by Robert Frenz

28 April 2000

Truth lies halfway between credulity and prejudice.

The purpose of the American system of education is to produce citizens useful to the state – Plato. Thus it falls into propaganda at best remaining little more than blatant indoctrination. However, with the application of subtle force it becomes a form of brain washing. The force is one of peer pressure and 'political correctness' and benefits are bestowed upon those demonstrating that their basic convictions and attitudes have been destroyed and replaced with beliefs which further the political objectives of the state. Thus, it appears quite self-evident that our government schools are directed towards establishing a population with closed minds immutable to any wind of truth. Thus, the bed is made for a people possessing every foul attribute of bigotry and it's not difficult to establish this fact.

"We have the best government on the face of the earth." How many times have you heard that parrot song? How would any person really know unless he has lived under all of the various governments? It is like Maxine who once claimed I was the greatest lover in the world. How would she know unless she was far more active than I realized. Flattery, of course, usually neutralizes one's sense of judgement.

The young student can easily verify that his school is in the business of brain washing and not there for the purpose of creating "the enquiring mind." Although much of what passes for chemistry, mathematics and physics does not easily lend itself to questioning, the whole field of social studies and government does. Music, like art is a matter of techniques exercised under the cloak of apprenticeship.

I went to one of those hot air "problem solving" sessions directed at improving what cannot be improved – inner city 'education'. Outside of being 'gassed' it nonetheless provided a few chuckles when the Ph.D. belched that "diversity was strength." My wee mind was buzzing with questions. "If we are all equal, then where does the diversity come from?" "Is a steel beam strong because it is made up of diverse elements?"

Out of respect for the woman I was with, I kept my big mouth closed but it was readily apparent that this joker was either a brain washed bigot or a hypocrite. One cannot win any debates with this sort of being since he marches to a Marxist drum.

I may have mentioned this before, but a principal of one school tried to give me the bum's rush and have me canned. His objection? In his words, "You are disturbing the tranquility of this school. You are encouraging the students to think." I was guilty as claimed.

Dr. Torah recently announced that concentration camps were for the specific purpose of interning jews so that they could be run through the "guess" chambers while nailed to a conveyor belt. Facts easily dispute this ignorant claim but if you so present them in a class, you'll be lucky if you escape with your hide intact. Brain washing tolerates nothing and punishment is certainly in store for the inquisitive.

The truth about 'race' – actually species – has been around for centuries and has been the product of both lay observation and scientific research. Here is an area which will indicate how perverted one's original God-given gut instincts really are. It's one thing to mouth the acceptable racial platitudes but quite another to act against one's proclivities. Behavioral race-mixing is not in the same class as verbal pronouncements. Behavior is what one IS and not the idle thoughts which fall over each other during that process called thinking.

ZOG is very interested in day care centers where race-mixing is encouraged at an early age. Their first step towards making this part of 'free education' was the destruction of the family. You can yodel all you want about "family values" but hot air never built one damn dam. Since 'family' meant a group of people with someone at the helm, it was clear in 1960 that an all out assault upon the authority of the White male would take place. Family problems traditionally solved by the head male, were gradually removed from the control of the man of the house. Women were legally given the 'right' to have dual stewardship and then, under faggot and feminist pressure, they were soon given the top slot. (A domestic variety of affirmative action.)

We are now submerged in what is referred to as "domestic violence" which excludes the mayhem wrought by miserable bitches and their criminal offspring. As one listens to the pundits, one might conclude that most men simply go berserk once in a while and for no good reason. These outbursts always fall upon some "innocent" woman who tells her usually twisted and exaggerated story while the tears flow like brine. Woman as scapegoat! "I was just standing there and he attacked me." It's a jewish line. "We were just minding our own business and they rounded us up for the ovens."

A recent problem arose in some game preserve in Africa. Dozens of rhinoceroses continued to be found dead – broken ribs and legs. It was a puzzle since the rhino was assumed to have no natural enemies. Vigilance gave the answer. Young male elephants were attacking them, knocking them over and them leaning a knee into their midsection. This was very unusual behavior and the cause was soon discovered for the elephant's extremely aggressive behavior which they even engaged in between themselves. All of the elephants were young and recently introduced, as a game preservation measure, into the park. The culprits were all young males. Since this behavior was never noticed in a herd where older males were present, it was decided to add old males to the population. There it was! The aggressive behavior of the young males ceased and no further rhinoceros deaths occurred from that cause. This is also true in the talking ape family. Remove the father and the young males go pervert or become unruly often to the point of overt criminality. I have seen young males, where daddy has flown the coop, show the most disrespectful tone to their mothers. If I, as a child, ever uttered one such remark, I would have soon learned that dad was not about to let it go unpunished. But punishment has been forbidden by law to extend beyond the domain of our kindly ZOG. Janet is free to massacre a whole settlement of people with odd views, but dad cannot even raise his voice to his unfaithful wife without being dragged into the arena of "verbal abuse". The father has been stripped of his horns and with that, the family disappeared. (I don't call those houses of copulation, families.) As the family goes, so goes the nation.

Much of the emasculation of males occurs in the schools where female teachers greatly out number male teachers. One cute little girl once told me that her female teacher harped on about the desirability of circumcision since it introduced the male to pain, which she added, was just. Men simply deserved it. This bitch is some poor fool's wife and some innocent male's mother! I'll give you 'verbal abuse'!

Yes, you are trained to have a closed mind and it's probably better that way for I have discovered people who actually get headaches from thinking.