by Robert Frenz

31 December 1999

One of the characteristics of a man, with a working brain, is that he prefers to learn from the mistakes of others. Those "others" are very easy to find, in fact, one often has a difficult time avoiding them.

As a older child, I watched people smoke tobacco. I watched them cough, hack and wheeze; watched their teeth turn yellow and sometimes set things accidentally on fire. Moreover, they had to pay for all of these fleeting benefits with cash which could have been used for better things, such as food and clothing.

I've watched the 'drinkers' vomit over themselves, fall on their faces, wet their pants only to awake the next day so sick they wished they were dead. And for what?

During these past decades, I've watched the drug-heads in action – sick, erratic and generally disgusting. They had a choice, as did I, and I often wondered if it were a genetic weakness which caused them to destroy themselves by pieces. I've seen people have tobacco 'fits' precipitated by the lack of something to smoke. Once one allows an addiction to fasten itself upon his being, then he is a slave – no longer enjoying a freedom of choice as normal people do.

Over the years I have noticed a strong correlation between smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. I believe that this is mainly due to the fact that such activities are self-centered, that is, geared toward the infantile desire to grab pleasure at whatever cost.

Of late, we hear much of the problems of society and how to effect a solution. One does not ask advice from the poor about how to get rich. One does not ask about health from the sick. One does not accept direction from men who cannot govern themselves, much less the society they imagine they can right.

Addictions, such as drugs, alcohol, and so on, do not seem to have as profound of an effect upon society as does that of sex. Sex, accepted as recreation, is an addiction in the truest sense of the word no matter how people so inclined try and deny it. Promiscuity has led to a near destruction of the family unit and as the family goes, so goes the nation. One only has to look at the suicide rate, criminal conduct and lack of self-worth and purpose which affect at least 2 out of 3 of our young people today. Although not responsible for the dysfunctional mess they were born into, they nonetheless have a duty to their race NOT to repeat the errors of their parents. This is the only way our youthful idealists can hope to achieve anything for no program, no wad of cash, no prayer and no political philosophy can alter the basic unit – you! Only you have domain over that.

If a boy ever intends to become a man, then he shouldn't try to behave like one before his time. Sex has always been an adult affair and in the natural state, the young could never mate, even if their desires were such, since the adult MALES prevented the young bucks from ever getting near amiable females. This is true of all mammals and even of some cultures among men – old Italian, Slavic, Greek and many Jewish families, for example. Once the man relinquishes his leadership role, as here in America, the females get dippy, the kids unruly, the family unit disintegrates and the nation goes to hell laughing all of the way. But being manly is a burden the weak wish not to carry and the measure of this societal weakness is measured by the number of twats, hens, harpies, feminists, perverts, and what all, who infest everything from politics to the smoking room.

Over my years of observation, I have come across a particularly dangerous type of female, the dangerous feme. She is good-looking, generous in sexual matters and intelligent. I can recall about 5 females of which I have sufficient information to type them. I was amazed at the nearly parallel courses their lives followed, as if out of the same mold. In a desire to keep this discourse on the short side, I'll mention a few of the remarkable similarities:

(1) As children, they were precocious and quite good-looking.

(2) They had miserable non-men for fathers, or step-fathers, who were more concerned with their 'needs' than those of the family.

(3) They were seduced, or forced, into sex relations by the man of the house at an age before puberty.

(4) As teens, and in spite of their higher intelligence, they did not do as well as expected and seemed unable to stick to a task until it was completed.

(5) They developed a hatred, often hidden from themselves, for their fathers and by association, all males.

(6) Sexual activity was continuous but emotionally it was akin to merely scratching an itch – not deep, profound nor lasting.

(7) Men who encountered this sort of female always reported the ease in which the female could achieve multiple orgasms. Thus, the girl earned the reputation of being 'very hot'.

(8) No matter what her behavior enclosed, she always rationalized it in a most high manner and was never found wanting for some man to blame for her own short-comings.

The 'hot' aspect is the one which deludes certain men, so involved, into believing that they are some sort of 'super lover' and that's the trap. The 'orgasm routine' is triggered by whatever male happens to be handy – one is as good as the next.

These women usually have children. After all, the probabilities increase when the number of encounters increase. They seek not impregnation but accept it if it comes along and if a hysterectomy follows, then it's full steam ahead. The future was never a concern.

Females caught in this morass, not of their choosing, are always stunted emotionally and usually at the age when the first penetration occurs. The Arabs, traditionally filled their harems with 8 and 9 year olds who were 'sexually active', thus insuring themselves of a parade of 'hot girls'. Concern for the welfare of the child, in this regard, was simply non-existent.

Females, as I have described, are not promiscuous in the usual sense of the word. They are generally 'true' to their paramour while it lasts, which isn't for very long. Their promiscuity is one involving many men but always sequentially – not within the same time period. This sort of woman is psychologically INCAPABLE of forming a lasting arrangement with ANY man. They are frigid psychologically. That is why many of them have been in more than one marriage and usually reach a point whereby they no longer bother with the formality. Most will claim that sex is not a high priority with them – they can "take it or leave it." That is pure balderdash since their behavior gives lie to the expressed attitude.

Their choice of bed companions always follows a downward trend. Man #2 is more of a wastrel than man #1 and so on into the gutter and only old age puts an end to it. As I have mentioned, I know of 5 or so of these types and they have poisoned everything they have touched from themselves, their children and every man foolish enough not to see the hand writing on the wall.

One can well expect this child in a woman's body to get very nasty if for some reason she is thwarted. This sort is very prone to call the authorities over incidents normal women would ignore or work around. ALL altercations are some man's fault and it pleases them to see men – the authorities – doing her bidding by apprehending the man whom she wishes to discard. You'll never find her apologizing for anything for her bizarre mental stance demands self-righteousness.

This feme is not trustworthy and therefore could never be a friend to anyone and God help any male child who ends up in her care. In 4 of the 5 examples I have previously mentioned, the female has had a son and in 3 cases, that son ran away from home sometime around the age of 16. Although never overt, the underlying hostility towards men presses into every interaction. In addition, the 'swinging' sex which follows women of this type around – like flies on a manure pile – simply cannot be kept secret from the son. One has actually flaunted her licentiousness in her son's presence.

NEVER get involved with a female who does not love and respect her father – from this follows an attitude towards ALL men. The type I have described above may be 'hot' for a month or so, but she will never be your friend, never a good wife and never a good mother. It's a sad affair, but your children do not deserve to be burdened with the short-comings of others.