Early in August of this year 1999, the jew Sam Waterston belched another blatant fabrication which he read from the script provided by the jew-run History Channel. His little disinformation spot is called Time Lab 2000, whatever that is supposed to represent. These little "factual capsules" generally have a distinct anti-Western flavor which is of course, very politically correct. I had listened to an earlier blurb of his but I dismissed the outright lie as merely some sort of error. I have since changed my mind.

This particular venture into relative falsehood concerned the son of an ex-slave. A Black man, Elijah McCoy (1844?-1929), was given credit for the invention of the lubricator cup, a sort of upside down oil-can used on railway cars. Elijah was said to have had a degree in mechanical engineering but he couldn't find a job as one because he was a Black. (Same old crap!) Sam also mentioned that the popular term "the real McCoy" also originated with the lubricator cup when customers demanded "the real McCoy". "The real McCoy" is a comparative expression. If there were only one of something available, that statement is superfluous and ludicrous and would apply to Elijah's claimed invention.

Well, well. Elijah was born in Canada and as a young man he sailed the ocean blue and worked as an apprentice for a real live, honest-to-goodness mechanical engineer in Scotland. Longing to be free, he returned to America humming God Bless America, and promptly secured a job oiling railway train wheel bearings for a Michigan company. Elijah got tired of continually oiling them thar joints and so wondered what would happen if he tied one upside down in an appropriate spot. This was his supposed "invention" and I was unsuccessful in searching the archives for any patent in his name nor any reference of him whatsoever prior to 1983. (Patents for lubricating cups pop up about 2 times per year.) After Elijah died in 1929, "oilers" were still using their squirt cans as late as 1946. My crowd loved to hang around railway yards when we were kids and had much visual knowledge of what the various train crew members did. It is also of interest to note that the steam engines of the 1850s used oil pumps to lubricate their bearings. Oiling cans were used for relatively unimportant areas, as they are today, for squeaking parts such as door hinges. In addition, many present-day electric motors still employ a wick which is periodically soaked with oil. Oil-soaked porous bronze bearings have replaced most of them.

As I mentioned earlier, "the real McCoy" is a comparative phrase which implies the existence of an imitation or duplicate, so to speak. Sir Frederick McCoy (1823-1890), a British palaeontogist was a world recognized authority on carboniferous and silurian rocks (geology). He was often consulted concerning the genuineness of one bit of fossil or the other. Some fossils he declared not to be what someone thought they were, or claimed to be. They were not "real." When fossils were presented to the appropriate societies, some often asked "is it 'the real McCoy'," that is, did Sir Frederick put his good-housekeeping seal of approval upon it. As for being a Black Edison with an engineering degree, poor Elijah was not "the real McCoy" either.

While we are on the subject of bearings, the Vikings used roller bearing on their carts over 1000 years ago. Meanwhile, on the Dark Continent, they never had wheels nor carts much less bearings.

White history is being captured by non-Whites in an insane effort to prove 'equality'. They first steal your name and then they steal your history. A recent 2 hour TV special was devoted to "Black" ancient Egypt. It's true that in the latter dynasties, mulattos presided over that land but they were not true Blacks. (Modern Egypt is a land of 'equal' mulattos who are on our foreign aid dole roster for a very simple reason. It's called "down the tubes.") For understandable convenience, the program made no mention of those red-haired, White mummies which reside in British museums. DNA testing of recent years affirms what accurate history and common sense already informed us.

Some of you might remember the blatant Budweiser (beer) lie whereby they promoted that Hannibal was a Black man and even supplied the schools in 1980 with a likeness of Martin L. King in the form of giant posters!

A people who claims that once they did this or that, or created great things, should be able to duplicate them, shouldn't they? Even niggerball is a White man's idea.

Robert Frenz

15 August 1999