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Congress shall make no law . . .
Issue # 182     9 Nov 97

It is easier to believe than it is to think. 

The National Socialist idea is as old as thinking man himself. On and off, throughout the ages, people have espoused various aspects of the total idea. In more recent centuries, we have men such as Gobineau, Wagner and Chamberlain who have expanded the idea by including other tangential items. National Socialism, since it takes its cue from Nature, could rightly be called Natural Socialism. It is an idea which does not favor the stupid, the weak, and the botched. It is elitist by it own arguments – and hence hated by the majority of mankind and diametrically opposed to "democracy" – the worship of Nature's rejects with its catering to everything base in a human. This idea, as I have mentioned, was around long before Adolf Hitler was even born and it shall last as long as there is one man left alive who values quality over quantity and harmony with God's Nature as a requirement. Unlike other elitist structures, one's position cannot be purchased nor secured by bribery or other machinations.

Adolf Hitler neither invented National Socialism; founded the Nazi party; nor originate the swastika symbol.

The Nazi party (N.S.D.A.P.) was already in existence when Adolf Hitler joined it in 1919 (he was assigned by the military to "scope it out"). By 1920, he was its leader. A political party, and its attendant police power, was necessary in order to put National Socialism into practice – quickly. This is true no matter what the political policy is. Here, in America, we see on a daily basis police power being used to secure the objectives of the state. Americans used arms to establish their new Republic and its government will continue to do so until it no longer has the will, or manpower, to do so (as AA incompetence and quota crap expands, it just may be sooner than later).

The controlled media, and the controlled schools, continue to broadcast that National Socialism was a product of the Nazi party. This is in full harmony with the cart-before-the-horse mentality of the average citizen. Daily, we are told that there exists some nebulous entity called "culture" and that men become molded by it. We are led to believe that somehow religions exist and that men become converted to them. The same is held true by economists who believe that some abstract system can be developed and men contorted to fit in nicely. When left to themselves, men develop political, economic, and religious systems according to their inner imperatives. (Blacks, when free of Western influence automatically fall into one of several varieties of voodooism.) From this, cultures develop. If a new system is brought into existence by the use of brutal – anything less will fail – force, it will surely fail as the generations pass, that is, if it is not in harmony with the spirit of the people upon whom it was forced.

Hitler's political National Socialism was applauded in the beginning and Hitler copied some of the NS ideas of the American Republic circa 1920. The VW "beetle' was Dr. Porche's answer to Henry Ford's very successful "people's car." Henry Ford, as well as Col. Charles Lindberg, were hard-pressed to find fault with the Third Reich. However, the termites in the woodwork quickly recognized that they could not support anyone running around with a can of RAID spraying into the crevices. The jew war against the German Reich commenced in 1933 and it is still going on – with more vitriol than ever before. F.D.R., who absolutely hated Hitler because Hitler succeeded where he failed, easily went along with the promotion of an unnecessary war to annihilate Germany with Pearl Harbor being the rigged excuse.

One might learn about the virtues of voodooism, communism, home abortions and the joys of inserting one's penis into the rectum of a goat, but he'll never learn anything about National Socialism in any American school beyond: Nazi = hate = six-million gassed pawn-brokers. Pro-communist Hollywood has been pumping out ridiculous nonsense, in this regard, for one-half of a century and the "documentaries" – dogma-dramas, actually – are becoming less credible as time goes by. Anyway, it is blatantly evident that masses of people absolutely hate National Socialism and absolutely hate anyone who tries to learn about it. If NS were the failure it is supposed to be, then it could have been allowed to run it course and the world would have had a hearty laugh as one does upon contemplation of a Negro space program.

Perhaps NS would have died with Hitler. Perhaps it would have gone the way of the Soviet state – a state created and fully supported, much as Israel is today – by the American boobs. But perhaps, just perhaps...

All jews are agents of a foreign power...  Norma Jean Switendick

Genetic Groups

I am continuing with the topic introduced in issue #180.

Because "race", as a term, has such a distasteful connotation for the ever-growing set of nitwits in the this land, I'll introduce the more PC acceptable "genetic group" and refer to it with the letter G.

My initial argument considered three genetic groups (races): Black, Yellow, and White. This was for the sake of simplicity in order to present an idea for those who view race as an important item. It could be expanded to include the Amerasian as a sort of Yellow group but I'll leave the complications to the jewish-type minds who will undoubtedly "prove" that since there are six-billion featherless bipeds on this planet, then there must be six-billion genetic groups. On the other end of nonsense, I am sure there will be jews who proclaim the existence of only one genetic group, relative to humans, the human race – mankind!

Some people will at once recognize the not obvious binomial coefficients in my grouping idea and perhaps even spot the binary concept which is implicit to my numbering system. Be that as it may, I'll give the Blacks the more impressive number 3. The jews will retain their tax-deductible holy 6, the Whites will be labeled with a 0 (they are nothing, right? ... they also are last – in the Z-row) and the Yellows will be number 1 – a propitious number as they appear to be emerging as the foremost racial group on the planet – a part played by the newts in Capek's book War with the Newts.

Thus: White = 0. Yellow = 1. White/Yellow = 2. Black = 3. Black/White = 4. Black/Yellow = 5. Black/Yellow/White = 6. (Computer programmers will notice the RGB, and YCM, color parallels.)

If Amerasians were G1 (genetic group = 1) the G2 would be the mestizos. In a similar fashion G4 would be the mulatto and G5 the sambo. This also fits past understanding where quadroons were considered Black, that is, G3. If we included Amerasian as a distinct bunch, we'd have to expand to 15 G-groups. Then there are the Australian aborigines, and so on and so forth down the jewish slide into fragmented nothingness.

The G classification is determined by the 30 ancestor requirement as explained in my previous articles. This, as I have tried to explain, fits very well with observed contamination effects relative to air and water plus Biblical dictates and interestingly enough, the Nürmberg laws of the Third Reich, my grandfather's rules relative to livestock and surprise, surprise! present-day Israel's criteria for determining who, and who not, is a jew. Please note that my classifications quite often result in so-called non-jews being classified as jews while many so-called jews will be classified as non-jews. This results from a mathematical, and biological, look at the topic and thus eliminates an orgy of opinion as to who is what – "A jew is anyone who says he is one." The jews are decidedly not an identifiable group by their own criteria. (The religious group known as Jews certainly does not contain their population third which admit to being atheists.) Then again, I could never understand why jews do not like being called jews. They believe they are God's Chosen and to so label anyone would be to bestow the supreme compliment.

I am completely distancing myself from religious folderol as it serves no constructive purpose in analyzing the real world. One jew, who apparently thinks I sit idly around waiting for his Email, has revealed enough (presumably correct) information about his blood line to classify him as a G0 (White) but still adheres to the ridiculous notion that 'jewish genes' only travel though the mother. His jewish arithmetic is as follows: A G0 (White) father + a G6 (jew) mother = a G6 (jew) offspring. A G0 (White) mother + a G6 (jew) father = a G0 (White) offspring. (The commutative law doesn't apply:
1 + 0 = 0 and 0 + 1 = 1) This, in an algebraic sense, tells us that jews place no value on the father's genes but neither do faggots and feminists. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we find them all under the same blanket.

If we wish to form a White association, then a first requirement would be that the members should all belong to G0. Hanging a G0 label on an obviously G3 body – as some blight-wing groups tend to do – doesn't change the cadaver. The label is never the object and believing so indicates that you need to return to education at square one.

If one examines the genocidal concept of race-mixing, then what is found? The ultimate is a tri-racial mixture of all three races – the G6 which is the jew! Doesn't this tell you something about the direction of the United Nations and its New World Order? Doesn't this tell you something about the christian prune-brains who advocate bending over so that the jews can use the orifice of their choosing? (Turning the other cheek!) The Chosen People – indeed! How come God never intervened when the Devil (Nazi!) was fricasseeing six-million, three-hundred thousand, or twelve-million (depending upon which tale you believe) of them in bread ovens? Whether evolution or creation, who can dispute the presence of distinct races? God created, or evolution developed, the races of man. When men starting humping everything available, that was man's gift to the planet – it had nothing to do with God. Jews, and their christian parrots, tell us the jews are "chosen" or "God's people." No Black believes that. The Chinese don't believe that. The Asian Indians don't believe that and neither do the Mexicans or the Sioux. So, when it comes to a vote, you'll never guess who loses.

Since I stumbled and mentioned a bit of religious stuff, I cannot help but again refer to those buck-chasing charlatans of the TV religious programs. Hal Lindsey, who writes books and pontificates for a living, is all agog (not to be confused with Gog and Magog) at the anticipated, and desired, approaching Apocalypse – which has been coming for over 2000 years now. His partner in baloney slicing announced that "unlike 1973, where we were 12 percent dependant upon mid-east oil, we are now 50 percent dependent" – or words to that effect. (This was followed by the notion that when the next mid-east war pops up, Americans will suffer an extreme oil shortage and thus go "bananas.") Buying 50 percent of our oil from the mid-east does not mean we are dependent to any extent. Buying and trading does not imply dependance of any kind! It is a known national policy that we conserve our domestic oil supplies, as reserves, and do a "pig out" with everyone else's. We "liberated" (PC jargon for 'stole') the German patents covering the conversion of coal to oil and believe me, this is another back-up in case of oil problems. The 1973 "oil crisis" was a phoney, as are most government "crises" in order to keep the boobs befuddled and thus, manageable. Oil was being stockpiled at that time and that's why Joe Six-pack had little at the pumps. Depriving the American boob of access to his toys also serves to get him on a war path against his own interests.

A White organization is no place for women in positions of leadership. In fact, real leadership only surfaces in times of dire need. If we were in violent, and revolutionary, times I doubt if anyone would be inclined to follow General Linda instead of General Richard (even the women wouldn't). The current American voting carnival includes more women as time goes by. This is only a sign of our continuing rot which is evidenced by growing numbers of females wearing jock straps, copulating in the upper position, and faggots wearing earrings. Men are simply not running much anymore. As youngsters searching for morsels in the garbage during the Great Depression, we had a name which fits the typical male of today – pussy-whipped.

In the animal world, Arnold and Sylvester might be classified as men. However, people I know in southern California told me that during one of their seasonal Black riots macho Sylvester boarded himself up in his room while macho Arnold took the next plane east. In a similar fashion, the Manson murders were originally thought to be attacks against movie celebrities. The papers declared this to be a fact and Frank Sinatra immediately left town while Steve McQueen continued on, as usual, driving about with a loaded 38 on his car seat. There's something racial here.

A man is foremost a human and that means we are apart from the rest of the animal kingdom due to a peculiar brain just like the birds are separated from the rest by peculiar "arms." The immense popularity of sports activity has mislead us as to what actually defines human. Anyone can toss a ball and shriek like an chimp whose gonads are caught in a vise. That's why playing with balls – whether attached or not – is so popular. Also, anyone can sing in the shower. That's why vocalists are more popular than accomplished violinists. Most people do not like to be reminded of their general mediocrity but that in no way detracts from the mental sphere as the determining factor in what is meant by human, but also in what a man (male) is all about. A thinking man, with a Smith and Wesson – a product of brain work – is in no danger from a pirouetting Chuck Morris. (Why does the target stand motionless while Chuck does his 360?). A well-placed bullet will splatter the brains of an Arnold in the same way that is does that of a Casper Milktoast. This has always been the strength of the Aryan even though the mental disease of capitalism has allowed the mud-world access to our technical objects and secrets. ("I've killed better men than me with only this small pistol." – Dr. Zhivago's half-brother played by Alex Guinness in the movie with the same name.)

A man first, and foremost, has a willful command over his emotions and desires. What do we see today among far too many young men? A batch of mental weaklings who allow their crotches to dictate the night's activity. This, and other, addictions flow from mental laxness and weakness. It requires effort to take command over yourself but many choose the path of self-indulgence, and lack of concern for others, and thus chain themselves to an infantile existence – an easy tool for manipulation.

Being well established in years, I am able to compare the young men of today with those of my generation. While living on sparse food, and going to school in patched clothing, few resorted to cheating on exams, stealing from the markets, or snorting drugs although they were available, or of looking at a woman as some sort of object to be used as an enclosure for orgasms. We had a respect for authority, our women, and our elders simply because we respected ourselves. We had our criminals, and bums, of course, but they were never excused for any reason. Today, no matter what hot water you are in, there is always something, or someone other than yourself, which can be found responsible. (Do as you damned well please and blame something else if problems arise.) This is so pervasive that it is noticeable everywhere. A recent Email heckler stated that Dr. William Pierce "caused" the actions of Tim McVeigh! What absolute balderdash, but it exemplifies today's moronic, and unmanly, attitude. It's the 90's version of the 60's "the devil made me do it."

If you want to be an Aryan then you'd better start acting like a man – and that doesn't mean pumping iron at the local gym and then running to the nearest pub in search of a buzz and a one-nighter with some zero-morality blanket-ass.

At first we shall learn racial recognition. Next, we shall earn the right to be called Aryan man with its attendant personal responsibility. Only then shall we be in a position to develop a meaningful association deserving of a proper label. Until then, all of those 88's, sieg heils, and NS clubs will remain little other than entertainment. The men who formed the nucleus of the N.S.D.A.P. were personalities of note in their own right and they did not need the party to order to be a "somebody."


A reader mentioned something interesting concerning book titles:

The Lightning and the Sun ...... by Savitri Devi (1956).

The Furies and the Flame .... by Ingrid Rimland (1984).

violence: furies, lightning

light and fire: sun, flame

A coincidental similarity?


Savitri Devi was the pen-name of Maximiani Portas, born 30 September 1905 in Lyon France. Her father was Greek while her mother was English. This tells us very little about her racial make-up. However, she is touted to be one of the greatest National Socialist writers – particularly by women. Since I have received inquires about where to buy her The Lightning and The Sun, I'll reply here:

It was my understanding that Ernst Zündel had exclusive publishing rights and that he sold the book mail order. Since the night of the long flames, most of Ernst's stockpile of books became a burnt offering to the jewish god. In 1966, Dr. William Pierce copyrighted, and published, a condensed version of this work in National Socialist World, volume I. As a service, and with Dr. Pierce's permission, I am now in the middle of a forty-five hour, tedious job of putting it all on diskette as *.HTM, *.WP5 and *.TXT files and offering it as a freebie.

As I re-read the pages of this book, and drawing upon 25 years of classroom teaching experience, I am beginning to form an opinion that – while it is recommended by some – the book would be far too tiring for most people to complete. The author makes some excellent points, but embellishes them with pages of nearly superfluous interjections. (A lot of potatoes but little meat – two-thirds of the book could be eliminated without detracting from the main message.) The almost vulgar use of thousands of commas, semi-colons, colons and dashes, makes each sentence a study in its own right and, upon completion, leaves one wondering why that was all necessary. However, I shall continue with the scanning of the poor copy knowing that my enthusiasm shall probably continue to wane as I drag through those philosophical/religious pages. The author is obviously an accomplished woman. To really be a part of life, one must live it and not talk endlessly about it. So – to paraphrase the member of Parliament who said it – "A book, to be immortal, need not be eternal."