Y2K (You're too Kind): 8 December 1998

If this were Germany 1936, there'd be no AIDS epidemic nor drug problem. 
by Tom Metzger

What the Jews install in Canada will soon be in the U.S. Violence will soon be the only freedom left.

The best nation on earth just got a little better. Southam News reports November 25 that federal and provincial justice ministers have agreed on a new package of anti-hate laws. Included are police powers to seize computer hard drives that contain "hate propaganda," the denial of the defense of truth to those accused of historical revisionism, and a new list of protected classes.

It is now against the law to incite hatred "against members of an identifiable group distinguished by color, race, religion or ethnic origin. Under the changes, the list of characteristics would be expanded to include sex, sexual orientation, age and mental disability." The legislation will also criminalize possession of "hate propaganda" for the purpose of distribution. B.C. Minister of Truth Ujjal Dosanjh nonetheless insists that this provision "would preserve academic freedom, freedom of expression and all those values that we cherish."

Repeat after me: two plus two makes five, two plus two makes five, two plus two makes five...

Chew on this! Each minute, this planet loses 2 acres of food producing land. In that same minute, the number of clamoring mouths increase by about 200. Hey, hey! The good times are coming soon. 
A motor cyclist from Buffalo NY, is suing New York State and possibly the town of Amherst. It seems he collided with a deer and wants the state to pay because they didn't make the roads safe enough. How about gassing all of the deer? There must be 6,000,000 of them hiding in the bush. Then again, I think there should be a law making it illegal for lightning to strike anyone. Why not sue God? After all, look at the trillions of dollars that was collected in His name over the years. This place in a damned loony bin. Why should the society be geared toward protecting idiots from themselves? 
Hot damn! There's hope yet. Some of the younger crowd are actually thinking for themselves and remain aloof from intimidation by those whose mothers should have been more Pro-Choice.

All education should be geared to the fine tuning of a person's God-given abilities. Sadly, this is not the case as our so-called system of education is little more than a brain-washing exercise designed to make useful citizens for some future anti-White state. I speak from experience – both as a student and as a teacher. I have far more "under my belt" than any young person would care to admit but – aren't teachers supposed to know more than the students?

They used to tell us that B.S. meant Bull Shit; M.S. was More of the Same and Ph.D., Piled Head Deep. Today it is worse than ever for absolute ninnies, totally incapable of urinating without wetting their feet, are bellowing nonsense to the heavens. A case in point is found at a link supplied by one of those younger fellows I am glad is with us. B.S. Piled Head Deep.

The Jew Ashley Montague (Ehrenberg) once proclaimed that there was no such thing as race. A similar batch of turkeys, educated beyond their ability to understand, are now using D.N.A. as a means to justify their dreams of a mud-colored population of race-mixed cattle. Suffice to say this:

One does not ascertain the quality of a sweater by only examining the fibers. D.N.A. analysis is great for some interpolations but is useless when it comes to extrapolation. The race-mixing zealots, and the fellows who wrote the statement you should have just read, would have us believe that a 1% solution of potassium cyanide is nearly identical to a glass of spring water since they both are 99% "equal." My senses tell me that there is a vast difference between myself and AIDS Johnson of bouncey-balley fame. God gave me my senses and college never quite succeeded in depriving me of my ability to discriminate. (If this word gives you trouble, then try using a dictionary.)

Acetic acid, methyl formate and glycol aldehyde are 3 vastly different substances. At room temperature, the aldehyde is as hard as a rock while the other 2 are liquids. The formate will boil when placed upon the skin and acetic acid is a solid if the temperature is below 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Physically, these substances have as much in common as a goat does with a prune pie. Chemically, that is behavior-wise, the substances are even further apart. This, our senses inform us of in no uncertain terms. However, if we apply the current "DNA logic" to our examination, we'd end up dining with the Queen of Hearts. These three substances are empirically identical for all the molecules contain 2 atoms each of carbon and oxygen, and 4 of hydrogen, arranged somewhat differently.

To lower things to yet another level, consider run-of -the-mill, everyday, common, equal opportunity carbon. Carbon atoms bond (join) with other carbon atoms to produce substances quite varied. One form is lamp-black, or soot. Another is diamond. Yet another, coal. And again, charcoal and graphite. Graphite and diamond – both crystalline substances – are 100% carbon. Talk about being equal! Only a minor difference in the way the atoms shares electrons makes a gigantic difference in the physical properties of the substance. It's the little things which count the most. By the way, these various forms of carbon are called allotropes and in the above set of 3 compounds, isomers. There are also some good examples of enantiomorphic isomers, but the point is made.

All life, from the syphilis spirochete to the old oak tree, have the same DNA arranged in different patterns. A tiny – very tiny – alteration in the AGTC sequence causes major differences in the characteristics of the organism to which it belongs. In the 3 substances I above mentioned, only a slight difference in the bonding arrangement is needed to invoke major differences both in appearance and behavior. It's those damned differences which should concern us!

The culture destroyers love to focus on similarities. Don't be misled by this Marxist slight-of-hand! An Eskimo is nearly the same as a Zulu. Charles Manson is nearly the same as Clint Eastwood. Most any sausage will fit into most orifices. All orifices are nearly equal. Ask your friendly pervert – he knows.

Think of a day when you are suffering from some disease as opposed to a day when you are ready to take on heavenly Helen. Your DNA is the same, but you aren't. The presence of  less than 1 micro-gram of some virus changed the whole scene – immensely. It's that itty bitty speck of difference which makes a major difference obvious to all. Moreover, a difference of 15 points on the I.Q. scale makes the difference between civilization and the jungle. Life and death revolve about very small – sometimes barely recognizable – differences.

I suppose that those who endorsed the above position paper on race – with their focus on DNA – would find no difference between Barbara and her corpse. Therefore, in bed, they'd be happy either way.

When one of  those position paper pot-heads drinks a glass of  .05M prussic acid (99.9 percent pure water), then I'll start to believe his/her/its sincerity. It's not Wizard of Oz time. One does not need a diploma in order to think.

Why is it that racists seem to forget about race when it's time for peter dunking? 
For some odd reason, probably only known to a cockatrice, much of my mail has been in regard to I.Q. An intelligence quotient is only a score on some sort of test which, by the way, is always being revised so that the imbeciles fare better with each passing politically correct year.

A person with a high IQ score has a higher probability of solving some problem than does one with a low score. That's all there is to it.

People with high IQ's love to flaunt it in the faces of those whom they perceive to have lower scores much in the same way as a flasher does when he exposes his dipper. If you have a high IQ, then your parents should take the credit, not you.

Sometime during my first quarter at the University of Chicago, a few of us from Snell/Hitchcock agreed to go to 55th Street for pizza. I was in the back seat of the car as was a fellow whom later became a close friend. During the ride, the third fellow in the back seat remarked that the driver, whose name I do not recall, had an IQ of 168 and he was on a full scholarship. That was in the days when scholarships were not merely a name for freebie grants, as in "basketball scholarship," "track scholarship," and other such catering to morons with pigmentation, and sweat gland problems. I replied, "That's nice, but it obviously was not enough for him to recognize that he was driving the wrong way on a one-way street."


We all know that, like humans, all dogs are equal. They all bark and all can wag their tails. They eat meat and can freely copulate with each other to produce more dogs. Some dogs are small and some dogs are large. Some dogs run faster than others and some dogs cannot jump as high as others. Some dogs chase rabbits better than others and some won't chase them at all. Dogs come in a variety of hair lengths and hair colors. Like our human society, they are all equal in their diversity.

Let's suppose that you, Mr. Racemixer, live on an island with Mr. Hate and thousands of dogs – something like Manhattan. Mr. Hate has a big, fat, naughty gun and he waves it in your face, from time to time. One day, Mr. Hate arose with a migraine headache, as a result of watching MTV, and was clearly in no mood for a balanced breakfast. You noticed this especially when he loaded his big, fat, naughty gun. After glaring at you for a few moments, he smiled and said that he initially wanted to see your brains splattered against the kitchen wall but he had somewhat changed his mind about using your noggin for target practice. Instead, he offered this:

"If you can bring me a rabbit for supper, then I won't fill your brain full of big, fat, naughty holes. To show that I am a reasonable fellow, I'll allow you to use a dog for assistance. Over there is a large pen filled with 500 look-alike beagles and over here is another pen filled with 500 beautifully diverse mongrels.

We know that there are many mongrels who are excellent rabbit dogs and that there are some beagles who cannot seem to find their own tails. Each pen contains poor rabbit dogs; middling rabbit dogs; and excellent rabbit dogs. This is what equality is all about – whether good, fair, or bad, each equal pen contains some of each.

I am now through talking and so you must pick either the beagle pen or the mongrel pen. Once you have selected a pen, you will then close your eyes and select an individual dog at random. If you make a wise pen selection, and probability is on your side, we shall both eat rabbit for supper, otherwise, I shall dine alone."

Remembering that good choices are those which allow the highest probability of success, which pen would you choose? Made up your mind yet? 

Of special interest to our race-mixing friends is:

(1) A recent National Geographic program, I believe, which concerned itself with a rather large group of Mexican people who possessed a gene responsible for an exuberance of facial hair. The net result was a colony of people resembling Lon Chaney's Wolf Man.

(2) The documentation of a tribe of split-toed Black Africans, whose feet resemble those found on the larger birds.

(3) The Hotentots, of which the female genitalia is so hideous that it would turn a normal man into a monk. (I posted an anthropologist's drawings once, but was asked to withdraw them because they were so disgusting.)

If race-mixers are not to be hypocrites, I fully expect them to grab the next flight to the region of their choice, and engage posthaste in the diseased orgies they so champion.

"I cannot believe that any Aryan could support Rimland after reading her books. It is as if they are befuddled by some evil spell which makes them into blind, stupid fools."
– Eric Thomson   
You cannot defend freedom of speech by engaging in endless debates.

Y2K is just another year.
By the way, Idiot's Night, December 31, 1998 will have a full moon.
That ought to loosen up the loonies a bit more.

If you happen to see a lynched White man hanging from a tree,
you immediately wonder about his criminality.
If you happen to see a lynched Black man hanging from a tree,
you immediately wonder about his innocence.
Why is that?

Hate is in the mind of the maligner.