03 October 2000

RE: (1) I'm glad to know that our criterion remains the same for people's 'jewishness', whether they agree with us or not.

RE: (2) Dr. Mathis may choose to euphemize stupidity, but I do not.

RE: (3) The question as to Dr. Shahak's interpretations of Judaism is a matter of opinion. As we know, it is possible for him to 'lie' about one thing, and to be truthful about other things. The same would apply to Dr. Shahak's detractors. I did not read his book, but I listened to his Toronto lectures which seemed largely truthful in their content. Zionists were in the audience, so they could have disagreed with him during question period, but I did not take note of any criticism of his content. Had there been arguments, rather than questions, I would have taken note of them. Dr. Shahak mentioned the racism of the Ashkenazim against the Sephardim, Falashim et al. This has surfaced once again on "National Public Radio" recently in regard to the arrest of a Sephardic leader, amid cries of "racism". Dr. Shahak's other point was the threat to peace posed by the fanatical Zionist settlers. Reports in the major jewsmedia appear to substantiate Dr. Shahak's statements.

RE: (4) Dr. Mathis appears unaware of the existence of books on the writings of "Karl Marx". These books have appendices which can help one locate the pages on which "Marx" attacks his fellow jew, Lassalle. Sometimes I am baffled by Dr. Mathis, purported lack of access to jewish source materials, including The Babylonian Talmud. Under separate cover, I have sent a few alleged quotations of that 'sacred', text, which cite chapter and verse. I hope Dr. Mathis can quickly locate them in his own Talmud and let us know if these quotes are true, false or exaggerations. I thank our reader for sending them to me.

RE: (5) We agree on "Lenin" in regard to his jewish admixture.

RE: (6) Some of Hitler's opponents claimed the "Schickelgruber" connection 'proved' Hitler's jewish ancestry. Allied propagandists made much of the 'jewish' angle. I first heard of this issue by talking with Allied veterans of World War II and members of the NSDAP, who claimed that the Strasser brothers helped spread the story. Dr. Mathis illustrates the very illogical nature of likes and dislikes on the part of Hitler's enemies. This was the very argument used against Zündel by the kangaroo court in Toronto: "Those who deny the Holohoax are Hitler-lovers." Jewish enemies of Hitler, like Josef Ginsburg, absolutely deny the existence of any German program for killing inmates in the Polish camps, allegedly built for that purpose. Mr. Ginsburg was on the Soviet inspection team which visited all the camps immediately after the Germans' retreat from that area. They interviewed inmates who remained behind and inspected every part of the camps in question. Josef Ginsburg's sworn testimony is in the court transcripts, portions of which I have in my own archives. Both Holohoax Trials are matters of public record and are available in Toronto court records, if anyone wants to confirm their contents. Nazis remain Nazis, whether or not they believe in the Six Million Swindle, and jews remain jews, whether they like Hitler or not. What the CANZOG court succeeded in 'proving' to the juries was the absurd notion that the very questioning of any aspect of the Holohoax equals 'anti-Semitism'. When might makes right, logic and truth seem easy victims. I am fully aware of logical fallacies. For that reason, I can spot them quite easily in many of Dr. Mathis' arguments. I am sorry that my little joke was misunderstood by Dr. Mathis.

RE: (7) The translation of Stalin's surname, Djugashvili, into English as "Jewson" should not be that difficult to ascertain. Georgians are Khazars and Khazars are deemed jews by Israel's Rabbinate. This is confirmed by The Encyclopedia Judaica. Just look up "Chazar" or "Khazar". In Russia, "jew" is a nationality, not a religion, just as in Israel, which has mostly "secular jews" in its population. I take this to mean that jews can remain jews without believing in, nor practicing any particular brand of Judaism. That's why a person can be "half-jewish", etc. While we are at it, look up Bulan, the Khazar king who had his people convert to Judaism around 700 C.E. I appreciate Dr. Mathis' information that the "Wolf of the Kremlin" was "Stalin's" brother-in-law, rather than his father-in-law, as I thought I had read many years ago. Regardless of "Stalin's" alleged hatred of the jews, he certainly kept his kosher connections, just as Hitler maintained his contacts with the Zionist founders of Israel. See "The Transfer Agreement" by Black.

Why is Kaganovich "a very jewish name"? It is actually a title of the Khazars. The Kagan was their equivalent of King, whose prime minister was called Kagan-bek. When Kagan Bulan adopted Judaism for his people, the Khazars, that name and all other Khazar names became 'jewish'. Dr. Mathis is right in this regard. I just wonder if he knows why he is right.

RE: (8) Dr. Mathis walked into a bog when he tried to deny "Molotov", "Hammer", Skryabin's jewishness. When a jew accuses another of failing in logic, it usually means the jew is using illogical arguments. He claims to know that Molotov-Skryabin "never" went by the German version of Molotov (Hammer). Let's go back to jew name-changers in history. Why would "Molotov" adopt a Russian pseudonym? It would be to conceal his real name and his non-Russian identity like "Lenin" and "Stalin", which were actually nicknames or noms de guerre, unlike "Trotsky", which was a family name, in this case Bronstein's jailer. Trotsky is Polish, not Russian, Dr. Mathis, and part of Poland was within Russian imperial territory, prior to World War I. I refer Dr. Mathis, once again, to "The Book of Jewish Lists", The Encyclopedia Judaica and any biography on "Molotov" which states his place of birth. I am also a very busy man who lives on an Indian reservation, surrounded by Mexicans. Dr. Mathis has a computer, allegedly teaches at a university, and must have access to the sources I mention. If Skryabin is NOT a jewish surname, then neither is Marx. As I pointed out previously, jews can choose any name to hide their identities, but when a Gentile name becomes 'too' popular with the hebes, even the Goyim think of it as jewish.

RE: (9) Once again, Dr. Mathis brings us back to Square One. I mentioned my sources for proof that Soviet leadership was primarily a bunch of jew name-changers. These sources are (1) mainstream jewish publications, including The Canadian Jewish News, B'nai B'rith Messenger, The Morning Freiheit et al. (2) Major jewish biographical works on members of the Soviet leadership, disclosing their real names and origins, including jewish encyclopedias, the biography of "Stalin" written by "Trotsky" et al. (3) The reports of Allied investigatory commissions, which may still be on file in The Library of Congress. Your sources are only a mouse-click away, Dr. Mathis. Mine are in Toronto and Seattle, except for my small stock of personal archives. It would be so very easy to find my references. I suggest looking up "Stalin" on the computer in an online reference library. In this regard, I watched a TV documentary on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's network about "Stalin". One jew interviewed in his Moscow apartment said, and I quote, "Stalin war sehr gut für die Juden." Obviously, that jew had done very well for himself, but Dr. Mathis would object that (1) the interviewee was 'not jewish', according to Dr. Mathis' personal definitions; (2) that the interviewee, who spoke German/Yiddish was lying; (3) that he was a 'token' Talmudist used by the Soviet regime to hide their 'anti-jewish' policies; (4) that the interview was not conducted in Moscow, since no other proof was given than the words of the narrator; (5) that the whole program was the work of 'space aliens', ad infinitum. Sherlock Holmes solved one case when he learned of the dog that did not bark in the night. Here it is: Ever since the founding of the Red Regime in 1917, to the present, American jewry has waged no propaganda campaign against 'their Soviet baby' as they did against Germany, and as they still do. On the contrary: American jewry has funded, fed and protected their yid regime in Red Russia, without let up, 'even' under the supposedly anti-jew regime of "Stalin". Messrs. Freyberg of Continental Grain and the "U.S. Government" make sure the kosher commies and their kosher capitalist successors receive abundant, below-market price grain. The jew-banksters make sure their criminal congeners in Russia receive vast credit from the IMF et al., for "the Goyim will pay". If the Soviet Union were so anti-jewish', one would expect a major change in jewish attitudes and behavior. If, as Dr. Mathis suggests, jewish visitors to the USSR, like the influential and well-connected Rabbi Wise were taken in by sly Russian peasants who fooled their worldly-wise jewish visitors with a "Potemkin Village" stunt, that would be hard for a Goy like me to believe.

If I were to claim that 'the sun rises in the east', Dr. Mathis would ask me to cite my sources, rather than get up in the morning to observe for himself. If I were as ignorant of Russian jewry as Dr. Mathis claims to be, I would attempt to gain knowledge by (1) Visiting Russia and/or (2) By interviewing jews who have been there. I would hope that Dr. Mathis knows some jews who could supply him with such information, that is, if Dr. Mathis deems them to be jews!

RE: (10) Dr. Mathis claims a different meaning for the word, "rabbi", than what we are generally told. Perhaps the Goyim might be frightened if they knew the 'real' meaning of rabbi.

RE: (11) Dr. Mathis offers examples of anti-Zionist jewish sects, of which I am aware. I think he would agree that they are small minorities, as compared to the great numbers of people who call themselves jews, and who are Zionists. When rabbis (masters) like Ovadia Yosef speak out in favor of Zionism's brand of anti-Semitism, Dr. Mathis claims that they do not represent most jews' views. Unfortunately, there are in Israel enough self-styled jews who do support such views. These jews have already killed one Israeli prime minister who was not to their liking, so they are a force to be reckoned with. Rabbi Yosef is leader of "Israel's third biggest political party", according to Jack Katzenell's Associated Press article which was published in USA TODAY on August 7, 2000. Dr. Mathis appears to believe that jews who do not practice his version of Judaism are 'fake' jews. I can assure him that 'secular' Zionist jews do think of themselves as jews, and that religious Zionist jews do likewise. It appears that Dr. Mathis and his fellow anti-Zionist jews are 'odd jews out'. It is interesting to note that those with whom Dr. Mathis disagrees are 'ignorant' of their own religion, including Rabbis Wise and Yosef. I imagine they would accuse him of similar 'ignorance'. Dr. Mathis claims that a rabbi or "master" is respected, rather than educated. Thus, we could expect to find ignorant rabbis or masters who are chosen as leaders and heads of jewish communities. This would indicate that the jews who acknowledge ignorant rabbis as their 'masters' are also ignorant. What an indictment of the jewish people!

A brief review is in order: People who think of themselves as jewish, and who are deemed jews by major organizations who deem themselves to be jews are 'not' jews unless Dr. Mathis certifies them as 'kosher'! As an Aryan, I consider anyone who claims to be jewish as a jew, just as I would consider anyone who claims to be a criminal a potential perpetrator of crimes.

Jews are popularly called "the people of the book", yet, Dr. Mathis touts "The Oral Law", which I understand is based on written law derived from previous rabbinical discussions of The Torah, as recorded in the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds. If I am wrong, it would appear that Judaism is being directed by an ongoing oral tradition, as a kind of democratic theocracy, within each sect. No wonder jews cannot get along amongst themselves. In regard to Gentiles, the only jewish arguments involve how best to fleece us, enslave us and slaughter us.

RE: (12) I offer Dr. Mathis the title of a book, its author and New York publisher, as well as a brief review of its content, and by whom the book was praised, as listed on its back cover, after which, Dr. Mathis claims that he has 'only my word to work with'. Poor Dr. Mathis! He appears to lack any sort of library reference capabilities, and his computer cannot be used in research. Such a deal! Yet, he can supply me with voluminous references to books I have not heard of, and which are not (yet?) available in my local public library. On which forsaken patch of the Australian Outback does Dr. Mathis live, when it appears to suit him? I wonder.

RE: (13) I appreciate Dr. Mathis' making available to me material relating to the "Max Taubner Verdict", which I believe was included with mostly fictitious atrocity accusations in the NMT and IMT trial transcripts, as edited by the jew, Fried, who testified to that effect at the preliminary hearings of The Great Holohoax Trials in Toronto. This verdict was allegedly rendered by an SS court, which supposedly objected to Taubner's shooting jews without orders. As I recall, similar reports of SS trials exist in the same transcripts, as used in evidence by the Allied prosecutors. The SS judge Morgen investigated rumors of "gas chambers" and discovered SS personnel who were stealing inmates' Red Cross parcels. These SS personnel were hanged in front of the inmates. It is notable that Himmler would send an SS judge to investigate the alleged 'extermination program', if Himmler had ordered it and wished to keep it secret! Certainly, jews got shot, especially if they were suspected of partisan warfare or espionage. All sides in World War II had the option of rounding up and shooting hostages. Eisenhower gave notice to the Germans that for every Allied soldier killed or wounded by Werewolves or German irregulars in Allied-occupied territory, 200 Germans would be killed in retaliation. That notice appeared to stop such actions, forthwith. of course, "The Taubner Verdict" could be a forgery or a hoax, like the "human soap" or "soup" fable which is also in the "War Crimes Trial" transcripts.

I am aware that Yehuda Bauer denies the 'soap' legend. Nevertheless, bars of soap remain buried in jewish cemeteries to this day. Whenever some tale of the Holohoax is revealed as false, the rejoinder is, "So what? The Nazis did much worse things!" Yes, some jews were sent to camps, but those who were not in war zones and who were well-behaved remained where they had been, even in Nazi Germany. At least, that's what people who purported to be jews have told me, as well as others who purported to be Germans.

Since Hitler gave no extermination order against camp inmates, it was David Irving's assumption that Himmler carried out his 'mass-extermination program' in the six Polish camps 'secretly'. I have no more reason to believe that assumption of Irving's any more than you do. Imagine 'secretly' killing off over "11 million" people and making their bodies vanish, as alleged by official Holohoax 'hysterians', all in 4 years! Hilberg claimed that Hitler ordered killings to begin in the 6 Polish camps in the spring or summer of 1941. (page 177) On page 631 Hilberg claims that Himmler ordered the shutdown of Auschwitz, "the last killing center in operation", on "November 25, 1944." But no such orders were given.

RE: (14) Hilberg is not a reputable historian. He testified under oath that he "was not a historian", nor was he a "statistician", nor was he an "expert on forensic science". Hilberg styled himself as "an empiricist", one definition of which means "charlatan". As a person, Hilberg is practically a caricature of a fly-by-night used car salesman. In his first edition, which I have in front of me, he states positively (page 177) that Hitler gave TWO extermination orders. Both vanished from his subsequent edition. Had he been properly cross-examined, other portions of his absurd opus would have been omitted as well. Eichmann worked with Joel Brandt to smuggle jews into British-occupied Palestine. The Zionists murdered Brandt first, to cover up their collaboration with the Nazis on this and other projects. Eichmann seemed not to know that he was in danger for what he knew, not for what he had done. Once in Khazar custody in Israel, Eichmann could have been worked over in the same ways the Soviets and Allies worked on their show-trial victims. Josef Ginsburg pointed out that Eichmann was kept in a glass booth, not for his protection, but to keep him from hearing the actual court proceedings. When the court asked him: "Did you help exterminate 6 million jews?" the voice in Eichmann's earphones said, "Is your name Adolf Eichmann?" etc. Naturally, Eichmann would say, "Yes." and his answer would be heard by the court. As we know, written 'confessions' can be false, especially if made under duress. That's how the jews in British uniforms got Auschwitz commander Hoess to admit to fantastic figures, fantastic methods and even a fantastic 'death camp' named "Wolzek". His 'confession' was not only in pencil, but in English, which he did not speak. I have seen photos of Hoess' jew torturers 'interrogating' a terrified Hoess in a book. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the title. Maybe someone can help us inform our readers, since I am presently unable to. The absurd "4 million" Auschwitz-Birkenau death figure emanated from the 'Hoess confession', which was worthy of the jew Torquemada's Inquisition. The fact that anyone would claim 'oral' or 'verbal' orders for the movement and murder of millions proves the Holohoax to be just that. In the real world, as I have seen in the military and in railway operations, written orders must exist before verbal orders are given. In wartime this is also the case. Every man, weapon, transport vehicle, etc. is earmarked for certain duties at specific times and places. Those orders still exist, in particular for train movements and consists. The Germans are especially aware of the unsuitability of 'verbal orders', for they have an amusing little play called "The Captain from Koepenick", who dresses up as an officer, commandeers a squad of soldiers and steals the city treasury. German veterans of World War II assure me that the German penchant for written orders was quite thorough, as well as their records keeping. On the one hand, the jews claim that "the Germans wrote down everything", then they say that really big things, like the Holohoax, were carried out without a single shred of paper. Jews can have it both ways, when we let them. In the 1980s, The Canadian Jewish News reported over 5 million "Holocaust survivors" collected 'reparations' from the Zionist Occupation Government of Germany. Funny how a jewish extermination produces millions of jewish 'survivors', but the jewish extermination of the Poles at Katyn produced only Polish corpses, around ten thousand, as I recall. Jews 'survive' extermination, but Goyim don't.

RE: (15) Dr. Mathis did not read my reply on the subject of "Stalin's" invasion plans for Eastern, Central and Western Europe. Once again, I refer readers to "The Ice-Breaker" by an ex-Soviet GRU (military intelligence) officer who writes under the name of Suvorov. I first learned of this scheme to outdo "Trotsky" from actual German high altitude aerial reconnaissance pilots who described the immense rail movements of weapons west and factory equipment east, just prior to Germany's preemptive strike against the Red regime. No need to play 'what if' with history. There it is from Soviet archives, as presented by Suvorov. Roosevelt was anxious to get the U.S. into the war to protect the USSR, as he said to Churchill in German-intercepts of their telephone conversations which appear in "Gestapo Chief" by Douglas. Roosevelt was worried much more for the safety of the Soviet Union, than he did about the safety of the U.S.A., it appears. That report substantiates FDR's obscenely orgiastic response to the news that Jap bombs had fallen on Pearl Harbor, as written by FDR's official biographer, Sherwood Anderson, if I recall correctly. To turn the talmudic tables on Dr. Mathis, I would like him to offer his source for his absurd statement: "U.S. involvement in the war was less a matter of getting rid of Hitler than containing Stalin." Dr. Mathis denies that statement himself when he states, correctly, that "the U.S. did not enter the war as a direct combatant until Hitler invaded the Soviet Union." Roosevelt thought the Japanese would attack the Soviet Union first, so he worked hard to antagonize the Japanese, to draw them off from FDR's beloved Red empire. Until 1941, the Japanese were the bogeymen of Soviet propaganda. I have seen excellent examples of that in the Communist bookstores in Mexico. Arthur Koestler refers to Soviet anti-Jap propaganda in his portion of "The God that Failed". ABC-TV carried a documentary on FDR's Joint Chiefs of Staff directive to attack Japan with "Flying Tiger" aircraft based in China. Chenault, who commanded this illegal force, declined the mission in view of the Japanese Zeros' capabilities, which would bring down the U.S. bombers of the period like slow-flying turkeys. The China-based U.S. attack upon Japan was unnecessary, since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor a short time later. That gave FDR the opportunity to declare war on Germany, his lie being that the Japanese were 'allied' with Germany. The Japanese were not members of the Axis Pact, but of The Anti-Comintern Pact, which was abrogated by the Hitler-Stalin Pact. The Japanese gave up on their plans to attack the Soviet Union when FDR imposed his oil embargo. The Japanese fleet had converted to oil, and they had about two weeks to decide what they would do, before they ran out of fuel. The Japanese plan was to knock out the U.S. fleet, while seizing the Dutch East Indies' oilfields. And after that, who knows? Non-jews sanely reasoned that Hitler and Stalin would wear themselves out and neutralize each other, If we just left both of them alone. This makes Dr. Mathis' statement totally absurd, for how would the U.S. 'contain' the Soviet Union by aiding it against Germany? Wrong again, Dr. Mathis: the Soviet Jewnion was Judeo-America's baby, even during the Orwellian hoax known as "The Cold War." If U.S. policy was as Dr. Mathis describes, then FDR knew nothing about it, for he demanded "unconditional surrender" of Germany and Japan, the only effective powers for containing the Soviets' expansion. There are such things as facts and logic, Dr. Mathis, and some of us Goyim can put two and two together. Have you ever heard of Yalta, Dr. Mathis? Hitler's "monumental error" saved one third of Europe from mass-rapes and massacres at the hands of "our gallant Soviet Allies." When I was first in Western Europe in the mid-1960s, I passed through France. I spoke no French. In Paris, no one was willing to speak English, nor Spanish. I had seen many of the jews' anti-German films of World War II, but I was desperate to catch my train at the Gare du Nord. "They'll kill me," I thought, but I took a deep breath and asked the ticket clerk, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" He replied in excellent German. Perhaps I was the only American tourist who had bought a train ticket and checked his baggage by speaking German in Paris! After reading Max Hasting's book on "Operation Overlord", I discovered why the French had such a profound dislike for the English and the Americans: British and American bombers killed more French civilians than the Germans ever had. Black American troops of The Red Ball Express raped and looted in France, whereas the Germans were 'correct' and respected. The White troops we sent were not much better, for they treated what was suddenly their ally as if France were their conquered territory. It is no surprise that the last defenders of Berlin were French: the Charlemagne Division of the Waffen SS, who also reported that the Berlin jews helped them dig anti-tank ditches. The 1944 Berlin telephone directory listed around a dozen jewish organizations, as I recall I had a chance to peruse an original when I was in Toronto. Would that be another forgery, Dr. Mathis?

RE: (16) Dr. Mathis has it half right: under Communism, only the jews had private property. This is a mitzvah, according to passages of The Babylonian Talmud, in which it is stated that the property of a Goy is available to the first jew who finds it. There is, according to my jewish sources, a religious practice in regard to 'ownership'. Since Goyim are deemed 'animals', it is absurd for them to own property. For this reason, every piece of real estate must have a jew owner. If a wandering jew fancies a piece of investment property in an area, he must go to the synagogue and inquire as to which jew 'owns' the property. I found it intriguing that jews would have their own 'shadow' deeds registry, unbeknownst to the Gentiles whose registered title purports that they are the owners.

The wandering jew can haggle with and buy out the jew 'owner's' option on the Goy's property. Once the property is 'his', according to jewish practice, he can then go after the Goy to obtain the official title by hook or crook, as the case may be. The logic is that a dog may think it owns its doghouse, but the master (rabbi?) knows otherwise.

I do not have a copy of The Canadian Jewish News in which the Soviet ad appears. I believe that one can access their website and quickly determine the truth of my statement. Dr. Mathis displays a peculiarly selective form of computer-illiteracy, or is it 'mouse paralysis'?

RE: (17) Dr. Mathis has cleared up the misunderstanding on this point: fascism belongs to anyone who adopts it.

RE:(18) Not only do wealthy people score higher on SAT, they also have more money! Only the less intelligent pay inheritance taxes. The more intelligent keep their loot in "foundations" and "trusts" which are tax-exempt. Inheritance means they can live off the interest or portions thereof. Various studies of wealth have been made and published in the main-stream media to the effect that great wealth sticks to the hands of certain families, and that these families not only keep it, they pass it on to succeeding generations of their family members. When we live in a money economy, it would appear that those with the most money are either very lucky or that they are smart enough to use the rules of the system to their own advantage. The smartest ones put them in position to make the rules, like the jew banksters of the so-called Federal Reserve. The question is, are jews smarter or are Gentiles dumber? It's not smart at all to hand over one's economy to jew moneylenders for 'safekeeping'. The Goyim have a lot to answer for.

RE: (19) Dr. Mathis tries to make an issue out of the distinction between neurosis and psychosis. This is another one of his red herrings. Does it really matter if a person commits injuries to himself and to others because he is neurotic or psychotic? If I recall correctly, it was Dr. Mathis who insisted that intelligence and insanity were "arbitrary". I replied that these characteristics were defined in terms of cultural values and that they were no more arbitrary than the culture which defined them in terms of social functions and dysfunctions, just as certain behavior is defined as criminal. Dr. Mathis may wish to point out that I have made no distinction between felonies and misdemeanors, either, as a way of attempting to distract us from the topic, which he raised in the first place. Nice try, but no cigar, Dr. Mathis.

RE: (20) As I say, the English have not thrived by letting in the jews. I wonder if David Irving would agree with my statement. But, then, he may not be English enough to suit Dr. Mathis. Perhaps he is an impostor, an actor paid by the Nazis to play the role of a fictitious character called "David Irving", who writes 'forgeries'. Life is full of such nasty possibilities when one is jewish.

RE: (21) According to official Auschwitz-Birkenau "Holocaust" Museum blueprints, the "Kremas" or crematories consisted of "Leichenkeller" (literally, "corpse-cellar") and furnace room. There was no airtight door between either room in any of the Kremas, which the museum claims were "just as they had been", except for certain subtractions and additions made after the war, on behalf of "symbolic truth", i.e. lies on the part of the kosher communist regime in Poland.

RE: (21 AGAIN) I need not rectify the official figure of 6 million, upon which basis the Germans pay 'reparations' to Israel et al. That was the figure Nahum Goldman used for this jewish extortion racket. The question is, how does Hilberg rectify his figure of "5.1 million" with the official figure of 6 million? It appears that Dr. Mathis has put words into Hilberg's text by stating in italics that Hilberg "never accepted the 4 million figure", in regard to deaths at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Allied governments had no problem accepting the 4 million figure for those camps, until recently. Now the official tablets are blank at the Holohoax Museum, and the figure is down to 74,000, which is horrendous, since the deaths were unintentional, and also included members of the camps' German administration. Since most of the inmates were not jews, most of those dead were not jews, either. Neither Auschwitz agronomist Thies Christophersen, nor a German judge who was stationed there as an anti-aircraft officer saw any evidence of any 'mass-extermination program' after they travelled throughout the camp to investigate such rumors for themselves. Himmler sent SS judge Morgen to investigate the Allied propaganda leaflets alleging the existence of "gas chambers" in the Polish camps and published a notice in the Stockholm newspapers on his 'non-findings' in 1943, the year in which the British concocted the 'gas-libel' calumny. I have photocopies of British Foreign Office internal memos in which the 'gas chamber' hoax was first concocted, then dropped on the insistence of Sir Cavendish-Bentinck, head of British Intelligence, who wrote that an official declaration of gas chamber fables would make them a laughing-stock, and likely cause people to dismiss truthful accusations as 'more World War I-style atrocity propaganda.' I have two draft copies with handwritten amendments for preparation of the official statement of "His Majesty's Government" in The Times of London, along with a photocopy of the actual newspaper item. These documents were photocopied from recently-released archives at The Imperial War Museum. Perhaps they have a computer and could assist Dr. Mathis. I could send him photocopies, but it would be easy for him to accuse me of using 'forgeries'. The Foreign Office memos are dated around mid-August, 1943.

RE: (22) It appears that Dr. Mathis is confused. Perhaps I was not exact in my wording. Let's try again: (1) The 74,000 figure is purportedly in the Auschwitz death registers which the Soviet Union seized when they invaded Poland. The Soviet government handed the registers over to the Red Cross. (2) The Red Cross did not compile these figures. They were allegedly compiled by the German camp administration.

If the Germans intended on killing so many people and disposing of their bodies by the methods alleged, they would have had to know the number of their victims in advance. So much Zyklon B would be required, and this fumigation medium was scarce. So much coal would have to be obtained for the cremations and so much rail transport. So many guards would be required for loading and unloading the trains. So many hours would be required for the whole process to be completed. There were good reasons why the exact number would be required, as anyone living in the real world would soon find out.

As for the amazing multiplication of the cremation facilities, unless many more have been constructed since 1944, the lack of such facilities would definitely preclude the cremation of the numbers alleged. I would like Dr. Mathis to cite his sources for the number of crematories and muffles, which far exceed those mentioned in official Auschwitz Museum exhibits. Jew liars claim that "burning pits" were used to dispose of the excess bodies which the inadequate crematory facilities could not cope with. I refer Dr. Mathis et al to Vrba's Holohoax Trial testimony in which he perjures himself to the effect that bodies were burned in pits nine meters deep. When it was put to him that the water table in the Auschwitz region was barely four feet below the surface, Vrba said under oath that the burning pits were not flooded because the ground was frozen in winter. When Vrba's testimony was mentioned to him about the intense heat he alleged that came from the burning pits, he was asked if they would not have melted the ice and flooded the pits. Vrba said, under oath, that "the Nazis had ameliorated the water table". King Canute could have turned back the tide, had he been a Nazi! Most jew Holohoaxers claim that "burning pits" were used because of the lack of crematories. Rudolf Vrba is important as one of the witnesses used to concoct the "War Refugee Board Report", which was FDR's version of the earlier British statement, but included the gas-libel. Cremated remains are pretty hefty. Bone mills are required to crush the heavy leg bones. There would have been lots of "ash" as evidence of such a major cremation exercise. Perhaps the Germans shot it out of the earth's atmosphere with their V-2 rockets. Maybe they put it on special trains and had the mountains of ash dumped in the sea. The Holohoax is strictly Rube Goldberg stuff, a sado-masochistic version of Baron von Munchhausen. Auschwitz took time to build, so it could not have been in operation for "four years". Remember, the Germans occupied Poland in 1940, once the organized Polish military forces surrendered in October of 1939. The German book, "Deutscher Feldzug im Osten" ("German Invasion in the East") shows the bad state of Polish railways, which were antiquated and dilapidated, minus war damage, and the nonexistent or unpaved roads. In order to construct Auschwitz III (Monowitz), Poland's major chemical plant, the Germans had to build infrastructure, including modernization of Auschwitz I and construction of the worker-transit camp of Auschwitz II (Birkenau). In addition to these efforts, the Germans were preparing to invade the Soviet Union in 1941. When the Polish camps were abandoned by the retreating Germans and jewish inmates who chose to accompany them, Auschwitz II was still under construction. If one can believe that Auschwitz I, II and III was "in operation" for four years, then one can also believe that the Nazis could command the groundwater not to enter the "burning pits". Jews use numbers the way Aryans use a drum roll in a circus to draw attention to a performer. I invite Dr. Mathis to comment on the "400 million" or "4 billion" jews allegedly killed by the Romans in the siege of Bar Koziba or Bar Kochba, as reported in The Talmud. If Dr. cannot locate that Big Lie in his Talmud, perhaps a rabbi could assist him. If I knew a rabbi, as Dr. Mathis must, I would certainly ask him.

RE: (23) The Wannsee Protokol must have counted the jews in all the French colonies in addition to North Africa. They might just as well have counted the jews in New York City. I wonder if Dr. Mathis has actually read that source, or if he has read someone's opinion about it. Jews can move around. For example, many of the jews in Poland fled into Soviet territory, ahead of the Germans. Many Soviet jews were evacuated in trains bringing military supplies for "Stalin's" intended invasion of Europe, as they returned to the east. Hilberg states that the jews of Kiev were "exterminated" by the Germans, after which,they "returned" to find a housing shortage due to war damage. In his trial testimony, Hilberg listed the means by which jews are "exterminated": (1) By identifying them as jews; (2) By refusing to consider them as jews; (3) By moving them; (4) By making them stay put; (5) By concentrating them, and (6) By dispersing them. According to these criteria, Hilberg had been "exterminated" at least three times. Hilberg declared that the "Holocaust" was accomplished with "no orders" (contradicting page 177 of his own book), "no budget" and was "a fantastic meeting of minds of a far-flung bureaucracy!" The "fantastic" part was certainly truthful.

Dr. Mathis states "no one has ever claimed that six million jews were gassed." Well, that is certainly what the official Holohoaxers do claim. To make such a statement is a sign that Dr. Mathis has not read Allied and Zionist propaganda, as I have. I wonder why so many people believe this falsehood and where they picked it up. Dr. Mathis needs to explain the source of his 'revisionist' statement. Of course, the six million figure is ludicrous, so the jew-liars change their story: no, six million were "not all gassed"; they were individually suffocated in mop closets and crowded telephone booths, when they were hiding from the "gas vans".

RE: (24) I want to state for the record that I am not calling Dr. Mathis a liar. I used to believe the same Holohoax rubbish as he does. I did not concoct the lie, but I purveyed it. Dr. Mathis is a victim of the Big Lie, just as I was. If Dr. Mathis would do his own homework, as I did, he would be able to disprove the Holohoax for himself. The real liars did not do theirs, which is pretty obvious. How did the liars err? (1) They claimed that all the victims were put on trains to specific locations. Only a limited number of trains ran to those locations. The railway records still exist. The length of trains was limited by length of sidings, strength of couplings and weights of locomotives. The carrying capacity of the railroad cars was limited. Jewish claims of "200 jews in a boxcar" would be impossible in Europe in which the standard two-axle boxcar was 8 feet by 20 feet, outside dimensions. (2) The liars chose one lethal gas which leaves a permanent record, according to the proportion of its use. Had they been better informed, they could have alleged that the Germans used a gas which left no trace. Although they did allege the existence of chambers using carbon monoxide, steam, electricity and vacuum, they fixated on Zyklon B since it sounds so German. The liars allege that "diesel engines" were used to produce carbon monoxide, because "diesel" is also German. An ordinary wood stove can produce much more CO cheaper and more efficiently than a diesel engine which was precious in wartime. (3) The liars claim that "11 million" victims were sent by rail to one of the six Polish camps (that is 5 million Gentiles and 6 million jews, along with 5+ million 'survivors'). (4) The liars insist on crematory ovens and burning pits as the means used to dispose of the millions of bodies. No crematory can handle more than a limited number of bodies. It takes the most modern crematory at least 1-2 hours to cremate one body. The process fails when two or more bodies occupy the same muffle, as liars have alleged. Cremation leaves solid evidence of how many bodies have been cremated. Burning in the open leaves even more evidence. Burning in pits would mean burning bodies under water in the swampy Auschwitz area. Burning bodies in deep pits in dry ground would require some extraneous source of oxygen. That is why real bodies are burned on pyres, above ground. Burning millions of bodies requires lots of coal or wood. Gasoline was not only precious and scarce, but it lacks the calories sufficient to destroy human remains, unless one has lots of gasoline and lots of time. I recommend any forensic reference book to Dr. Mathis so he can discover some of these realities. Lots of coal and wood require lots of precious wartime transport. Lots of coal and wood were too precious in wartime to be used in burning millions of bodies. Neither the bodies nor the fuel to burn them were ever in evidence, as Allied aerial recon photos clearly show. To believe the Holohoax is an insult to one's own intelligence. That is why the liars keep changing their numbers, their venues and the methods allegedly used. That should be no surprise to anyone.

The very fact that the Holohoax is such a source of power and profit for the Zionists means that it must be protected by force. Everyone should know that the statements I have made in this debate are sufficient for me to be tried for thought-crime in most European countries, as well as Canada and Australia. Other writers have wondered why a historical controversy should be matters for courts to decide, like a replay of The Monkey Trial. Jew-supremacist courts have actually proclaimed that "truth is no defense" in their Holohoax rulings.

I have quoted Hilberg's sworn statements in regard to his declarations of non-expertise in relevant fields of research, such as history and statistics. I did not accuse Hilberg of disregarding evidence which tended to disprove his theory. That is exactly what Hilberg told the court in regard to his research methods. If you want to check Hilberg's trial statements, which I made notes of, the transcripts of his testimony are available to members of the public. No court will attack Hilberg, as it did David Irving, because Hilberg is a jew and a proponent of the Holohoax. One can make up all the Holohoax fables one wants, without being prosecuted, but if one expresses any doubts as to numbers, means, etc. which diminish the Holohoax, then prosecution is automatic in so-called civilized countries, unless one is a jew, of course.

I appreciate Dr. Mathis' award to me of a degree in political science. My field is international relations, however. I am of the firm opinion that politics is an art, not a science.

RE: (25) On page 567 of Hilberg's first edition of "The Destruction of the European Jews", he states, "Hydrogen cyanide or Zyklon B, was a powerful lethal agent – a deadly dose was 1 milligram per kilogram of body weight." This is what he claims is required to kill any human or other mammal. HCN kills by bonding with the iron in the blood. There must be sufficient HCN molecules available for such bonding, hence, a small dose or very brief exposure would not be fatal. If Hilberg's figures are not hebraic hokum, one could reduce the dosage proportionately for rats and mice. Dr. Mathis has twice claimed that 'body lice are less susceptible to HCN than humans.' Other jews have claimed the same, but no proof has been offered by actual experiments on lice which are in the open, rather than infesting clothes and bedding. The minute traces of HCN residue in the Krema walls would indicate that HCN was used to fumigate the premises when the furnaces were shut down, as they must be to replace firebricks. Ivan Lagace, who runs the modern Krema facilities in Calgary, Alberta, testified at the second Holohoax Trial in Toronto. He was intrigued by the impossible cremation figures prattled by the jew-liars. I refer to his trial transcript: (1) Crematories must be allowed to cool between cremations. They cannot be run 24 hours a day. The reason for the cooling period between cremations is simple: attempting to insert another body in the retort or muffle can burn the attendants who operate the Krema, as well as setting the premises on fire. Not allowing for cool-down causes temperatures to rise sufficiently to destroy the firebricks. With damaged firebricks in one retort, all three Birkenau-style retorts would have to be shut down and allowed to cool off. In modern gas- or oil-fired Kremas, the cooling period takes 2 hours between cremations. In the case of the coal-fired Kremas of the World War II period, cooling takes much longer, since a coal fire cannot be shut off, like gas or liquid fuel. (2) In the optimum conditions, one modern retort can process a maximum of 9 (nine) bodies per 24 hour day, assuming coal is not used, which would reduce the above number. It takes a minimum time of 1½ hours to cremate an adult body, under ideal conditions. Each retort can process a maximum of 60 bodies per month. The cremation process cannot be speeded up, for the refractory lining of the retort will need to be replaced even more frequently, which would require more frequent shutdowns. The jew-liars have got themselves in quite a trap, here. No wonder the "4.6 million" figure alleged by Prosecutor Pearson has gone down the Orwellian Memory Hole!

To summarize briefly: the reason for this haggling over how much HCN is needed to kill a human as compared to a louse is due to The Leuchter Report which found that traces of HCN residue were far less in the supposed "gas chambers" than in the actual delousing facilities. That is why the jew-liars claim that it took much less to "gas" humans than lice. The liars admit that Zyklon B was used to kill lice, which is a big step toward the truth, for them, at least. Every German camp had similar bathing, delousing and cremation facilities. It is notable that most of the 666 internment camps in World War II U.S.A. also had crematories. The TIME/LIFE SERIES on "The Home Front" refers.

All German camps used Zyklon B for delousing purposes. There was no major disparity in the quantities of Zyklon B ordered by the 'non-death camps' as opposed to the alleged 'death camps' in Poland. All the camps in Germany and Austria were called 'death camps', by the Allies, complete with a fake gas chamber at Dachau, which was specially built for the jew film director, George Stevens, for the making of the previously mentioned anti-German propaganda film, which I have seen. In 1960, the liars changed the venue of the "Six Million" from Germany and Austria to the six camps in Poland. Hilberg's book appeared that year and the Dachau "gas chamber" remained on exhibit, with a notice that it was "never used". Deaths occurred in all camps, especially at the end of the war, when typhus could no longer be prevented – for lack of Zyklon B! Jews were hard customers, for they disliked bathing and even considered lice to be 'good luck'. One jew inmate of Auschwitz claimed that he carried his 'good luck' louse in a hollowed-out raw potato.

The only lethal gas chambers for humans before, during and after World War II are in the U.S.A. In 1958, the jew, Caryl Chessman, was gassed at San Quentin prison. That is one more jew than was ever gassed in Europe. Dead bodies were often abundant in the camps as German administration and supplies failed toward the end of the war, but not one report has emerged that a single one of those bodies died of gassing. Once again, the color of a body killed by HCN is so red as to be obvious.

RE: (26) Jew 'logic' is so predictable. At first we are told that 'Nazi crematories' could make millions vanish without a trace. Now, we learn, correctly, that they do produce remains. Each body produces about 2 kilograms of ash. Yes, people were cremated because most of them had died of highly-infectious typhus. Unfortunately for the liars, there is not nearly enough ash to go around! The jew-liar Hilberg has changed his calumnies from one edition to the next. So now increasing numbers of jews were 'shot', rather than 'gassed'. The danger of books is that one jew-lie can be compared with another, even if people cannot remember how much things have changed. That's why I retain my first edition of the Hilberg Hoax.

RE: (27) I'm glad that Dr. Mathis agrees about the World Jewish Congress' declaration of war on Germany. Dr. Mathis is entirely ignorant of the violent role played by the jews in pre-NS Germany. He should study the likes of vicious kikes who murdered post World War I Germans in Bavaria, as well as those who attempted to inflict jew-bolshevism upon the rest of Germany. National Socialism is now being analyzed as a German reaction against jewish communism. I believe the German historian, Nolte is attempting to put the Hitler era into better historical perspective, within the strictures of the jew-supremacist regime in Germany. Oy veh! Jews are so terribly 'non-violent', but not according to their own accounts of partisan warfare against the Germans behind the lines. When jews get violent, it's 'righteous', but when Goyim do it to the jews, it's always 'wrong'. Sorry, but I do not buy that argument.

The attempts by the communists to takeover Germany by armed force remained a threat right up to Hitler's election in 1933. The jewish boycott which began that year threatened to cause more violent political upheavals in an already impoverished country. The KPD or German Communist Party was preparing an armed attack upon the German government, to wrest power from Hitler. Sorry that Dr. Mathis deems civil emergencies 'non-emergencies'. I suppose nobody should be ordered to evacuate their homes when they are threatened by fires, hurricanes, floods or poison chemical spills. By Dr. Mathis' criterion drafting soldiers in peacetime would also be unjustified. Where was he when I needed him?

RE: (28) Shirer is a noted jew propagandist, so his reporting may get some dates right, but his assessments of alleged events are usually kosher rather than factual. Shirer was on the scene during the Czech crisis, about which Hitler was anxious. Shirer, whose German was fluent, purposely used a literal translation, referring to 'Hitler's chewing the carpet', which is the English equivalent of 'climbing the walls'. Had a German reporter said in German that FDR 'was climbing the walls' over U.S. involvement in the war, the German reader would have received a similarly grotesque and crazy impression. This trick was on par with the British propagandist who 'looped' the film to make Hitler dance a jig. Hitler was arming Germany to defend the German people, but making armaments usually causes inflation. The Third Reich had very little inflation and the life of German workers had improved enormously. Under NS, German workers with families received cheap housing loans and other subsidies, in addition to their wages. The poorest German worker was much better off than many U.S. workers by 1936, three years after Hitler's election.

RE: (29) I don't think I said that "the Soviet Union was a tool of Zionism". The Soviet Union and its "communist" ideology were tools of the jews, which they discarded in favor of Zionism. From what I see, jews may dump their Zionist state of Israel in favor of inter- national capitalism, using Israel as a convenient branch office, if the rent is not too exorbitant.

The Soviet role in the Six Day War was clearly in favor of Israel. When the Egyptians told their 'Soviet ally' of their intentions to invade Israel, they were advised by the Soviets to "wait a bit." The Egyptians stopped with their forces in the open, where they were destroyed by the Israeli preemptive strikes. This is, incidentally, where Hitler caught the Poles and the Soviets: forward of their defensive positions in preparation for attacking the German forces, but the Germans hit them first.

In the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Sadat's forces were advancing until they ran out of SAM-7 missiles and other munitions. The Egyptians urgently asked the Soviets to send more such ammo. What they got was an 'emergency airlift' of field kitchens and bandages, while the jewish colonial possession called the U.S.A. was sending tanks, planes and artillery to Israel.

The reason Arab states like Egypt no longer purchased U.S. arms was because the U.S. supports Israel. The Soviet Union is always happy to unload its second and third rate military hardware on countries on the outs with Israel and the U.S.A., and to anybody else. According to jewish columnist Eric Margolis, Israel sells our best stuff to China. 'Business is business,' eh?

I wonder how Dr. Mathis can doubt Churchill's statements about jews using communism and Zionism to suit their purposes. When Douglas Reed foretold that the jews would dump Soviet-style communism in favor of Zionism, we know he was correct: Israel exists. The communist Soviet Union does not. Either Dr. Mathis misunderstands my statements or he is oblivious to such major world events.

RE: (30) I forgot that Dr. Mathis is a convert to Judaism. That would mean he really does work for a living. My apologies!

RE: (31) That's right. Economists are like Bible passages: just select the one you want which justifies what you intended to do all along.

RE: (32) I appreciate Dr. Mathis' connection of the Talmud with the Oral Law.

RE: (33) If I recall, the King James version of the Old Testament mentions beasts who not only lament (tale?), but who "wear sackcloth". Perhaps Robert Frenz could supply us with the relevant passages, which Dr. Mathis cannot seem to locate.

Jewish references to Goyim as beasts and to jews as humans are sufficiently abundant to impress me. Perhaps it is their version of the Oral Law, with which Dr. Mathis would disagree.

I appreciate the 'nice' Talmud quotes, but what about the nasty ones which refer to the "Kliphoth" and other Goyim? I see nothing wrong in jews hating Gentiles. What offends me is when they claim otherwise. If there is no ideological justification for jews' nastiness toward their Gentile hosts, then jews must be naturally obnoxious and oblivious to their parasitism and predations upon their hosts. As I have read, the penalty for teaching the Talmud to Goyim is death, for the jews fear the Goyim would kill them after reading it. One Pope had Talmuds seized and burned, as I recall, apparently leaving their jew owners unscathed.

RE: (34) It took many years for me to learn who are the real enemies of the White Race in general and Whites like me, in particular. Trust me, the Zionists are very real and very pernicious, and the majority of them are not jews! They are nevertheless, jew-supremacists. Ontario Attorney General Roy McMurtry led the judicial persecution of Ernst Zündel. When McMurtry appeared on the steps of a Toronto synagogue, wearing a sheenie-beany, he declared to reporters of the press and CBC-TV that he is "a Christian Zionist!" I find such creatures at least as obnoxious as Ostensible Whites who claim to be "the true-jews", i.e. the "Christian Identity" or "Israel Identity" bunch. One writer, who publishes a newsletter called MYTHBUSTERS, opined that the English sent their criminals to Australia and their religious nuts to America. That seems about right. I have ample reasons for believing Zionism to be evil, as I have written in my essays.

RE: (35) I appreciate Dr. Mathis' explanation of the Zohar, the Kabbalah. I further appreciate his revelation that 3 or 4 'translations' of The Babylonian Talmud exist in English. I wonder which one, if any, is the accurate version of those in Hebrew or Aramaic, which is also called "Rabbinic', according to my readings. It is indeed possible that some alleged 'quotes' from The Talmud have been falsified by Christian liars, as Dr. Oliver indicated in his essay "Lying for the Lord". In Toronto, one had to obtain a rabbi's approval to gain access to the Public Library's copy of The Talmud, which may or may not be in English. 'Translations' may be falsified, as Martin Luther discovered after some rabbis 'helped' him translate biblical texts into German. Subsequently he wrote his opinions in "Jews and their Lies". The jews seem open enough with the Torah, but when it comes to The Talmud, they act as if they have something to hide from us Goyim. That behavior, combined with real or fake quotes which purport to come from The Talmud, lead me to doubt the sincerity of jew apologists.

RE: (36) Yes, Reich's predictions are indeed true that NAFTA will 'adversely affect 80% of the American people'. Median real income is dropping; personal debt is rising and demands on food banks are steadily increasing. Read your newspaper, please! (It's kosher). People who cannot read can tune into "National Public Radio" (all kosher) for such information, also.

RE: (37) Dr. Mathis has a clever idea, that I should consider Zionists as individuals, rather than agents of a political agenda. Would Dr. Mathis care to use this method of 'reasoning' with National Socialists? If Zionism is 'not a monolithic entity', then neither was National Socialism, whose leaders certainly had differences of opinion. Zionism does not limit its agenda to Israel, but to "The New World Order".

RE: (38) Dr. Mathis and I may agree on Salman Rushdie's bona fides as a Moslem, for I have not read his "Satanic Verses". Unfortunately, some Moslems disagree so much that they want to kill him. If I recall correctly, proponents of Christianity and Judaism invoked the death penalty for 'blasphemy'. Apparently no one believes in taking their religion, THAT seriously, here in western countries. The law is never invoked when one denies the existence of God, but it is invoked when one denies the existence of "The Holocaust". This means that the reputation of the Holohoax is important, and God's reputation is not.

RE: (39) I certainly agree with Dr. Mathis on this point.

RE: (40) More people need to know about Nazi-Zionist collaboration. I appreciate Dr. Mathis' mention of Yehuda Bauer's book. The Holohoax is used to cover up that collaboration.

RE: (41) & (42) I think we are in substantial agreement here. It is interesting that Dr. Mathis distinguishes between "jews" and practitioners of Judaism, which Rabbi Elmer Berger also did. If one is already a jew by birth, he must adopt Judaism as his religion. Dr. Mathis makes it quite clear, as I have mentioned, that jews can claim to adopt any religion, but they remain jews, just as Cardinal Lustiger stated about himself. More confusion to the Christians! They deserve it. Sorry about the use of "Reformed", rather than "Reform". It would appear from Dr. Mathis' statements that no jew can ever "reform". He is stuck with his identity.

Part of the problem of identifying jews according to biology or religion is instigated by the jews themselves so as to confuse Goyim. Jews and Judaism, with its Christian and Moslem offshoots are at best non-Aryan and at worst, anti-Aryan.

RE: (43) Meyer Lansky had a kosher funeral in Florida. Want to make a bet on it?

RE: (44) A reader sent me a download by snail-mail. That was slow! Robert Frenz is indeed a very likable person, and he is very tolerant toward Dr. Mathis and myself. I certainly agree that everyone should have freedom of expression and freedom FROM expression when they wish to hear no more about a subject. So far, the only people who have attempted to squelch those freedoms have been jews in my case but I'm sure others would like to get into the censorship and indoctrination racket.

RE: (45) My source on the jews' ruination of Egypt is The Old Testament. My source on the jews' ruination of Aryan Greece is "The Babylonian Woe" by Astle. My source for the jews' ruination of Rome is Gibbon's "Fall of the Roman Empire". My source for the jews' ruination of Aryan thinking and culture is "A Real Case Against the Jews" by Marcus Eli Ravage and "Minority Report: H.L. Mencken's Notebooks" by H.L. Mencken. Those are just for starters, but Dr. Mathis should be able to find the above without great difficulty. The jew, Josephus may well disagree with the famous Roman who told people in court to speak softly, for the jews had already caused him plenty of trouble. Could it have been Cicero? I cannot recall the name this moment. I suppose these sources may all be 'forgeries', just as Dr. Mathis' copy of The Talmud may be a 'forgery', for other writers do not think very highly of it. Maybe they read 'forgeries' written by nonexistent people. I suppose 'ruination' would be a matter of interpretation. In Egypt, for example, the jews taught their hosts that they could live on much less than they had before Joseph and company came to town, and that it was better for the Egyptians to give their wealth to the jews, than to get it back. If jewish influence did not ruin Egypt, it appears that one pharaoh and his army thought they had.

RE: (46) Peter Worthington still writes for the Toronto Sun. He was informed at firsthand that Moscow police who took him into Lubyanka, the KGB H.Q., spoke Yiddish with the officer in charge. If I were as fixated on this matter as Dr. Mathis appears to be, I would nudge my messianic mouse and email him, care of The Toronto Sun. If I, myself, needed confirmation for what I already know, I could actually send him a (gasp!) letter. I also receive computer downloads or hard copy via snail-mail, which should clear up the mystery of how I learn what's on the Internet. No, I do not have my own spy satellite. In my own experience with Soviet and Soviet bloc representatives, I encountered a large proportion of jewish names and faces. If they spoke no English, I could do my business with them in German, which is awfully close to Yiddish, just as Ladino is awfully close to Spanish, with the admixture of foreign words and bad grammar which I take to be jewish. Yiddish and Ladino, the dialect of Sephardic jews of Spain are written with Hebrew letters and are usually read from right to left, as is Hebrew. These dialects are often used by the criminal elements in those countries, whether the criminals are jews or not. My acquaintances in The City of London C.I.D. (plainclothes cops) can speak the local criminals' dialect, which is Cockney and includes a liberal assortment of jewish words, most of which are somewhat to mostly obscene. I was never permitted to visit Soviet bloc countries, nor Cuba by their Red regimes. When the DDR's jew chief of secret police, 'Mischa' Wolf, discovered that I'd entered his fiefdom via train from Stockholm and that my intention was to meet Dr. Joswig, the head of the DDR Economic Institute whom I'd met in California, he got the heebie-jeebies and had me escorted to the Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse and made sure that I was out of the country. In my experience with communists in North America, South America and Europe, and later in Africa the commies were quite cozy and quite kosher. Every Black Marxist in Africa had his jew 'master': Leo Baron – Kenneth Kaunda in Zambia; Syd Levy – Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe; Joe Slovo – Nelson Mandela in South Africa. The head hebe for all Black Africa was the Rothschild representative, Harry Oppenheimer, who moved his companies' headquarters from "Jewburg", as the natives call it, to London when Black Marxist misrule became uncomfortable. Oppenheimer was much like Dr. Frankenstein, whose golem, his pride and joy, ran amok in his laboratory. Jews never seem to learn by their mistakes. Even when they get what they want, they are never happy. When jews create their perversions of 'paradise', like the Soviet Jewnion and little Israel, few jews want to live there, yet, they carry on with their ruinous programs and recreate their own hells on earth. Obviously, one cannot flee from oneself, no matter how far and how frequently he wanders. The jew's obvious mission is to find more Goyim, ruin them and move on. I myself have seen sufficient of the Soviet Jewnion to inform me that it was quite kosher. Khazar immigrants to North America referred to their bureaucratic rules and regulations as "the Talmud", rather than "the Bible", as in Goylands. Perhaps Arab bureaucrats refer to their rulebooks as "Korans", and Chinese civil servants to their "I Ching". Why would Christian Russians use "Talmud" to describe their rulebooks? Quite likely because they were Khazars and not Russians at all, as were those I have met.

RE: (47) I maintain the correct, biological definition of "nation", as do most jews, who do not say they are Poles, but "born in Poland". Multi-national states have built-in instability, as we have so recently seen in the former Yugoslavia. Israel has enough to cope with in regard to its inclusion of dark, non-Askenazic jews, and it is likely to have even more trouble with Moslem Arab citizens. There is not much living space to go around in Israel, which makes the battling Balkan nations look like the 'wide-open spaces'. Multi-national states are recipes for trouble and tension, fraught with periodic explosions, as we have seen also in India, Sri Lanka, the former Soviet empire and increasingly in the multi-national U.S.A. and Canada. Poland of the 1930s was a squabbling bunch of unhappy nations, which the Poles got with their Versailles-granted territory. Poles and Germans did not get along; Poles and jews, neither; Poles and Gypsies, neither; Poles and Czechs, neither; Poles and Ukrainians, not at all. There was even a little nation who called themselves Goralen. Hitler had a war to fight, and could not afford to have his lines of communications beset by feuding nations, which were occupying the same living space, so he put Germans with Germans, Poles with Poles, jews with jews, etc. and suddenly, things became much more peaceful! Indian Moslems and Hindus separated after the British Raj ended, after bloody riots and massacres. By mixing and mis-matching the population of the Indian Subcontinent, a few Brits could play the old game of divide and rule. That's what allowed them to stay so long in Africa, by wielding the balance of power between two or more warring tribes. The jew-supremacist regime in The District of Corruption is trying to pull off the same stunt, but their balancing act happens to be on a very shaky tight-wire, as the country is engulfed by huge numbers of Asiatics and semi-Asiatic invaders. In one of his tabletalks, Hitler allegedly stated that North America would fall into Chinese hands if the Americans did not shake the jew monkeys off their backs. The Chinese are here, and they are seizing political power, state by state. Large areas of Canada are being occupied by the Chinese, who come by the planeload and by the boatload. This is just the beginning, for the Chinese have ruined much of their own agricultural land by over-grazing, over-logging and over-population. There are Chinese jews, so maybe Dr. Mathis can make a deal with them. Jews opened the gates of Babylon to the invaders and they opened the gates of Visigoth Spain to the Moors. Why shouldn't they open North American territory to the Chinese, when there are quick profits to be made? I hope Dr. Mathis doesn't mind if his grandchildren look an awful lot like Chinese. How does one say "mazel tov" in Mandarin?

RE: (48) Nahum Goldman officiated at the 'reparations' proceedings. Adenauer was under duress from the U.S. occupation authorities, as represented by McCloy, whose jewish wife was named Sussman before she married McCloy. Unless Occupied Germany agreed to pay the Zionists on the basis of "6 million jewish victims", Germany would starve under Allied blockade. Germany was already starving under The Morgenthau Genocide Plan, so Adenauer signed the extortion contract. The Nazis collaborated with the Zionists in smuggling jews into British Occupied Palestine, even during the war. Eichmann and Joel Brandt were the Nazi-Zionist Connection in the smuggling operation. That is why both men were murdered by the Zionist government of Israel, to cover up this collaboration.

RE: (49) We certainly agree on the Kahane issue!

RE: (50) Jack Bernstein did have a mailing address in New York City, which was not a P.O. Box. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of either book. Usually, I do notice such things as the Len Martin reference which would have made me suspicious of the books' origin and author. If "Jack Bernstein' was Len Martin's pen name, then where did Martin get his intimate knowledge of Israel? Was Martin composing a work of complete fiction? If so, it certainly coincides with the realities which other jewish refugees from Israel have spoken and written about. What Dr. Mathis has to say about this matter is intriguing. If the publisher's address is in New York City, that would tend to support Dr. Mathis' idea, but what would a jew-hating Posse Comitatus activist be doing in 'old Jew York"? An Indian jew whom I met in Toronto had left Israel, he said, because of Ashkenazic racism. He disliked being treated as a member of the "kushim" or "bogeymen" because of his dark color, despite his service in the Israeli Defence Forces. Having heard that before I read "Bernstein", I did not think that Israeli racism was out of the ordinary or fictitious. I will indeed put a question mark on the Bernstein matter. If we have a fake author, the "Racist-Marxist Israel" book seems to accord with the experiences of actual Israelis, whose statements I received firsthand. I do not know why Israel leaves jewish critics, like Messrs. Shahak, Segev and Chomsky unharmed. Chomsky has written somewhere, if I recall correctly, that the ADL keeps track of his comings and goings, his speech venues, etc. with some degree of harassment and intimidation. I do not know about the others, although I am amazed that Dr. Shahak seems to survive his statements. I doubt very much that the Mossad would wish to murder "Bernstein" as much as they might like to do with Victor Ostrovsky, to whom all Goyim owe a debt of gratitude for his revelations.

RE: (51) The ideas expressed in The Protocols are not new. They could have been based on previous sources and up-dated for the late 19th century and early 20th. Dr.Mathis can call The Protocols whatever he wants, but for any student of politics, they remain a descriptive and predictive source of information on jewish subversion tactics. As I understand from "Die Gutachten der Berner Prozess" ("The Judgement on the Bern Trial"), in which the defendants won their appeal of the original verdict on the Protocols (that they were forged). I seem to recall that the Swiss court ruled that they were not forged, but that they were defamatory. The Protocols are a recipe for subversion and conquest of a host people. They are not only practical, but they are presently in practice, by the very people who deny their authenticity. The Protocol #10 refers to the scheme of exhausting the Goyim and so harassing them on all fronts, including "the inoculation of disease", that the Goyim will flee from such crises under the 'protection' of their new rulers. A Dr. Cantwell, whose correspondence I have in my files, is one of 3 medical doctors who claim that AIDS is a man-made mutated virus version of the ovine visna virus, which produces AIDS in sheep, as well as horses and cattle. Stockmen and horsebreeders have known about this virus for decades, and for just as long, they have tried to find a preventative or cure, without success. The book, "Deadly Allies", which treats of World War II chemical and biological projects undertaken by the U.S. and Britain, as well as Canada, mentions their plan to mutate deadly animal viruses so they would be lethal to humans. According to Drs. Cantwell, Douglass and Strecker (murdered), at least one successful mutation was achieved at Fort Detrick, MD: the AIDS virus. Enter the jew, a Dr. Szmuness (sp?) from communist Poland, who is inscrutably plugged into a high-ranking medical post in New York's Health Department (I am relying upon my recollection of Cantwell's book, which I believe is entitled "Doctors of Death". Dr. Szmuness (according to Dr. Cantwell) purposely contaminated an experimental hepatitis C vaccine with the mutant virus. As his human guinea pigs, he specified that the vaccine be tested on young, active, promiscuous homosexual men in New York City, San Francisco and at least one other major U.S. city. Dr. Cantwell wrote that Szmuness and his backers or co-conspirators were "White Nazis" who wanted to eliminate homosexuals. Cantwell later states that the jewish villain, Szmuness, introduced the AIDS virus into large quantities of smallpox vaccine which WHO used to inoculate large numbers of Black Africans. Dr. Cantwell names several other agents of this genocide program, and mentions that they are jews, which means they are non-Whites, according to the jewish hematologists who compiled the studies in "The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al., published by Oxford University Press, 1978. As is generally known, Blacks and people with partial Black admixtures are particularly susceptible to the AIDS virus, if not because of their genes, then because of their promiscuous behavior and lack of precautions. The hebraic hematologists determined that even the blondest jew has from 5% to 10% of Negro marker genes. Dr. Mathis can easily find this book and probably Dr. Cantwell's. Our correspondence ended abruptly when I asked him to explain the motive for jews to endanger themselves by spreading a deadly, incurable virus, which, according to the jew Landau of the Center for Disease Control, does not harm "one out of 100 Whites". What could these "jew Nazis" have been thinking of, I asked Cantwell, but he never replied.

If I had sufficient time, I would like to check Cantwell's thesis (1) by confirming the existence of Dr. Szmuness and his alleged New York position; (2) by learning when the hepatitis C inoculations began in the U.S.A. and when the smallpox inoculations began in Africa. Three years seems to be the incubation period for AIDS, from my readings. When I was in Africa, I heard nothing about such a deadly disease with such symptoms as the shutdown of people's immune systems. Dr. Cantwell alleges that Africans younger than those who received the smallpox vaccine were not infected with AIDS, nor were older people who had not received the vaccine. I doubt such statements, for AIDS is not only transmitted by vaccinations, as we know. How the disease got started is not now as important as how it is being spread, with the active assistance of the U.S. government: AIDS-carriers (HIV+) are not to be identified, not to be segregated, not to be isolated nor denied employment which brings them into contact with uninfected people, as official federal government posters proclaim in my workplaces. Meanwhile, unprotected borders allow the mounting influx of diseased invaders who carry HIV, TB, drug-resistant strains of STDs and exotic diseases like malaria, dengue fever, chagas disease and an entire alphabet series of hepatitis. These invaders often work in food preparation businesses, meat packing plants, restaurants, delis, etc. As the diseases multiply and spread throughout our society our immune systems will get quite a workout. The jew baseball-basher, Rivlin, complained that he was catching all sorts of illnesses after putting his child in a daycare (disease-share) center. It's a real holocaust! I offer these tidbits by way of illustration that whoever wrote the Protocols must have had a real accurate crystal ball. I sincerely wish The Protocols were utterly false, as well as a forgery, but events seem to fit them, time after time. The ZOG is no friend of the American people, that is certain, but it never was.

RE: (52) Dr. Mathis may be relying upon a 'forgery' in regard to his interpretations of the nature of the religion he purports to espouse, since there are 3 or 4 English versions of the sources he quotes, if I read his earlier statement correctly. I think anyone is entitled to refuse to take an oath, but I do not think anyone should have the right to pretend to take an oath, which he has no intention of fulfilling. That may be kosher, but it's certainly not cricket. That is why Gentiles call the Kol Nidrey "the jews' oath." Dr. Mathis may be the exception, but I know over 20 jewish perjurers who lied under oath as witnesses in court proceedings, whose testimony was later found to be false. One jew murderer lied under oath, and has so far escaped punishment, since the evidence of his crime was discovered just after the trial at which he was found innocent. Had he been a White man and had the victim been a non-White, instead of vice versa, FEDZOGUSA would have found new grounds on which to try him, until he was finally "found guilty', as was done with Byron de la Beckwith et al.

RE: (53) I suggest, for starters, that you get a copy of "Alliierte Kriegsverbrechen" (Allied War Crimes), which I translated into English. Samisdat Publishers Ltd. of Toronto, Canada, may be able to supply you or anyone else with photocopies. This book is eyewitness accounts of Allied atrocities. It was sent to Samisdat by a righteous jewess who left Palestine and returned to live in Germany during World War II. The book had been published in Argentina and she sent us a copy of it from Buenos Aires. Another good book on the genocide against German P.O.W.s after Germany's surrender is "Other Losses" by Bacque. "For Those who cannot Speak" by MacLaughlin is a good overview on the subject.

RE: (54) I can assure Dr. Mathis that I do not always call my racial enemies nice names. It is not bigotry to call a spade a spade, although it may not be 'politically correct'. I also know members of a sub group whom I call "White trash". I am not a White supremacist. I am a National Socialist who loves his race, not for what they are, but for what I know they can accomplish. Every race has superior and inferior members, but it is not my intention of breeding the best Great Dane with the best Chihuahua, nor the best Shetland pony with the best Percheron. The best Blacks and the Best Whites, as well as the Best Yellows should mate with the Best of their own kind. Race-mixing is genocide, as I have observed from decades of living and observation in lands where races are pure and lands where races are mongrelized. I find Black troops much more efficient and reliable than mulattos, sambos and other mongrel types. Race is a very useful guide in my experience. It is sometimes a key to survival. When I was in Colombia, for example, my blue eyes and pale complexion saved me from Indians who suspected me to be a mestizo, of the variety which oppressed them. Sometimes life hangs by a thread. The "White Gods" still abide amongst the scattered Indian tribes in places off the beaten track.

RE: (55) I have seen kosher slaughter, Dr. Mathis. The cut is quick and the death is slow, as the ritual slaughter causes the animal to bleed to death, as it chokes on its own blood.

RE: (56) There is no way one can euphemize the disgusting ritual of kosher circumcision. I agree with Dr. Dean O'Dell on this subject.

IN SUMMATION: This exchange of views resulted from my essay, THE JEWISH PROBLEM, with my invitation to jewish readers, which Dr. Mathis accepted. I believe that he thoroughly informed us in regard to his particular version of Judaism, which sounds pretty decent to me, if he is being totally candid, (excepting kosher slaughter and circumcision, of course.) As an Aryan, I feel that any form of Judaism, Christianity or Islam is a lie, a big lie, which has utility or appeals to the adherents who must be non-Aryans in their thinking and biology. In our discussions we both agreed on the existence of jews as members of a distinct biological group, and jews who practice various varieties of Judaism. Both of us agree on the pernicious nature of Zionism, which I link with The New World Order and not just the state of Israel. My major disagreement with jews is their intrusive insistence of invading and dominating all aspects of Aryan society. I believe every people has a right to be exclusive, just as every person has the right or should have, to be left alone by others, as long as he leaves them alone. Jews and other non-Whites are entitled to be exclusive. They are not required by the ZOG to allow Aryan interlopers into their midst, but the opposite is true for Aryans, who have no right to choose those with whom they wish to associate and to exclude those with whom they do not wish to associate, as non-Aryans are able to do under ZOG. It is plain to me that the majority of people who think of themselves as jews would disagree on many points with Dr. Mathis, just as a majority of Whites prefer not to heed my message. As I see it, Dr. Mathis should open a greater dialog with his own people, just as I should with mine. A 'mazel tov' to you, Dr. Mathis, and a hearty ORION! to our Aryan readers.

Eric Thomson.