Before the word-twisters turned the word discrimination into a variety of prejudice, it was a mark of people with character and intelligence. "He had a discriminating taste," was a common complimentary expression. The world trend is an assault upon the superior by the hate-filled and envious denizens of our odoriferous biological sewers. The mobilized attack is not upon discrimination, per se, but upon the projected results of that simple act. Discernment, which is allied with discrimination, is an act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgement. It is an ability to see distinctions and make thoughtful decisions based upon those observable differences. Where might discrimination lead to in my life, for example?

I choose to have a son, an intelligent son. Thus I feel compelled to seek out an intelligent woman with a narrow blood line. (The more race-mixed your mate is, the greater the risk.) Probability tells me that my best chance lies with White women. Keep in mind that an intelligent decision, when the outcome is not guaranteed, always lies in the direction of the highest probability of success. Also remember that I am excluding personal tastes at this point and allowing my thought process to direct me toward my desired end of an intelligent offspring. I am excluding Black women not because I find their manners, looks, odor and sounds objectionable, but simply because there are very few of them who can think above the level of a 12 year old average White female.

As I enter the domain of personal taste, the selections diminish smartly. I have a fondness for people with blue, green and even purple eyes – as with one beautiful cousin of mine. In one stroke of selection possibilities, I have eliminated the Yellow race and nearly all ostensible Whites. Once I add red or blond hair to my blueprint, millions of other females are eliminated.

The more demanding the requirements, the fewer the opportunities. That's life. (I know of one beautiful, young, amiable, intelligent and discriminating blonde woman who has had very little success in finding a suitable life's partner.)

If I were a typical boob, I'd care not what type of son I might engender. Sex would become little more than a fun thing – my Constitutional right to orgasm, as it were. Thus, billions upon billions of warm, moist orifices would be available from those found on cows, camels, llamas, sheep, goats, apes, wogs, nignogs, barely human humans and of course, rectums, oral cavities and perhaps deep knife wounds. The outcome of this 'getting your rocks off' activity would sometimes result in impregnation which would evolve into something not exactly viewed as prime, much less desirable.

Discrimination in the selection of a mate would lead to superior people. The lack of discrimination leads to nothing of lasting value and rarely to even temporary value. Attacking one's ability to discriminate, and choose, impedes the creation of valuable beings. The war against discrimination is actually a war upon future superior people.

I discriminate when I choose to eat a sweet peach instead of a bagel containing rat droppings. I discriminate when I refuse to eat spinach or dandelion leaves. I discriminate when I choose to date a clean smelling woman instead of one having the odor of rotting fish. I discriminate when I refuse to converse with morons or associate with liars and thieves. I discriminate when I hire an honest man, willing to work, as opposed to a Clinton welfare supporter.

I am thankful my father was discriminating in his selection of my mother. I am thankful that my mother was bright enough to recognize the value of my father and say "yes" obviously based upon discrimination.

Hormone urges and gonad unrest hardly qualify as discriminatory devices. One who eats at the jewish owned MacDonald's certainly cannot be accused of having a discriminatory taste. He who believes every "nazi" horror story certainly has lost the power of discernment and perchance even the ability to think at all.

Perhaps our decline as a race has as its barometer, the dwindling ability to discriminate. Let's party!

Robert Frenz

24 May 1999