Index of Savitri Devi:

(National Socialist World copyright Rockwell Enterprises. This passed to Mathias Koehl after Rockwell's death. Condensed versions of the following  appeared in N.S.W., edited by  Dr. William L. Pierce. Mrs. Portas (Devi) turned copyrights of all her works over to Ernst Zündel via a personal letter, which clearly demonstrated her lack of good judgment.)

My personal opinion of the author: Although some like to believe that she was some sort of high priestess of National Socialism, I feel nothing of the sort. She was a good thinker and researcher but very tiring to read. Like all women, she needlessly piled word upon word until the point was suffocated by the clutter. She also made the unwise – unless one is a rabbit – statement that Aryans shouldn't eat meat and spent her last days living with a horde of cats, who probably did eat meat. This is reminiscent of old Art Schopenhauer, the archduke of pessimism, who spent his last days living with his old maid sister surrounded by a batch of poodles.

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