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Issue # 183    22 Nov 97

In 1874, Richard Dugdale was commissioned to do an investigative study of the New York State prisons. In once such institution, he found about one dozen convicts from the same family. In order to protect the innocent, his report gave that family the fictitious name of Jukes. Intrigued by this family, Mr. Dugdale traced their family tree back into the 18th century. Of the 709 members, of which he could find data, a full 140 were anti-social in behavior – many engaged in criminal activities and scores of others victims of pauperism and disease.

Arthur Estabrook continued this study in 1916 and discovered a continued high concentration of the anti-social types since the 1875 report of Mr. Dugdale. Both concluded that heredity played the major part in the aberrant behaviors since the more removed one was blood-wise from the original two pair of Jukes – who started the whole thing – the more socially acceptable that person became.

Long before the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei came into existence, the United States was foremost in the eugenics arena. Although Japan and China have been racist for centuries neither one developed a program aimed at improving the biological base of future generations. We do know, that under communist rule, China has had a population control program in effect. This program is very limited in scope since it focuses entirely upon the number of mouths to feed. The U.S.A. was interested in keeping what they defined as biologically unacceptable, under control. Thus, in the first quarter of this century, the U.S. had several states which forbid inter-racial marriages and often sterilized the criminally insane. Their immigration policies absolutely favored the northern European type. (We have often heard the term "hybrid vigor" as an argument for cross-breeding but this so-called vigor was evidenced in only four closely-related varieties of plants. The infusion was apparently only temporary since the mixed varieties all fell back to lower levels of vitality. Moreover, studies suggest that no such phenomenon exists for humans, or other animals for that matter.)

Adolf Hitler studied the United States and attempted to implement similar sterilization policies in Germany. As with the U.S., Hitler backed off, due to massive public objection, and compulsory sterilization and euthanasia came to an end. It is interesting to note, that in the Soviet Union – not noted for gentle solutions – they would never execute a pregnant woman out of respect for the living fetus. Here, in "free" America, the female population routinely ends the lives of fetuses by the tens of millions. Now that's progress.

Researchers might want to explore the topic further but I must advise them that our libraries are being systematically "up-graded" to contain only PC material. In fact, since the encyclopedia Britannica is now under jewish control, the Jukes articles have simply vanished – down the bagel hole. The Nazis publicly burned the books they didn't approve of. Today, the process is more insidious and far more deadly and permanent due to the intrinsic hypocrisy.

In the 1930's and 1940's, the study of the Jukes family was standard fare in any high school biology class. Today, it has vanished and young students are now subjected to material which is at odds with their common sense and natural feelings. Is it any wonder that our teen-age suicide rate has sky-rocketed since being a virtual unknown when I was in school? It should also be mentioned that under the free-for-all known as the Weimar Republic (prostitution, drugs, crime, faggotry and other debaucheries common to present-day America) suicide rates were astronomical. After Hitler came to power, teen-age suicide literally vanished.


Once in a blizzard, I tune into Rush Limbaugh. Today, 21 November 1997, he was defending himself against the usual set of names: Hater, racist, and so on and so forth. He queried "Do you know what hate really is?" "It's anything the liberals don't want you to know." I nearly dropped my bagel! If you replaced the term "liberals" with "jews," you'd have another Eric Thomson(ism). Eric, who coined ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) back in the early 1970's, would be pleased to hear that noisy Rush has finally got into the act. Rush advocates defending one's self from such verbal assaults – I do not. Here, in America, we must still insist that the accuser must prove his case. Never fall into the trap of assuming that innocence must be proven. And never, never go through this sort of charade: "But I'm not an anti-TACite. Some of my best friends are TACs. In fact, I think my uncle was a TAC." Do not ever go on the defensive because that's the sure way to lose. Once accused, reply with "Damn! I never knew that." Cut the bastards off at the pass.


Avoid the debating game, for it's just that – a game. One side takes position X while the other is anti-X. He serves; you parry. Plick, plock, plick, plock, back and forth while the score keeper gives a point for this and a point of that. Whoever gets the greater number of points is declared the winner. The problem with "race" debates and "holocaust" debates is that there is no neutral score keeper. Each side tallies up its own points and, after the dust has settled, declares itself to be the winner. Neither side really believes that it "won" because they are soon back at it – at the very next opportunity. This, then, is little more than a shouting bee and I suspect that everyone gets their jollies off at the verbal attacks they launch. The problem with debates is that they convince no one as they all go home exhausted and retaining their original opinions. Debates are games. Debates are games. Debates are games. Got the idea?


Isn't it odd how the fates work? Ernst Zündel, a Canadian graphics artist, published a few books, booklets and pamphlets, all related to misconceptions of historical fact. Being German by blood, his interest was focussed on the "holocaust." After several unfruitful years in this regard, he decided to "throw in the towel" and cease publishing – about 1985. As the fickle finger of fate wielded its purple shaft (1940's jargon!), a certain irate Sabina Citron launched her legal battles against Mr. Zündel and revived the horse which would have died if it weren't for her instigation and meddling.


A few weeks ago, I started pulling my files off my Internet server. I had decided to "pull the plug" on this whole Internet business since there were many people doing a far better job than I. Then, and out of the blue, a rather disturbed duck who refused to identify himself, got into the nuisance racket relative to my server. My server, who is trying to build a business in an exceedingly competitive market, got a little – understandably so – apprehensive. With Aryan compassion – something unknown to non-Aryans – I hastened the closing down of my site. If this lurking antagonist had remained silent, I'd have disappeared from web sight (no pun intended) anyway. I was annoyed and decided to continue on. So, my readers, you can thank this mysterious, cowardly louse for my return. Although I do not know the full story, I believe he/she/it is now keyboard peckering away at the poor soul who offered, and did, post my #183. I told her (I am assuming this from the name) to "nuke" my material as I didn't want anyone caught up in this sort of immature idiocy which is on a par with urinating into a automobile's gasoline tank. "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." (Matt:7:20) And we do know them! – don't we?


In FAEM 180-182, I elaborated slightly upon the age-old idea of individual racial classification according to data gathered about ancestors. I even made a little play on numbers and referred to TACs as belonging to group G6 and Whites belonging to G0. Some hints of this are also found in Anthony Ludovici's excellent book How To Select A Mate. Be that as it may, we must recognize that the ancestory checks involve much research and in most cases, the information is not available. Of course all of this is a dated notion which was beginning to be superceded by the remarkable Aryan technological progress concerning the myriad of factors contained in human blood. A good share of this research was established in the 1960's and from a blood sample alone it is possible to ascertain, for example, the amount of Negro blood in someone's family tree. In the 1978 Oxford Press book The Genetics of the Jews, A. E. Mourant states that jews have 5 to 10 percent Negro marker genes. This is noticable in the fat lips and kinky hair of such notables as Alan Greenspan and Henry Kissinger. This is not something I dreamed up for Mr. Mourant is himself a jew.

Today, blood typing is remarkably reinforced by the astounding discoveries in DNA research. With these modern tools, it is no longer necessary to establich one's blood lines through documents and oral history. The whole scene is bared once a person's blood has been subjected to modern techniques.