FAEM April 1992


One person rendered a kindness when he stated that the Junited States was a circus run from the monkey cage. Actually, it is an insane asylum run by criminals.

One of the never ending array of circus acts will be performed here in Buffalo on the 103nd anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth. It will be a confrontation between one set of loonies called "Pro-Choicers" and another set of loonies called "Pro-Lifers." The prostitute media can be relied upon to properly "hype" this non-event into a spectacle which might rival the Super Bowl in craziness. One group merely wants to impose its will upon the other and I feel that the community would be well served if both groups were allowed to physically annihilate each other, which is their real desire anyway. The verbal manure will be piled sky high and anyone who is not brain-dead really knows that no one ever convinces another of anything. The police will be caught in the middle, as usual, and will enforce whatever they are told to. It remains to be seen which batch of zoo heads will have the greater say. Through it all, we shall observe the flapping lips of some kosher script reader on our Big Brother cathode ray tube. TV journalists are people with vestigial brains. They input information through their eyes and output it through their mouths without the intermediate inconvenience of processing it all through their gray matter.

The Pro-Life (anti-abortion) crew will be lead by the same out-of-town jerk who instigated the commotion in Kansas City. This whacko claims that he talks to God and gets messages from the angel Gabriel. If this were a sane society, statements such as this might be an invitation for admittance to a funny farm. In third world America, criminals, disease carriers, morons and freaks instantly become national heroes with bread and circuses as daily fare. Anyway, it appears that this team will picket abortion centers scream all sorts of things, will shed a few tears, be clubbed a few times and probably be jailed for all of their trouble. They do, however, have truth on their side. Abortion is the killing of a living entity whether it is condoned or not.

The other team is the Pro-Choice (pro-abortion, pro-death) bunch. This group appears to contain large numbers of lesbians (who have a hard time getting pregnant in the first place) and others with a good case of the uglies (those who contemplating males would never impregnate anyway). They claim all sorts of "rights" and usually have a batch of jew lieyers telling them about the Constitution, a document noted for the lack of jew input. The battle cry concerns a phony "right" that a woman can do what she pleases with "her body," a truly prostitute notion. Another argument assumes that the abortion bound twit will get one anyway and therefore it is better to have clean, legal clinics (soon to become AIDS infected) rather than a dirty gravy baster filled with Lysol. The premise is right out of a comic book and extends to other areas of social activity. All that children want to do is screw, so fit them up with condoms to make it safe. Therefore, since drug gulpers are going to bomb out anyway, why not supply them with FDA approved crack? The bottom line of their argument is that a woman can copulate with anyone or anything, anywhere, anytime and then run off to the erasing clinic when the result becomes inconvenient. It is the same mentality and arguments that the faggot feces/rectum worshippers use. They bring AIDS upon themselves and then demand that the non-perverts in society do something about their deserved misfortune.

There has been only one creation of life which, in my opinion, was an embarrassment for God. He will probably not make that mistake again. Since then, life is only a continuation of life, a permutation, so to speak. Since the moment of conception, cells grow and divide and assemble themselves in the direction of a viable and mature entity. In the human, this process takes the better part of a year within the mother's uterus and twenty some years outside of the uterus. During the early period, the infant organism is dependent upon its mother for oxygen and food. Birth is the point when this organism, although a long way from complete development, must intake oxygen and food on its own. In a chicken, birth occurs when the egg cracks and not when it is deposited into a nest. Whether the period from fertilization to birth occurs entirely within the mother's body or not, it is immaterial. Anyone managing to stay awake during his biology class, can see interesting parallels between the seemingly different mammalian reproductive processes of the platypus (egg developing), opossums (pouch developing) and humans (uterus developing). Only the a-holes in the Pro-Choice crowd would claim that an egg, or whatever, is part of the mother's body. A fertilized egg is an implant, period. The "choicers" simply want a license to kill that which is inconvenient. It's okay to kill a developing human when it is in the uterus but it is not okay to kill a developing human when it is not in the uterus. Idiotas!

DNA and blood analysis proves beyond any doubt that the embryo/fetus is a life form in its own right but facts never sway those interested in imposing their warped notions upon others.

I am not on either side although I often feel that abortion should be made retroactive and I have noticed that the Pro-Choicers obviously had Pro-Lifers for mothers. I will probably bet on the abortion favoring bunch. Most Americans seem to enjoy slaughter and applauded their leader when he ordered that recent zionist-directed genocide known as Desert Storm. Genocidal, pork-belly General Blackhead, a man with psychological problems, was elevated to hero class when he cried about not being allowed to kill more Iraqis.

The anticipated mess that we shall see in the streets of Buffalo is only the acne of a sick body. The sex fetish which pervades every aspect of our lives has its roots in the freaky blather of the jew Freud who maintained that sex was the alpha and kumquat of life. Cigar-munching Freud was a known cocaine user and liked to masturbate while dressed in his mother's clothes. Now that's a man you can trust for advice on sex. Then came hop-along Spock, another jew, who advised that children should be allowed to ax the antiques because to do otherwise would be harmful to their precious psyches. Thus, undisciplined brats grew into immature adults who became parents. Men no longer sought women who would be good mothers. They only wanted a good lay and someone who would relieve them of responsibility, like their mamas did. They encouraged their women to enter the job market (extra bucks to satisfy greed) and the women grabbed at the opportunity to avoid the world's most difficult and nation-sustaining task – raising healthy and normal children. Some women now seek to control the life or death of an inconvenient result of a convenient piece of nooky while pussy-whipped men stand by and applaud or gawk.

I would favor abortion on demand only if it were accompanied by sterilization. Any woman who would voluntarily seek the termination of the blending of two lives, hers and her partner's, is a woman not worthy of being a mother in the first place. In fact, she would also make a lousy wife and fit only for some male geek who stretched his willy once too often. This type of female demonstrates contempt for her paramour, contempt for herself and contempt for her forebears. She, and all of those who agree with her, have reduced love and its intimate experience, to a barnyard level. America doesn't need a revival. It needs a good bath in the liquid of your choice.


If you take the initials of ADOLF HITLER and insert them between ADAM and EVE, so that the first shall be last and the last shall be first, you'll have ADAMA and HEVE. These are the names of the first man and the first woman that appeared in the Hindu book "The Prophecies" by Ramutsariar. This account of Creation predates the Christian Bible by about two thousand years. There must be a message somewhere in all of this.

Over-paid fat-head Lee Iacuckoo says we all should buy American cars. I wish he would define his terms as I cannot decide whether a Japanese automobile built in America by Mexicans is "American" or not. I peeked inside of my American computer and found the processor chip was made in Korea, the RAM chips came from Mexico, the timers were Japanese and the disk drive swam over from Hong Kong. The only thing "American" about the whole thing was UPS, the service that delivered it to my door. Even then, the driver had a strange accent.


ANN FRANK invented the ball point pen in 1943 so she could finish writing her diary.

RON PAUL'S newsletter contains 3200 words and costs $50 per year. FAEM costs less, is funnier and has 5200 words.

GILBERT WARNER was surprised while relieving himself on a fire hydrant. He accidentally circumcised himself while hastily closing his zipper.

MICHAEL UMGOWA-TIMBA ventured into the hinterlands of Zaire to inquire of the voters concerns. A primary issue must have been food, because they promptly ate him.

HEINRICH SCHLITZ, Kommandant of the notorious Schlammberg death-camp in Nazi-land, fed 666 jews out-dated garbanzo beans, stuffed them into an ATT Telephonsprechzelle where they eventually gassed themselves to death.

WILLIAM DRECK, notorious critic of mugging, rape and Congressional thievery, was executed last January at Ossining, NY, for "literary crimes against identifiable groups". Miraculously, he "survived" the electrocution and promptly changed his name to Isaac Scheissberg. He is currently the host on CNN's "Prime Time Dead" and also collects his "survivor" check each month.

THEY LIVE, WE SLEEP by Eric Thomson

Americans are serfs, not citizens. Citizens participate in their government and take part in decision-making. Serfs merely obey the dictates of their rulers and pay taxes. Serfs own practically nothing. They do not own the land they live on or the houses they live in. Few own the cars they must have to go to and from work. Some even owe money on the clothes they wear. In previous times, serfs wore chains of servitude. Today, they wear chains of plastic and paper which they sometimes display as if they were fine jewelry. An old-time serf would never have mistaken his chains for symbols of privilege and prosperity, as do his modern successors.

Americans think as isolated individuals, although they live in a collectivity and are subject to the policies others decree for them. They suffer collectively and individually, but they seem unable or unwilling to band together to solve problems which can only be solved collectively. Because they are unwilling to take the steps necessary to solve their problems, they must continue to suffer whatever new impositions their kosher masters wish to impose upon them. Who knows how long they'll complain and suffer before they dimly begin to understand that they must organize and act to solve the national problems which have caused their individual problems? As in the film, "They Live," the goyim obey and sleep.

It is a question in my mind as to how an increasingly race-mixed and down-bred population can solve any problems, as compared to those they create in such abundance. Such a population is not at all worth saving. The sooner it perishes, the better. The question for those of us who are not race-mixed or down-bred is, "What is to be done?" One option is always that of doing nothing. But how then do we defend ourselves and our children from the predations and parasitism of our enemies? We can, in the words of Dr. Oliver, "... run like rabbits and try to hide in the weeds, in hopes that the enemy will catch and devour someone else." But can we really hide? And what if we are the ones who are caught?

Despite any lip-service to "patriotism" and what can only be called hypochristianity (the only true religion for hypocrites) these people can best be described as devout materialists and fantasy-addicts. Their whole lives involve getting and spending, except for their addiction to escapist entertainment. The fictional world of TV is as "real," or more so, to them than is the real world of people and events. They themselves seem to live as reflections or shadows of the entertainment world in their videos. It is a world of materialist-escapists. No wonder drugs and alcohol are such problem in this society.


The Commissioner of Education, a jew named Sobol, here in Cuomo-land, has been running there and here burping about the latest plan to make silk purses out of sow's ears. Sobol's Deputy Commissioner has the name Sheldon and a libber named Diamond is the Assistant to the Commissioner. Nuff said. Anyone with the capacity for thought knows that all of the improvement plans of the past fifty years have come to naught. Man-made rules, or prayers for that matter, will never alter what God has sealed into the genes of every living thing. This latest batch of hallucinations and directives is aimed at improving education results in the 1990's. Things will get worse, baby, and that's another "I told you so" prediction. Under the present type of leadership, the only way this country will be Numero Uno by the year 2000, is to give the Iraq treatment to everything else on the planet. This new product of the condom heads is called "A New Compact for Learning," or "Compact" for those who cannot remember five sequential words. Typically, it has a lexicon of buzz-words which will not alter the smell of the manure. Samples are: Outcome-Based Education; Portfolio Assessment, Exit Outcomes; Commencement Outcomes; Stakeholders; Standards, Not Standardizations; etc., belch and burp. Also typical is the massive Fl FO FUM of bullshot one has to wade through in order to find the "meat." I can now understand why the first act following a successful revolution is a mass execution of all lawyers and PhD's. Anyway, the name Compact is appropriate. It conjures up an image of a device full of powder and rouge that is used to cover up blemishes and give color to that which is colorless. It is all paper hanging. Another kind is needed.

The first page of the packet I received contains a picture of a Ubangi peering into a Japanese made, Aryan invented microscope, obviously trying to find the beginning of the beginning. This is followed by a picture of a taco belle who belongs to a "thematic unit" which explores the folklore of the Frito Bandito. The anti-white bias of these several papers oozes out from every page. Honkies of the world ... unite. You have nothing to lose but your scabs.

"All children can learn! If a child is not learning it is because he\she is not being taught in the way that he\she learns best." Wow! How's 'bout dat fer a quote? Teachers must now spend time monkey prodding to see what turns the little apes on and then develop individual programs. Practically speaking, no teacher will ever be able to track students on an individual basis and achieve much of anything. It is pure idiocy and this will be another reason why intelligent people will avoid the 'teechin' perfession in the same way that intelligent people avoid AIDS carriers. This type of catering crap is not new and is certainly not the most destructive part of the Compact proposals. I will not attempt to analyze this latest piece of bagel dung nor point out all of its contradictions.

A "good" school is defined as one where the difference between low grades and high grades is small. If the rummies in school "A" score 52 while the brighter ones score 96, then it's a bad school. Too large a spread in grades, you know. Since we are all equal, then the education structure is at fault. The object of Compact is to take from those who have it and give it to those who don't have it. If you really thought communism was dead then you'd better think again. The same thing is happening to your money and your country.

One of the methods for grade leveling is the proposal of group testing. Rastus scored 19 on a recent physics test, which shows that he knows something about physics. Ursula scored a 97 on the same test which shows that there were things she didn't know about physics. Therefore, between the two, they probably know everything about physics. What is more sensible than to have them share in the whole thing? After all, we are all sisters and brothers in the Lord. So, Ursula the fair and Rastus the not fair will pool their efforts on tests and share the resultant score. Three cheers for democracy in action! If you are not a Ph.D. you can well understand that Ursula will slack off since she knows she'll never get a 97 again in spite of the theory that superior folks naturally love parasites. On the other hand, Rastus will also slack off since he knows he'll always get better than a 19 from then on. Two slackers will get about as far as Jesse Owens would in a three-legged race when tied to a paraplegic.

Test sharing is not a new concept as I have used it in the classroom on several occasions. Often, due to economic and safety reasons, people may also have lab partners. Whenever I used the test sharing option, it was for the novelty and the students always enjoyed it. But, but and more but, the associations were always voluntary. Slugs would pair with slugs and the gems with the gems, all according to natural law. No one was penalized for being not-equal.

The commissars of education in this state have no intention of allowing voluntary associations in any endeavor. They despise freedom, oppose choice and once again, people will have about as much to say in education as they do in President choosing or how they want the country to be run. Only an idiot would fail to notice that these new proposals will trash what little is left of education in this land. Of course, there will be the numbers and papers that will "prove" that things are better, much in the same way that phony laboratory test reports "proved" that the fin assemblies in the Boeing 707's were really super stuff. I was a quality control chemist for several years in the aircraft industry where greed doth make liars of us all. Paper arguments are made of paper.

The warpies and woofies who weave all of this claptrap are either in the third stage of syphilis or the first stage of AIDS. First they scream that test scores don't prove much of anything and then follow it all up with proposals based upon scores from the tests they wanted to abolish. (Where is the Queen of Hearts?) Tests are discriminatory by design. If they weren't, they'd be as useless as Commissioner Sobol.

Papers and meetings and meetings and papers. I endure it all hoping to discover an iota of the real world in it all. No luck so far and if the American people ever stop lying to themselves and wake up I'll be the first to offer tar, feathers and rope for sale and one-way tickets to the Promised Land.