Hate is, of course, an emotion. Emotions arise as a result of external conditions or as a result of mental machinations. Emotions are often precursors of certain behaviors. Actors are expert in consciously manipulating their emotions thus enabling them to act as if they were actually experiencing some external circumstance. Adroit liars are always good actors. This might explain the predominance of jews in the Hollywood bailiwick.

One does not necessarily allow his emotions to govern his behavior and often that very emotion undergoes a metamorphoses during the expression of itself. One might perhaps hate another to the point of killing him. During the perpetration of such aggression, the emotion might actually change to one of joy. In any event, acting upon a feeling of hate in such a manner as to render impotent the object of hate, always alleviates that hate thus producing a sense of relief. Hate apparently is a very uncomfortable, and burdensome commodity and I remain firmly convinced that people generally avoid this emotion if allowed the opportunity.

Insecure, inferior, and otherwise inadequate people often resent others who possess something they do not. This might be a lover, a new car, a prettier face, a better job or a higher intelligence. Feelings of envy often feed upon themselves to the point where the emotion becomes one of hatred. This variety is an engendered emotion which is hatched and housed between the ears.

Another source of hatred starts with something real which is disliked. It's hard to dislike something of which we have no experience. A bee buzzing about our head is usually something which is disliked. If the bee persists in its annoying behavior, our emotional dislike escalates to the point of hostility which generally precipitates a change in our behavior. We grab a swatter, or a can of Zyklon B, and attempt to remove that source of annoyance. If we fail, our emotions might actually be magnified into one of hate followed by overt action directed towards an elimination of the source.

White people, who express a desire to have a community of their own, are called "separatists." They, like the famous Greta Garbo, simply wish to be left alone but daily they are burdened, and hounded by others who do not want them to have a society of their own. Like the bee, these deniers of everyone's rights, save their own, continue with their obstructions and append their incursions with name-calling terms such as "supremacists," "nazis," "haters," "racists" and so on and so forth. In many cases, the beleaguered Whites do have their emotions amplified into what could be properly called hate. They hate the people who would deny them their Declaration of Independence right to separate and form a new union since the present government fails to redress their collective grievances. White separatists do not desire to relieve themselves of this feeling of hatred by violent responses toward their antagonists. They merely wish to go their merry own way and in doing so, place a distance between themselves and those who annoy them. However, if egress is blocked, violence is inevitable.

Those who oppose White separation are perhaps embedded deeper in the thralls of hate then are their targets. The "anti-haters" are never filled with love. They simply hate a hate which isn't of their own creation. This, in today's politically correct bug house, is considered "good" hate. Unlike the hate felt by White separatists, which is a reaction to external circumstances, the hate of the anti-haters is a product of the inner self. It is virtual and because of this, it is far more corrupt, and perverted, because it feeds upon itself.

If there were no envy of White achievement, then what society would object if Whites simply packed up and left? It would be a case of good riddance. If Whites were those devils as portrayed on kikavision, then why would any sane, one-world, screw-anything, love-child want to be in the middle of such a batch of ogres?

Whether you are proud of belonging to the only race of people – White people – capable of exploring outer space, matters little, since those not of your race perceive your superiority, envy you for it and acknowledge it by their behavior. This then, is the seed for their hatred. In a practical, and lesser sense, the more astute recognize that if your "separatist" departure ever became a reality, then all of the freebies, and technological goodies would go with you.

The present small, but growing bands of White separatists are the result of the breaking of the chains of guilt and an entry into a higher order of individual, and group morality. Guilt is the prison and once one frees himself from this prison, he will then be beyond the jurisdiction of the jailers who envied him. This then becomes additional fuel for the fires of hatred borne by the "anti-haters" – the lack of control.

Hate is an emotion which can never be corralled by legislation, much less abolished, and this is equally true with all other emotions. The outward expression of an emotion might be suppressed but, like a sealed boiler, the pressure cannot be contained forever. The jews are busy stoking the fires thus making their next "holocaust" inevitable and inescapable.

The bellicose fraud M. L. King belched continually about freedom and the jews forever wail, "let my people go," yet neither are interested in White freedom since their resentment will not allow it. Thus, their hatred gives birth to the more real, and understandable, hatred which is felt by every White person who is not stupefied by implanted guilt nor hoodwinked by pretentious minority courtesy. Virtual hatred, as developed within the tormented noggins of the anti-haters, soon causes them to lose contact with reality. Real hatred, that is, hatred resulting from aggravating external conditions is immediately alleviated when those externals vanish. If the bee had the good sense to simply fly away, it would not have been exterminated.

Robert Frenz

29 April 1998