The coaster slowly jerked to the top of the rail. As it crested and started to be held in the eternal hands of gravity, the passengers shrieked and writhed with exhilarating satisfaction as the descent gained momentum.

The preparation was long and the flight up to level was slow and uneventful. The door was pulled open and a grateful wave of anticipation overwhelmed the sky-diver as he glanced at the slowly moving terrain below. One brief leap and the downward fall began – the fall previously anticipated for hours.

Most people have experienced the bliss of similar events, that is, those who could still walk upon the earth in relaxation after the event.

Few stop to watch the tedious and slow erection of some new bridge or building. Many will gather to watch its destruction with the attendant collapse and scattering of each bar and brick.

Whether it's construction, the upward flight of the sky-diver's aircraft or the roller-coaster during the ascent, the "up" energy is virtually equivalent to the "down" energy. There is a similarity and a difference. "Up" uses energy to establish a certain order whereby the energy is contained and labelled 'potential'. "Down" is the conversion of this stored energy into an energy of motion we call 'kinetic'. High potential, high order. Low potential, low order. The thermodynamic boys use some words derived from the Greek to describe this – enthalpy and entropy. In essence, it says that all things like to achieve a lower energy level and achieve a state of greater randomness, that is, chaos.

Who will run when they can walk? Who will walk if they can stand still? Who will not sit instead of stand and who will refuse to lie down rather than sit? No one. So it is with all life from parsnip to cougar. It is easier to steal than to work. It is easier to cheat than to be honest. Ask any buzzard or hyena or welfare recipient. It's the easy way out and there is everything natural connected to it. Animals habitually follow this avenue. Civilizations depend upon order and order requires a whole bunch of energy input.

Our Western civilization is enjoying the ride from order to disorder. It's natural and so much fun and most profit from it. Of course, there are a few long-sighted pessimists out there who claim they can see around the next bend and over the next hill. Who really cares about them anyway? Listening to their warnings takes the edge from the fun and laughter.

As a manufacturer desirous of immense profits, I never really approved of my workers earning that much per hour. I could have raised my selling price but that would hamper sales. Yes, bring in those coolies. I'll pay them less, they'll be grateful and I'll increase my profits. Those White people who were displaced really are not my concern anyway. Let them work out their problems. It's a free country.

As a business man, I am in favor of letting the country become gorged with bipeds from every nook and cranny on the planet. More people mean more customers and that's good. After all, profit is what it's all about. They'll need houses and such and that's a way to employ the White guys who lost their manufacturing jobs. By the way, as soon as I can teach the Panamanians to nail a few boards together – for smaller wages naturally — I'll dump those honkies as any wise construction entrepreneur would do anyway.

I am a physician and business was rather slow until we became undulated with exotic diseases from foreign shores. Hell, I am now going to take a great paying job at a new clinic just to study diseases we never heard of before they were imported. This will spur the drug industry to pump out more poisonous chemicals and also give them a chance to increase their profits through more efficient technology. They will also need to employ more people for the new laboratories. That's good. More diseases, more doctors, more hospitals and more "health" plans. Bigger is better.

In my youth, I had a job where the manager of my department told me the secret of his success: dream up projects to work on and use this as a basis for hiring more people. Have some employees put some things together and then have others take them apart. Everyone will be busier than a bevy of whores on Saturday night and we'll call it 'research'.

I am the chancellor of the best engineering school in the country. We've been rather stable over the decades with little growth. It seems that only a small percentage of the people have the mental acumen to endure our rigorous curriculum. I was told that the government has an interest in everyone becoming a Ph.D. in one science or the other. In fact, they offer to slip us big bucks if we could manage to enroll more of the under-privileged equal class. What the hell, lowering the standards a trifle wouldn't hurt that much and it will increase enrollment. It's all for a good cause: more Ph.D.s, a larger faculty, more building construction, more research projects and more of everything. Surely those students who broke their buns struggling to achieve a "C" would appreciate now receiving an "A". Who wouldn't like to receive more for doing less? It's like getting a raise in salary. It would also confirm every mother's notion that their kids are all geniuses. And think of the professors. Instead of wearing themselves out trying to get across LaPlace transforms, they could now sit around and bullshit about personal problems and the ills of society. Everyone wins. More for less.

From insurance schemes to stock market gambling; from scaring the crap out of people about their diet or Armageddon to selling them pills which cause side effects thus needing additional pills, it is all progress! More people, more diseases, more crime, more housing, more prisons, more hospitals, more employment, more available nooky, more busy work, more, more and more. It's all increasing and that is what progress is all about, isn't it?

The randomness is increasing. The corruption is increasing. The disorder is increasing. And it is so neatly circumscribed by the natural order of things. It is not evil. It is just the way things are and that's how it shall remain until we either hit bottom or decide to put some energy back into the system.

Just as the leopard cannot exist trying to imitate a lion, neither can the White man continue to exist while adopting ooga-booga values. He also cannot achieve his destiny until he listens to the wise words of his own people. What hawk would take advice from a goose? Why would any self-respecting White person let a Dr. Laura, Dr. Ruth, Dr. Spock, Freud and other frauds offer them advice? If White people cannot behave as White people, then they no longer exist as White beings for they would have lost their souls. The physical trappings are always the last to go.

It's a downhill ride but remember the encouraging word of the jew, "Enjoy."

Robert Frenz

14 September 1999