Very often Polish immigrants shortened, and Anglicized, their family names for convenience since most English tongues trip up badly when trying to pronounce strings of consonants. Other peoples changed their names to hide their ethnic and racial identity. Be that as it may, word-changing is not a new exercise.

I never use the word "gay" when referring to those twisted souls who are fond of cramming their penises into the rectums of others, whether male or female. They are perverts, pure and simple, and degenerate because of it.

Often we hear that someone's horse had to be "put down" or that their pet was "put to sleep." In both cases, a deliberate killing took place and the animal entered the land of no return. The horse, or pet, was killed either by the owner or by someone who was paid to do it. In any case, the animal was killed and is dead, no matter how politely one might chose to describe it.

Even a death takes on an odd character depending upon how one dies. If a child dies as a result of an automobile accident, that's sad, and a few people weep. If that child died in the Oklahoma City blast, that's different. Monuments are erected and the wailing continues for years, even by people who never had the slightest contact with the victims. If that child died in the government's Waco holocaust, everyone soon forgets it.

Killing also has many flavors. If, as a soldier, I kill a man who is politically labeled an enemy, I am praised for doing my duty. If I kill a whole platoon of them, I become a hero and am given medals. If I kill a fellow citizen, then I am a murderer and should be given a one-way ticket to heaven. If I kill a whole parcel of my fellow citizens, then I am "insane" and sent to a booby hatch for scientific study.

Logically inconsistent definitions, such as the above, are clarified by legal rules, and common usage, and few have difficulty with them since whatever format is used, it is a group notion.

A greater bit of nonsense follows from the anarchical use of vocabulary. One might think that a standard, such as a dictionary, would be foundation enough but that has not my experience. In our non-school schools, children are taught to "spell" by hacking out whatever set of letters appears to fit the phonetics of the little noises they make. Thus, a batch of utterances gets spelled hither and yon but the greater problem lies in attaching personal meanings to words similar to the approach used in "phonics." This places the society in a position of everyone babbling to one another, using what appears to be English, with the result that no one knows what in hell the other fellow is yapping about. Communication is about the exchange of value judgements, factual statements, and ideas, and if the thoughts of one are changed into words which mean something else to the receiver, then all that transpired was only an exchange of noises. Perhaps that's all that most want anyway, for what is the so-called modern music other than atrocious shrieks, gyrations and log-thumping meaningful only to primitive savages? The fact that this assault upon the senses is accompanied by hi-tech equipment doesn't alter that fact that it is very low-life.

One of the most recent of examples I received, was from a fellow who called David Irving an "impostor." This is about as ludicrous a statement as could have been made. If my respondent was in the habit of using a dictionary, I would be very happy to peruse the one he owns because it certainly is at odds with mine.

We quite naturally expect anyone who uses the same words as we do, to understand us and we them. This is all too frequently not the case. If a White person has a reasonable grasp of our English language, he can at once notice how certain well-known Blacks, with crisp elocution, speak absolute nonsense. To the listener, who is eyebrow deep in the anarchy of vocabulary, it might appear that the speaker knows what he is talking about. A Black brain does not operate on the same track as does a White one – something everyone who has ever lived in Africa understands. The same sounds might be used, but the thoughts are different in all but the most trivial of things.

As Eric Thomson has pointed out, down-breeding accounts for a healthy portion of the stupid people in this country but shear laziness has led to massive ignorance. To cover their ignorance, many of the young assume a state of arrogance – a know-it-all approach to everything. On the Internet, one will find this on the so-called newsgroups which are little other than verbal assault sessions presumably engaged in by those who would piss their pants at the prospect of genuine physical combat. To further cover their asses, the use of false names and phony addresses is omnipresent.

The government and the media operate in tandem when it comes to redefining our language. Which group is the leader, I do not know. It's like swallowing cyanide and arsenic at the same time and then wondering which one was most responsible for the death.

Evil is not called that anymore. In its place, we have Nazi, fascist, racist, and so on and so forth. If someone is pressed as to a definition, you can rest assured that no dictionary will be consulted.

Political correctness is all about word taboo and word redefining. I have earlier mentioned "gay." Verboten are words such as nigger, spic, queer, fag, gook, etc. AIDS (acquired immuno deficiency syndrome) is politically acceptable whereas the original GRIDS (gay-related immuno deficiency syndrome) is not.

Some of this perversion of the language is conspiratorial but probably most of it is a part of the "feel good" atmosphere where all must happily exist without having to deal with the problems of reality. Our certifiable morons are now "slow-learners." The most blatant imbecile has "hidden genius." Children who have never been taught to behave, be respectful or to even sit still, are now ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) kiddies in need of drugs, counseling and tolerance when parental love and an occasional smack on the ass would have prevented the whole thing from blooming.

Parental love has now been nearly extinguished by the materialistic money grubbing, and "quality time" lifestyles which most people delude themselves into believing represents parenting. Look at it from the newly-conceived's point of view, that is, if it manages to get past the abortion clinic.

The infant has had an intimate, and unparalleled relationship with its mother for nine months, only to discover that, after birth, it is now alone in some room sleeping away from the protective comfort of its mother. Then, when hungry, it finds a sterile piece of plastic shoved into its mouth and the dispensed fluid is some type of factory concoction no rational person would consider drinking. Gone are the health-enhancing and disease-protecting substances found only in its mother's milk. Gone is that comforting, and protective, feel of a mother's warm breast.

Mama, on her way to a job she feels is more important than the welfare of her child, stops briefly to pop a drug designed to interfere with the milk production of her glands. I refer to this type of woman as a "career twat." Daddy, forever eager to have those extra pay-checks, nods in approval at the whole affair.

With a array of baby-sitters, watching after baby is accompanied by gum-chewing, TV gawking, telephone yammering, or getting screwed by their current boy-friends, little baby is starting to develop a twisted view of life. Add to this, his being farmed out to a day-care commune where he can be trounced by larger kids; learn language he never heard at home; catch diseases he otherwise would never have been exposed to; and above all, have "fun" – fun being little more than slightly monitored unruliness in the pretentious form of "pre-school."

Once these sort of children hit formal school, the damage has been done and the parents who neglected their duty to their offspring, now demand that the schools straighten out the mess. It doesn't work that way and as long as a society insists upon believing that all people are equal and that a baby-sitter is equal to mother and that a physically comfortable, and "safe," day-care commune is equal to a solid home life, then our society will continue to bear bitter fruit. Only those, deep in the pit of delusion, would expect their ill-respected children to hold respect for them.

Children know nothing about their parent's debts, worries, or even their illnesses. What they "know" is their parent's behavior and from endless baby-sitters, and other forms of neglect, they form a picture of what they mean to their parents which is usually very little. And considering endless babble about how much they are supposed to be loved, the bottom line rests with the way they were treated. It is this preformed attitude which makes them very susceptible to the machinations of the word-twisters. A disciplined youngster would grab a dictionary when in doubt, instead of doing a going-with-the-flow trendy sort of parroting.

When a society which refuses to think for itself becomes governed by a syndicate of word-twisters, the definers gain control but through it all, there exists a great reservoir of youth who have managed to overcome their childhood obstacles and not have used those impediments as excuses for doing nothing other than being a unruly parasite upon the society which foolishly, and with a myriad of excuses, tolerates them.

You can't fool all of them all of the time. That remains an ally to our strength.

by Robert Frenz

25 October 1998