20 April 2003 — Eat This! – Robert Frenz 
In the Ngorangora Crater of your mind, spend some time trying to ascertain the obvious differences of the critters you see there. What do I see?

First, many animals are eating grass and leaves. Second, there are other animals who eat the animals who are eating grass and leaves. Two divisions come to mind: plant eaters and animal eaters. We know them as herbivores and carnivores – prey and predator.

The prey always seems to be traveling in herds, one following another, rarely looking ahead. The predators often have groups, but they don't follow each other in the same way and they are always looking ahead. The prey have eyes set far apart while the predators have eyes close together. I observed some battered remains of both. The prey have relatively long digestive tracts, compared to predators, and predators have some conical shaped teeth. We know these teeth as 'canines', 'cuspids' or 'fangs'.

It appears that our senses can tell us a lot and we need no books nor experts to tell us what is what. Man has a short digestive track. Man has 4 conical teeth. Man has eyes set close together. It appears than man is geared towards being a predator, a meat eater. We do know that man has shown to also eat plants.

There are 3 basic categories of food, which are in the order of demonstrated importance (1) protein, (2) fat and (3) carbohydrate. There's no need for us to delve into the complex nature of these substances for books on bio-chemistry only serve to obscure the obvious.

Protein contains the elements, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. Fats and carbohydrates are the same except they do not contain nitrogen.

During the course of living, our bodies grow and repair themselves, and move about. This moving about requires the energy of combustion provided by food. For growth and repair, nitrogen foods are needed.

Protein sources are either complete, or incomplete. A complete protein is one which contains each, and every, amino acid necessary for health. Some amino acids are manufactured in the body. Protein from plants is incomplete. People who insist upon eating only vegetable products – not even eggs, cheese or milk – develop nutritional deficiencies often appearing as a sort of schizophrenia.

Not only are proteins necessary for growth and repair, they are precursors for every hormone in the body.

Fats are glycerol esters of fatty acids. Fatty acids are long chain hydrogen-carbon links attached to a carboxyl (acid) group. There are 30 plus carbon atoms per molecule of fatty acid.

Carbohydrates fall into several groups but it will suffice to broadly say they are sugars and starches. We recognize sugar by it sweetness while starches are rather flat in taste. In the body, starches are converted to sugars.

Muscles are protein and for them to perform work, they require the burning of fat. Fat, in order to be burned, needs a small portion of sugar. Eating "reduced fat" eggs, milk, steak, or whatever, prevents the 100% assimilation of the accompanying protein.  The fat stored on your rump takes a long time to get into service. By that time, the need for it has passed.

Fat often goes directly into the bloodstream and some goes to the lymph system where it awaits its call to supply fuel for the muscles. Fat by-passes the liver which is not true for carbohydrates. Cells always hold residual sugar to be used with fat to supply energy.

Due to the varying demand for fuel, starches generally go directly to the production of stored fat. Simple sugars enter the bloodstream and that which isn't used right away gets stored in the liver. Beyond a certain amount, the rest ends up as storage fat.

Much is written, and much is debatable, but an easy experiment can clearly demonstrate what the body prefers when it comes to fuel. Old timers knew this from experience but later generations apparently cannot learn from experience, nor their elders. Anyway, take two equivalents of both butter and ordinary sugar. Since it's hard to determine much while the body is constantly in flux, the experiment will be made while you are sleeping, or resting for a long period. At bedtime, eat about 6 tablespoons of sugar and note any slightly delayed effect on your body. Chances are, you won't notice any as far as body temperature goes. The next night, eat about 3 tablespoons of butter. If you don't soon notice a rather warm feeling, then perhaps you are in need of burying. (The sugar can be dissolved in water for ease of consumption. To those with some mental aversion to a glob of butter, then substitute an equivalent of medium fried bacon.) You should have deduced that fat goes nearly directly into supplying energy and this reaction is so preferable, as far as your body is concerned, that it gets burned whether you need it or not. That's why your body temperature rises and if you are like me, you'll start to sweat as a means to dissipate that heat.

Protein for muscle growth and repair. Fat for fuel. Carbohydrates few and far between, especially the starches (grains) for they produce most of the fat on your frame.

How can this be when ZOG tells us otherwise? Foremost, neither ZOG or their partner in crime, big business, cares one damn about your health. If we were all perfectly healthy, a massive service industry would vanish and that wouldn't be good for the economy. ZOG also needs criminals in order to keep all of those guards, prison builders and police officers busy as well as that horrendous parasitic class known as lawyers and judges. ZOG needs their welfare recipients in order to secure votes for criminal politicians and provide consumers for business. Destroying countries and then rebuilding them, is also good for business and hence, the economy.

ZOG wants you to eat like a cow for dollar reasons. It costs a certain amount of time and money to grow a block of calories, let's say it's wheat. We could smash the wheat, mix it with water and eat it. If we choose instead to eat some critter which ate that wheat instead, much energy is lost because that critter uses some of that wheat energy for himself. Meat eaters have the environmental improvement of sharing his habitat with other creatures – those whom he chooses to eat. The "veggies" would reduce the planet to "war orphan" humanoids and soy beans. That's not diversity, is it? Nutrition wise, eating a cow is far superior to just eating the corn and grass it eats.

Animal products don't store well. A box of cereal can hang around for months, open to the air. That saves a bundle of ZOGbucks and is certainly more convenient.

Why the "fat scare"? It's more expensive to feed cattle, for example, a healthy diet which builds up fat with its muscle. Meat sources geared to low fat muscle are actually the result of nutritional deprivation  produced the same end appearance as starvation. During starvation, fat is utilized first. All weight losing diets are actually starvation diets and most of them are bad news due to the very low protein content. When the fat's gone, the body starts consuming muscle. Remember the silly songbird Karen Carpenter? She deprived her body of essentials to the point where it interfered with her thinking. This led to more forced starvation where her heart (muscle) collapsed due to deficiency of structure and strength. Fat is expensive and that's why they pull it out of whole milk and sell you white wash for about the same price. I hope you didn't think they tossed that "poisonous" butter (milk fat) away.

Since ZOG cannot tell the difference between natural fats, such as butter and lard, and hydrogenated paint oil, all of its fat research was therefore rendered void, in my opinion. It's like the medical profession trying to get a handle on some ailment by testing groups containing every race on the planet. The "equality" insanity poisons everything which happens! We will always have mounting problems because no one is interested in facing reality. That might offend someone.

ZOG, when it shoves its kosher krutch up your keister, always wants you to know it's for your own betterment. It starts wars for the enemy's freedom.

You do not need 3 "balanced meals" daily. You don't need orange juice every breakfast. You don't need a steady stream of vitamins and minerals daily to tax your liver and kidneys. If your will power is so feeble that you cannot go 24 hours without food or drink, then shame on you.

The same greedy people who are selling you their latest advice on what to eat, belong to the same club that has convinced a multitude of brainless dog lovers, that dogs thrive on carrots, soybeans and corn. Oh yeah? The next time Spot looks hungry, offer him a steak and a bowl of cornmeal mush. He'll tell you what he thinks of your "wholesome" corn. Starving dogs will eat chicken feed, and so would you. Adding a cart full of vitamins to mud doesn't turn it into valuable food.