As a person matures, he strives for a position of independence, that is, autonomy. He wishes to feed, clothe and make shelter for himself without interference and grants this right to others who are also pursuing the same goal. As the progression continues, he takes a wife and builds a family. Again an absence of outside interference is sought.

Autonomy does not mean isolation nor an absence of responsibility. Our independence cannot be achieved in some state of anarchy where each pursues momentary gratification of whatever urge happens to suit his fancy. All people, in order to succeed at anything, must necessarily live in a community. Only a hermit can pursue his desires and goals without concern for the welfare of others. Once two or more people join, for whatever purpose, their individual aspirations must not conflict with the welfare of that community.

Today, here in America, all peoples other than White people are ipso facto allowed autonomy. We are well aware that it is only White nationalism which is under attack and given a bad name. Why this is being done, or to whose benefit, we should not concern ourselves. It is sufficient to understand that the assault has been active for over one-half of a century. As the gazelle cares little whether it is being pursued by wild dogs, hyenas or cheetahs, we too should not direct our concerns in the direction of a sophomoric analysis of who is attacking us.

The study of African wild life gives to us much natural insight. If a large herd of zebra stood together and did not stampede, it would be more than a match for any lion pride. Watch predators closely. They do not enter battle nor behave as if their actions were some sort of sparring match. They attack only when the odds are in their favor much as do the muggers of our streets. Predators ambush their victims, or if they find them in groups, they attempt to isolate a few of them. We, my White brothers, are the prey and like the buffalo and wildebeest, stampede and run when any attack is in progress. All group animals, which are the natural prey of others, have this one attribute in common: They will not unite for a common goal even that of collective survival.

In the animal world, prey is little other than dinner. As White people, we are not sought out as a food supply but as the target for an assorted batch of parasites and predators who are content to steal our ideas, get fat on our handouts and do it in relative safety. White autonomy demands that they feed somewhere else. No parasite is anxious to be shed by its host. They will cling to their White Golden Goose even to the extent of accidentally killing it.

The White people who desire White autonomy are legion. Those who are vocal about it are very, very few. Knowing full well that there are millions of masochistic White people who enjoy being taxed to death in the name of brotherly love, we should never forget that there are greater millions who wish to get the ticks, fleas, and other blood suckers, off their backs and out of their lives. Our purpose should be to convince them to join us in this world-wide struggle. An essential for this purpose is to present an image worthy of paying attention to.

People who fear White autonomy control the mass media and will pull any dirty trick in order to prevent White unity. This is as much of a fact as are the tornadoes which tear up towns. Endless complaining, or even complaining about it in the first place, will do nothing to stop it or even change it. Crying about the locusts which are devouring the corn crop has never prevented one hungry locust from gorging itself at the farmer's expense. We must never loose sight of the fact that we are on the defensive and yammering about who is leading the charge against us is pointless and useless. A defensive position is totally absorbed in merely staying together and alive. Once one goes on the offensive, then he can train his sights on recognizable and specific targets. All things have their correct season.

Our first task is one of association. It saddens me that so much energy is spent in futile attempts to "start" a revolution or "form" a party, or whatever. It must be recognized that we are indeed in the middle of a revolution whereby the White people have been seized by the hair of the head. Some Whites, of course, enjoy and encourage this and they should be well remembered for a future day of settling accounts.

Our association should be one of humility knowing that all are important in their own right. White association is not a contest or a game of musical chairs. Until we can associate in a civilized manner, and in great numbers, there is little point in pursuing anything. As a family, each is as important as the other and it grieves me to witness the foolish competition which exists today among the self-proclaimed "leaders" who are fascinated by their images in the mirror and swoon over their own utterances.

A leader is not one who establishes himself on some platform and then beckons you to follow. A leader is the distillate of an active mass and must possess certain attributes very much beyond the mere spouting of words or the tossing of a few stones. There exist dozens of noisy Internet communicators who could never become a leader in anything. One cannot become successful in politics unless he places trust in others. Virtually everyone I have associated with, in this regard, has amply demonstrated that they trust no one and this alone is responsible for them being little other than one-man shows entertaining a changing audience. Thieves trust not even other thieves and this tells us much about the "names" in the so-called "movement." Trustworthy people have little difficulty in trusting others and thereby attracting more of the same.

It has been mentioned that if a real leader appears among our people, he will be quickly assassinated. Not so. A leader commanding a large and dedicated following could easily put the system on notice that messing with him is the same a messing with his horde of followers. If the hyenas knew that the wildebeests were united, and acted collectively, they would quickly look for another source of food. Unity is strength and unity is your best protection. Adolf Hitler walked freely among his people, without fear, which is something even God's Pope will not do. George Lincoln Rockwell was shot. He never was in command of any sizeable group at any time.

When White groups have a get-together, what usually happens? I'll tell you. Within minutes, rowdiness soon escalates into brawls and chaos becomes the lead performer all to the tune of nigger "rock" racket. A few of the self-appointed crowd harangue the masses with denunciations of "niggers," "jews" or whatever. The crowd screams and bellows. What a wonderful public image this makes, especially if it's plastered all over the TV networks. We cannot win this war alone. We need massive support and that can only come from those millions of silent, and wonderful Americans who might agree somewhat with our position, but nonetheless wouldn't join our ranks on a bet.

Hitler came to power under existing German law. Thousands of rudderless youths joined his ranks after witnessing the behavior of the Hitlerjunge. There is no beauty in the chaos of a garbage heap. Beauty and order go hand in hand. It would do all of our youth an immense service if they were to see the movie Hitlerjunge Quex. In it we see young National Socialists at their best.

We must all do some deep soul searching and endeavor to "clean up our acts." If a few can manage this and further manage to have a life free from niggerball watching, beer swilling, Negro imitation, and "pussy" chasing, it would then be possible to form an association of a few dozen. Those dozens could grow into hundreds and the hundreds into thousands. Then my friends, we would be on the way to forming an organization which would secure our place in the future. If, for a moment, you think that some undisciplined mob; howling like banshees; getting spaced out on alcohol and drugs; and having as their only objective a "piece of ass," will save your bacon then you are deluding yourself to an alarming degree.

If indeed we are the crème de la crème of the human lot, then isn't it about time we started acting like it?

What a wonderful start it would be to have a few thousand like-minded souls get together without drunken orgies and other silly non-flattering spectacles which do not serve the interests of White autonomy. As a start, how about two dozen?

by Robert Frenz

2 June 1998