

re: Paragraph 9. I thank Dr. Mathis for stating his opinion in regard to Judaism and The Talmud for that is what it is: an opinion, with which other jews appear to disagree.

re: Paragraph 10. As I recall, "the beasts of the fields" were lamenting, perhaps because they missed human intercourse, which Dr. Mathis quotes as forbidden. The original point I was attempting to illustrate was that 'beasts' could be two-legged, humanoids. I am sure Dr. Mathis has encountered other works of literature in which persons are referred to as 'beasts'. The references to Goyim as 'beasts' with 'no souls' or with 'satanic souls' seem quite popular in jewish sources, Dr. Mathis' apologias to the contrary.

re: Paragraphs 11 and 12. I apologize for 'putting words into Dr. Mathis mouth', for that was not my intention. My response to Dr. Mathis' statement in regard to jews and Goyim was that such a relationship constitutes stupidity on the part of the Goyim. The 'intelligence' of the Aryan is on par with the 'intelligence' of one who 'buys' the Brooklyn Bridge. Any conman would congratulate the 'purchaser' on his 'intelligence'. Thank you, Dr. Mathis. Yes, I do attempt to explain their stupid behavior to members of my race, just as Dr. Mathis' prophets tried to warn jews of the error of their ways.

As for 'buying out the jews from their positions of power', we might just as well have tried to buy out King George III in order to free (for a brief time) the American colonies. Apparently, the British would not allow themselves to be bought out, so the rebels had to fight. As for loving Aryans who have the courage, wisdom and determination to fight their oppressors, I can only refer Dr. Mathis to the words of Patrick Henry. Thomas Jefferson declared that "the tree of Liberty must be watered, from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants." It is far better for us to fight the jew here, than to fight in jewish wars overseas. It is much better to shed our blood fighting against our enemies, than to shed it fighting for them. That's White Man's Logic, Dr. Mathis. I was in the U.S. Sixth Army, and we all wore a big Star of David on the shoulders of our uniforms. Oy veh! A good soldier knows that his duty comes first. That is what distinguishes a good soldier from a bad one. That is what distinguishes a good Aryan from a bad one. It's a White Thing, which Dr. Mathis seems not to understand, or pretends not to understand. If Greenspan would lend me the money to buy The Federal Reserve, I'd be able to repay him immediately, and I could buy out all jewish businesses. Why not?

re: Paragraph 13. Dr. Mathis is dissatisfied when he claims that I use "Christian Identity" sources in my attempts to elucidate him on matters of which he seems painfully unaware. He is dissatisfied when I use "jew-hating" jewish sources. Now, he is dissatisfied when I cite kosher mainstream jewsmedia sources. It appears that the 'messiah' alone could satisfy Dr. Mathis in regard to accuracy and veracity. Dr. Mathis has demonstrated to the reader his tendency to think that those who disagree with him are 'wrong' and that whatever he doesn't know is not worth knowing. This manner of debating indicates that Dr. Mathis suffers from a messianic complex. Does this mean that Dr. Mathis may be 'the messiah'? Does he have two lightning bolts protruding from his head? Watch this space for further developments.

As I recall, The Soncino Edition of The Babylonian Talmud includes The Cabala, which includes the Zohar. The Talmud was written over centuries, for it includes denunciations of the upstart Christians and their Jesus. There is a Jerusalem Talmud as well as The Babylonian Talmud, which I understand is much shorter and less influential than The Babylonian Talmud. If Dr. Mathis is correct, The Zohar stands on its own, just as the Books of Judith and Esther could stand alone, without other biblical stories. Naturally, they could be included with other biblical texts, just as The Cabala and Zohar could be included with The Babylonian Talmud, depending on the editors. Once again, Dr. Mathis appears to misunderstand my point: The Torah, the Talmuds, the Cabala et al. are texts which are more or less influential in Judaism, depending upon the proclivities of their proponents. In so-called Christianity, entire churches base their existence on their interpretations of various translations and passages in their "Old and New Testaments", which have been edited and rearranged from their original jewish versions, to suit the prejudices of the Christian sectarians who compiled them. That is why the Douay version differs from the King James version, The Revised Standard Version and all the recent versions which have and are appearing. I therefore leave jews and so-called Christians to squabble amongst themselves, in regard to their respective mala fides. "Jewish books are for the jews, and jew messiahs, too; so if you're not of jewish blood, what good are they to you?" Snap out of your jew-daze, White Man!

The Soncino Edition has been my only experience with The Babylonian Talmud, as it is in English. There were two other books in which Talmud passages are allegedly cited and quoted. One is "The Talmud Unmasked" (if I recall the title correctly), which was translated and compiled by one Father Prinatius (sp?). The other was compiled by Elizabeth Dilling, a jewess, who purported to show Christians and Goyim what The Talmud has to say about them. Each passage cited also quotes the exact location of it in The Talmud, much like quotes in The Torah, i.e. "Leviticus 18:23". Since I no longer have access to these sources, I am sorry that I cannot cite chapter and verse. Dr. Mathis, who would have convenient access to The Talmud, refuses to look for passages to which I refer. I cannot now check up on the exact wording, as I would like to. Dr. Mathis can look them up, but he doesn't want to. We therefore owe our readers an apology.

I appreciate Dr. Mathis for informing us of the sect which Rabbi Yosef represents, and I'm sure that the rabbi would have derogatory things to say about Dr. Mathis, were he aware of Dr. Mathis' existence and views. Arabs are the jews' host people, who have been jews, Christians, Moslems or whatever. The Ashkenazic jews who adopted Judaism, a semitic religion, are not Arabs, nor Sephardim, who are Semites. Israel was founded in 1948 by Ashkenazic invaders of Palestine, who alleged that they had 'returned' to a land from whence they never came. By the same token, Italy could be invaded by Chinese converts to Catholicism who could as well call themselves 'returnees' to Mother Rome. A host people is people who occupied a territory before the incursion of an alien people into their midst. When invaders slay or drive out the previous occupants, then there are no more hosts. Arabs remain in Israeli territory where they function as consumers and producers of Israeli goods. The Zionist colony of Israel occupies an enclave within previous Arab territory. Hosts are hosts, unwilling or not, as any parasite would agree.

One of Israel's co-founders, Golda Meir(sohn) declared that "Israel was a land without a people for a people without a land." Since Palestine was well-populated with Arabs, this phrase could only mean that Israel's founders did not consider Arabs as people. Rabbi Yosef considers Arabs to be "snakes", if we are to believe our jewsmedia. As I understand from Dr. Mathis, he does not subscribe to such Zionist statements, for which he deserves due congratulations.

re: Paragraph 14. Since Dr. Mathis gets a laugh out of The Protocols, which describe jewish goals with accuracy, I imagine he would be amused by the Telephone Directory, which would also be a 'forgery', since I see no author's name thereon. Like The Protocols, the telephone book is a useful guide. How prophetic it is that one should dial a "Mr. Joe X. Smith" and discover that he is actually talking with the fellow on the phone! The jew, Reich, said on an NPR radio interview that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) "would adversely affect 80% of the American people, but 20% should do o.k." He was correct in his forecast. As The Protocols stated, capital is being transferred from productive areas into speculative areas. For the majority, real wages have dropped. High-paying factory jobs have been exported; illegal immigrants depress the wages further and deprive native Americans of employment opportunities in entry level positions. The jobs being created for the majority are minimum-wage, part-time service jobs. Home ownership is no longer an option for the increasing numbers of the working poor. Jewsmedia reports describe the increasing numbers of homeless people and the increasing personal debt-loads and bankruptcies, as well as the increasing prison population. In 1929, housing starts were up, as well as offices. The time was ripe for the Federal Reserve banksters to reduce the money supply (symbolic wealth), to rake in the real wealth of the debtor countries, by foreclosures and/or token purchase prices. In Weimar Germany, for example, a few U.S. dollars could buy a business. Goyim lost their farms to the banks, and valuable properties were sold at auctions for piffling sums. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "Things don't just happen the way they do. They are planned to happen that way!" One U.S. writer noted that there was money to build Burlesque houses during the Depression, but there was no money to save family farms. Another victim of the Depression observed that there was no money in the economy in peacetime, but money suddenly appeared as soon as war was decided upon. When jews have the power to create money out of nothing, that is what happens. We should not be surprised. If I mentioned these factors to Dr. Mathis in early 1929, he could use the same 'feel-good' arguments he uses now.

Dr. Mathis seems to suggest that jews are not 'monolithic'. The Young Men's Hebrew Association of Toronto, at the corner of Spadina and Bloor, displayed a large sign with a Star of David logo which declared, "We are one!" That is not quite a reality, but it is a statement of intention and a declaration of purpose. Whether jews like it or not, they are subjects of a regime, a worldwide government of so-called jews who give orders and who take orders, a regime whose decisions affect the lives of every jew, be he ever so unwilling or ignorant. The most visible part of jewish super-government resides in the present state of Israel. Righteous jew, Victor Ostrovsky, an ex-Mossadnik, described the nature of this Zionist regime in his two books: "By Way of Deception" and "The Other Side of Deception". The last I heard of him was when he and his family had to flee, after their Canadian residence was burned down by arsonists. The contrast of Canadian authorities' protection of anti-Moslem writer Rushdie and anti-Zionist author Ostrovsky reveals colossal hypocrisy, as well as the power of CANZOG, which uses the "Canadian justice system" as its flunkies and its cops as servile errand boys. Been there, seen that time after time for over a decade. Victor Ostrovsky thought he knew the true nature of Zionism, but he was truly ignorant. He is only beginning to pay the price. I wish him well, wherever he may be. Another righteous jew, whom I know personally, is Max Lipson, the former "Art Bell" and/or "Rush Limbaugh" of a major radio station in Hamilton, Ontario, which broadcasts into Toronto, Buffalo and surrounding populous regions. Max Lipson was bored with mundane topics and mundane people, after his pre-radio adventures in the CIA and his world travels. Lipson was an orthodox jew, with a natural fascination with all things "Nazi". The closest thing he could find to a real one was Ernst Zündel, who is a skilled artist in photography, graphics, painting and retouching. He is skilled, Dr. Mathis, because all his work sells. Unlike the proverbial 'starving artist' Ernst Zündel was earning sufficient income at age 18 that he could afford to maintain a wife who earned no income, plus two sons and a very substantial house, first in Montreal and later in Toronto. Around his early twenties, he became self-employed and ran his own art studio, with his own employees. Mr. Zündel was also a world-traveller and fluent in French, German and English. He campaigned in English and French for the office of Prime Minister in 1968. Lipson was attracted to Zündel, like a moth to a flame. He featured Zündel as guest speaker on his radio talkshow, in which both men would field the questions and ravings of callers. Zündel had warned him that there were extreme dangers for Lipson at the hands of 'his own people'. Lipson dismissed Zündel's warning as "Nazi paranoia". "I know my people," Lipson declared. No, he did not, for his own rabbi warned him to "drop the Nazi" from his radio show. Lipson declared: "Rabbi, you know your business and I know mine." That was on a Friday. When Monday came around, Lipson went to his radio station, of which he was also the manager. In the lobby he was given a box, which contained all his belongings, including his trophy coffee mug. The box had a court order taped on top, which informed Lipson that he was no longer employed by the radio station and that he was henceforth barred from approaching the premises within 1000 feet. That same week, Lipson was voted out of the Orthodox community by "100 heads of jewish families", as he told me. The resultant shock ended Lipson's marriage and Lipson checked himself into a mental institution, like Jack Bernstein. Lipson was a shadow of his radio self when I first met him, after his mental breakdown. It may have been that, as well as the drugs he was given, but the poor fellow could no longer hold a coherent conversation and he tended to fumble, stumble and bump into things. He usually had some impractical ideas for making money, which always required massive funding. Naturally, he could find no such funding from his former jewish associates, for Lipson had been given the Cherem Treatment, like Hans Kaufmann. The rabbi of Lipson's former-synagogue performed a kosher funeral ceremony for Max Lipson, who was thereby declared "dead". This meant that no member of his jewish community was ever to speak to him or write to him and that existing members of his family were to mourn his passing and likewise shun him.
Fred Leuchter, who is practically a caricature of a jew in his looks, behavior and interests, never practiced Judaism of the synagogue variety, to my knowledge. Warden Bill Armontrout referred to Fred as "an execution engineer". When Leuchter appeared to testify as defense witness in one of the Holohoax trials in Toronto, I warned him that the jews would first attack his personal reputation, to discredit his findings, after which they might argue with his findings, per se. Leuchter dismissed my warning as "Nazi paranoia". Leuchter was indeed an inventor, designer and engineer, in every respect. His state of Massachusetts did not give Engineers' Certificates for "Execution Engineers" because of a precedent known as The Grandfather Clause. When the first steam engines were being invented, no state granted certificates for "Steam Engineers" nor did the Wright Brothers have certificates as "Aeronautical Engineers". Nevertheless, common English usage would describe such inventors, designers and operators as "engineers."

It is obvious that the Stanley Brothers and Henry Ford were not granted "automotive engineering certificates", either, since automobiles were rare until they got into the business. One day, Execution Engineers may have certificates or licenses specific to their field, like other fields. Fred Leuchter got the 'old jew-screw', for which he was totally unprepared. He was defamed and denounced by the jewsmedia, terrorized by harassment and hate calls on the telephone, including death threats. He lost his source of income, his house and his family. Stay tuned for further developments.

A young jew named Cole assisted Zündel in making a televised critique of The Holohoax. He was threatened by alleged members of the "Jewish Defence League". As I understand, jewish pressure was also applied against his parents, as in the case of the jewish author, Black, who wrote a very thick book, "The Transfer Agreement", which detailed Nazi-Zionist collaboration before and during World War II.

I understand Dr. Mathis to be a convert to Judaism. That means he may know the books, but he doesn't know the people whom he is dealing with, any better than Max Lipson, Victor Ostrovsky, David Cole, Joel Brandt, Prime Minister Rabin, Bugsy Siegel and other jewish martyrs of their own ignorance of their people's true nature. Being a convert means that Dr. Mathis can always 'deconvert'. That is why jews distrust any Gentile who attempts to 'become a jew' through conversion. The rule of kosher female ancestry still applies, whether a jew has synagogue membership or not, as Reformed Rabbi Momsen of Toronto discovered. Jewishness is not religious, per se for jews distinguish between persons who are "half-jewish", etc. These partial jews are also called "mamzers" or "bastards" by full-blooded jews. Since jewishness is a matter of blood, and not belief, such references to 'half-breeds' is logical. If jewishness were strictly a religion, it would be absurd to say one is "half-jewish", as it would be to describe someone as "half-Catholic" or "half-Moslem". To describe jews as a 'religious group' is much the same as describing Meyer Lansky's group of kosher criminals as a 'fraternal organization'. The Mafia was defined in Peare's Encyclopedia as "an Italian-Jewish criminal organisation". Since Dr. Mathis does not trust me, I recommend he look it up, forthwith. The mainstream jewsmedia covered Lansky's Orthodox funeral and quoted the rabbi's eulogy, which included praise of Lansky's 'great heart' which encompassed the needs of others, as well as members of his own immediate 'family'. Since Dr. Mathis prefers to disregard my references, he can look it up on his computer. I believe The Tampa Tribune and The Miami newspapers ran prominent articles on Lansky's funeral. I understand that Dr. Mathis has his own website which purports to wage his version of a 'holy war' against "hate". In truth, it is a hate-site against people who love Whites. The jewish definition of "hate", as practiced, is anything a jew hates. Jews, who are naturally hateful critters, like Simon Wiesenthal, hated for Germans to receive mailings from Zündel. Germans who hated Zündel's material were removed, by request, from the mailing list, but jews hated for Germans to receive Zündel's messages, even if they loved to receive them. The jew, Wiesenthal, wrote the jew, Kaplan, Canada's Solicitor General, demanding that Zündel be deprived of his 'postal 'privileges', in hypocritical defiance of Article 19 (?) of The U.N. Charter of Rights, to which Canada is a signatory. Zündel lost his postal privileges for over a year, before he was granted a postal tribunal hearing. This was classic Red Queen Justice, for it was truly a case of "sentence first, verdict later!" Zündel regained his postal privileges when the tribunal concluded that his mailings reflected a genuine controversy between jews and Germans. So much for the "hate" accusation. Zündel has not yet been tried for "hate-crimes", which are included in The Canadian Criminal Code. His first trials in criminal courts were under the "false news" law, which was subsequently abolished. To ask the question, "Did Six Million Really Die?" was construed to be "false news" by CANZOG. The ZOG court insisted that the law did not restrict one's opinions, since the "hate law" section did that. The expert witnesses whose fields were in semantics and linguistics testified that most of the facts alleged were facts, but the bulk of the publication at issue was opinions as to the interpretation of facts. Their testimony was disregarded by the jurors. The object of these show-trials, as admitted by members of the Ontario Provincial Parliament in Hansard, was to punish and bankrupt Zündel, regardless of any findings of guilt or innocence. The trials were to be the punishment. The case was tried by the County Court, after a lengthy preliminary hearing. It was appealed to the Supreme Court of Ontario, then to the Supreme Court of Canada, which recommended a new trial. So Zündel was tried again at the county level, again at the provincial appeal court level, and again at the Supreme Court level, whereupon the Supreme Court declared the "false news law" unconstitutional. Afterwards, new laws were written and new courts took over jurisdiction of all matters pertaining to Zündel. He is presently being tried, to my knowledge, by various "human rights tribunals", which, in Orwellian terms, seek to deprive him of his rights. He, is also being tried, Star Chamber-style, by a CSIS tribunal, which would be the equivalent of being tried by the CIA. In this period, Zündel has been attacked by mobs of screaming hebes, including Reds and JDL-ers. His house was bombed twice by explosive devices, as well as parcel bombs which the normally snoopy Canada Post delivered directly to his door. The upper floor was destroyed by an arson attack. His mail drips with hate, death threats, bullets, razor blades, excrement, etc. His phone is tied up with death threats and harassment calls, but Zündel is of tough Schwabian peasant stock, so he has stolidly weathered all this and more, for over 30 years!

Josef Ginsburg who wrote under the pen-name of J.G. Burg, was attacked and harassed by Zionist thugs for 50 years. His old female friend was killed by an arson attack which destroyed the home for the elderly, where she resided. Mr. Ginsburg was attacked by a gang of Zionist thugs in the jewish cemetery, when he went to visit her grave.

Were I a jew, and were I to have such experiences at the hands of other jews, I would certainly become a Nazi! One day, Dr. Mathis may step out of line, for he is a ZOG-denier, like Max Lipson, David Cole et al. The best way to learn about the ZOG is to pretend it does not exist. When or if that happens, I wish Dr. Mathis the best of luck.

re: Paragraph 15. I maintain that the jews gained sufficient control over Egypt, Greece and Rome to contribute to their destruction. I did not deny it, as Dr. Mathis suggests.

re: Paragraph 16. Yes, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Woodrow Wilson were quite the fools for sending the Bolsheviks into Russia. Kaiser Wilhelm was surrounded by jews in high places, like Bethmann-Hollweg, just as Wilson was being blackmailed by Samuel Untermeyer, who retained Mrs. Peck's letters. Gentile folly is to blame for jewish power.

On the Yiddish matter, anyone email Peter Worthington c/o The Toronto Sun or his own emailsite. A Mexican who visited Moscow told me that he heard Yiddish spoken quite frequently amongst ordinary civilians there. If they're jews, why shouldn't they speak Yiddish?

re: Paragraph 17. Rabbi Yosef is my impression of proud jews whom I've encountered. His views coincide with the views of such founders of present-day Israel as Theodore Herzl and Vladimir Jabotinsky. Herzl wrote in "The Jewish State" that the cure for "anti-Semitism" (sic) was the departure of jews from their host peoples, to a land of their own. Among other things, Herzl deemed one facet of "anti-Semitism" to be "self-defense" on the part of the Goyim. Jabotinsky wrote in "The Iron Wall (We and the Arabs), in 1923, that ... "Zionism is a colonizing adventure, and therefore, it stands or falls by the question of armed force." ... "A voluntary reconciliation with the Arabs is out of the question, either now or in the future." Messianism, communism, Zionism, Orthodoxy, Reform, Hassidism et al. are expressions of jews, whose jewishness I do not have reason to doubt, whereas, other jews may have reason to doubt Dr. Mathis jewishness. If a large number of Germans adopt National Socialism, I do not think Dr. Mathis would be correct in stating that National Socialism is 'not German'. None of the jews who presently collect tribute from Germany would agree with Dr. Mathis, nor would the state of Israel. Since very few Germans were even alive during the 'Nazi' era, from 1933 to 1945, and are not members of the NSDAP, Germans should be absolved of paying 'Holocaust Reparations', if I interpret Dr. Mathis correctly. How can we blame and bilk non-Nazi Germans, if National Socialism is not German? If National Socialism is 'not German', then Judaism is 'not jewish', just as the Christian Identity kooks claim. Dr. Goebbels said, "National Socialism is not for export." This means that one German, at least, thought that NS was German, even if others did not agree with him. It is clear that Rabbi Yosef and Meir Kahane were better representatives of the original Zionists than are most members of the Israeli Knesset. Israel was supposed to be a land of, by and for jews only. The Arabs were to be displaced, rather than retained as 'hewers of wood and drawers of water', layers of brick, etc., for Zionist jews were going to do their own work entirely; be it skilled or unskilled. Instead of creating their own jewish nation-state, the jews recreated a miniature version of South Africa, with the Arabs playing the role of Blacks and the jews playing the role of Whites. The difference is that the Arabs are not niggers and the jews are not Whites, according to "The Genetics of the Jews", by A.E. Mourant et al.

When I received my first U.S. passport in 1960, it had printed on the inside cover various ways in which one could lose his U.S. citizenship: by renouncing it; by obtaining citizenship from another country; by participating in foreign elections; by working for a foreign government; and by firing upon U.S. military forces. All that supposedly changed, thanks to Lee Harvey Oswald, who renounced his U.S. citizenship and obtained Soviet citizenship. Subsequently, he or his employers decided that he would change his mind, and return to the U.S.A. A ruling was made, by some judge or possibly the State Department that one who was born in the U.S.A. could never lose his U.S. citizenship. The wording printed in U.S. passports is that one "may" lose his U.S. citizenship, which means that the U.S. Government can decide which U.S. citizen has lost his citizenship. One can renounce U.S. citizenship, but that does not mean the U.S. Government may not deem him still to be a citizen and subject to U.S. jurisdiction. Israel had the option of disregarding Kahane's renunciation of U.S. citizenship. As I understand, not only was he kicked out of the Knesset, but his political party, Kach, was banned. Obviously, it does not pay to be an honest, outspoken jew, especially in Israel.

In regard to Jack Bernstein, whose picture appeared on the back cover of his book, "An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel", I find it peculiar that Dr. Mathis insists that he never existed. The reason he posits is that Bernstein's publisher and "co-author" was the Posse Comitatus. I read both his books, and saw only his name as author. The title of his second book related his nervous breakdown, his stay in an Israeli mental institution, and his departure from Israel. Unlike The Protocols, Bernstein's two books have the author's name, so by jewish 'logic', the books are not forgeries, but Bernstein does not exist and never existed. Since we are not talking Holohoax in Bernstein's case, it would seem that a death record would exist in New York City, which could be matched with Jack Bernstein to whom I wrote in 1989, if I recall the year correctly. For argument's sake, let's suppose that Jack Bernstein never existed. Someone wrote the books, someone who knew Israel pretty intimately, as did another writer, Hans Kaufmann, who wrote of his similarly unpleasant ordeal in Israel in his book, "Cherem". Herr Kaufmann is also dead, but he answered my letters from his home in Munich, Germany. I therefore suspect that someone named Hans Kaufmann was receiving letters addressed to Hans Kaufmann. What a strange, paranoid world Dr. Mathis lives in: books are written by nonexistent persons; political works are 'forgeries', albeit accurate descriptions of actual and ongoing events. Why not say The Protocols were lies? Obviously, because they are not, whoever wrote them. Why say Jack Bernstein did not exist, when his experiences so closely resemble those of other jews who have suffered in Israel for similar reasons, and have left Israel as a result? Of course, Dr. Mathis would deny that their statements were true; or claim that their books were forgeries; or allege that the writers' names were pseudonyms; or that they were not jews, etc. By the same token, what evidence do we have that "Dr. Mathis" exists? He may be a committee, and not a real person. I have no proof of his existence, anymore than Dr. Mathis has proof of mine. Even if we arranged to meet, neither of us could be sure that the person was really who he purported to be. Pretty spooky, eh, kids? Dr. Mathis says he is a jew. He says my information about jews and Judaism is erroneous. Since I have never seen his versions of 'jewish texts', I cannot say that his alleged sources are any better than mine. Perhaps we are both lying to one another!

re: Paragraph 19: Dr. Mathis offers his alleged version of the Kol Nidre prayer, which is also called The All-Vows Oath, according to my sources. The approximate wording of The Kol Nidre which I recalled, to the best of my ability, was not my own version, but was obtained from jews who changed their religion. The important point which Dr. Mathis makes, and which substantiates my jewish sources, is that one can say this prayer and be absolved of LYING TO GOD. If anyone can be forgiven in advance for lying to his god, the most important person in the universe, then it is logical to apply this same 'anti-oath oath' to people and more especially to Goyim. Righteous jew, Josef Ginsburg, whose father was a rabbi, described how to make a jew tell the truth under oath in his sworn testimony at The Great Holohoax Trials in Toronto, which I attended. I quote from the trial transcript: ... "Burg (penname of Josef Ginsburg) testified that he would like to see a jew who had given such statements during a trial. He said such a jew should be forced to take an oath under the rabbi rites (sic) with the skull cap, without pictures of Christ, with the Hebrew Bible, in the presence of a rabbi or a pious religious jew. Then he should swear an oath that he had seen something like that. Then these false statements, these sick statements, would go down by 99.5% because the superficial oath was not morally binding for these jews." According to Herr Ginsburg, the Kol Nidre 'justifies' lying; under oaths, such as, "I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God." It also absolves one from telling the truth when one affirms to tell the truth. When you can lie to God, you can lie to all and sundry. I don't think I would forget a promise I'd made to God, but perhaps jews have short memories, or maybe they make too many promises. As far as the prayer, "Al Cheyt", relates to forgiveness for lying to people, it is important to remember that jews generally do not consider Gentiles to be people, that is, human beings. Dr. Mathis may be an exception, or he may be lying to us.

Ditlieb Felderer may change his religion, but, like Cardinal Lustiger, he remains very much a jew. Jews love scatological subjects, and make much ado about bodily functions relating to sex and excretions. Ditlieb's campaign of "Send Your Garbage to Auschwitz" included mailings of rotten fish, etc. When Ditlieb was imprisoned for thought-crime in Sweden, jews sent him all sorts of rotten matter, including human feces. Jew demonstrators in Toronto invaded an opponent's apartment and polluted it with their excretions. When the jews invaded Lebanon, they defecated and urinated on the desks and fixtures of the country's international airport at Beirut. German P.O.W.s of World War II reported their entry at the Port of New York: as they came down the gangplanks, they passed through a gauntlet of kosher cowboys (Hasidic jews) who splashed them with canfuls of turds and urine. Jewish activists routinely mailed their opponents gift-wrapped containers of shit in Toronto. Certainly, Gentiles are capable of such tactics, but the only people I encountered who did so were jewish militants.

Ditlieb's mailings of soap I had not heard of. Although some jew writers avoid the soap-libel, religious jews arranged for solemn funeral ceremonies for bars of soap in Toronto and Buffalo. I have not visited the gravesites myself, but the local newspapers carried articles about the burials. Since Dr. Mathis has a computer and I do not, I would appreciate him emailing The Canadian Jewish News, The Toronto Star or The Buffalo Evening News before he attempts to refute my statements. Oh, yes, I should mention that Ditlieb's jailers were more punished for his presence in prison than Ditlieb was. They had to open all the packages he was sent!

As compared to Dr. Mathis, I am no bigot. I buy books from jewish publishers whenever I need to know what they have to say. A nominal fee will purchase a Nazi apologia. You will note that I read Dr. Mathis' jewish apologias in order to reply to him. Perhaps he would be so unbigoted as to study a real Nazi apologia. He should try it. He might even like it.

Dr. Mathis appears to misconstrue my views about circumcision, and I also include kosher slaughter, which is also done by Moslems. Circumcision is wrong, as well as kosher torture-killing of livestock. It is not wrong because jews and Moslems do it. It is wrong because it is wrong. It is not justified because millions of people approve of it, either. Something can be wrong, regardless of who does it and how many do it. Once again, we see the difference of jewish minds and Aryan minds. I always attempt to be consistent and logical, in order to cast light upon a subject, whereas, Dr. Mathis cannot seem to avoid casting red herrings. Is it a matter of volition or compulsion. Either way, the result is obfuscation, which produces confusion in the minds of the readers. Well, 'if you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em'. Am I right, Dr. Mathis?

As I understand from my sources, the infliction of pain in circumcision and kosher-slaughter is a mitzvah or divine commandment. The witnesses who describe ritual circumcision maintain that masturbation is performed, for the resultant erection makes the perverted act easier for the mohel. Masturbation is hardly on par with vampire fellatio, which follows the torture and mutilation of the defenseless infant. Another red herring, Dr. Mathis.

One may well ask how I can believe what I believe and carry on as I do. I can explain myself thusly: (1) I have no personal nor material hostages. (2) I accept danger as the normal course of living. (3) I love my race, whether they know it or not. (4) I believe that Truth, Freedom and Justice are worth living for, and if necessary, dying for.