The Lightning and The Sun

(from National Socialist World, V.1)

The condensed version of this book will be available as time permits. I am not aware of any points of sale for the original text. Ernst Zündel may have some copies which were not destroyed when his house was torched. He does hold the copyright. You might contact National Vanguard Books as the National Socialist World was Dr. William Pierce's creation. There were 6 original volumes published, but only V.1 was ever offered as a reprint.

Chapter I          Prologue. Men above time, in time, against time and outside time. (82K)

Chapter II         Temujin (Genghis Khan). The Lightning. The man in time.

Chapter III        Akhnaton. The Sun. The man above time.

Chapter IV        Adolf Hitler. The Lightning and the Sun. The man against time.

Chapter V         HE. The last man against time – both the Lightning and the Sun.

HE – the man of whom Hitler said in 1928: "I am not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, I do so."

HE – Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, He will spare not a single one of the enemies of the divine cause: not a single one of its outspoken opponents but also not a single one of the lukewarm, of the opportunists, of the ideological heretical, of the racially bastardized, of the unhealthy, of the hesitating, of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who, in body or character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen ages.