Colloidal Silver: Miracle Cure?   —   Robert Frenz   —   20 December 2002
If you search around the net you'll find many places extolling colloidal silver as a cure for everything from the flu to hangman's warts. The mere fact that it is advertised as a panacea, should bring doubt to your minds right away.

First, let's dispense with testimonials as these are only used for advertising purposes. Their objective value is zero. George Burns (Nathan Birnbaum) once gave a testimonial claiming the reason for his longevity was the inhalation of cigar smoke. My neighbor swears that eating sardines has kept him flu and cold free. I gulp no potions and haven't had a cold in over 20 years. The people – usually fellows with "Dr." prefix or a trailer of a thousand and one degrees – who write the articles, which I hope you have read, also give a testimonial of sorts. If their words had worth, they wouldn't have to apply the academic intimidation. The bottom line is that they have something to sell you. So much for that.

What will drinking a glass of water laced with "colloidal silver" do for you. It's all there in those long lists. I also hope you noted that these pages contain devices for magnetic therapy plus sources for people who like to eat blue algae. As an aside, let me add something not directly related.

I was once interested in the homeopathic means of curing one's ailments. I went to a "health food" store and grabbed one of the vials from the display. At home, I noticed the label Lycopodium Clavatum, 30c. I was amused when I discovered is was a remedy for flatulence. The label only revealed the weight of the contents and the pill size number. One could look up the Latin if he needed to know the plant source. I did check on that 30c "strength" since other vials were labeled "20c", "10c", etc. The 30c looked like the more potent stuff to me. What I found was that "c" meant "cut". (Sometimes an 'x' is used.) I was familiar with this pharmaceutical procedure while watching Dr. Parsons measure out drug portions when I was a kid but then did not know they had a label for it. The cut was always a division by 2, an easy operation. To make a 4c strength, the druggist would divide an amount in half and then take that one-half and repeat the process to 4 times. In other words, it was cut 4 times. Thus, the smallest division yielded one-sixteenth of the original pill ( 1/2 to the 4th power). The other 15/16 of the prescription would be a filler such as sugar, starch or whatnot. I now started to laugh since cutting something 30 times, and considering the very tiny pills, would result in 1 part out of a billion. One pill would be lucky if it contained even 1 molecule of the active ingredient! Yet, I'll bet you can find dozens of people who believe that this "nothing" cured their gas problem. The name is placebo and its weapon is time.

From what you've read, and I am sure you are eager to eat some colloidal silver right away. You now know what it can do for you. Next, how can you get some?

It's sold many places in expensive small portions and I would guess that it is a grayish powder. Maybe you sprinkle it on your oatmeal. I don't know.

Another way is to buy a bit of apparatus, plus silver wire, and make you own – on the spot for quick consumption. The apparatus is a voltage supply which I believe is in the 20v to 30v D.C. range. Two pieces of silver wire are fastened to the electric potential and placed in a jar of distilled water. After a while, there is a color change, and one then drinks it at some precise time of which I have not researched. I suppose that is part of the directions when you buy the voltage supply.

What you are doing is called electrolysis. The silver wires play the part of electrodes. The negative one is called the cathode and the positive, the anode. Electrons move through the water from negative to positive. Electrons comprise what we call electrical current. For this to happen, there is a reaction at each electrode. Even though it is considered "pure", the water contains dissolved gases from the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide mostly followed by oxygen. Water is a polar substance which contains water molecules and hydrated hydrogen ions (hydronium) plus hydroxide ions. Carbon dioxide exists in the water as a molecule and as carbonate and bicarbonate ions.

Without ions, not much goes on at the poles. The players are the carbonate, bicarbonate, hydroxide and hydronium ions. The anions move to the anode, and react with the silver to form the yellow carbonate and gray hydrated oxide. The carbonate is more soluble than the oxide and so oxide is left on the wire giving it a blackish look. As the electrolysis proceeds the less soluble oxide will find itself entering the water thus darkening the initial yellow color. Oxygen might also be seen in tiny bubbles. At the cathode some hydrogen will be also visible as tiny bubbles. Some of the silver carbonate and silver oxide will remain in solution and as salts, there will be silver ions.

The insoluble silver products will be finely dispersed and held in suspension by outside forces. That is the definition of a colloid. Some poor information plagues this point. I have seen books describing metallic colloids which are produced by electricity. In the case of colloidal silver, the substance is yellow but silver is not. What people are observing is colloidal silver carbonate.

Colloid is a phase where insoluble particles are small enough to be prevented from coalescing, by surrounding forces. The silver compounds formed in this reaction are hydrated, that is, a few water molecules hop on their backs. The kinetic energy of those water molecules is enough to prevent the silver substances from settling out. I have even read that colloids carry an electrical charge. What is probably meant is that some colloidal substances may be attached to charged particles. (Hydration itself is due to the "bent" water molecule thus giving the molecule a particular charge distribution.)

Although colloidal particles are quite small, colloid does not refer to a definite size particle. One might pour some substance into water thus forming a colloidal suspension but usually these have to be freshly prepared substances. Fresh iron hydroxide is colloidal but if allowed to dry and then returned to water, it simply sinks to the bottom. On long standing, the colloidal nature will wane and it will settle out anyway. I strongly suspect that the colloidal silver you just purchased will do the same.

Without belaboring the colloid business, in essence what your are drinking is a very dilute solution of silver compounds. The question is then: Is this countering disease?

Anyone who eats on silverware ingests minute amounts of silver. (I'll use this term to embrace not only the metal but its compounds.) Anyone with fillings in his teeth will be ingesting minute amounts of silver.

On the above supplied link is another alarm about the mercury in your tooth filings. Sixty years ago, metallic fillings were 70% mercury and 30% copper. ZOG needed the mercury for fulminates (explosives) and so the amalgam underwent revision. Silver, at that time, was of little military value. Nickel was needed and so some nickel coins (1944-45) were made of silver. Alloys of mercury are called amalgams. The new alloy was 49% mercury, 34% silver, 13% tin, 3% copper an 1% zinc. When the price of silver rose sharply in 1965, dentists started collecting removed fillings – as if they weren't making enough money already.

I did note in some of the material I've read, that silver exists in minute quantities in the body and therefore it is somehow essential. That's specious. Radioactive carbon also exists in your body but I find that is no plausible reason to put more in. This "rare earth" hype is nothing more than another way to get you to part with your shekels. I am sure that ytterbium can be found in our bodies and I'd bet that, sooner or later, someone will be selling ytterbium tablets, purple of course.

The "cure" business is booming since we are getting more unhealthy, and disease ridden, by the imported wetback, and no one appears to want to address why that is so. Having a colloidal silver cocktail is actually chemotherapy and chemotherapy is revealed to be a controlled way of poisoning the culprit without doing the patient in.

You simply cannot live as you damned well please without paying the piper somewhere down the line. Your immune system is strengthened by its small bouts with your body's enemies, not by potions, enzymes, algae, vitamins, minerals, diet or ever prayer.

One might convince himself of the yellow silver carbonate by exhaling through a straw into the water as electrolysis proceeds. The yellow color will appear more rapidly and current flow increased. If, per glass of water, one would add 1/8 of 1/8 of a teaspoon of baking soda, the reaction would produce a saturation in about 5 or so minutes.

Good luck.