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Congress shall make no law . . .
Issue # 180     26 Oct 97


Much media flap has been generated over this piece of filth. The sob-sisters have brought out their crying towels for the supposed "victims" of his one-night-stand sexual encounters. VICTIMS? Ask yourself "What kind of female would copulate with this degenerate in the first place?" It's little other than poetic justice – like infecting like.

Nushawn has several aliases: One of them is "Face". This relates to the street jargon "giving face" which means cunnilingus (clitoris licking). Another alias is "Head" as in "getting head" which again is Black "english" for fellatio (penis sucking).

Perhaps Nushawn was molested as a child. Perhaps he was a victim of racism. Poor soul. Perhaps he hasn't "found the Lord" yet. In any event, a book, and maybe a movie, could be in his future. At least this would spare us from being exposed to another Spielberg "holocaust" fantasy.

For a more comprehensive commentary, tune into Dr. Pierce's The Tragedy of Chautauqua County which can be found at under ADV Internet Radio, or Free Speech. 

I've read some Toronto newspaper articles. I've read Ingrid Rimland's statements. I've read Irene Zündel's statements. I've read Ernst Zündel's statements. All I can say is that someone is having one hell of a time with the truth. It appears that the revisionists and the exterminationists were made for each other. That's why I seldom get into their arena where one flying pail of manure meets another. 
I'll take the Fifth....

Somewhere I came across a remark which was to the effect that we are all "mixes" (of the races) hence, all equal and, as a corollary, race-mixing means little in the scheme of things. Sterling silver is a mix (alloy) of silver and copper. Gunpowder is a mix of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. From the above logic, we can say that Sterling silver is equal to gunpowder.

Lettuce may be mixed with vinegar and olive oil to form a simple edible salad. Lettuce may also be mixed with urine and motor oil to form something which I would not consider edible. Indeed, it certainly is very important what anything is mixed with.

It is true – due to the human male's proclivity to insert his penis into any available orifice – that a great portion of the earth's population is a mix. (If inter-fertility existed between men and llamas, sheep, goats, cows, rectums, etc., I am sure the earth would be filled with several more, rather peculiar, "mixes".) Most Mediterranean countries, plus South and Central America, are mixes of all sorts of blood. We could also include Mexico and a great share of what we call Russia. If we can spot blue eyes, blond hair, and fair skin, we are on the way to the recognition of something called race. If we can spot black skin, black kinky hair, fat lips, and a musky odor, we are on our way to pointing out Negro characteristics.

We might search the planet for some shiny, metallic substance which we could flatten between our fingers. We might even have a hint that it is called sodium. Alas, our search would be in vain but that in no way proves that there is no such thing as sodium metal.

The human "mix" has some validity as a term but, as in the case of the aforementioned salad, what something is mixed with is of great significance. A mix of the solid substances, carbolic acid and camphor, may be liquid (eutectic) or solid depending upon the proportions used. A mix (mongrel) of 1 part Negro and 4 parts White is certainly not going to produce an "equal" to a mix of 4 parts Negro and 1 part White. The less the Black component, the more White the individual becomes, and vice versa. At one time, when the world was more sane, these varying mixtures of Black and White were called mulatto, quadroon, octoroon, etc. The question is how much White blood can a basically Negro-blooded person have in order to still be classified as Black biologically? (I am using black/white for simplification of an idea knowing full well that the argument extends to Yellow/Black and beyond to the triracial jew.) Is a 'mix' of beagle and pomeranian a good rabbit dog? The answer is not hard to find.

In Numbers, Ezekiel and Deuteronomy (Old Testament), we find that the iniquities of the fathers extend unto the fourth generation. The fifth generation is therefore "home-free" – a generation out of reach of those iniquities. The fourth generation is 1 part out of 16, or about 6 percent. The fifth generation represents about 3 percent.

Our bodies excrete, in the form of urine, a 4 to 5 percent salt solution. We cannot utilize, for the purpose of thirst or life, a salt solution of 6 percent. We can, with difficulty, sustain ourselves on a 3 percent solution no matter how disagreeable it might taste. "Fifth generation" water may be considered to be water.

We would slowly die if the only air we had to breath contained 6 percent of carbon dioxide (this is contrary to many revisionist diesel exhaust arguments, but nonetheless demonstrable). We could, with much discomfort, continue to have a low energy existence with a 3 percent contamination. "Fifth generation" air may be considered to be air.

There is much to recommend the fifth generation test since a great deal of its validity flows from a centuries long set of observations. Most farmers know more about the effects of poor breeding than do our college professors and certainly draft-dodging Bill, who is always on the prowl for more orifices to stuff. As an unrelated aside, most "based on a true story" movies are about 6 percent truth. The rest being "literary license." In all respect to the jews, when they get ready to produce yet another "holocaust documentary" whopper, they usually insist upon about 15 percent truth – the whole truth would not serve their propaganda ends appropriately.

Recently, I watched the bizarre story of a jew biologist who implanted a portion of a partridge's brain into that of a chicken – while still in the egg stage. After hatching, the chicken displayed an undisputed "voice pattern" identical to that of a partridge (proving the obvious!). Brain transplants are the only way to make the varied races equal intellectually. Phoney scholarships, excuse manufacturing, and fabricated "history", just won't hack it.

A powerful, and deceiving on that account, factor in the current egalitarian atmosphere is the effect which will power has on behavior. The mark of any civilized man is the conscious control he can exert over his emotions and behavior – brains vs. crotch, as it were. A Black man, for example, can be trained to act like a White man given a sufficient amount of will power and practice. This leads the unwary to believe in the equality notion. (A chimpanzee riding a bicycle does not render it human anymore than a Black man riding in a White conceived rocket makes him a White man's equal.) However, once there is no longer a reason to behave as a White man does, it's back to Nature for the Darky – as witnessed by any prison guard, or Nicole, if you please – and the 'emerging' Black nations of the Dark Continent.

Although the discrepancy between Black and White intelligence test scores (about 20 points on the Stanford-Binet) is excused away by such nebulous terms as "racism", "cultural differences", "discrimination", etc., the equality fanatics gloat when the findings indicate that Yellow (Asian) and White scores are about identical. Even "inverse penis/brain size" Dr. Rushton reached the conclusion that Yellows are superior to Whites intelligence wise. A significant factor was left out (an undesirable fact!). This factor is called the 'standard deviation' which is a statistical term. It means little other than how far the Gaussian (bell or distribution) curve is "stretched", thus representing the scope of its deviants.

Consider a society of 2 people – one with an IQ (intelligence quotient) of 70 and the other with a 130. The average (arithmetical mean) is 100. The same would be true of a similar society with a 95 and a 105. Only a fool would equate these 2 micro-societies. (One genius plus one moron does not equal two average men.) Let's work with the first society:

Fellow "A" (70 IQ) deviates -30 points from the mean. The other fellow "B" deviates +30 points. To get away from negative numbers and their disadvantages, the mathematicians square those deviations and then compute the average squared deviation. In this case it is 900. This number is also called the 'variance'. The square root of the variance is called the 'standard deviation'. The S.D. for the first society is 30 while that for the second society is 5. This is a measure of the group's uniformity.

In 1950, the S.D. of America's White student population was 15 IQ points. For the Japanese it is about 8. In a practical sense – even though the average approximates 100, in both cases – this means that the Japanese society has a much lower percentage of its population classified as morons, imbeciles, idiots, and cretins. On the other end of the distribution curve, the American Whites have a far greater percentage of its population classified as genius and gifted. America used to be a reflection of Europe and that is why we will always see more Mozarts, Newtons, Griegs, and Keplers among White people with little chance of any comparable person arising from the Land of the Rising Sun – now or ever. It remains ludicrous to include Blacks in any discussion of genius. I cannot avoid another unpleasant truth: The White race has absolutely the highest percentage of "scum bags", and generally worthless creatures, on the planet. Perhaps some of you may remember that, in the 1960s, several African countries expelled dozens of Kennedy's "peace corps" degenerates because of their corrupting influence upon the natives.

Racially, the Japanese are more 'pure' than are the Europeans, as a group. (White technology allowed White men to spread around Europe, and the globe, thus leaving assorted mongrels in their paths due to their truant gonads.)

So far, the absolute superiority of the White man's technology is demonstrated with every space-rocket launching and aircraft innovation. Without White people, there would be no television, electricity or "freebies" for the ingrates of this planet. (The "muds" flock to White lands because they recognize what is superior. It has little to do with 'freedom'. It has a lot to do with 'freebies'. If the U.S. had the economic level of Bangladesh, do you really believe that the mud hordes would flock here for 'freedom'?) If White people could cast off their racially destructive mid-Eastern religious beliefs and prune the lower end of the distribution curve, that is, by the implementation of mass sterilization, and thus prevent the morons from reproducing, we could raise our average IQ several points and narrow down the standard deviation. That would be progress. As it is now, there are fewer and fewer people putting cookies into the jar but there are more and more people taking them out. This will bring inevitable disaster – just what the gods ordered for people who think they can beat Nature at her own game.

One thing is common to all men and that is their unlimited capacity for self-deception. They all dream away their lives until disaster awakens them.

The equality boys represent just another cult. Because a fox and a coyote are inter-fertile, they believe they are equal – they both belong to the dog race – dogkind. A mule, or hinny (depending upon who sticks it to whom) is neither a horse nor a donkey and a tiglon is neither tiger nor lion. Once breed (race) mixing occurs, a destruction to both races (breeds) occurs. The jews have defined this as genocide and we can conclude that race-mixing is genocide.

When one visits any integrated school during a recess, it is impossible not to observe that the Blacks form congregations apart from the White groups. This natural, and therefore God-ordained tendency, is observable everywhere and with all life. At an African watering hole, the gazelles drink adjacent to other gazelles and ditto for the zebra, not-on-the-prowl lions, etc. We've always recognized this as "Birds of a feather flock together." In today's insane perspective, we call it "racism", "bigotry", "discrimination", "intolerance", and so on and so forth. Being unnatural – even to the point of perversion – is certainly politically correct.

Without government tyranny, the races would gradually separate as does Italian dressing when you stop shaking the bottle. Our alien government tolerates all racial condensations except that which involves White people, particularity of the male variety. This blatant hypocrisy is very revealing. It has little to do with phoney "rights' but a lot to do with destruction, via the legal apparatus, of White male polarity.

The 'birds of a feather' forces extend far beyond mere racial lines. In an isolated, one race, environment, people would separate according to the 'birds proverb'. Indeed, most sane people marry along intellectual lines. In a diverse racial cesspool, such as present-day America, such intellectual separations are obvious. We see intelligent White people associate with intelligent Chinese and Negroes, while moron Whites (wiggers) associate with their intellectual peers of other races – usually the low-end Negro. Asians are far more race conscious than are the Whites and you rarely see intermingling of any quantity or duration.

It has been said that White people are the real "racists" and that most perceived evil can be traced to that. Jews, if you have done your homework, not only write backwards (Hebrew), relative to the Aryan, but they invert and switch around everything they can. So it comes as no surprise that the least racially conscious people are labeled the most racially aware. For, if Whitey were the racist the jews claim, we would not have the racial problems we have today. Racist Japanese are extremely careful about who they let reside in their islands. If Whitey were as racist as the Asians, we'd not now have huge populations of mestizos and orientals residing here in the States and the Blacks would have been shipped back to Africa a long time ago.

The fact of the matter is that the lack of White racism is turning America into a third-world land drowning in electronic gadgets which will never put a brain into any empty skull.

Do you Whitey, once you have become politically insignificant, really believe that a Black, Asian, or Mexican-controlled government will grant you scholarships, medi-freebies, and welfare checks – or even let you live if you don't supply something useful for them?

As a result of his addiction to poon-tang, the American male has lost his balls.