First Amendment Exercise Machine
Congress shall make no law . . .
Issue # 184    2 Dec 97


America has always afforded ample opportunity for the nit-witted zealots of the world – those self-righteous types who know what's good for the rest of us. At various times in the past, smoking has been made illegal in some states – not because of a popular vote but because of political pressure from some batch of harpies. The Prohibition disaster traces its roots to those hags who hated the fact that men often gathered in pubs for a friendly drink and a smoke. Men-haters have always been with us and until God makes all women beautiful and desirable, we'll probably go on tolerating their nonsense. The only difference that a century has made is to have the bitter leadership shift from the Anglo-Saxon type to the tri-racial jew. Today, we are saddled with hideous jewesses yapping about everything from "the right to death (of the unborn)" to banning smoking in Antartica – protecting the penguin from second-hand smoke and second-hand feathers.

One thing can be favorably said about the Aryan shrew – she never twisted the meaning of words in order to accomplish her predatory end. Once the jew entered the scene, words became like putty and far too many goyim fell into their verbal muck. Take the word "anti-Semite," for example. Without ever bothering to look up the meaning of "Semite," most assume that it means "anti-jew" – to the exclusion of the Arabs, Ethiopians and Arameans. But, as is their nature to do so, jews apply their "chosen" misconception of reality and dictate that they alone are the only Semites – just as they believe that they are the only real humans (read their Talmud!).

"Hate" is applied to anything which the jews don't want you to read. Now, a new word-twist is being popularized and that is "pornography." The new jew meaning also covers anything critical of this tribe but obviously is not intended for Hefner's Playboy and lower forms of photography, which is called "art" when it suits their purposes. If they cannot get "hate" laws to suppress your rights, they'll try to get whatever-it-is classified as pornography since certain laws are already in place for this topic. "Child pornography" might thus come to include some under-age person reading an essay which favorably comments upon National Socialism or that Bill Cosby was not another Isaac Newton.

The other day, while approaching the local sheenie super-market, I observed a man leaving and shouting "those god-damned jews!" From the Email which I receive, plus other personal experiences, I'd wager that anti-chosenism is on the rise and they'll have only themselves to blame.

Years ago, I watched a old teacher cry her eyes out while reading a book designed as a tear-jerker. She was obviously distressed and some might want to have the book banned to protect her from mental anguish. Others, perhaps, might want to hang the author and drive the publisher out of business. An Aryan reply, to this quasi-quandary, would be: "Lady. Why in hell don't you throw the book away?" Although the jews apply this reasoning to the crap they produce, they jump to the flip side when they see things they don't like. It's the old double-standard – in spades! Or should I say – in bagels!?

We are all familiar with syllogisms:

All dogs bark.
Spot is a dog.
Therefore, Spot barks.


Writing which offends me is obscene.
Your writing offends me.
Therefore, your writing is obscene.

Obscene writing is pornographic.
Your writing is obscene.
Therefore, your writing is pornographic.

People who write pornography should be placed in jail.
You write pornography.
Therefore, you should be placed in jail.

Conclusion: Anyone who writes things which offend me should be placed in jail. (I'll leave it to the reader to discover the jew-twists which render the last example ludicrous.)

The jew Jackie Mason, and his lox-licking partner, are free to ridicule our WW II heros Roger Young and Colin Kelly, while on national TV. That's allowable freedom of speech. If you are not a jew, then criticism of any jew automatically becomes anti-Semitism; anti-Semitism is offensive; offensive is obscene; obscene is pornographic and therefore should be banned that is, if it is still illegal to hang the dissident.

Got the picture?

(Pornography originally meant writing about prostitutes. This was later extended to include painting and photography which had explicit sexual references – particularily of a violent nature. In order to tie pornography to politically incorrect written material, one must necessarily redefine the word. He who defines, controls! Perverts, who love to insert their appendages into the excrement-laced rectums of others, are now called "gay" – a happy lot of playful boys.)


I read an article which claimed that Iraq still owed us one-hundred billion dollars. That's interesting. If someone owed me that much, I'd be damned if I'd start a fight with him.


A boycott is only effective when the targeted business is affected beyond about five percent. If I were the only customer Jimmy's Donut Shop had, then I could effectively boycott his store. If Jimmy had six-million customers, my boycott would be as noticeable as a flea's flatus during a hurricane.

If one could unrealistically assume that enough disgruntled people would boycott Sarah Lee, for example, to make a disturbing dent in their sales, then the customer could expect a sharp reduction in the prices of Sarah Lee products. Since the typical American ham-head simply cannot refuse a "bargain," I am sure that the boycott ripple wouldn't last more than a week. If, on the other hand, that same batch of unhappy souls would threaten to burn their cupcake factories to the ground, then you could expect some results – as the Blacks well know. (Daze smahta dem doze Honkies.)

I am puzzled by the current boycott advice. What are the goals anyway? If Sarah Lee, and the whole complex, vanished overnight, do you really think America would cease to be Happy ZOGland?


Great news! The American grazer will now cough-up more boodle for those six-million "survivors" of mental anguish who have complained that the evil Nazis swiped all of their hard-earned gold. A payment here and a payment there. What a waste of paperwork. I myself would personally recommend a pay-off system similar to Social Security, that is, payments in perpetuity where the size of the payment was dependent upon how many tears one could shed while watching a Spielberg dogma-drama.

The fact is that the Germans really came out on the short end of that rootin' shootin' spectacle. What the U.S. government didn't "liberate" (loot!), the Soviets did – even down to the toilets and other plumbing. To the victor belongs the sink! The U.S. still has its hands upon paintings which rightfully belong to the French. The Germans "stole." We "liberated."

If I were one of those alleged victims, I'd be thankful I survived at all. Then again, will the American tax-payer be willing to reimburse those millions of Russians, French, Poles, etc. – who also survived – for their inconveniences, which were a result of that war?

Once again, we see the jew declaring himself to be "special" and once again we see millions of goyim eager to bend over and have the purple shaft shoved in as far as it will go.


The amiable "hater," Tom Metzger, not only uses his real name but his telephone number is listed in the directory. Who is banger88 @ Better yet, where is the non-existent domain located? It's only a game, isn't it?


Yet another mixed-blood goes "ape" and shoots a few of his classmates. The gun-grabbers have again seized upon the issue of kids and guns and are desirous of making toy guns illegal. Why not make everything illegal and have the benevolent government supply a list of approved, and legal, gadgets?

These recent killings are, of course, blamed upon the guns. Since the young man in question claimed to be an atheist and blasted away at a group in prayer – calling them "hypocrites" – I am waiting for the prayer-grabbers to get into the act. After all, if those kiddies weren't engaged in prayer, then the wild west show might never have been.

The next time some kiddy's head gets bashed with a speeding marble – launched from a slingshot – I am sure that the store that sold those toys will be in hot water. We're watching you K-Mart!

Why not sue God? He must be responsible for a lot of mischief.