It always saddens me when I see some young person, with obvious potential, pursue a course of disaster, as we have again been informed of by the fart-mouths of the jewish controlled media. I am not sure why the World Church of the Creator attracts such types, but on that count alone, it should be viewed with skepticism for no worthwhile organization would ever sacrifice – to the enemy's advantage – its young men in futile gestures and acts. When the lumps are filtered out we are left with a broth: there are a great number of young White men out there who are pissed off at the world their parents dropped them into. Their numbers are growing and although I do not condone most of their actions, I feel I have some handle on where they are coming from.

As most of you probably know, I left my position as the chief chemist in an aircraft company in order to enter the science teaching field. This change was accompanied by a $54,000 drop in yearly salary. Like my trustworthy friend, Eric Thomson, chasing the dollar was never a priority item in my life. I taught mathematics mainly because I was tired of hearing stories about the nonsense which was peddled by the teachers in that field. I have 4 college diplomas and am well experienced in the bullshit handed out by the "experts" in our universities. This, on my part, is not a case of 'sour grapes' because it was a rare exam where I did not receive a 100 or A+. Ingrid Rimland's incorrect information on this topic probably arose from a conversation with Ernst Zündel following his notice of 1 single diploma upon the wall of a back room in my house. While on the topic of poor information, Harold Covington should also be informed that I am not in my 80s nor senile either, for that matter. It would fare our cause better if some of the self-righteousness could be sent to a reconstructed Auschwitz and properly gassed.

As a teacher, I became more and more aware of the psychological zoos most kids called "family". Dad was more interested in pussy humping and ball games then he was in his children. Mom, when she wasn't spending money, yapping on the telephone or "fulfilling her potential" as a career twat, never had time to be a mother. Between the two, "good" child rearing was determined by how much money they spent on their offspring.

I taught mainly in private schools where the parents considered tuition as a payment for "A"s. That's another interesting story.

Inattention, by parents, is readily picked up by the young in spite of efforts by those parents to engage in "quality time" with their children. Quality time is about as useful a term as is "quality breathing". It is bull, pure and simple. I do believe that the most essential element in any period of raising a child is to always be true to your word. If a child cannot depend upon his parent's word, then he is lost. Once brought up in a home filled with broken-promises, which are actually lies, the child then proceeds to incorporate these examples into his own behavior. I am not about to embark upon a teaching lesson, in regard to child-raising, but only to remark that many of our young have been cheated out of a true family life. This then, is one of the roots for today's emotional morass and only a super-human effort, on the part of those so cheated, will allow effective operation in the real world. Many of our young people start life with one foot nailed to the ground. This is the stuff which fertilizes anger.

If you can park your excuses and feeble rationalizations for a moment, then realize that in any technological society, the Black will never function on the level of a White. The Black cannot be expected to perform in a manner which would please the society of Japan. In fact, Blacks would fare worse for the practical Asian has no tolerance for anything resembling the welfare programs Whites foolishly support. The Black African is a victim of his own genes and his thousands of years of existence never produced writing nor a wheel. This, in itself, is really not a problem for Blacks living among Blacks, doing Black things, are perhaps as content as any other form of life.

The social problem arose when White institutions, such as schools, were forced by threat of violence, fines or imprisonment, to accept Blacks in huge numbers as "equals". In the past, there was no racial discrimination, at least in the school which I attended as a teen. There was only the discrimination of merit. In order to bolster the bevy of excuses, the instituted Lysenkoism was supported by an army of lies which amounted to little more than indoctrination on a virulent scale. Social stigmas were automatically attached to anyone who questioned those "facts" or was perceived to be able discriminate between fact and fiction. (I was dropped from one faculty because, in the Principal's words, "You are a disruptive influence in this school. You are teaching the students how to think.")

The second interjection of discord resulted from the insane belief that Blacks and Whites should get comparable grades. If merit is the criteria, then this is an impossibility. The last 50 years have demonstrated this effectively. Special programs were developed and rewriting of tests began in ernest. "Fudging" occurred wholesale as it does in the big city schools today where dull Black students are actually assisted by teachers during the taking of final exams. (I had 2 Black girls in one trigonometry class who couldn't sum the fractions 1/2 and 1/3, yet entered with previous final exam grades of nearly 90! This is not the focus of my discussion. The distillation is this: Blacks were being given special treatment relative to school grades and it was not kept a secret. (It used to be outright lying but today the method called "ranking" is in vogue.) This special treatment has an other side. It is an assault upon White performance. This duality cannot be avoided. If I kill my enemy then I have also killed someone's friend. The objection was not, per se, in regard to the favorable treatment of Blacks, but was the fact that Whites were excluded due to a racial bias. They had no hope of competing on a merit basis with such a privileged group. The matter does not end there.

Our ZOG is not de jure anti-White, but it is de facto anti-White. The de facto propaganda ministry of our ZOG – the jewish media – is becoming more openly anti-White with each passing lie. Many Whites who are still useful to the system haven't as yet come to recognize this but that day is coming for no dawn can be held back.

Blacks were given promises which simply could not be fulfilled short of fraud. Excuses such as "racism", "slavery", "bigotry", and such, were provided liberally but the real world is not intimidated by the words of men. Failures continued and as with children who are lied to by their parents, the Blacks who were being lied to, albeit in a different realm, gradually grew to hate those whom they were taught to believe were at the source – White people. This of course, contradicts the really which is in place. Only White people have ever demonstrated concern for those not of their species. No China, or Japan, would ever institute any program designed to feed or house Blacks. The mestizo land called Mexico also belongs in this group. Everything the Black man has today is the direct result of the White man's generosity and assistance. Gratitude is not usually a part of Black nature.

The preferential treatment of Blacks extends into the work place, the military and is indeed, pervasive. If that piece of filth we have the misfortune to have for President had his way, there'd be little left for the White folks to possess but superior Whites are still needed to nurture the machines of industry and technology. However, there is a great need for "average Joe" type of endeavor and this is where the preferential treatment is noticed the most. Black "scholarships" – actually outright discriminatory racial gifts with merit being ignored – are in abundance. Promotions have a way of ignoring White people. Here again, imagine a family where your brother is always given favors while you merely watch. What man would not consider this as a rejection of himself and all he stands for?

The young defiant White male probably grew up the emotional cesspool some refer to as a modern family, as opposed to an old-fashioned family. He was probably dumped into a day care disease commune and/or raised by some emasculating female who envisions herself as a complete and dual "single parent". If he becomes aware of the massive bias, and propaganda, which it allied against him, he, like Eric Thomson, will conclude that he is on enemy territory.

The Black man is allowed to call a White man "honky" or worse. If the White man takes offence and assaults the Black man, it is a "hate crime" worthy of national focus, alarm and legislative action. If the White man calls a Black man "nigger", then the Black man has a "constitutional right" to assault the White man with impunity. This is only local news. It is from these observations that Eric's term Sonderneger was based. India has its sacred cows, monkeys and rats. Old Egypt had its sacred cats. There are places where snakes are sacred. The Aztecs had their sacred jaguars. We are burdened with a far more dangerous form of life – the sacred and special Black.

Here is the crux of the matter and the question thereof: What can be done? Joining the Worried Crutch of the Theater, the Irrational Defiance, or engage in Rudderless Annoyance or believing you are a True Zulu, is not the way to go. Bush-whacking a few minorities will soon land you in jail. Shouting "Sieg Heil" might gain you a few street fights but it will never change the real world of oppression you find yourself in. You have to – as my lifelong companion in the racing business would say – "reach down into your drawers, grab a handful and yank." The cleansing of our garbage dump begins at home. One morning you should awake to the fact that fate stuffed its purple shaft up your ass. Once you grasp the idea that it cannot ever be nullified, reversed or avenged, you will be on the way to a spiritual growth.

You weren't born with the greatest brain on earth. So what? You only have what you have and that's it! How it ranks on some scale of testing matters only when one uses the probability tool. I was considered, relative to aircraft bonding, one of the very best problem solvers in the entire country. I will confess this: Nearly all of my solutions originated with people whose IQ scores were very much lower than mine. I always was attentive to the man on the line – the man who actually got his hands dirty doing his job. I was not prone to theory when it came to getting things done nor adverse to letting a better man step forward. This cooperation helped everyone. I never found one person from whom I could not learn something.

White pride has little to do with "kicking ass". This sort of thing

is merely physical and sooner or later, you'll meet some gorilla who'll stomp your silly carcass to a pulp. White is a species thing – some refer to it as 'race'. It's biology but you are more than a pile of classifiable protoplasm.

God's domain is life. We cannot create a banana nor a chipmunk nor teach penguins how to fly. We can, however, bring into existence things which God never assembled: transistors, rockets to Mars, LASAR, and a myriad of items almost beyond limit. We, as White people, can rearrange the combination of elements in nearly every substance we find. We built contraptions which allow us a physical acumen denied to other forms of life. (God gave the bird its own special means of flight which we can never duplicate.) White man invents to an extraordinary degree and on this account alone, he can claim superiority to all other life and indeed, also to the other humanoid species Black and Yellow, and the unfortunate hybrids in between.

Our race is our nation and we can have pride in that nation only if we have pride in ourselves. That pride necessarily includes one's character and the backbone of that is the attribute called honor. Really, how good is YOUR word?

Before you get carried away with group White pride ask yourself this: "Can my White nation be proud of me?

Robert Frenz

7 July 1999