by Robert Frenz, 13 may 2001

America, for a large part, is enveloped in hedonism – the pursuit of pleasure. Many philosophers claim that what is pleasant is axiomatically good.

The communist assault upon the Russia of 1905-1919 had much assistance from the poor living conditions of the peasants and the far superior living conditions of the aristocrats. The attack upon America could certainly not follow the same outline since most Americans were living about as well as any Tsar.

The attack upon our old America, an America long since gone, began with an undermining of state power, a cherished Constitutional platform. As Maguire mentioned, the state militia had to be neutered. If that had not taken place, there would be little border hopping by the Mexibeans who are now replacing our white population – governing by populating. Even if Arizona chose not to allow the invaders in, its bordering states would have confined that invasion to that state. The Second Amendment suffered its first defeat.

As the undermining of all authority proceeded, the family had to go, for the family is the fundamental unit of the Nation. "Family" has always meant the single authority of the father. Thus old dad was castrated by appeals to disgruntled old hens and air-headed females who felt that they should be wearing the family jewels. The female vote was for the purpose of splitting the family since, since it was previously known, a woman held the same political views as her husband – at least, any woman with a brain would not choose to marry a man with whom she disagreed on such an important issue, along with that of religion.

The brisk downward slide over the past decades has thus gutted the entire family structure, but no war ever is waged on one front alone. Destroying the family is a present-orientated enterprise but families could rise again. Hence, it was necessary to destroy the fiber of the young and thus render the future generations ineffective is resisting their masters.

As we all must recognize, order can never be maintained by anyone unless he has the authority to punish. The carrot and the stick is a fable which does not stress that the stick always comes first and then with judicious use of the carrot, further use of the stick is seldom necessary.

Under-developed children, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, are now given "rights" on a par with those previously earned by their parents. Mom often thinks this is dandy since it relieves her of the responsibility of acting like a true parent. Dad also goes along for the same reason – let's all play together.

Still living are many Alzheimer's-free old codgers who can remember an America when it had a rug and can now see that the rug has been pulled out from under them.

The attack upon the young has proven successful as indicated by the massive numbers hooked on drugs, alcohol and sex, and dumb beyond belief. You cannot convince an alcoholic that drinking always results in future disaster. You also cannot convince the promiscuous that free-wheeling sex is not good because he enjoys it and how can anything so great be bad. First, some basics.

All critters enjoy sex. The more fortunate animals are guided by built-in regulators. Humans like the stimulation of their sex organs from the day they are born until the day they die. When an adult fondles the organ of a minor, it is called "child abuse". If a child fondles the sex organ of another child, it is not called "abuse". In either event, the child likes it.

The "in the privacy of your own home" cliché is quite misleading. Often what occurs in the private home has after effects which impinge upon the welfare of the community. "Doing your own thing" often has disastrous community effects and make no mistake about it, a family cannot exist if all are engaged in activities which adversely affect the other members of that family. A family "doing its own thing" could handicap the well functioning of a community. We cannot exist without each other, and if each entity considers nothing other than its own pleasure and well being, then the society collapses as we see in this well advanced stage today.

There is nothing secret about the communist agenda. It's out in the open and therefore hardly a conspiracy. Early sex is now being promoted from all corners and most statutes forbidding this have gone by the wayside. Weakened parental authority is virtually helpless as Marxist teachers, and the commissars of the day-care communes, openly push it. I have even read matter on a "racist" website which condones child pornography.

Most Arabs have long known the connection between early sex of the penetrating kind, and the "hot" character of such young girls. That's why they procure 8-12 year olds for their harems. Once introduced to this adult activity, the girls are permanently disabled emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As 40 year olds, they still view the word as a young child which makes them extremely unreliable, and ill equipped to perform in an adult world. Their only value to anyone is that from which they were purchased and they will pursue the only thing which appears essential in their life, until they die.

Young men always try to "sow their wild oats" and most of them will, if given a chance. God has shown us, in his architecture of life, that the young studs should be thwarted. This has always been the prerogative of the older male, thus the struggle of the young buck against the old dominant sire.

It is no coincidence that sex and drugs go together for both serve only selfish motives. People addicted to either, are useless to their families and hence, to their nation. They cannot be talked, or bribed, out of their addictions and so only a reestablishment of legitimate male authority would be capable of dealing with them.

Kids have always been kids. They engaged in "if you show ne yours, I'll show you mine," since time immemorial. They experiment with lying to each other among other things. However, these childish excursions never carried over to the adult world. One never sassed his parents or any adult, for that matter, nor lied to them. The society ran smoothly and a child could hope to earn adult status by his behavior. Soldiers used to earn their way up the ladder of promotion but the rug has long since been pulled and today one may be promoted over the heads of those superior simply due to a politically correct biology.

Children up to sexual mischief are not in the same ballpark as one in which an adult enters. The presence of an adult legitimizes the experimentation in the eyes of a child and renders an equality which is not there. All adult "monkeying" around with children should be severely punished. In the past, this was handled by the village fathers. "Fats" was discovered performing fellatio on young Jimmy. As I learned from his brother, Jimmy was enjoying it but that act was an assault upon that child's future and hence the future of the community. In those times, before the State stripped fathers of their fatherly rights, a few men took "Fats" aside and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. It must have been a good one, for Fats was never seen again.

I am sure that there are many silent fathers out there who still run a "tight ship" with the full approval of a loving wife. Perhaps his children might not recognize the benefits at the time, but as sure as the suns rises, they will someday. You cannot ne a man and a stud at the same time. Today demands that we recruit men in this cosmic war for survival on a planet filled to overflow with the enemies of all that Western civilization stands for.