by Robert Frenz

22 July 2000

If I told you that the earth was flat, you'd not believe me. Six hundred years ago, you would have believed me. Since the earth didn't change, then what did?

If you'd just set your watch correctly to 2 P.M. and then found yourself suddenly dropped into an insane asylum where everyone's watches read 10 P.M., what would you think? Do you really believe you could convince them of the "truth" that only your watch read correctly? Since you were outnumbered, wouldn't the majority be right?

Have you ever been arrested for something you KNOW you didn't do, but everyone else believed you did? It has happened to me – a very, very long time ago.

One evening while eating supper, the police came and took me away, much to the dismay of my father. It seemed that a well endowed 13 year old by the name of Ann had "fingered" a few of our town's young men who were busy sowing their very plentiful wild oats. She named but five boys and gave rather graphic descriptions of their sexual encounters. The police, in their efficiency mode, decided to gather up everyone who was known to have associated with the fun loving five. Statutory rape was a biggie when I was a kid and it was a way of discouraging the crotch obsessed from tapping the under age female kiddies. (This is unlike the Mexican society where a girl is considered a woman if she is physically capable of getting pregnant.)

There I was, standing before the judge, knowing full well that I never played house with that pretty young thing. I was around 18 at the time. As Ann went down the line is her pleasing, but accusing, tone, one after the other of the fifteen boys there were "tapped" as candidates for serving time in some penitentiary. I stood cold and motionless as Ann looked me squarely in the eye and said, "Oh, Bobby? Not him. He was always very polite to me and never even as much as held my hand."

I knew the truth and the police did not believe me. For a few moments, Ann held my freedom in her hand. Later, the judge explained that I had a legal right to sue the police, but I declined.

It is very easy to claim that you "know" the truth when your beliefs are shared by a majority. This always keeps you out

of trouble relative to the mob. When the mob believed that the earth was flat, it really didn't make much of a difference whether it was true or not. Space travel – a White thing – put an end to that but there are many beliefs now accepted as fact which will not stand the iron test of time. Most of us still spend the greater part of our lives operating in accordance with a flat earth.

You've been told that Black people and White people are, for all practical purposes, equal. We all belong to the species sapiens, that is, all are Homo sapiens. The main argument is that we are capable of interbreeding. How many realize that this was not an argument one century ago? Members of a species are indeed capable of interbreeding. The converse where the capability of interbreeding implies that those so capable belong to the same species is simply not true! All sorts of crows from different species can interbreed but wisely, do not. Horses, donkeys and zebras belong to different species and are capable of interbreeding. Lions and tigers belong to different species but can interbreed. The American bison and the common cow can interbreed and they are not of the same species. Because the neighborhood White slut can get knocked up by a nomadic Black proves nothing other than what is obvious.

We are taught that the races are sub-species of Homo sapiens. This is an absolute contradiction in classification when we examine other forms of life. It seems that when the critters involved are what we call "human", then the rules are changed. I theorize that this is due to the enormous pressure of the church which now sees practicality in accepting a little bit of the scientific method – not that I have a blind faith in all so-called science. The methodically insane often drift towards securing seats of power within religious hierarchies and woe be unto them who contradict "god".

Apes, monkeys, "men", etc., all have fingers. Therefore they must be "related", so it goes. A tomato is about 95 percent water and so is the ocean. Are they related? Did the tomato "evolve" from the ocean? Chlorine and lead are composed of the same basic materials – electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. Did lead evolve from chorine? Are they kissing cousins? SIMILARITY IN APPEARANCE PROVES NOTHING! The African bee could easily pass in a crowd as a familiar honey bee but its behavior is decidedly quite different – very aggressive but not a producer. That's Africa for you.

We are told that the elephant's "nearest relative" is the small rodent, the hyrax. If you bought into this piece of tripe, in your biology class, then I hope it was only for the purpose of getting extra points on an exam. Because it was in some book (lots of things are in comic books and most books are fiction), or the teacher told you so, or the basketball team believes it, DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE!

The Black man is not a White man with pigmentation problems. There is a greater difference between the biology of the Black and White man than there is between a horse and a donkey (at least their hair is quite similar – something which is not true of the Black and White man) which have different species classifications. Some species classifications are defined along the line of nothing more than how certain birds build their nests, or what their habitat is. For five thousand years the Black man has progressed naught. Remove White support from the Jacksons and Sharptons of this world and they'll return to where their likes were ten thousand years ago for the Black man cannot invent and even when he is taught things, he cannot remember them. "Liberated" Africa is proof in spades.

If you are only interested in selling a hat and coat, then not much interferes if you believe in the "equality" of the White and Black man. In fact, you could also believe that orangutans and White people were equal. The minor difference would be in the sleeve length of the coats. Dogmatically believing in the notion of equality really doesn't make too much of a difference to the ordinary goof as he plods along day by day doing little more than existing in a flat earth society. When one ventures into the unique realm of that which sets "man" apart from all other life – the mind – then holding to the flat earth belief becomes a pair of concrete boots. One might chuckle at the phrase "White boys cannot run" but reality has demonstrated that Black people cannot think. Even low level activity such as niggerball would collapse without continual White direction and supervision. (If you think that mob sports is an intellectual contest, then you'd better stop smoking those odd weeds.) Leave a Black team to fend for itself in an totally Black environment, and knowledge of that game would disappear within a short time. Black people neither invent nor remember. The White colonizers of Africa left those countries fully operational and within a short span of time, under Black rule, the trains ceased to run; diseases mounted; farming collapsed and starvation – the universal leveler – invited itself in to establish the equilibrium that White people foolishly destroyed with their misguided notions of charity and, of course, the omnipotent profit!

Nowhere has Black destruction been more noticeable than in the field of education. Forced integration in the schools was its death knell. We can rebuild the inner city dumps but if Black people still remain, they'll be little more than future dumps. A leopard cannot change its spots.

The electronic junk salesman are cynically promoting the idea that the reason Blacks cannot think is because they don't have access to the latest in computer technology which incidentally will have to be supplied by White people. Mark Twain once commented upon the typewriter malarkey, at the time it was invented, as being a tool for the creation of new Shakespeares since the tedium of using pen and ink would disappear. All I see, in this latest push to waste taxpayers' money, is another battery of excuses which will pave the way for more future failures. Few have the fortitude to state the truth and it probably will never be stated that trying to educate a species whose grasp of the future is little more than six or seven days, is an absolute waste of time, that is, unless you choose to supervise them around the clock. And for what purpose? Our farm horses were more dependable than any Black man ever was.

Billions of dollars and billions of man-hours have been wasted – it's politically correct, you know – in trying to accomplish what God chose not to. For every two cents we spend educationally on someone with promise, we spend thousands on low IQ Blacks with absolutely no chance of anyone ever profiting by it. Sports "scholarships" are nothing more than unabashed grants. The standards have plummeted until they are laughable. White people have been cheated out of a solid education and whatever minuscule gains one might attribute to the Blacks, it'll soon vaporize before your eyes. Yet, the ludicrous party time atmosphere continues. Wherever you find a "successful" Black person, you'll also find his White props, for he cannot stand alone. It is all so good for business and if Bill GatesY can find a way to computerize an elephant herd, he'll attempt it.

One might contemplate the billions of hours and dollars wasted on non-productive, uneducable Blacks and apply that wealth to the living standard of those who supplied it. The working White man probably could never imagine what this would mean in the way of luxurious living. O, the rich are rich no matter what government they live in. As with all criminals, they'll find a way to screw the serfs out of their wealth. Today, their global rackets have engendered a plundering on a scale previously unknown and it has no long range future other than disaster.

The American Black has been the recipient of handouts on a scale almost beyond belief and he shows neither gratitude nor future promise of doing anything worthwhile, much less returning in kind. Thousands of dollars spent to educate a poor White possessing a healthy portion of mental acumen, will be returned to society a thousand-fold. Our Black residents are our black holes. Everything goes in. Nothing comes out. One must not forget that it is not the Black man who is basically responsible. He has no control over his genetic structure. If a culprit be needed, then one has to look no further than our sweet and loving ZOG. If we insist upon strengthening out competitors, then I suggest the Japanese or Chinese. They know who they are and would never waste one dime trying to salvage the unsalvageable Black man.

Forcing social "equality" upon leopards and lions is the activity of the criminally insane. If lions equate themselves with leopards, then they are insane. If cows think they are bison, then they are insane. If a jackal believes itself to be a coyote, then it is insane. If your senses cannot tell the difference between White people and Black people, then you are insane.

The gods are planning many destructive things for our insane society for we have not only tried to fool Mother Nature, we have tried to replace her.