by Robert Frenz

9 July 2000

I watched Denise closely from my position on the opposite side of the room. She was about 30 years of age and quite good looking. The slight translucent darkness under her eyes revealed that she probably had an Italian father and a Northern European woman for a mother. She was married and her behavior indicated that she had a pussy-whipped husband which was confirmed when I was introduced to him about five months later.

Denise had a typical loud set of flapping lips which she used to intimidate others and exert her presumptive nature. She just had to be the chief of every committee which the group suggested. The more she talked, the greater my disappointment grew – attractive but very ignorant. After one of her vivacious ramblings, which contradicted some comments I had made previously, she paused and asked if I would respond. I told her that I was once 30 but that she was never 60. This, I remarked, gave me a slight edge in the wisdom and experience department. She asked what I meant by that and I smiled. Hopefully, she got the picture before many more suns rose and set.

The young of today never experienced the society of which I fondly remember. Few bothered to lock their homes and keys were usually left in the parked cars. If a fellow said he'd pay you next Wednesday, you'd receive the money on Wednesday. When someone borrowed something, he returned it. Today, you have to retrieve it yourself. School kids could be left alone in a testing room and there were no such things as lockers. We left our outer apparel on hooks and our idle books on shelves in what we called a "cloak room." In our small city of 18,000, we had six police officers carrying rusty revolvers. Today, this place has the same population with nearly sixty officers carrying well oiled pistols. One could only be on a varsity team if his grade average was above 85. Today, dysfunctional morons "represent" the schools. In the past, I liked football and enjoyed watching Army's 'Doc' Blanchard and Glenn Davis juggernaut as they bowled over team after team. Those two men were at the top of their class but today football is nothing but pasture romping for bipeds the size of water buffalo with corresponding I.Q.s. and usually spaced out on drugs. Few young girls were in the knee spreading business. I estimate their number to have been about 5 percent of the school high school population. Young men wanted to marry virgins so as to give their children a woman they could look up to instead of some village slut. (A whore is a slut who gets paid.) Likewise, most of the young men were chaste thus presenting to their future wives a body which hadn't been swimming in every available crevice. The list could be constructed lengthy.

Lying, cheating and stealing are modes of living for a large portion of our present day youth, that is, when they aren't copulating, imbibing drugs or making a public nuisance of themselves and being parasitic relative to their caring, but simple-minded, parents.

In less than one-half of a century, values have been turned upside down and I have thought about the reasons for a long time. There was no particular event, or sequence of events, which led to our present decaying state. The change came about as a result of the changing attitude of what we affectionately refer to as our benevolent ZOG.

1945 was the year international communism triumphed and this could not have come about without the support of the United States of America. From the beginning, the U.S of A. has directed its efforts along that line. I am not about to recall the massive evidence which exists to demonstrate this but will mention that a thief is always quick to point the finger and call someone else one. Claiming that "we" fight communism or that our Marxist "democracy" is opposed to it, is to lie to ourselves. Never forget that Hitler rose to power as a response to communist threats, both within Germany and without. Japan was also anti-communist. That's why the agreement between Japan and Germany was called the Anti-Comintern Pact. It was not an alliance. Germany could have ended communism in Europe, and Japan in Asia. But the American boob came to the rescue. He can always be counted on to work against his own better interests.

America, as the nation we knew, died in 1945 and commenced to decay. Since then, a program of world wide destruction directed towards ALL White nations, and nations controlled by White people, was introduced. The public was, and is still, shielded from knowing the true nature of the hateful Eisenhower orders which led to the deaths of over one million surrendered Germans plus the unprecedented looting of their country and the outright deceit which condemned millions of people to Soviet gulags, and executions, by an operation called "Keel Haul." (Good old 'Ike' was a democrat until he discovered that being a republican gave him a better shot at the presidency. Ike was a hater first class and an egotist with no sense of honor, thus was easily purchased by the powers behind the scenes. Oddly enough, most Americans still buy into this one party with two names business.) If any objective documentation of so-called WW II "war crimes" was ever assembled, the good ol' U.S. would take the prize. I said shielded, because all that we are presented with today, relative to that period, are a few scenes of typhus victims being dumped into a pit and "survivor" tales ad nauseam plus accolades by the jew Peter Ustinov regarding our "gallant Soviet allies" – a communist state. (Israel today has a legal communist party. You'll find communism taught on our college campuses but National Socialism, never. That should tell you who runs our "liberal" schools.)

America's first recognizable jolt came with the school integration of 1954 where primitive low I.Q. Blacks were supported by armed troops against the popular position of what we used to know as "the majority." It was "party crashing" on a gigantic scale. The majority obviously did not rule anymore unless the majority was non-White as in the case of African countries. (Many people support majority rule in South Africa but oppose it in the United States. The common denominator here is the anti-White position.) The results of a popular vote were over-turned by judges if that vote supported White wishes. It has been so ever since.

The Korean disaster, which would not have been one if we were governed by people with a nationalistic American spirit, plus the Vietnam slaughterhouse, left Americans dazed, unhappy and susceptible to communist propaganda about "brotherhood", "equality", "love", and all of the other undemonstrable claptrap plus "rights" which allowed everyone to piss on each other – with love and tolerance, of course. People grew tired of thinking about things, and despondent because they lost control of their society. Thus they took to "fun" – a Constitutional "right", I presume.

The loss of control affected the American White male the most. Sixty years ago, if a man caught his wife getting a beef injection from another man, she'd be lucky to escape with all of her teeth in place and the man, with his life. Today, one stern glance is cause to call authorities alleging "abuse" of some variety. If your child burns down the house and you smack his rump as a result, the "law" will be sniffing around for proof of "child abuse". But what is this thing called "law" anyway?

Law is a set of rules designed by, and agreed to, by lawyers generally for the benefit of lawyers – a privileged class sort of thing. When was the last time you voted on a proposed law of any substance? Most lawyers have effeminate backbones, which are only stiffened by support from their own mob, and the belligerent ones are always, and only, so when they have witnesses. Meet one of them alone in a woods and you can quickly determine this for yourself. (They do insist we 'obey the law' – their law! Men – that means the serfs – are not above the law. What a nifty way to control the sheep.) People are drawn to the law business – it's not much else – because they wish to control others 'legally' (read: in SAFETY according to THEIR rules) but their endowments are so feeble that they could not do this on their own merit. Thus, the law becomes the refuge of the weak and envious – the classic communist appeal. Envy directed toward the naturally superior is the driving force of communism. The inferior always unite to destroy the superior. "Oh," you might say, "the laws are made by the majority of the citizens." I won't waste my time in a response to this bit of adolescent delusion.

The White male is the most productive of all men. He spends his time inventing, building and just plain doing. That's why things are easily slipped past him – the salami technique. Today, he finds himself unable to be captain of much of anything. It's not because of an inability, but because most of what constitutes proper male behavior is now "politically incorrect" in nearly all cases and down right illegal in others. He was too busy tinkering under the hood to see who sneaked into the driver's seat. It is pointless to demand that the White male "be a man", "do something" and fart from the mouth with asinine drivel such as "might is right" and the "warrior" malarkey. Furthermore, it is only academic to blubber over how it happened to come about, for those reasons are as beneficial as the knowledge of why the Titanic sank would be to the people who froze and drowned. We're here and we are mostly chained.

Men are more concerned with behavior than with feelings. Women bathe in feelings. A man would care less why junior poisoned the gold fish. Mother would worry about the delinquent's feelings so when the family fell under the control of the female, it ceased to be a family. In days past, a woman usurping a man's role would be a rarity. Today it is common place with a husband dutifully following the dictates of his wife who, in turn, caters to the self-centered wishes of their brats. Heaven to Betsy, we mustn't make little Dennis unhappy. "One parent families" are a testament to the utter failure of relations between men and women.

Communist notions have always been more appealing to women than to men. That's why the "party" always directs most of its propaganda towards them. To destroy a nation, one begins by destroying the family and since the male is the nucleus of the family, then it becomes obvious who the real target is. The current hot air relative to "restoring family values" is just that – political gas. (More destructive gas is issued daily from our Congress than ever escaped from 6,000,000 punctured cans of Zyklon B.) Family values are only the external manifestation of the inner values of those who comprise the family. You don't don them as you would a coat or vote them into existence.

By observation, one readily observes the female communistic input to the child's upbringing. "Now, you MUST SHARE your toys with your cousin." How often have you heard this one? This is the beginning of the destruction of property rights and Dr. Torah fully promotes this idea along with the "equality" of women within the family which oddly is paired with a man being little more than a "sperm donor". (One hour in conversation with her husband would solve the whole puzzle!) One should respect his children's right to property but teach that sharing, while not obligatory, is often very good policy.

Women teach their kids to beware of ALL strangers whereas a man would teach them to discriminate as one might between the varieties of snakes. This blanket dictate generates fear and it destroys community and certainly inhibits the acquisition of knowledge. In my town, there was a classic Irish beauty by the name of Lois – bright blue eyes, cream complexion and dark hair. Her image was so striking that after these many decades, her face is still fresh in my mind. At the age of eleven, she was somewhat molested by a fellow we knew as "Peanuts". My uncle, her father and Mr. Knapp paid "Peanuts" a visit and discussed the matter with him in a nearby gravel pit off Bank Street. When "Peanuts" left the hospital, he took the first train going west. This is why our town had very little of this sort of monkey-motion. The police knew and the district attorney knew but the affair was simply a "family matter". That was before criminals, perverts, parasites, predators and so on had "rights" – which really means, special privileges. The "freedoms" we know today are merely a license for the undesirable to ply their wares and the misfits to avoid responsibility. (Puppet mestizo George W. recently announced that he will strengthen 'civil rights' – a catch phrase meaning extending special privileges and favoritism. Dung head Al is in favor of the same thing.)

Women usually excuse their child's destructive, and disrespectful, behavior as "He's just a kid" – a kid "having fun." The child's selfish motives then become the raisons d'être – the modus operandi – and the male has little to do other than smile and wait for his bedtime reward, unless he has been naughty. Creativity, as evidenced in colored mud splattered upon a wall, in a woman's mind is the result of some abrupt action taking absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to accomplish. Thus, all children are creative. To a man, creation is a long and arduous task to which most are unsuited. Da Vinci creates. Picasso shits.

The White male is not entirely innocent. Although increasingly fettered, he does not have to be dragged into the mire. There is no excuse for some of the behaviors I have seen, from the battering of women, and heaven knows many truly deserve it, to the degenerate view that they are of little use beyond an assist in achieving orgasm. There are many, many sound women in this land but you won't find them on a "million women march" or voting for the jewess lesbo communist Hillary.

Brought up in the permissive feminine atmosphere of what used to be a family, it is little wonder that kids lie, cheat and steal. Mom – just watch her with her brood at a super market – never controls – she screams and when that proves futile she bargains, offers bribes, or simply ignores the whole thing. Thus kids learn the art of not paying attention and that talk is little more than atmospheric vibrations. When dad is captain, a woman could always refer to him. When my mom said, "Sit down and be quiet," that didn't mean jump up and down on the chair nor sing in a low voice. It meant one thing and one thing only. If one did not heed her direction, then one knew – with absolute certainty! – that the matter would be discussed with dad when he got home from work. THAT was something every child wished to avoid! In addition, modern kids grow to disrespect their parents because the word of their parents is usually worthless. THAT was why we once had a more orderly society and the alternative to order is disorder and ultimately, chaos. This is our future and the foreboding signs are not hard to discover. (A typical 'mom' attitude was expressed to me recently. Mary was complaining about her daughter's boy friend who, during a drunken display at a 'party', took pleasure in urinating into the plant pots. "I didn't like that," she said, "but they were only kids having fun.")

Many of the young don't like what they see in the future but their behavior is only a reflection of what they bitch about. They are part of the problem and you'll find them everywhere. As workers in a super market, they are "bored" and "underpaid". (In my book, stupid and overpaid.) The world owes them a living and it was mom who taught them that. If they showed signs of boredom, mom rushed to entertain them. If they lost interest in, or destroyed, their toys, mom supplied additions and replacements. They toss cereal onto the floor and mom obligingly cleans the mess up thus instilling in them the notion that others are their servants. (Aren't all TV ads for cleaning compounds promoting this theme?) The kids never learn from bad experiences since mom and pop surround them with safety gadgets of every variety. Thus they learn that they can do as they well please with no consequences worth mentioning. Mom is the first to offer excuses for the wayward or deficient performance of her children. Her kids are never average, they are always superior – in brains and beauty and talent. Just ask her.

One can certainly criticize the moms but we should never overlook how they got that way – some penis attached to a small brain took an allegiance to obey her.

We can understand how a drunk could fall into a well but getting back out is a different matter. Is it possible for the White male to get out of the hole he excavated for himself? Yes, it's possible but not probable. It cannot be purchased or voted into existence. We threw away the ounce of prevention and the pound of cure has grown to be a ton. The way out is very difficult and the most stern of actions would follow the realization that someone has to go and that "more" is not better. A society governed by women, which this one essentially is, no one should "have to go". This is why women are at the forefront of every appeal to "feed the hungry". It's their nature to offer tit to ANY hungry mouth. A man recognizes, that for the most part, people who are perpetually starving just are not viable creatures and feeding them will only increase the problem in the future. If a man tries to save most, a woman demands that he save all – a very foolish restriction. A man also recognizes that helpless baby grizzlies grow up to be big and dangerous grizzlies and it's better to deal with a small present problem then allow it to become a giant future problem. But women rarely look to the future. We feed – they breed, is a male observation. We feed – they need, is a female observation.

Many will accuse me of chauvinism and many other 'isms' relative to comments about the obvious relative to the numerous bitches and witches which infest, and subvert, this society. Call it what you may, but my respect for womanhood far exceeds short-lived beauty and the temporary warmth of a moist orifice. With my children in mind, I chose to offer them a mother which is more than a "sexually active" slut, a physical "beauty", or some floozy with a bevy of kids from unrelated fathers. A man is therefore required to have his brain control his zipper.

Life is a roller coaster and the ascent does not begin until you are at the very bottom. The White male hasn't reached this level – yet. But keep the faith. All comes to those who wait.

When you are on the bottom , your first task is to look up.