First Amendment Exercise Machine
Congress shall make no law . . .
Issue # 185     6  Dec  97

Golly gee! What Can a Body Do?

The early part of this century was a fertile time for the enrichment of our American Republic. The Panama Canal was built ahead of schedule; at a lower than estimated cost; and free of the graft and corruption which today's young people believe is a norm for any government. The only folly we engaged in was World War I. From the records now available, we now know that our entry into that war was contrived and controlled by interests external to those of the American public. It was good for business and it was good for the British and it was good for the jews.

The Great Depression, and the nearly concurrent Prohibition foolishness, were also engineered by small minorities who never once represented the interests of the American public.

Our entry into the suicidal World War II was again partly due to behind-the-scenes manipulation plus acts of bungling which were astounding. However, our entry into that foray was directly responsible for the present growing chaos. The Judeo-Communist military victory in 1945, and the rapid rise of Zionism within our government since the days of the part-jew Roosevelt, began the death knell for people of European descent which, sadly, is recognized only by a small portion of the that population today. Without America's resources, that war would have had an entirely different outcome.

Even though many families had to stand in food lines for their weekly sustenance during the Great Depression, there were virtually no riots, nor vandalism or thefts. Southern schools were segregated with the Blacks usually attending the more modern school structures – all financed by the southern taxpayer. Northern schools were not segregated and students always attended the public school which was nearest to their home. At that time, a merit system was in effect and the more brilliant, and hard-working, students had little difficulty in attending institutions of higher learning. Those, due to their inferior performance or lack of desire, had ample programs which prepared them to be carpenters, machinists, and such. Many of these jobs – instead of being labeled as "beneath one's dignity" – actually had incomes greater than most college graduates of the time.

The Democrat-turned-Republican President Eisenhower (believed to have had some Negro blood and who also harbored intense hatred for any group of White people who wished to remain intact) turned Federal troops loose in 1956 – against popular feeling – in order to force racial mixing in the public schools. The effect was to destroy the concept of merit for this was extremely antagonistic to the zealots who wished to impose their fanciful notions of "human equality" upon those who recognized its inherent absurdity. A merit environment absolutely will produce a ranking whereby most Whites will be at the top of the list. It has little to do with "discrimination" but everything to do with biology.

In this half-century everything has changed. I have changed. Technology has changed. Morals have changed. Education has changed. Crime rates have changed. Drug use has changed. Personal responsibility has changed. Except for a few rocks, here and there, very little remains unchanged. Even personal liberty has changed. To a person, such as I, whose lifetime spans those enormous changes, those changes have not been for the better. I do not view the increasing rate of suicide, violent crime, irresponsibility, licentious, disease, broken homes, blatant greed, corruption, and acceptance (tolerance) of all which destroys the community fabric of a society, as "progress." Some – and far too many, I believe – view contemporary America as a heaven on earth. They view their addictions – sex, drugs, violence, alcohol, etc. – as things of high value. Gone are the days of romance when a couple could sit on a moonlit beach, listening to the murmur of the waves while dreamily enjoying the sight of a bright moon. Gone are those spiritually elevating moments which carry loving couples beyond the cares of the world and into a realm which reveals the hand of God. Today, this youthful experience is not much different than an expression of estrus much like the barnyard animals. Hump and puff – ejaculate – and then run off to find a new rump to hump. Even eating has been reduced to the hog's level. No longer is dinner a protracted affair where one enjoys each morsel and enjoys the companionship of other civilized people. Today it's little other than gut-stuffing in the shortest time possible. Being civilized requires some measure of intelligence and above all, it requires will power, that is self-control.

Many of us – those who can see beyond tomorrow – do not like the trend projection. It is not a bright one. However, the bulk of our fellow citizens believe that things have never been better – more gadgets to buy and accumulate, and a greater variety of orgasm-producing orifices to experience.

In times of severe threat – like the threat of death from the Black Death (bubonic plague) – people's true character emerged. As thousands were consumed by that plague, many leaped into excesses of eating and copulating – orgies. Others however, spent their time caring for the afflicted and looking for ways to combat the mysterious infection. So it is today as our stresses increase. Some will remain stalwart but most will succumb to spiritual weakness.

We are presently very frustrated. We know the solution we would like to evoke but all legal avenues are closed. It's as though we realize that termites are destroying our house but the law makes it illegal to crush them and to even carry about a can of RAID. We – the disgruntled and dispossessed – are required to be tolerant of the fellow who destroys our garden but he is allowed to be intolerant of anyone who stands in the way of his tantrums. The cards are stacked and, day by day, others join the ranks of the aware – our ranks.

I told a young lady – the other day – something about the attributes of honesty. "If you were the only honest person on earth, wouldn't it still be a better place than if there were none?"

Barbara was a beautiful young lady in those days – when I was young. She was also a slut. We lived in a small town and one day she asked me to take a ride with her – she owned an automobile and I usually was usually seen walking from here to there. She babbled about this and that, and told me – outright – that she'd never let me do with her what so many others had. "You are a fine young man. I like you and I would not want you to lower yourself to having relations with a pig like me." Those words never left me. They are worth recalling.

The assault against the White people will not subside. Daily, we are told that the Aryan is the most despised creature on earth – slavery, the "holocaust", planet plundering, conquest, and so on and so forth. We are insulted and are rapidly becoming second-hand citizens in a land our forefathers built. Note though, that these same deriders cannot flock into our midst fast enough. Their hypocrisy is blatant. If we were as they claim, we should be segregated and isolated so as not to contaminate the rest of their otherwise beautiful world. The truth is that they swarm here – not for freedom – but for freebies. They demand from us those things – their behavior betrays their lack of ability – which they cannot produce or do for themselves.

Our popular, and amoral, President muttered this day that it was a shame that kids leave integrated schools only to return to a non-integrated home. That's revealing and fits the prediction which I made decades ago: If the current push toward race-mixing doesn't succeed in its entirety, then the Zionist government will offer cash incentives for mixed marriages. If that fails, then the force of threat and arms (they like to call it "law" and the law is always "just") will be brought to bear.

Daily, we see the erosion of law enforcement. More people are passing stopped school busses then ever before. Over nitpicking "letter of the law" – which has replaced the "spirit of the law" – circuses, criminals are given a more free hand while the public applauds and regularly elects poltroons and criminals to high office. This erosion will continue and the path is called the road to anarchy. Somewhere along this path, we – those who remain free of down-breeding and race-mixing – will at last find an avenue of expression. Until then, trying to resurrect the Third Reich, or Dixie, or head-bashing, or any other criminal activity, will accomplish nothing other than the possibility of landing in some minority-infested prison and there to be assaulted and sodomized without a soul caring.

It's the Titanic and the dancing is still going on. Make sure your powder is dry and that your lifeboat is at the ready. Stay true to yourself. Stay true to your race. That's a stiff order but you are an Aryan aren't you?


A presumably jewish fellow wrote to inform me that in order to be a Jew one must have had a Jewish mother. Yes. And a black horse is black. Someday I shall receive a definition as to what constitutes a jew which is a little more solid than "A Jew is anyone who calls himself one." Until then, and assuming that it appeals to me, I shall stick to a biological definition: One must have at least 5 percent Yellow blood AND at least 5 percent Black blood AND at least 5 percent White blood. How you get it is your choice. A jew is a tri-racial, at least, biped – the end result of total race-mixing – the One World, New World Order Brown Man and we all know what brown is the color of – besides mud.

If jews are "God's Chosen," then they must have been a special topic of Creation – perhaps the first, as Adaminsky and Eveovitz. Since the jewish handle is passed from mother to mother, then it follows that God must have been a woman.


In its insane quest to find "Black genius," the experts have been digging up all sorts of varieties of octoroons (1/8 Black, 7/8 White), quadroons (1/4 Black, 3/4 White) and mulattos (1/2 Black, 1/2 White), in order to demonstrate "equality." This de facto admission is right up my alley since it recognizes that someone with at least 12 percent Black blood is not a White man. I won't argue with them at all. In addition, doesn't this admit of a possibility that these recently discovered geniuses might owe their meager achievements to the White component? You'll never discover the properties of any metal by examining their alloys. How about discovering a genuine jet-black, honest-to-goodness Negro genius for a change? And would it not benefit the Negro to have his own schools, his own society, and in his own territory? The race-mixers do not have the welfare of any race in their twisted minds.


The jewess Dr. Laura – the current problem solver for the brain-dead – mounted her soap-box again this week preaching the supremacy of whatever is jewish. Often, she sounds like a script writer for Schwindler's List Spielberg. As I was listening, she mentioned that jews are only about one and one-half percent of the American population. The fact is that jews are closer to eight percent and some place that estimate very much higher – as much as ten percent. Madelaine Albright recently "discovered" that she was a jew and not the Methodist her parents led her to believe. Spare me! If jews ever attain total political power in the country, you'll see jews popping out of the woodwork like it was the Fourth of July. Never forget that a jew is defined by his biology and not by the religion he professes nor by the country clubs to which he belongs.


Every once in a while, Rush Limbaugh's screener let's a good one slip through. Today – December 4 – a woman really rattled his blubber. Rush went on the defensive in an attempt to satisfy his jewish backers — so he can retain his plush job – by defending his anti-racism stance. He fervently suggested that we all ignore our senses, that is, disconnect from the real world, and see everyone as "equal." Ah yes, my blow-hard friend, all vegetables are equal and if I detect a difference between peas and broccoli, then I'll have to sign up for another session of "sensitivity training."

Many years ago, I met a Marine who told me that they (Marines) were taught to see everyone as "green" and not as black, white, or whatever. Would you want this twit defending you – one who is so fogged out that camouflage would be rendered useless? Aren't those UFO critters also supposed to be green?


We all watch TV to one extent or the other. I prefer Clint Eastwood and the nature shows. All else is subject to the remote control button. One thing we must never forget – while watching anything on TV – is that what you see is not what is. TV shows are almost entirely what the Chosenites want America to be. What you see is what they are trying to install. No Aryan should be fooled, or moved, and never let the History Channel – actually the "holocaust" Channel – be anything more than entertainment to you.


The other day a woman called me "a racist." I replied, "Yes, I have always liked fast cars. My first hot-rod was a 1939 Chevrolet with a GMC truck engine and ..."

The other day a woman called me "a racist." I replied, "I never knew that. It must be the sauerkraut I've been eating lately."

The other day a woman called me "a racist." I replied, "I must have inherited it since my grandfather was a breedist. He believed that goats would never behave as sheep even if they attended the same schools together."

If God didn't want us to be racists, He would have never given us genes and the brains to discriminate.

God created the races. Man created the mulatto, the mestizo, the sambo, the jew and all sorts of other ugly critters in between – most of  which are impossible to classify.

Evolution refined the races through up-breeding. Man's truant gonads are busy down-breeding.