by Robert Frenz

A "do your own thing" society is one which practices anarchy to some degree. We see evidence of this every day when school children learn to spell with the help of some phonetics gimmick instead of rote – the only path to exactness. This misapplication of educational time leads to a nebulous grasp of words with subsequent bewilderment over words such as your, you're and yore, or to, too and two, not to mention their, there and they're. (Our resident White House degenerate is even puzzled over what "is" means.) This language anarchy extends to sentence structure and definitions where everyone is free, as did Tweedledum and Tweedledee, to attach any meaning whatsoever to the words he chooses. This lack of rigor and uniformity has led to the present scene where everyone talks but no one is understood. There is no need for cryptography in such an atmosphere. It is with this limitation that I discuss "leaderless resistance."

A leader is a person who is in change of a group. He gives commands and directions. Without a leader, we are free to wander where we choose and hopefully all will arrive at the same destination. This is as fruitless as any pie-in-the-sky and is on a plane with trying to herd cats.

Resistance is little other than a force opposing another force. I will assume that in the sense of the term in question, resistance is something forceful which opposes the forces of our ZOG.

Draft-dodging, failing to pay taxes, vandalism, robbing banks, littering, and even spitting on the sidewalk, could be considered as resistance. In other words, resistance is little other than breaking the law. So leaderless resistance is an unorganized criminal activity. Whether leaderless or not, one therefore opposes society as a whole and is thus marked for an unpleasant future.

In order to be classified, in their own minds, as political prisoners, the convicted persons therefore must define the entire compass of their activities as "political". Thus, bank holdups are called political when the robbers hold political views which are at odds with the government. Much to their chagrin, the government cares more about the robbery than it does political views. Juries still convict people of crimes even though the criminal waves the American flag, loves ball games, apple pie and mom. (Josef Stalin was a bank robber and it is interesting that so many criminals eventually end up in politics.)

If there exists a very, very unpopular law which the man in the streets cares not whether it is broken, then criminal activity can proceed without much hinderance, as we see relative to traffic laws which are enforced feebly if at all and also in regard to school "rules" which are laughable today. This in essence is the key to revolutionary – illegal – activity. One is only free to break laws which the populace loves to see broken. M.L.K. declared some laws to be "unjust" and that it was a duty to break them. He, as a member of a privileged group, could do so simply because his activity was part of our ZOG's political agenda. When he outlived his usefulness, he was dispatched and elevated to martyr status. Never forget this salient fact: a major part of the political activity of our government is directed toward the disenfranchisement of White working people.

For any kind of resistance to be effective, it must be held in common and directed. Otherwise, we must assume that all involved "know" where they are supposed to head. I fear that this is not the case since much of our youth has no direction other than imitating jungle bunnies at their rock concerts, destroying their souls with drugs, piercing body parts as do all savages, or playing bury-the-wiener whenever they can.

The Japanese, being racially cohesive, have a lesser need for leadership than we do. They have a collective "feel" as to what should go on. When something occurs against the body politic, swift and conclusive action is taken and such racial societies have little need for the endless squabbles of lawyers. When the crocodile slaps his teeth into my leg, I care not about its 'rights', childhood trauma, or other liberal claptrap. The crocodile problem is never removed by talking and certainly no gaggle of lawyers would change things one iota.

Americans love gimmicks and have an addiction to believing that wishing will make anything so. We, as White people, are in this fine mess because we believed that a smiling rattlesnake was less of a problem than one who scowled and that not all rattlesnakes have bitten people. Besides, there must be a way to educate them away from their tendencies. In a good world, aren't the lions supposed to lie down with the lambs and thus learn to live by eating grass? A snake is as a snake does. Life is biology and anyone, or anything, which ignores biology is choosing Nature as an enemy.

Leaderless resistance is just another label for just another blind alley and blind alleys seem to hold some sort of fascination for the blight-wing. I would love to have someone illustrate the effect that such a notion, when put into practice, does other than contribute to vandalism, littering and jail time for some of the practitioners.

20 January 1999