14 Jan 98

"Christian" means relating to, or belonging to Christ, that is, the King. The King, in this case, refers to Jesus who spent his boyhood in Nazareth. Thus, Christians congregate believing in the holiness of Christ Jesus. Christ is divine, so they claim. On the other hand, the jews claim that Christ was not divine; was not born of a virgin; and therefore just a mortal teacher – a rabbi, in their world. So my question is this: What in hell is a Judeo-Christian? What in hell is Judeo-Christianity? Can we have a rational union of religious peoples where one portion believes one thing while the other portion believes the opposite? Talk about 1984-type dimwits!

OK. The jews tell us that Jesus was one of them. The spineless christians, after claiming the opposite for centuries, now shout to the heavens that Christ was a jew. The "true jews" put their own idiosyncratic spin on the story. Even the present Pope joins in. So where does that leave us?

According to those who claim that they alone are God's "chosen," jews can only receive "jewish genes" from their mothers. One is a jew if his mother was a jew. Daddy sperm-donor doesn't count. So, whether Mary was a virgin, or not, it remains that she must have been a jewess. However, given this immense, and relatively singular importance, the lineage of Mary is sadly lacking from the Bible. Through the maze of begots, begets, begats, and begones, Joseph's kin is not hard to locate, and trace. It appears then, that while the Judeo-Bible is loaded with importance concerning males, it severely down-plays the role of women – those critters responsible for determining who a jew is in the first place! Wacky is as wacky does.

The "beasts" of the Bible are also interesting. There are the wild beasts and beasts of specifically four-feet. Some beasts have two-feet and can talk, wear sackcloth and can copulate with women (Lev:18:23) – which is a no-no punishable by death. Some writers believe that this special beast of the field was the African Black. The Bible, in many of its books, denounces race-mixing as well as faggotry but these Z-rated verses are rarely mentioned anymore. Lastly, we have the mardi-gras type of beasts with various assortments of heads, horns, feet, baubles, bangles, beads, etc. – a mish-mash of oddities straight out of some perverts fashion shop, a Spielberg movie, or adorning some inner-city pimp-mobile.

There is a special beast – a "chosen" beast complete with a name, a mark and a number. We all know that the number is 666 (Rev:13:18). These "natural brute beasts" (2Pt:2:12) do have a name but their mark is not necessarily their number. Perhaps the number leads to the mark.

The sum of 1,2,3 is 6. The product of 1,2,3 is 6. "6" immediately brings to mind the 6,000,000 – with its 6 zeros. "6" also reminds us of the six-sided cells of the bees' honeycomb. It is the image of the mindless twits of Orwell's 1984 and the proposed "brown-man" of the sought-after New World Order. When 6,000,000 is divided by 666, the remainder is 6. World War Two's Zionist-directed D-day invasion began on the 6th day of the 6th month in the 6th year of the war. Is something distilling out?

The 6-sided star (Solomon's seal; the star of David) can be formed by using 6 single lines. It can be formed by using 6 double-crossed lines (X's). It can be formed by using 6 triple-joined lines (triangles). Single, double, triple – we've seen this 1,2,3 before.

The Beast has more than one mark. Some of them appear on grocery items where it is getting nearly impossible to sell anything without them. One has a difficult time entering the marketing business without having the mark. In fact, it is becoming increasingly dangerous to be anti-666. People live in fear of being branded an anti-666ite. When a blight-winger is called an anti-666, he immediately yodels, "Who me? Why, some of my best friends are 666's. I might even have an uncle who is a 666." The Latin word for six is sex and we all know who controls that industry – porno and all.

We are living in the 6th millennia which is completely controlled by the Beast. All those opposing the Beast will suffer frustration, injury and usually defeat.

The "great red dragon" (communism) gave power to the Beast (Rev:12:3) and (Rev:13:4) "...who is able to make war with him?" Look at our "stealth" aircraft technology and atomic weaponry. Who can stand up to this? "Who rules America if not 666 – the number of the Beast?"