Believe me, I am grinning as I start this for I know the varied mentalities which might pause a while to read and ask "Why should I avoid females?"

Far too many males (females are by no means excluded) believe sex to be just another form of entertainment and/or a means to convince themselves that they function as imposing men. This attitude is prevalent in mestizo circles where claims to great numbers of sexual encounters adds to one's machismo stature, so they believe. If a female is capable of being impregnated, they then call her a woman even if she is only 12 years old. The legal/cultural implications of this are now beginning to surface in many areas of this invaded land.

I am not addressing this message to those gonad-orientated wastrels who view females as useful masturbating devices for that is all she becomes when she succumbs to those hell-bent on obtaining nooky at any cost. Being serious about some particular like-minded female has the reward of avoiding venereal diseases most of which are now incurable. It also avoids needless legal and other complications up to and including, the wrath of some other ape-brain with the same intention towards the same female. Humanoids caught up in the rutting season often end up being viewed by the local coroner as the local newspapers attest. Hedonistic liaisons also force third parties, usually in the form of children, to pay the fee for those few moments of fleeting, and misdirected pleasure.

If one places sex as the only desirable then any promiscuous, diseased, or otherwise contemptible female will do. From this, bastard children enter the world and marriages based upon such a putrid value is always of short duration. I am well aware that many of our young were brought into this world by the selfish and undisciplined amoral behavior of their parents, whether married or not. Children imitate and usually they are close copies of their parents. No matter what your family circumstance was, it is no excuse to continue in that same fashion. Indeed, a miserable family life should serve as an impetus to make sure that your children get a better shake than you did. This is positive future-oriented thinking and certainly does not exist in the minds of those who are content to live in a sewer.

OK. Elaine seems to ring your bell in a great big way. Ask yourself why this is so. Is it some batch of physical parts that stimulate your crotch, and the crotch only? I asked this of myself when I met Yolanda who was in a class with me at the University of Chicago. She rang most of my bells but one day during the first part of the final exam, I observed her cheating. Yolanda no longer appealed to me. Another case was Barbara, a truly beautiful female. I dated her about twice and found that her brain functioned on a snail's level. That ended that but she faired well after taking up with Richard of the greater sausage club. They entered into a well lubricated push-pull pumping arrangement. He was engaged to another in a nearby town and obviously lied to her. Barb became pregnant and he promised to marry her after she received an abortion which was "necessary" because of his precarious financial situation. You may have guessed what happened following the abortion. That's right. He dumped her and married the girl in Sodus who later left him because he was a real wandering Dick. Barbara later married a scoundrel with a silver tongue but she never required a divorce since she solved all of her problems with alcohol. When she was young, the hubby loved to parade her around as some sort of prize sow. As time never overlooks anyone, her hair began to gray and this ended his use for her. These sad events were totally unnecessary but seem to be the norm today. Dad once told me, "Beauty lasts for a few years but character lasts a lifetime. Remember that when you think of a lifelong partnership."

A female's relationship to her family is a strong indicator of what she will bring into yours. If she shows disrespect for any male of her relation, especially her father, then quietly take the next boat to China. A female having an emotional war with her father will bring you headaches you cannot even begin to imagine.

Check her mother out. Is she a money-hungry status-seeking female? If so, then patterns of this will be found in the daughter. This sort of female seeks out doctors, lawyers and other quasi-notables to get married to. They always, and without fail, drive men to leave them or otherwise leave them burdened with a life they wish they should have avoided. A female in this mold can be counted upon to rationalize away their failure as the fault of the male.

Avoid any, and all female twats with a "career" look in their eyes. You can be assured that they will enumerate the ways in which they were "enslaved" by male chauvinism. Such females usually have timid fathers and domineering mothers most of whom are no strangers to alcohol. Yes, it certainly is a siren song when you allow your mind to dream up visions of an enhanced income. Traps are just that. They would not be so if you could see them clearly.

"It's the nineties," so we keep hearing. This I imagine is supposed to be a period of time whereby the immutable laws of Nature are somehow suspended. Boy gets a tingling in the pants and girl gets a similar itch. Both are pupils of the equality hype and join in holy matrimony each vowing to support the other in the quest for "personal fulfillment," which is merely thinly-disguised self-centeredness. As things happen, the birth of a child usually intervenes. Mom's career appears threatened but the bugles of the cavalry begin to sound. Off to the store for bottles, formula and the prescription for drying up the newly arriving milk. After a short privileged career leave for generous mom, the helpless infant is farmed out, generally to a day-care commune where it is exposed to the myriad of diseases which accompany 'cultural diversity'. Pretty White children are paired with ape-looking Blacks and the road to hell begins. The child knows not family. Such is the obscene damage done to children by crass parents.

If your female lies to anyone, especially her parents, then it is only a matter of time before she will lie to you. It might feel nice to be deceived by your ego into believing that: although she lies to others, she tells me the truth because I am such a wonderful super-fellow. All trustworthiness and reliability is a matter of character. It does not show exceptions even in the throes of deepest passion or whatever you might fool yourself into believing. The way she treats others will sooner or later be the way she treats you. When you see these telling symptoms, say goodbye and take a cold shower, that is, if you fancy yourself as having any backbone.

Your child, your blood, your afterlife, all demand the highest level of responsibility from both mother and father. One must make very sure that he is indeed searching for a female suitable to become the mother of his children. To accept less is to short-change the next generation and I am equally sure that this generation was very much short-changed. Do not let your history repeat itself with your children.

If you are still with me at this point, I imagine you might be wondering if there are any females left after the above types were scratched off your list. My answer: not many. The witches, bitches and slutzentwats make up a majority of American's females. They are abundant as weeds and like weeds, they sprout up when one refuses to cultivate his garden.

A century and one-half ago, everyone knew what a man was. It was not a debatable issue. As affluence began its ascent, men became lazy and neglected to cultivate what they had sown.

In the subjection of the frontier, all realized that sweet baby Injuns grow up to be big nasty Injuns and thus they also had to go. Protecting the young even when it poses future hazard, is a part of woman's nature. Anyway, with harsh living conditions and savages hither and yon, no woman foolishly thought that she could become, or even wished to be, a protecting man. The years skipped and defence, and even serious toil, diminished so men became more susceptible – spiritually flabby – to the bellows of the female harpies. These ugly hags hated men mostly because men never chased them or asked for their hands in marriage. They assaulted barrooms which were traditional social clubs for men where they could swear, smoke, gamble and occasionally brawl. Women, they felt, were too good for this sort of thing and most agreed. The Amelia Moore's (Carry Nation) did their hatchet vandalism but instead of tossing these ugly hens into the nearest ditch, the men made one mistake: they thought they were dealing with ladies. The laxity grew and the ever-flapping female mouth entered into its crescendo stage resulting in voting rights, equal rights and every other form of rights they could dream up. "Equal rights" in the female as well in the faggot's and mud people's minds, means preferential treatment and nothing else. Thus we find ourselves today chained to the spectacle of 120 pound female "firepersons" who simply cannot be counted upon to carry down a ladder a limp body larger than that of a small dog. This perversion of Nature has saturated the whole society and we will pay for that foolishness in the not too distant future.

We all know the story about Carry Nation who married a drunk – proving her poor judgment – divorced him, married another and then left him. That's a quality woman, I'd say. Carry and her following of malcontents helped bring about voting 'rights' for women and the first thing these liberated hens did was to vote into law the Prohibition Act. This then led to the hordes of jew, Irish and Italian criminals which were involved in the bootlegging industry. Although Joe Kennedy and Al Capone were contemporaries in these illegal activities, only Capone was singled out for the 'income tax' ploy. Today, we see the massive influence of spaghetti-brained females screwing up everything from child-raising to torching Waco and the emasculated males follow the example of their C.I.C. and sniff about looking for available receptacles for their sausages.

The concerned young man is thus in a quandary as to finding a mate. Should he marry 'something' – anything – just for the sake of companionship and pussy or should he, like the real men of this world, stick to his principles and possibly remain a bachelor, even unto death?

I was 17 and about to enlist in the Naval Air Corps – it was a separate branch back in those wonderful days. Janice was a real sexy thing with a rich, timid father and an alcoholic, domineering mother. Janice came close to demanding that I marry her. I was a bright young man with lots of buck making capacity, so she thought. She said her father would pay my whole college bill and buy us a great house on a large parcel of land near the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. In addition, he'd make me a vice-president, or something like that, in his chemical company in Syracuse NY after I graduated. Now, that's a deal if I even saw one.

I, unlike the arrogant ignoramuses of today, knew that older people such as my father were wiser than I. I observed her family interaction and it scored a minus 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. I was strung out on this girl and even after the passage of nearly a half-century, those days with her are still vivid in my mind. I chose my father's advice rather than yielding to my emotions and I have never had one moment in my life where I regretted it!

Five months after I enlisted, she married Calvin, a good-looking blond fellow. I received a plethora of letters from her telling how she really loved me but just NEEDED to get married. He was only 'convenient', she mentioned. What a lovely, considerate female, eh?

I accidentally met Cal at a boat dock some 8 years hence. He related a story which nearly brought tears to my eyes. She made his life a living hell. He dropped into drinking heavily but grabbed himself before it was too late. Wisely, he divorced her.

Janice then latched onto another decent, money-loaded fellow named Richard and married him. We talked a bit at the bar where a class reunion was being held. His story was just a repeat of Cal's. I know most of the intimate details, from her side, because she wrote to me steadily for nearly 30 years! Through the whys and wherefores, I finally stated that she was very fortunate for not marrying me. If I were her husband, I told her, and she performed as she did with Cal and Rich, which she would have, I would have crammed her head into a toilet and flushed it. She never wrote to me again. Over the years, she engaged in several peccadilloes including a two-night stand with the then Attorney General of New York State. This baby knew what it took to keep a job!

The decision was mine. I refused to sell a portion of my soul for the prospect of screwing one of the most beautiful bodies I had ever seen. If your decisions are as well placed as mine were, you'll look back, as I do now, content, knowing that you were right all along. The small part that Janice played in my life I do not regret for I always viewed it as a tiny fortune but when one demands all, he usually gets nothing. There is another major point to remember: LOVE NEVER OVERRIDES CHARACTER. What this sweet honey did to other men, she would have done to me had I given her the chance.

Robert Frenz

23 August 1999