First Amendment Exercise Machine
Congress shall make no law . . .
Issue # 181     1 Nov 97

A White skin ain't enough...

In the previous issue, I mentioned that a jew had transplanted a portion of the brain of a partridge into a chicken. Keep this in mind.

Suppose you, without prior knowledge, came upon this chicken. Your eyeballs, relying upon past knowledge, would inform you that what you see is a chicken. As you watch, and listen, you hear the bird making sounds which were not chicken-like, but partridge-like, and even had a distinct non-chicken gait. The question is: Is what you are observing a chicken?

Suppose you, without prior knowledge, came upon a human. Your eyeballs, sensing light hair, light eyes and a fair skin, would inform you that what you see is a White man. As you watch, and listen, you hear this human grunting rap-crap and gyrating, jerk-wise, as if it were in the middle of a cannibal feast celebration or epileptic fit. He is frequently noticed listening to nigger-screech and nigger-holler (Whitney Houston, etc.). The question is: Are you observing a White man?

If, what looks like a trumpet, sounds like a guitar, then who would call it a trumpet? Who would call it a guitar? Is it a trombone? Our land, my friends, is saturated with "its" – those odd creatures who act one way and look like something else.

Very often, tinges of Black blood reveal themselves, in an ostensible White person, by lips a bit too thick, or hair a bit too kinky, or in their preferences and behavior. Not only must something look like a duck in order to be a duck but it must quack like a duck and act like a duck.

An ostensible White, wearing the latest nigger non-fashion (backwards baseball caps, earrings, pants sliding off one's ass, etc.) and grunting the latest rap-crap, fools no real Aryan. Since this creature doesn't act like a White, then how could he really be one? The aforementioned chicken, with its partridge sounds, is not a chicken.

In issue #180, I mentioned that for a person to be a White person, he must have no oriental, or negro, blood in any of his preceding 30 relatives – all of whose blood he carries, that is, of which he is composed. This, of course, means one's parents, grand parents, great grand parents and great great grand parents.

I have difficulty with the term "half-jew". It arose during a conversation when I mentioned that the actor Paul Newman was a jew. My partner in dialogue was quick to retort "But he's a half-jew." Later on I asked myself what this really meant. I have no difficulty in using "half-Black" or "half-White". Black, and White, are as if primary colors red and blue. "Jew" does not indicate a primary race but a mixture of all three primary races, so what does the "half" really mean? One jew may have more White blood in him than another, but that is no way makes him less of a jew.

Half-mulatto tells us little (as does all 'half' comments) unless we know what the other half is. If the other half is White, then we call the person a "quadroon". If the other half is Black, then there is no term for it. All in all, a half-mulatto is not a White man. A half-jew is not a White man.

Half-jew and half-white is still jew. Half-jew and half-Yellow is still jew. Half-jew and half-Black is still jew. This is what intelligent people, such as Dr. William Pierce, apparently fail to comprehend. Dr. Pierce still retains the notion that the jews represent only 2.5 percent of our population. That may have been true in 1906, but it is not the case today. (And neither is that time-worn population figure of 12 percent Negro.) Many, many jews marry White people only to produce a batch of little jews. When these little jews grow up, they continue the process until today we can scarcely turn our heads without seeing at least one of them – those hideous heads revealed in the video They Live. The jew is the prototype of the United Nations, Big Brother, and Communist, citizen. The more race-mixing there is, the greater the proportion of jews.

Mixed-blooded people will always produce mixed-blooded progeny. With progressive admixtures of White blood, a Negro's family line, for example, may be extended into the fifth generation, at which point those offspring could be considered White. In other words, at this generation, the effects of Negro characteristics would be so diluted as to render them relatively harmless. This, if you'll remember from issue #180, is the 5 percent boundary. A school with only a 5 percent Black student body may still function as White school. When the proportion increases to 10 percent, the characteristics start to become ambiguous. At the 15 to 20 percent level, the school is effectively a Black school. Most integrated schools are behavior-wise Black schools where we may easily witness typical Black behavior even among the White students.

Non-jews, such as David Brinkley, Marilyn Monroe, Diane Sawyer et al., frequently marry jews in order to advance their careers. Any offspring resulting from these unions will obviously be jews. From this realization, we can readily see that jews are very much more extensive than we'd like to believe. They are everywhere!

During the Great Depression, race-mixing was rightly considered an evil when one of the parties was Black. If the party was a jew – even if frowned upon for religious reasons – it was somewhat socially acceptable. But jews simply could not hide in a shower room. The bobbed 'peter' was visible to everyone. (Note: The colloquial 'peter' comes from Galatians:2:7 "...the gospel of the circumcision was unto Peter." Peter, pecker, cock, dick, etc., just weren't pulled out of a hat!) Today, in order to render themselves less conspicuous, the jews have convinced the brainless goyim to circumcise their male infants for "health" reasons. It's a barbaric piece of mutilation inflicted upon children without their consent. (Would cutting off the eyelids prevent eye infections?) God did not equip you with unnecessary parts! In place of an America where the jews try and look like Aryans (nose-jobs, name-changes, etc.), we now have an America where White people are trying to look, and act – eat those bagels! – like jews – enjoy. What a very sad decline for a people who once ruled most of the known world.

Although we can define White in certain ways, we are at once faced with the practicality of the analysis. There should be no concern whether a certain person is a jew, part-Black, mestizo, or someone from the swamps of Cambodia. Suffice to say that they are not White. Here, we will take a tip from the non-Whites on the planet: There are "we" and there are the not-we's – those. In all respect for those who are not White, it is sufficient for us to leave you alone to find, and work out, your own destinies, for if you admit by your actions that you cannot "hack it" without our help, then this admission is one of an acknowledged inferiority. In summary: There are Aryans and there are non-Aryans.

We have been schooled to value objective thought above "vibes" – those tiny inputs from all of our senses. This always affords disaster for those so intoxicated with education. A street Black is more in tune with his immediate environment than are most college students. A cheetah "feels/knows" which gazelle to pursue and a street criminal "feels/knows" which person to rob and assault. White people, who are polite, relatively fearless, and aloof are rarely attacked by Black predators. Every time some White girl is raped, or butchered, by a Black you'll find out that she was most probably a believer in 'equality' and 'brotherly love'.

Three factors destroy the mind's ability to integrate itself with the real world. (1) Indoctrination by schools and churches. (2) Outright brain destruction via drugs. (3) Self-imposed deception. Although we are continually reminded to "think for one's self", that's the last thing the educators and religious want you to do. If one really brought his intellect to bear, then most of the "holocaust" and other religious folderol would vanish before another sunrise. Drug users voluntarily choose to destroy their reasoning powers and so I have little compassion for any of them and that includes the excessive use of alcohol.

I can understand peer pressure, fads, and other "trendy" bits of nonsense. Often we find good young kids shrieking like banshees at drug concerts and imitating African tribal contortions while calling it a "school dance" – all to the beat of log-thumping. If such a person is allowed passage from this weird environment, they rarely return to imitating apes at a banana give-away. However, if an ostensibly White person continues to behave in this fashion (dyed-in-the-wool wiggers), then it is safe to assume that somewhere in his genetic tree there is a Blackface.

People can be trained to act against their instincts – the whole purpose of American education – but when the chips are down and the pressures removed, all will revert to type. This calls to mind an excellent stage act where six chimpanzees went through all sorts of interesting performances including the use of bicycles, smoking pipes, and other human appliances. The show went very smoothly until some member of the audience tossed a handful of peanuts upon the stage.

The jews are moving toward a policy crisis. Ever since the Judeo-Communist victory in 1945, they have been systematically destroying White unity, White culture and White countries. The White man, that is, those who are not in the service of the jew, is the only entity on this planet which can block the One World jewish day dream. Yet, with the destruction of White resistance, the jew will be faced with the Yellow menace. Without White power, there is nothing to stop the expansion of those billions of racist orientals and I doubt very much if their idea of a 'One World' will include the jews.

The biggest threat to the continued existence of the White race is that great horde of ostensible Whites who have just enough Negro, or other non-Aryan, blood in them so that they no longer "feel" White, and thus, cannot act White. These are the real haters of the planet. They hate people who were fortunate enough to have parents who considered the "stock" of their offspring before they went humping – slish, slosh. Although their misplaced hatred is for the more racially pure, they nonetheless probably resent having ancestors who didn't care who, or what, they copulated with. A true Black man seldom hates White people for wanting to stay White and neither does the oriental for they do understand the value of racism. The "white" anti-White haters may harbor other reasons for their envy and hate. The more we refuse to join their indiscriminate, and degenerate, sexual anarchy, the greater will become their hatred. The more we care about the quality of the children we engender, the greater will become their hatred. The more we decline to join them in their sewers, the greater will become their hatred. And make no mistake about it – we are not the majority.

Most of the "blight wing" look White but more than half of them do not act White. If behavior does not harmonize with appearance, then what are we really observing? Is it a chicken or is it a partridge? Or is it neither?


Rush Limbaugh, the kosher CONservative who owes his position to his father's wallet and subservience to the jews, voiced today what might be called a typical christian platitude relative to life on this planet: God is kindly and benevolent. Man can do what he pleases with the planet – exterminate other forms of life whether rhinos or forests – pollute to his loin's content – and God will not let man "go too far!" God apparently will step in – as if another mother – and "make it all better." (God created the planet with a 'built in' mechanism which will 'right' things when the critical point is reached. So sayeth the blow-hard.) Since rhinos were created by God  then wouldn't their extermination be a slap in the face of God? One thing which has always disturbed me by such an attitude is that man was created by God and then given license to assume the role of God. Methinks not.


Nizkor note: This Internet organization is apparently financed by jews and it is an enthusiastic "holocaust" promoter. As if our weekly Big Brother "holocaust" dogma-dramas aren't enough, they claim that their Internet presence is necessary so that the memory of the six-million won't be lost. (Good gawd!) Their arguments usually are as feeble as those with whom they debate. For example: I have seen statements where the verdict of a court, or jury, is accepted as a "proof" of some fact by the Nizkorites. I'll assume that the Nizkor company is a batch of youngsters – and excuse them on that account – for they seemingly are very naif. Do they really believe that the "not guilty" verdict in the "Juice" Simpson trial was proof of his innocence?

Jews are never connected to reality. Their world is one of symbols and a faith in some "legal system" – that collection of word-twisting, intimidation, bribes, and blather. The fact that a jury's opinion is this or that, does in no way indicate that it is connected to a truth. Twelve people sharing a common opinion has no more validity, relative to the truth, than does a solitary opinion. The Nizkor boys and girls do support freedom of speech and that's enough for me to commend them a tiny bit.


Zündel note: The jewess Ingrid Rimland claims that her "Zündel-site" has no connection to Ernst. Irene Zündel, Ernst's wife, claims that he sends $3500 per month to Ingrid for the purpose of maintaining that site. This poses a dilemma for Ernst. If a connection, between he and Ingrid is established, then his court problems will increase. If no connection is found, then the Paraguayan immigrant Ingrid, will be left in total control but sans dinero, if Irene is telling it straight. Moreover, Irene has not yet indicated how much of Zündel's hide she will ask for in future divorce proceedings. In any event, we are witnessing the dusk of the battle, and noise, which started with another jewess Sabina Citron. There is a lesson here.

To avoid the tribal loyalty, and conspiracy arguments, let's assume that there was only one jew in the whole world. Would you still want to form an alliance, like Zündel frequently does, with this one jew knowing full well that such a mixture of sometimes antagonistic genes could never yield any sensible direction? Jews do not know who they are, yet millions of brain-dead nit-wits look to them for advice from Bill Clinton on. From the current faddish guru Dr. Laura to Dr. Ruth, Dr. Spock, Ann Landers, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and on and on and on, millions seek their advice on personal problems and continue to wonder why things never seem to be working out. If Ernst Zündel was as Nazi, as his critics claim, he'd be in far better straits than he is today. "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." Revelations 3:16.