Ingrid Rimland received her B.A. in German, 7/30/71 from Wichita State (Kansas).

She graduated magna cum laude, thus edging out her classmates who didn't have the advantage of knowing German – her childhood language when she wasn't speaking Yiddish. That's on a par with you or I attending the University of Bosnia and majoring in English.

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Psyching Out Sex by Ingrid Rimland (Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1975)

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The author, Ingrid Rimland, Ed.D.,, May 12, 1998
Original author of this book was Dr. Edward Pohlman
I was given a manuscript to edit as part of my master's program at the University of the Pacific and agreed to have it published under my own name, even though I did not write it. There were reasons for this having to do with campus politics and academic credit. I do not consider this work to be mine, even though it was published by a highly reputable publishing house, Westminster Press. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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She is the 'author' but she didn't write it? I always thought that planting your name on something someone else wrote, constituted plagiarism. With such a verbose (diarrhea of the mouth) noise-maker as a friend, the revisionist's club really doesn't need any enemies.