by Robert Frenz

9 January 2000

We are not unfamiliar with terms such as African-American and co-star where hyphens are used correctly. To use a hyphen as a part of an acronym or abbreviation is a new twist thus adding to our broad collection of slang and colloquial expressions. Added are such things as the "S-word" meaning socialist or shit. Then there is the "N-word", nigger, Nazi. Who hasn't uttered the "F-word", Fascist or whatever? It seems that in an insane attempt to speak without 'offending' someone, we effeminately resort to all sorts of nonsense. When I was a boy, we limited our free speech depending upon the ability of the hearer to rearrange your facial features.

Today, we enlist those who earn a living by lying to fight some legal battle so that those who offend our tiny and diseased egos might be punished. F-word them all.

Just as the sight of a swastika drives jews into a frenzied lather, so does 'socialist' cause many American's to run for the hills. Rush Limbaugh, and his 6,000,000 followers, live in terror that anything 'socialist' might arise in America. Friends, we've been practicing socialism since 1776 and even before. I grabbed this from the dictionary:

so�cial�ism n. 1.a. A social system in which the means of producing and distributing goods are owned collectively and political power is exercised by the whole community. b. The theory or practice of those who support such a social system. 2. The building of the material base for communism under the dictatorship of the proletariat in Marxist-Leninist theory.

Any community is a social group. Some communities are collections of other communities, that is, other social groups. We all belong to such a nested community. I belong to my father's family. His family belongs to a neighborhood and of the larger entity, the town. Towns and cities are a part of a county community and they are a part of a larger community called a state.

A sister and her husband jointly own a business of candy-making. They jointly own the means of production. Their community of 2 practices socialism.

Our little town had about 5,200 inhabitants. We vote as to who will be a judge, mayor, etc. We all take part in exercising political power. We even have to vote for the 11 policemen we have.

No matter how one slices it, we are all engaged in some social function or the other, and much of it can be correctly labeled 'socialist.'

What then is the root of the dread which this S-word causes in people with marginal brains? Do they equate socialism with communism or – horror upon horror – Nazism? After all, it was the National Socialist party. ("nigger" came from a skewed pronunciation of Niger – the river where most slaves used to come from. They were called Nigers much as our Seneca Indians and the lake upon which they camped, were named – a custom older than Julius Caesar's toga. As the lunacy tend continues, the day might come when being called a Seneca would be considered derogatory.)

I guess the 'logic' might be that we are told that America is anti-communist and therefore we are also anti-socialist by osmosis. If that's the connection, then it reveals an ignorance not worth discussing.

Jew's love to call anything they disapprove of, anti-Semitic. Things they don't want you to read, "hate literature".

Let's suppose that my family hated the family across the street for decades. I wish they'd all be abducted by UFOs. I am just plain Bill, a member of the anti-Jonesite family. What's the partial record of our naughtiness?

In 1905 and again in 1917, we financially aided them so that they could take over the land across the street. In 1929, we shipped them tons of food so they wouldn't starve. In 1932, we allowed uncle Fred, who was married to one of those across the street, to be our 'president'. In 1933, we gave credit to prop them up since they seemed to fail at everything they did. When the Joneses were threatened by the Smith's, we sent in our strong men to assist the Joneses. During the battle, we supplied massive quantities of trucks, etc. Once the Smiths were defeated, we supplied the Joneses with machinery, money and food and have been doing it for years. Whenever it looks like the Joneses will fall on their faces, we jump in to save their cookies. Oh, we have shouting matches once in a while just to keep everyone awake.

So tell me – is my family REALLY anti-Jones?

Most people confuse ownership with control. Very often unfortunate kids are told that they 'own' the bicycle they have. On Christmas, mom says, "This is YOUR bicycle." When you are naughty, the bike gets locked up by a hypocritical mother who actually CONTROLS how the bike is to be used. This sort of 'ownership' sucks! And it is essentially no different than the so-called 'private' industries of which we sing about. ZOG tells Ford to build cars that MUST COMPLY to rules set down – exhaust emissions, gas-bags, mickey-mouse bumpers and steering wheels shaped so that your uncouth, undisciplined little brat cannot swallow them. ZOG controls what is produced and if you don't comply then there's always the Waco or Iraq treatment. You might 'own' your wallet, but the thug with a knife at your throat ultimately controls who will enjoy its content. Forget that 'ownership' drivel and smell the roasting leaves. If the ZOG wants to use 'your' property, how far do you think you'd get by waving 'ownership' papers in their faces? You may think that you, and your kind, have some stake in America, but the jews, mexicans and chinese are increasing their control over it. Ownership is a mere legal function – a piece of paper. If you cannot control what you 'own' then you don't own it. If you will not defend – or are prevented from defending as is the case in this country – that which you claim to own, then you will lose it.

From Eleanor the Red to Hillary the Red, the non-United States has been practicing Marxism. Your wages are divided so that others – not of your choosing – might share the benefits of your labor. (This is pure parasitism called 'heppin da po'. So the next time bellowing Rush mentions 'socialism', find where he parks his car and piss in the tank. Better yet, look for his ear.