"Welcome to the Web Site ( of the American Nationalist Union. The ANU is the largest political organization in America promoting nationalism. The ANU is a group of Americans who seek to influence the political process by making nationalist solutions to America's problems better known and accepted. The ANU is not affiliated with any political party; rather we will support individual candidates along with independent and third parties which share the same basic outlook."

People have written to me asking my opinion of the above so-called political party. I had no desire to peruse the entire site, so if I appear to be a little off-base, then I'd certainly welcome anyone pointing out where, and why.

My first impression was that Barry Morris Goldwater wrote the platform during his bid for the Presidency in 1964. (He was a U.S. Senator from 1953-1987.) The ANU is conservative and, as such, will never "fly" – as they say in the back room. This type of perfumed twaddle has been around since Moses wore diapers. It does not address the basic problem of why humanoids always have an abundance of problems. Furthermore, one cannot solve a basically biological problem with some sheets of paper which are the result of some political dictates.

Nowhere on this site did I find a definition of "nation" and if you don't know what that is, then "nationalism" becomes superfluous. Perhaps it was intended for us all to figure that out for ourselves. Nation is from the Latin natio which implies a blood relationship – nasci, to be born. Related terms are, kin, kind, kindred, king and kingdom, and nation is one of the derivatives.

Your genes determine your family, kin, tribe and nation. The Romans knew about nations and so did our native Amerasians. To belong to the Iroquois Nation, for example, one must be related to the others in the group. No Bantu could ever belong to the Sioux Nation even if it were in a shared tepee. A Bantu wearing eagle feathers is not an Injun. A Bantu wearing eagle feathers is not an eagle either.

Families, tribes, and their larger groups called nations, often occupy contiguous parcels of lands. This is called a territory and often it is marked by boundaries such as rivers, trails, and abstract boundaries called latitude and longitude. This bounded territory is often given a name. In our case, it is the United States of America which is loosely referred to as America.

Today, there is no American nation. There used to be. It started out as one where Amerasians, Jews and Blacks never were included. Blacks, of course, were counted as fractional persons. So what does the ANU consider to be American Nationalism? Or even a patriot, for that matter?

If each and every plank in the ANU became operative tomorrow morning, the same basic social problems would still plague us.

Economics, as well as religious beliefs, are expressions of biology. One can easily point to the hideous deformity of Catholicism practiced by the "converted" voodoo peoples and the mestizos of Mexico. The Northern Europeans also warped Christianity to fit in with their tribal expressions. There are no yule logs, "christmas trees," or even a single Santa in the Mideast.

Is there something magic about the future? Why is it that a program which failed in the past and is failing in the present, is somehow expected to be successful in the future? Or is it that people simply cannot learn from their mistakes? Or even remember what they did.

Even if the Goldwater-Republican platform became a reality in 1964, it would have solved nothing. Our present political parties can solve nothing. Rehashed blather, such as provided by the ANU, will go about as far as a fly, parked on an elephant's behind with the intention of rape, would. The ideas are sterile.

It has always been a problem of biology which has resulted from the bizarre humanoid activity of copulating with anything available – from sheep to the rectum of the guy next door. In addition, there has been an all-to-popular urge to save the wretched from their own defects and incapacities. Very few individuals are worth saving at the expense of the community.

Our business of "overcoming nature" will prove to be a future disaster. We are seeing bits of it even now. Instead of selecting our mates properly, we marry anything which "feels good" and then pray to some deity in the hope that the offspring will be one healthy dude. The more we try to eliminate disease, the more virulent the offending micro-organisms become. Imagine! Today, there are millions of people who simply cannot walk into an open field without succumbing to an allergic reaction to pollen. What a ridiculous spectacle this must present to the gods! Humans – supposedly the highest form of life on the planet – who must protect themselves from innocuous grass pollen. Without the support systems furnished by White people, the whole human experience would implode.

Perhaps the ANU should incorporate another plank in their platform: Eliminate disease and starvation in our lifetime.

As an aside, let me note that I am sure many will say to themselves, "Here he goes again – that Frenz fellow – full of criticism but offering not one solution." Let me repeat: One can never start to do right until he stops doing what is wrong. If we were lost in the ocean, in a boat without oars, sail or motor, I would be hard pressed to offer a solution to our dilemma. I do know this: You should stop pissing in the boat and then drilling holes in the bottom to let it out. Enough said.

by Robert Frenz

8 October 1998